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Part 3: Marriage of Anmol Jodi

 Continuation from previous part.... Surender ji, Anirudh, deceived girl name Bhairavi with her parents left to Devipur. 

In Devipur village: When mami came to wake up Bonditha, she kept all pillows under blanket and not found anywhere. Devoleena hold her head and shouted for her husband, Sumati & told that Bonditha is missing. Everyone were tensed. Mami in her mind “This girl will spoil my dream of buying ornaments to my sampoorna. Where the hell had she gone?” 

Devoleena started taunting Sumati that it was all her fault of giving too much lenience for girl. Now village women are coming to apply haldi , today night itself is marriage and where had she left? A woman came and told that she saw Bonditha in the street of groom house. This fears Mama, mami to the worst. 

Bondita went  to Chandrachur house, Kalindi was hell shocked to see her there, immediately covered her face with pallu. She took blessings of Kalindi and told “I am Bonditha, bride. I came to speak with my would be husband. Please call him” Chandrachur almost spent every time in disguise in fear that if anyone recognizes him. He came out as an old man . Bonditha took his blessings also and asked if he is father or grandfather of my would be husband. Both of them are bewildered.

 Kalindi frowned  at her behavior and asked “Today is your haldi. You are going to become daughter in law of our house. How dare to come like this leaving all rituals?” 

Bondita replied “I came here to inform my conditions to my fiancée before marriage.” Both of them asked “you are a girl are you not ashamed to speak with in laws like this. What is this adventurous behavior.” 

Bonditha replied “I will marry if you let my mother to come along with me. My second condition is you should give me Rashagulla daily.” If you don’t agree, then don’t come for marriage. Both of them are worried for her attitude. 

But it instigated Chandrachur of making her his wife at any cost. He told that I will fulfill your desires 

Bondita immediately asked “why are you telling this dadaji, ask your grandson I mean my fiancée to come and tell this.” Chandrachur laughed loudly and told that “if I promise think that groom has promised you. I will fulfill all your desires, but at the same time you have to fulfill mine smiley7.” 

Kalindi asked her to leave to house and get ready because groom is coming. Mama, mami just then arrived hurriedly, started blaming Bonditha for doing this mischievous act. 

Kalindi asked mami to come inside, taunted for not teaching good manners. She gave drowsy medicine and asked her to feed just before marriage so that she won’t stay awake in marriage. Devoleena agreed and left with  Bonditha. Chandrachur told “I am very much impressed with this girl. She will become more beautiful once she hits puberty. After she become my wife I promise that I will leave my lifestyle for her.” Kalindi felt happy that her grandson is changing. 

When they reached Devoleena shouted “why did you go to groom’s house without informing? What is the necessity. Mama also told “ if you want to say anything then you could have told me. Why did you go there?”

 Bonditha replied “ I had gone there to inform my 2 conditions before marriage”. Mama asked “I promised you that I will talk to him personally, will it look good if bride herself goes to talk to groom.” 

Bonditha replied “How can I believe you mama? You have taken the money given by Shomik kaka, mami always taunt that due to us you are struggling to meet daily needs, but I have seen many times that you both hide from us and eat good food and gave us the left over food of previous day. 2 months before thief had come and stole my mother jewels, but the Same thief did not go to any other house who has more jewelry than us. when I am about to hit him, you suddenly stopped mama and the thief wore bangles and anklets. Next day I saw the same jewels taken by mami and sold to gold smith. That means mami is the thief. Tell me am I correct or not. How can I believe you. How can I let my mother to stay with you?” 

Both of them were stumbled and cannot speak a word. Mami immediately started her drama. “Oh kali maa! Dekhiye iss besharmi ladki ko. We took care of them when Yogendra had passed away. Her brother in law left them, but we took their burden although we were struggling for survival. With much difficulty, we got this match and spending a lot in this marraige. Still this girl is putting blame on us. There is no place for good in this society.....blah..blah..! 

