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I believe in taking a stand against the wrong: Balika Vadhu actor Sagar Parekh

Sagar opens up on his thoughts on taking a stand against the wrong and making people feel comfortable.

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Sagar Parekh

Sagar Parekh of  ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’ and ‘Balika Vadhu’ fame believes in making people feel comfortable and stopping the wrong.

"Whatever the cause, I believe that one should do their best in whichever way they can to make this world a better place. If I see a child who is in need, I will help that child. If I see any domestic violence episode, I will do my best to stop it. To make someone comfortable and stop the wrong is what I believe in. If I see something wrong happening, I stand against it," he said.

According to him, celebrities are public figures and they are followed by a huge mass of people. "They are idols of so many people and people listen to them. Whether it is a politician or an entertainer, they are public figures. They have a vast amount of reach. Celebrities have good work power and the ability to speak. Through them, if some cause is supported then it definitely gains attention."

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Asked if supporting a campaign or a cause gives personal satisfaction too, he said, "Yes, just be a good human. Do good, karma happens. Just do your part and stand against the wrong. It's a different level of satisfaction as when you stand against the wrong and see that you have not done anything bad then you have a sound sleep."

During the pandemic, nobody could travel or work so the daily wagers, maids and workers went through a lot, so whosoever had worked under him or whomever he knew in person, he made sure that they and their families never slept hungry. "Whatever I could do, I did that. I made sure that they had ration and a bit of money. For stray dogs too, I bought biscuits and Pedigree food. I did whatever I could do."

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