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Silent Rain - Passionate Desires
Silent Rain - Passionate Desires By Mg13 (@Mg13) eye 12827 star 58 book 3

And he stood rooted to on the place gaping outside with wide opened ...

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Rain Romance
Rain Romance By Shalini_Taarey (@Shalini_Taarey) eye 1306 star 4 book 1

Rey see taani enjoying in rain and he join her Their romance start but in ...

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Being Friends With The Rain
Being Friends With The Rain By Shri (@Shri_12) eye 654 star 1 book 1

Rajeshwari had never been fond of the rainy season, dreading it every year. ...

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Memories of Stone
Memories of Stone By proteeti (@wayward) eye 849 star 1 book 1

Raindrops finally touch the uneven skin of an abandoned stone palace in the ...

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PrAja /RoSal OS - Surprises!! (Complete)
PrAja /RoSal OS - Surprises!! (Complete) By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 996 star 7 book 1

Truth in fantasy are so beautiful! Dreams in reality, that enchanted! To ...

AbhiRa OS - Ittefaaq (Completed)
AbhiRa OS - Ittefaaq (Completed) By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 1443 star 10 book 1

"Everything happens for a reason" Destiny smiled. "I can't forget what my ...

PrAja / RoSal OS - A Perfect Team...!? (Complete)
PrAja / RoSal OS - A Perfect Team...!? (Complete) By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 1128 star 11 book 1

Pratap Singh Sisodiya and Ajabde Punwar...the different yet alike ...

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