Village women started Taunting Sumati to keep in control of their daughter. Else she will be abandoned by in laws family.”when Bonditha was about to reply, Sumati took her aside and asked her to keep quiet. Bonditha asked if she will come with her or not, she replied that she will come after 2 days once all the rituals are completed. Please control your words Bonditha.This will not be good. You will be going to your in laws house, you should treat your husband as god. Bonditha asked why , Sumati replies that he will take care of you from tomorrow onwards. You should take his blessings daily. Respect all the people in your sasural.” Just then Devoleena drags Bonditha for haldi ritual. She thinks to make her unconscious any way, else she will Bring a storm in marriage. 

In tulsipur RC haveli: when Somnath took permission from Trilochan to take Tupur outside, he accepted but reminded that they should give heir to family. Already 6 months have passed. Somnath calmly told that things will happen when it is supposed to happen. I am busy in my daily routine, let me go with her, else I won’t get time for next 3 months, I will be attending to Kolkata hospital for medical camp. Trilochan agreed and Somnath went to the room to bring Tupur. in room, Gowri is asking about when the last menses cycle came and all. 

Somnath irritated with this and expressed his displeasure that why they were asking personal questions . Gowri replied : “ In our generation,  when we get menses elder women (because our mother in law was passed away much earlier) of our relatives  asked me and Shubra to stay in isolated house near to forest, so that they can have idea when our periods are coming and gave us proper date and time to spend time with our husbands. Now You are not allowing  to keep your wife in isolated house. So I am unable to identify about her monthly cycle.” 

Somnath told “I am a doctor and her husband also. If anything is there, I will inform you immediately. Please don’t keep on asking these personal questions”. 

Gowri tells that how can you involve in ladies matter. It is not good on you. Somnath Immediately replied “ how it belongs to her matters only, it is my matter also. If you feel embarrassed to discuss in front of me, even I feel embarrassed to discuss about personal matters with you and father. I have medical camp in Kolkata for 3 months. Let us go now”  Gowri nodded and both left taking all the elders blessings. 

They went to farm house, roamed in garden. Somnath told Tupur “don’t take my parents words to heart. We should spend time happily and if you want to say anything tell me.” She asked him to change profession so that he will get free time, but Somnath replied that everyone will have different profession .can you say which body part is important. Tupur was unable to say. Then he told like all parts of body are required for healthy person, all professional people are required for healthy society. Don’t keep any fears or doubts about me. Be happy” they spent time as husband and wife 

Even Tupur after seeing her husband love , pampering her felt that she may be too much involved with her mother’s thinking. Her husband loves her and from now onwards she should be honest.   

 In Devipur: Anirudh and co reached village enquired if any outsider named Chandrachur who could be of 24-25 years age had come here. They told that there is an old man named Chandrachur in this village today his marriage is happening with Bonditha. They were shocked for this. They asked what is the time of muhurat. They told that it is today’s night. Is there any other young man named Chandrachur. He had a grand mother named Kalindi. (All these details given by BhairVi on the way). They asked them to talk to village head. Just then other villagers with village head saw Surender and confronted him for coming again to their village. They warned him that we are not ready to listen your revolutionary thoughts and go against traditions. Surender told that I came here for 2 reasons. One reason is to get justice for this girl named Bhairavi. She was deceived by a boy named Chandrachur. We got proper information that he came to this village. Can you please tell us if any other person of same name is there in near by villages. Village head thought for a while and told that no one are there. He has a grandmother named Kalindi. They thought for a while and told that even this groom had an elder sister named a Kalindi. She is a widow and cannot come to marriage. Something flashed in Anirudh’s mind and told that there might be a coincidence that one name for 2 persons. But 2 names  cannot be coincidental. We should go and check him. They asked for groom’s address and went there. Mama listened all this talk, rushed much hurriedly than Anirudh gang, went to groom’s house in short cut road and told that someone are coming with a girl named Bhairavi. 

