Vivah - a journey from engagement to marriage...

Vivah - a journey from engagement to marriage... Ongoing G

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Marriages are always a huge celebration in India. Here, still, the concept of arranged marriages is practiced and treasured. Also, arranged marriages have, for years and still, are proving to be the best in the Indian society. This is a story of two people, Rey and Taani, who have never known of each other but are being considered to be the perfect match.

TaaRey Fiction
Author's Note:
The idea for this fiction came from a movie, obviously Vivah, but also partly I was inspired by the writing style of a fiction of an amazing writer here on IF, Sameera. So if anyone happens to be her reader and finds my fiction similar to hers, then let me clarify, the plot is similar but story is definitely different!

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Table of Content
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Chapter 1 - Friends & Family
eye5042 thumbs-up88
Chapter 2 - Rishta...?
eye4861 thumbs-up67
Chapter 3 - Dress to Impress
eye4939 thumbs-up80
Chapter 4 - Tum Mile
eye4886 thumbs-up68
Chapter 5 - Start of Something New
eye4986 thumbs-up63
Chapter 6 - Despacito
eye5161 thumbs-up63
Chapter 7 - Social Media Hunt
eye4889 thumbs-up68
Chapter 8 - Pyaar Dosti Hai!
eye4929 thumbs-up70
Chapter 9 - I'll Be There For You
eye4975 thumbs-up73
Chapter 10 - Troubles on the Way?
eye4913 thumbs-up69
Chapter 11 - Getting to Know Him
eye4923 thumbs-up63
Chapter 12 - Kar Gayi Chull
eye5064 thumbs-up66
Chapter 13 - Paranoia
eye4944 thumbs-up66
Chapter 14a - Surprise!
eye4910 thumbs-up57
Chapter 14b - Surprise! (cont.)
eye4801 thumbs-up63
Chapter 15 - I care for you
eye5065 thumbs-up63
Chapter 16 - I'm Ready
eye4846 thumbs-up68
Chapter 17a - Kyun! Ho Gaya Na...
eye4841 thumbs-up45
Chapter 17b - Kyun! Ho Gaya Na...(cont.)
eye4855 thumbs-up60
Chapter 18 - Mera Mann
eye4960 thumbs-up65
Chapter 19a - Tera Yaar Hoon Mein
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Chapter 19b - Tera Yaar Hoon Mein(cont.)
eye4929 thumbs-up43
Chapter 20a - It's a small world
eye4916 thumbs-up36
Chapter 20b - It's a small world(cont.)
eye4939 thumbs-up50
Chapter 21a - Tongue Tied
eye5118 thumbs-up26
Chapter 21b - Tongue Tied(cont.)
eye4930 thumbs-up46
Chapter 22 - Consequences Be Damned
eye4960 thumbs-up36
Chapter 23 - We Just Fit
eye5014 thumbs-up35
Chapter 24 - Save The Date
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Chapter 25 - Closer
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Chapter 26 - Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho
eye7735 thumbs-up41 commenting-o 27
Chapter 27 - Ude Dil Befikre
eye2819 thumbs-up49 commenting-o 44
Chapter 28 - Being Independent
eye2529 thumbs-up41 commenting-o 41
Chapter 29 - Work-Life Balance
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Chapter 30 - Tu Hai Toh I'll Be Alright
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Chapter 31 - One Day at a Time
eye2375 thumbs-up41 commenting-o 29
Chapter 32 - Aww Tera Happy Budday
eye3816 thumbs-up66 commenting-o 60
Chapter 33 - Love Aaj Kal
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Chapter 34 - Agar Tum Saath Ho
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Chapter 35 - Huye Anjaane Kyun
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