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Neha Marda on opting for week long detox: I believe this is the most important thing before any next step

Neha Marda, last seen in Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti, spoke to India Forums about going on a detox, what does she aim to achieve out of it, and some more.

Published: Monday,Feb 28, 2022 08:31 AM GMT-07:00
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Neha marda

Neha Marda, who is popular for her roles in Balika Vadhu, Doli Armaano Ki, among others, has decided to go on a complete week-long detox, as has been a ritual for a few years. India Forums got in touch with her to know more about this, what does she aim to achieve out of it, and some more.

Read the conversation with the Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti actress.

What prompted you to take this decision?

Covid happened around two-two and a half years ago, but the awareness of good health developed in me like almost 4 years back, 6 years back actually because ever since then, I go to Jindal for my rejuvenation for a detoxification because I think a good health is good life and that's what prompted me to take this decision, for a healthy life, lifestyle. This has nothing to do with Covid, thought it helps me now, but it was an awareness that started long back and I missed it two years but I am so happy that I am back again.

As people in the industry, or for that matter, as people who work for a majority of our lives, how important do you think is this important?

It's not about thinking how important I think it is, I think the world knows how important it is because during the pandemic, we have understood that nothing is more important than our health, as we have lost our near and dear ones. We are scared of something happening every day, to a very normal fever, to a non immune person, who doesn't have any problem but you happen to lose this person. For the kind of lifestyle we go through in different timings of work, in different pattern of eating, rigorous working, and so much of mental stress too, getting into somebody else's shoes, I think every industry goes through a certain kind of pressure, I believe this is the most important thing to rectify in our life first before moving onto any next step. 

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By the end of this, what do you wish to have achieved?

In this hectic way of working, not only in your work but also in your life, you don't stop, you don't get time to clean something, so our body needs a clean up in the same way, a cleansing session and so, detoxification does that, relaxes your body, makes you feel lighter and fresher. It is a process, you clean your body and restart with complete energy. I want to achieve a lot of peace by the end of this, I do yoga, laughing session, meditation, etc. I take out this time for myself to rejuvenate, and I have been there with my husband once, but I generally prefer going alone to have that absolute talking to myself time.

How does work look for you when you're back?

Work looks fresher, newer and welcoming once I am back and so, I am very happy with the entire thing and I am so looking forward to it.

Health is wealth after all, isn't it?

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