Barkha Bisht replaces Neha as Dhani in Sajan Ghar..

Neha Saxena has been replaced by Barkha Bisht to portray the role of Dhani, in Star Plus' Sajan Ghar Jaana Hain...

Star Plus' Sajan Ghar Jaana Hain will have a new Dhani in talented actor Barkha Bisht from March 8th.

According to our source, "Neha Saxena who played Dhani in the show has been replaced, and it will be Barkha Bisht stepping into her shoes".

As per the present story line, Sarla's mother is trying to harm Dhani and eliminate her from Amber's life (Kunal Bhatia), so that her daughter Sarla (Zalak Desai) can lead a happy life with her husband.
As per our source, "The coming episodes will see a major twist which will result in Dhani emerging stronger. Viewers will no more see the nave and shy Dhani, but will have a girl who has the guts to fight for herself and for her people".

We talked to Barkha Bisht who confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I have started shoot from today. I knew the producers Shashi and Sumit Mittal, and when I got offered this role, I accepted it. Dhani is a very different kind of character, and I accept this as my new challenge".

When asked whether she was not apprehensive about stepping into another actor's shoes, Barkha stated, "See, it's always tough to get into a new show, and this is a show which has been on for 6-7 months. It is a huge responsibility on me to start afresh, and connect with the audience. But the production house and channel are pretty confident that I will be able to do a good job, and I am ready for the challenge".

Producer Shashi Mittal too confirmed the change and said, "Barkha Bisht has been finalized to play Dhani". However, the reason for replacement was not very clear, as she said, "The replacement happened because of the story requirement, and that is what I can say".

We could not get in touch with Neha Saxena. But we hear that the main reason for changing Neha was that, her features did not match the story requirement of a strong and bold girl.

Barkha's entry scene will be aired on March 8th, at 8 PM in Star Plus' Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai. Barkha was last seen in Sahara One's Doli Saja Ke.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (55)

I really dont like the new dhani, and dont feel like watching the show, i only watch to where the story line is going. when i see amber and new dhani it feels as if hes cheating on her. I think she could have done a strong role if they gave her a chance.

13 years ago

I watch this show from first episode onwards..i liked the old dhani for her beauty and innocence. wen i heard that she was going to be replaced i thought i should quit watching the show..because i could not replace her face for anyone else..
but as the new Dhani appeared i did not find any changes in the show..beleive me..i liked the new dhani..because till now we were seeing the innocent and loving face of dhani but hereafter will have to see the bold and revengeful dhani....I think Barkha is the best one to suit this charactor..she is really doing a good job...

i appreciate the director/producer whoever has made this suggestion-that it is a brilliant job!

The old dhani was right for the old story &

The new dhani is apt for the current story..!

Good job!

13 years ago

I can't believe this!! Neha was doing such a good job on the show. She was perfect for the role and has shown her character to be strong. So disappointing!!

13 years ago

i always watched this show bcoz of neha!, she matches with the main lead! ughh!! loosers! they'll watch the show themselves! i quit!

13 years ago

I really liked Neha! I miss the old Dhani

13 years ago

Please bring Neha back.
Hale dil ka will not sound good without Neha and Kunal in it. Barkha looks like Kunal's older sister.
we want Neha.....

13 years ago

Its true Neha doesn't fit into a fighting bold girls character & I didn't liked her performance personaly though I hardly watch it.
In today's time a man living with 2 wives in a same house is wayyyyyyyyyyy HARD TO DIGEST

13 years ago

oh no, neha is a good actress and i like her! dnt chnge her! though if thy are adamant on changing her, i suppose the new actress might be good!

13 years ago

Neha has a very fresh beautiful and unique face and the new Dhani's is not innocent and feel she is just dumped in. She looks not like a heroine but as some one who has a cunning look.The new Dhani seems an old face on television. Neha as Dhani has captivated this unusal story with Kunal as Amber.We have seen her in various roles and has excelled and definetly will be able to perform any strong character given with confidence we want to see only Neha from the beautiful intelligent self sacrificing is gradually taking reins of her family. We have watched the show becuase of Neha and Kunal so get her back and I too am not interested in watching as honestly I am selective in watching good hindi serials .However this one was very captivating and I love to watch Neha and Kunal together. So pls get Neha as Dhani back we want to see Neha and Kunal together

13 years ago

if every one remember the episode where dhani goes against when bravar was about to marry him it was superb i
love her a lot she can do anything plzzzzzzzzzzzz
get her back

13 years ago

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