PriRa Fan Fictions

Love & Trust
Love & Trust By BlurredLines eye 3755 star 47 book 2

Shot 1 description : Priya Sood had been called a Liar by Mr Kapoor few ...

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My Temporary Secretary
My Temporary Secretary By Aditi eye 1238 star 24 book 4

“I am not interested in marriage. Whoever agrees to be my Queen will just ...

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Kuch To Hai Tujhse Rabta
Kuch To Hai Tujhse Rabta By Aditi eye 2366 star 8 book 4

Priya and Ram re-unite for swiping the image of Ram and while living ...

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Crash Course
Crash Course By BlurredLines eye 1978 star 34 book 1

Ram Kapoor successful business man of the year for five consecutive times ...

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Truth And Happiness
Truth And Happiness By BlurredLines eye 4272 star 53 book 2

Ram Kapoor had been lied to all his life by his family. They lied and said ...

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Polar Opposites
Polar Opposites By BlurredLines eye 2138 star 47 book 1

Ram and Priya, on paper were the polar opposite of each other. They were ...

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Baat Ban Gayi
Baat Ban Gayi By Aditi eye 3394 star 9 book 7

Priya ran from her wedding venue after being betrayed but got stuck to Ram ...

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Twisted Emotions
Twisted Emotions By Aditi eye 6404 star 36 book 15

The story is about, the happily married Ram Priya when Nandini play her ...

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Against All Odds
Against All Odds By BlurredLines eye 2029 star 36 book 1

Priya Sood was cursed with having the worst fate in her life. So she ...

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The Liar & The Fool
The Liar & The Fool By BlurredLines eye 4609 star 55 book 2

Shot 1: Priya never lied for herself. She lied to protect her family, she ...

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Her Perfect Plan
Her Perfect Plan By BlurredLines eye 2151 star 48 book 1

When you are facing against an opponent like Mrs Nandini Kapoor, shouting ...

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Regrets & Mistakes
Regrets & Mistakes By BlurredLines eye 3079 star 51 book 2

It is easy to turn a blind eye to the truth before you and It is easy to ...

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Blame it on the rain
Blame it on the rain By LizzieBennet eye 5795 star 48 book 1

A continuation of the canon rain romance that PriRa shared where Ram dreamt ...

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The Purgatory Rain
The Purgatory Rain By SummerBorn eye 1421 star 1 book 1

The official submission for "Barso Re" contest... an OS that is centred ...

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Rama Megha Sandesam
Rama Megha Sandesam By DazzlingLight eye 825 star 1 book 1

The rains have always held a special place in Ram's heart and life. Will ...

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Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin
Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin By Aditi eye 3423 star 5 book 2

A small two shot on Priya and Ram

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The Tantrums in Bakery
The Tantrums in Bakery By Aditi eye 2370 star 4 book 1

Prompt given by tournesol. Thanks her a lot

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Lag Ja Gale
Lag Ja Gale By Aditi eye 1021 star 5 book 1

My version of Holi.

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To the Moon and the back
To the Moon and the back By Aditi eye 3987 star 15 book 3

These are small, after marriage drabbles of Priya and Ram filled with fun, ...

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Life is an unsolved puzzle, writers and poets are trying their best to solve ...

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Of Choices and Destiny By umawanderer eye 167 star 0 book 1

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