The Liar & The Fool

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Shot 1: Priya never lied for herself. She lied to protect her family, she kept secrets from those she loves to protect their happiness and she would gladly do it all over again for them. Priya had been telling the lie over and over again to herself for so long she almost believed them.

Ram Kapoor was a fool. He made himself a fool by ignoring the truth right in front of his eyes for so long. He let people make a fool out of himself over and over again that he never stood a chance when life dealt him with the cruelest blow that destroyed him.

Shot 2 : Priya biggest regret remained the lie that kept the father and daughter away from each other. She continued to live with the lie because she felt trapped by the threats and believed there could be no forgiveness for her.

Ram Kapoor, was a fool hopelessly in love. When he met Priya again, he had been a fool who believed life offered him another chance. But the road back to happiness wasn't easy.
Author's Note:
This book contains two of my one shots with the same title. Both shots have different plot lines.
Trigger Warning:
Age group : 13+

Trigger Warning : " Mention of secondary character death and Affairs "

Trigger Level : Low
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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 

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