Oops I'm in love 2 ( Unplanned Love) TH 2 ( part 13- page 1 )

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Posted: 2 months ago

Hi guys , finally writing again after five years . Can't believe I'm writing again . Trust me it's so hard,  words not coming even I forgot story lines . But couldn't left my story unfinished.  So I'm here . Will try my best to complete, rest Allah maloom . 

Anyways my writing became bad to worst  . Writing only to give ending to every story that's all... was reading this story from evening and was getting bored phew . You guys really had patience and used to read my whatever lol .. can't thanks enough for that .. excuse my bad English and simple story telling style ... baaki baad main byeeee

Posted: 2 months ago

Part 13

Cold winter night , people are hardly out . All enjoying their time under blanket except two khuranas... Annie looked outside though window and made a sad face 😔.  It's raining heavily , odd time to rain " kyun Geet ki babaji , kyun " she started complaining looking up just when Dadima came with hot pakora. 

" why are you complaining to Geet's babaji ... yeh toh bas Geet ka haq hai " She put the bowl on table and switched on TV . 

Annie looked at her grandma in awe .. how can she sounding so clam after hearing Geet's condition . No of course Geet didn't received her call but Meera did and in background she heard Geet sobbing badly . Even Dadima too ,from that time Aniee feeling so bad for her best eka idiot friend . But Dadima only smiled like evil and went to make snacks ... to celebrate their success . 

Can't even call that success so soon. Because its Geet dumb Geet whom against they planned . But what can they do other than doing plotting behind Geet's back .

 For years they saw how Maan loving Geet from distance . Torturing himself , still not confessing to her , fearing Geet would break their friendship.  He may stay unloved but can't bear her hating him or going away from him . That's why he never dared to confess . He was happy with his unrequited love but not his family aka Dadima n Aniee . 

They can't see him suffer because of Geet's stupid rule book . Mainly Dadima , this elderly woman saw the world ,she can see through Geet too . Her deep friendship with Maan , her showing rights on him in every chance , her fights with him then Happy tears when everything become normal ... it's can't be friendship . This is something deep... this has to be deep . 

Both waited enough then without wasting time came with plan ' how to make dumb Geet realise?' . Seems like it's working too . Of course they dare not to include Maan in it because of course they didn't trust Maan , he is too mad for Geet to make her go through suffering . 

" Dadima agar bhai involve hoga toh jyada faida hoga na " Aniee suggested rubbing her nose . She is finding it adventures .

 " nehi beta . Maan is too emotional.  He would never agree " 

she got up folding her hands on chest gave angry glare to Aniee " Are you guys mad ? How dare you guys planning against her ? She is too soft to understand you guys filthy planning . And Dadima, Aniee is young but you . You should have make her understand.  What will Geet think if she found out you guys made a fan fiction on me and Shaina... who is nothing but just client . Not done " 

Dadima sit down after mimicking her grandson and Aniee understood the situation nodding her head she said " You are right Dadima , bhai is too much , woh kabhi nehi maange . "

 just with that all things started .

 It's not hard to take tabs on Geet as Geet shared everything with Meera and smartly Aniee gets to know from her . Going full circle , slowly slowly Aniee started to share how her brother falling madly for Shaina and as expected they saw how things started to change too . Aniee and Dadima deliberately used to invite Geet and used to talk about Maan's dating life . They starting to enjoy Geet's jealous face , her anger and hurt . How she used to get angry when Dadima praised Shaina . Geet was so jealous that she even didn't let them eat a cake which they claimed Shaina brought for them . Day by day it becomes obvious that Geet madly loves Maan . She coimg out of her planned life and ready to accept her true feelings . 

 Aniee is happy but she feeling bad for Geet too. But seeing  Dadima she doesn't know what to say ? " we are not awesome khuranas we are vamp . how can you be so cool ? Geet is pretty much bad condition Dadima . " she said making a face , picking one pakora though not in mood to eat at all ... 

" It's raining so badly , how will Geet reach there . May be we going too far ... we should wait a little .. she is crying..." 

" served her right " Dadima stated as matter of fact without any regret . " remember Maan suffered more that to for years ..., anyways if there is no pain no gain so chill .. we are doing nothing wrong , pyaar or jung main sab jayag hai " ....

" you are so cruel" 

" no we are cupid arrows " Dadima winked at her . 

Aniee smiled , hugging her " where do you get such naughty ideas old lady ? " 

" from your Dadaji " 

" Dadaji ? " 

" your Dadaji played same jealousy trick with me too . Those time love marriage was very rare and we were neighbours. We both fall in love but I was too scared to confess because I know my father would never agree but your grandpa was adamant. He started flirting with my cousin who came to spend vacation. Seeing them together was so painful.  One day I couldn't control and said it loud ... " Dadima blushed remembering those time ... 

Aniee smiled big, pulling Dadima's check " oh ho such daring love story Dadima . Kabhi bataya nehi apne . Aap toh chupe Ruston nikle. You never told us you guys had love marriage aww " 

" path toh meri baba ko nehi tha . Tumhari Dadaji ne bohot planning ki hume shaadi karne ke liye .. " 

" wow Phir planning , please tell na Dadima " Aniee becomes excited but Dadima stop her . 

" nehi baad mean.  We are diverting from our main goal . We are last stage now and we have to be careful ok " Aniee nodded . 

" main already Geet ko text kar diya hai . But I'm scared Dadima , what if she doesn't come . What if she becomes mahanta ki murti and let go of her love . " 

" Geet already doubt Shaina , she won't think of sacrificing for that girl . Even for once she will come running to Maan surely . Aur nehi bhi ayi na , I have plan B too .. no confession direct shaadi ... dono ko kidnap karke kara dungi bas ..." 

Aniee laughed " you are such badass Dadima . But hope aj hi sab thik ho jaye , can't see my brother suffer more bas Geet apni dil khol ke rakh de bhai ke samne .. " Aniee hugged Dadima praying everything to go well . 

" now text Maan too " Aniee sent something to Maan and both high-fived winking at each other ... 

Posted: 2 months ago

Wanted to finish but couldn't write more ... had to make my littel one sleep then wrote phew ... again ignore my mistakes ... 



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Posted: 2 months ago

yeppiii finally

could u link the previous thread? 

i kinda forgot the story line too😅😅

need to do revision

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by heycookie

yeppiii finally

could u link the previous thread? 

i kinda forgot the story line too😅😅

need to do revision

Yup trying ... it's hard everything so new uff

Posted: 2 months ago

Wow you updated this finally! It may be a simple story but I had really enjoyed reading this … finally we get to know Maan too loves her & this was all a plan by dadi & Annie. Thanks for bringing a closure to the story

Posted: 2 months ago

Soooo happy to see u back dii♥️

A very happy new year to u and your little one🥰

Posted: 2 months ago

Is dadi and annie going to succeed.  

Looking forward to further ..

What will maan do when comes to know about all these planning and plotting....

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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