The Second Innings of Life
The Second Innings of Life By HoneyBee7312 (@HoneyBee7312) eye 1392 star 6 book 1

An alternate universe ff. Anupama accepts Anuj’s offer of partnership. He ...

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Let Me Kiss Your Woes Away Darling
Let Me Kiss Your Woes Away Darling By TiaMaaaaa (@TianaWrites) eye 62421 star 89 book 33

A series of MaAn Ficlets dealing with the trauma faced by Anupama during ...

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" Home Sweet Home  "
" Home Sweet Home " By Juanita (@BlurredLines) eye 2722 star 17 book 2

Shot description : The day Anu got adopted was the happiest day of her ...

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Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne By TiaMaaaaa (@TianaWrites) eye 7725 star 31 book 18

She is the college topper, an introvert and a bookworm. He is the second ...

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Our Little World
Our Little World By TiaMaaaaa (@TianaWrites) eye 50950 star 67 book 59

A story set after Anuj meets with an accident and Anu shifts there. All ...

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Nuggets of Love
Nuggets of Love By Smitha (@SmithaRam) eye 12936 star 9 book 37

I tend to envision alternate endings/continuation to a scene that has ...

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Teri Ore
Teri Ore By Kitty584 (@Kitty584) eye 2269 star 2 book 1

Just a random OS on MaAn on the beach for their honeymoon!

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Mukku's Journal - Through Mukku's Eyes
Mukku's Journal - Through Mukku's Eyes By TiaMaaaaa (@TianaWrites) eye 1336 star 21 book 1

A one shot about phases in Mukku's life when she missed Anu.

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Maan Ki Shaadi
Maan Ki Shaadi By Kitty584 (@Kitty584) eye 19988 star 7 book 32

I have no clue what they'll show us for the wedding in the show.. so I ...

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Raakhi Ruminates
Raakhi Ruminates By Arshi67 (@Arshi67) eye 2783 star 34 book 6

A humorous look at the goings on in the Shah household through the eyes of ...

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Meri zindagi mein  aaye ho
Meri zindagi mein aaye ho By Hina (@hinz) eye 3283 star 31 book 1


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