Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na

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Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na

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Anushka is the wife of Saksham Ranawat. She is the older daughter-in-law of the Ranawat family. She doesn't at all like Aastha after she comes into the house. She is always trying to do something so that Aastha is the one to get in trouble, but nothing ever happens and Anushka is always the one almost blamed. Anushka has always tried to do something so that Aastha is kicked out of Ranawat house.

Pratham is also an older son of the family. He wasn't happy with his marriage with Aditi because he had been in love with someone else. He says that he had been forced into the marriage. The whole family then tries to do something since the one that he loved was only with him for money. The family got together and changed Aditi, and then brought out girls reality and got Pratham-Aditi together.

Aditi is the wife of Pratham. She wasn't happy in her marriage since Pratham was never interested in her. At a point, she tried to commit suicide, but was saved by Aastha. Then the family got together and got her and Pratham together.