My Impossible Love * Maaneet SS* 🔔REM @ Pg 78 ||22 Feb

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Author's note :

Hi smiley31

Addicted is completed so here I am presenting another NEW story. smiley40

I will post the first one or two chapters and then based on the response rate will decide to continue it here or remove it. 
If you are reading kindly share your views and hit the like button.

If I get a reasonable amount of response and the story is continued here then a few things to note:

As you all can already guess by the title this is a very normal plot based on simple interaction and the college life of our main protagonists.
Thus kindly don't expect anything fancy. I am not a twist giver as IMO at times(not always) it can make things incoherent and I rather like simpler romance plots.
Also, this story is a slow burn so will take time to pace up. Your patience is greatly appreciated.🙇‍♀️

Category: Close to Slice of Life but a bit dramatic, Angst, Romance(of course)

(Hey, Khwaish, so I did dare to post it lol! 😉)

Now Let's dive into my shades of Maaneet, the world of romance! Happy reading!❤️

(I can't promise anything new so read at your own risk!)


Disclaimer: This is purely based on my imagination and the PLOT solely belongs/Copyrighted to me. Do not plagiarize parts/scenes from my work. Any illegal copy or distribution is prohibited.smiley34

Readers, Please let me know immediately if you know anyone copying any part of this story.

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Character Sketch - Scroll Down

Prologue - Page 2

Chapter 1 - Page 5

Chapter 2 - Page 

Chapter 3 - Page 

Chapter 4 - Page 

Chapter 5 - Page 

Chapter 6 - Page 

Chapter 7 - Page 

Chapter 8 - Page 

Chapter 9 - Page 

Chapter 10 - Page 

Chapter 11 - Page 

Chapter 12 - Page 

Chapter 13 - Page 

Chapter 14 - Page 

Chapter 15 - Page 56

Chapter 16 - Page 60

Chapter 17 - Page 66

Chapter 18 - Page 66

Chapter 19 - Page 71

Chapter 20 - Page 74

Chapter 21 - Page 74

Chapter 22 - Page Updating

Chapter 23 - Page Updating

Chapter 25 - Page Updating

Chapter 26 - Page Updating

Chapter 27 - Page Updating

Chapter 28 - Page Updating

Chapter 29 - Page Updating

Chapter 30 - Page Updating

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Character Sketch :  (Title colors for the dialogues of the character)

Geet Handa :


Sweet and simple, introverted, CR of her class.

Age : 19

Maan Singh Khurana :


Rich, popular, rude!

Age : 19


Annie : Maan's cousin sister. Same age as Maan and Geet

Viraj Singh Khurana : Maan's Grandfather.

Savitri Devi : Maan's Daadima. Wise, witty and generous. 


Sameera, Priyanka, Aditya, Gaurav, Dev : Maan's friend.

Pinky, Meera, Pari : Geet's best friends.

Rest of the characters will be introduced as the story progresses*

Dialogues in italic - Happening inside the character's head

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Posted: 4 months ago

Hi Iptida

Congrats on the new Maaneet SS!! smiley4

Thanks for posting smiley31

looking forward to the story

Edited by khwaishfan - 4 months ago
Posted: 4 months ago

Lovely character sketch

already waiting for Chapter 1

Posted: 4 months ago

Congress for new story 😀

Lovely CS 😍

Looking forward to this story 👍

Posted: 4 months ago

Thank you for posting yet another Maaneet SS

Character Sketch is Fabulous 

looking forward to seeing Maan a spoilt rich brat with Geet

innocent and naive 

Posted: 4 months ago

Congrats baby for new story!!! ♥️♥️

Posted: 4 months ago

Lovely character sketch. I already like the characters.. I also prefer simpler stories typical for Maaneet.. waiting for prologue and chapter 1 to see what the story is abt 

Posted: 4 months ago

Congratulations for new story. Love the cs. Rich arrogant Maan and simple Geet is the best combination. Waiting for updates.

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