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Balika Vadhu Creations Gallery #6

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.Prometheus. 1181 161571 6 years ago ahilajkula
aditi19 444 74549 6 years ago Avyakta
AnSh & Kids AT#267:- Together in spirit...never apart

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anshbalikavadhu 1101 99181 6 years ago Kirti07
ARTICLE Indian TV industry - An upward trend or troubled times?

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Dark_Phoenix 1 1891 6 years ago Dark_Phoenix
Avinash sachdev/Dr.amit goel AT 7 wait for your return

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Avinash Sachdev

goolab 1152 24885 6 years ago maya-kk
Shashank Vyas Fans Please Peep In.

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Shashank Vyas

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Where to buy?

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Avinash sachdev/Dr.amit goel AT 6 When Will We Meet Again?

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Avinash Sachdev

goolab 1188 32419 6 years ago maya-kk
Avinash sachdev/Dr.amit goel AT 5 I Have Learnt My Lesson

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Avinash Sachdev

goolab 1207 29987 6 years ago seema12345
Gestation , Manifestation , and Mutation [The last drop of a tear.P2!]

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Sachin Shroff
Sachin Shroff

as: Shyam Madan Singh

He is the husband of Sugna and son of Madan Singh

Smita Bansal
Smita Bansal

as: Sumitra Bhairon Singh

She is Jagdish and Sugna's mother and Bhairav's wife. She is a passive character with a lot of patience and tolerance. She is a dutiful daughter-in-law a good wife and loving mother and wonderful ...

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