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Worst ending ever

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PLEASE Help Me :(

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~Doli Saja Ke Creations Gallery~

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Id Al-Adha Mubarak!

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DSK: Story So Far

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Written Update of Nov 13th (LAST EPISODE)

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Written Update of Nov 12th

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Written Update of Nov 11th

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Written Update of Nov 10th

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Written Update of Nov 9th

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VIEW ALL right-dir
Sangeeta Ghosh
Sangeeta Ghosh

as: Aditi

Aditi (Chaitanya's 1st wife)/ Neha (brought by Inderjit to create problems between Anupama and Chaitanya)

Aroona Irani
Aroona Irani

as: Dadima

Dadima (Daksh's grandmother, protagonist)

Anuj Saxena
Anuj Saxena

as: Vikramjeet Kapoor

Vikramjeet Kapoor is anu dad.

Amit Sareen
Amit Sareen

as: Chaitaniya

Chaitaniya is Anupama's Husband. He is a very human character with a lot of values. He is rich but down to earth.

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