But I Won't Forget

But I Won't Forget Ongoing

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Khushi quickly became the equilibrium in Arnav's life, but when she goes missing on the day they decide to break news to the family that very position is questioned. A distraught Arnav seeks Khushi only to discover a vengeance fueled dark reality that threatens to take the most important person in his life from him.
Author's Note:
Title: But I Won’t Forget Series: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? / Locally known as Forbidden Love. Pairing: Arnav and Khushi Genre: Angst, Hurt, Drama Rating: M (Not for content but milieu) Timeline: Any time after the remarriage tract / Season 10 according to Hotstar Written: Started July 2019: The first fanfic written (but not published) after an extended hiatus. I did not question my muse on her selection; I was simply thankful that she found two complex characters she was willing to play with again (well torture in this case). Was hopeful of a Season 4 - but Gul had other ideas. Proofed: As updates occur - first 8 chapters completed. Language: International (UK) English and quotation tags. Status: Currently in hiatus due to time constraints.
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