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Something Is Missing in You
Something Is Missing in You By chinudolly-Pms eye 5587 star 19 book 9

What will happen when our taarey bound to be together in Lockdown?

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One shots
One shots By smiliiiii eye 2438 star 11 book 4

Short stories on taarey.

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An Independent Woman
An Independent Woman By ..Kavi.. eye 4579 star 23 book 6

“The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your ...

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Loveless - Secret lies Beneath
Loveless - Secret lies Beneath By Aishwarya eye 527 star 0 book 3

What happens when your life secrets are hidden by someone else?

Ongoing + 2 more
Dil Dostii Vishwaas
Dil Dostii Vishwaas By lakshmi eye 3371 star 28 book 4

Hello Everyone! This is Lakshmi. :) Dil Dostii Vishwaas is a story that ...

Ongoing + 9 more
Saat Phere
Saat Phere By Mrunmayee eye 10900 star 48 book 10

A TaaRey Fiction. It is a story between two individuals who have been ...

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Koi Tumsa Nahi
Koi Tumsa Nahi By Shweta eye 2300 star 17 book 3

A story is of two individuals named Sharon and Swayam! Learn how they meet ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Vivah - a journey from engagement to marriage...
Vivah - a journey from engagement to marriage... By Shweta eye 172573 star 69 book 40

Marriages are always a huge celebration in India. Here, still, the concept ...

Ongoing + 4 more
Their Filmy Love Stories
Their Filmy Love Stories By Shweta eye 4805 star 21 book 8

One Shots inspired from movies / TV Shows. <br><br> TaaRey OS Series

Ongoing + 4 more
A Love Saga
A Love Saga By Mrunmayee eye 53772 star 9 book 11

A TaaRey fiction...The story will start frm dance camp night where Shivam ...

Completed + 3 more
Fallen Petals
Fallen Petals By Mrunmayee eye 4528 star 20 book 8

This is a compilation of all my one shots & multiple shots...Mainly written ...

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One Shots - Dil Dosti Dance
One Shots - Dil Dosti Dance By Shirisha eye 2709 star 5 book 5

This book contains some of the one-shots written by me on D3 couples- ...

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Waiting for you
Waiting for you By Shirisha eye 735 star 5 book 1

Swayam and Sharon decided to meet at the certain place after a year. While ...

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Love, Trust, Jealousy
Love, Trust, Jealousy By Shweta eye 148989 star 14 book 53

It starts after the India Fest. All the core D3 team members are there ...

Completed + 3 more
Not As You Think Of Me
Not As You Think Of Me By Shweta eye 48001 star 5 book 10

A story of young love! <br><br> TaaRey Fiction

Completed + 3 more
Confusing Confusion
Confusing Confusion By Shweta eye 99978 star 9 book 25

Twins; identical but totally opposite in behavior; one of whom is crazily ...

Completed + 3 more

Latest Stories

A Prick of a Thorn
A Prick of a Thorn By CrookedSmile eye 135 star 2 book 1

One day a boy meets a girl. And then a story forms, unfolds myriad of secrets ...

FATE By caller123 eye 822 star 1 book 22

This is a story of a widow and a business tycoon. It's about their FATE.

Hold my Hand
Hold my Hand By caller123 eye 521 star 0 book 16

Geet was married to Maan's younger brother Dev against Maan's mother's wishes ...

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