They were shocked and Kalindi asked them to get the bride ready, we will lock them inside and come for marriage. Mama was about to leave, they were coming from gate. He just slipped from other door. They came and asked about Chandrachur ( not knowing that he himself is Chandrachur). Just then Bhairavi saw the birth mark on hand and shown to Anirudh. When Anirudh was about to catch him, he threatened by  keeping knife on Bhairavi ‘s neck. He asked them to go into the room, when Anirudh was about to revert back, a woman covering her face with black blanket kept knife on Surender’s neck too. Anirudh, Bhairavi parents were locked inside a room. They also made Surender locked in another room. They took Bhairavi with them made her unconscious and took with them. Anirudh struggled hard and finally succeeded. 

Meanwhile, Chandrachur (In disguise of old man) instigated villagers that Surender came with a young man trying to break our customs once again by creating hurdles in this marriage. Villagers assured that we will not let them enter marriage. Mami fed kheer and made Bonditha unconscious. While Sumati is sitting inside hut and praying for daughter by closing eyes she was locked by her brother. 

Anirudh found Surender struggling in other room, with much difficult, Anirudh rescued him. On the way they found Bhairavi was stabbed and hid under bushes. They heard her cry and were shocked to see her condition. Surender apologized Bhairavi and her parents for not saving her and get justice.  She requested to punish Chandrachur and save the bride at any cost. Marriage rituals are happening on the other side .  Her parents were sobbing poignantly. 

When Surender and Anirudh reached marriage venue, villagers stopped them. They tried to explain that Chandrachur cheated Bhairavi and killed her. He brought her parents. By showing the corpse of poor girl, they cleared the way.  marriage rounds are happening, Anirudh dragged the groom out. He was about to pull the wig, but suddenly Chandrachur pushed him and took gun out of his dressing and kept on unconscious Bonditha’s neck, he was about to run with her. 

Surender came from behind with police, made him leave Bonditha. In that rift, Surender was shot near the chest. When they were about to arrest him, he kept gun on his head, threatened for suicide and jumped into the near by river. They heard a gun sound in water and blood came from it. Ignorant villagers declared he is dead. Everyone left. 

Devoleena does hungama (as per Kalindi’s signal) that she became widow because they took 5  marriage rounds , it means most of the marriage process is completed, now she became widow and has to become sati. Sumati heard all this, struggling to come outside. 

 Devoleena remembers  Kalindi telling when they reached marriage venue, they told if anything happens against their plan,  we will pretend that Chandrachur is dead, instigate villagers that she should perform sati ritual, bring her to burial ground , just light the pyre, leave immediately.  we will blow off the fire and take her away. 

Surender requested Anirudh to protect her even though I die please help her. By telling this, he left his last breathe and passed awaysmiley19 , at the same time Sumati also came running and shocked to see him dead and cried “ Now who will protect my daughter? Durga maa, meri bachchi ko bachalo.” 

Anirudh assured that he will protect her daughter, where the villagers, her mama are taking her to perform sati ritual, he came , lit the fire around, asked Sumati to hold her daughter. He threatened them not to come forward, else he will set fire to entire village.


Later arguments started between Anirudh and villagers. Anirudh argued that sati ritual is a sin, when a man can live without the help of mother, sister and wife, why can’t a woman lead her life for herself. If no one cares about her, he promised that he will take care of her and make her eligible to come forward and ask for her rights in society. 

Mama asked ‘where will you take her. Society will keep on taunting you about your relationship. Will you protect her like a shadow?” Anirudh assured “ Shadow will follow only in brightness, but I , ARC will be with her in darkness also.”

They asked with what relationship will he protect her? You are a zamindar son and we know what zamindar will do with poor family girls. They will take advantage of girls. It is better to give up her life in sati than leading a disrespectful life with you.”

They all started pouring water on fire, Sumati too started weeping and explaining her desperate condition with tears that her father is passed away, there are no brothers and all these villagers will kill my little girl.” 

When they are coming forward, he announced that he will marry her, there is a plate of turmeric, vermillion near by. He took vermillion and filled her forehead and announced that she is his wife from now. Don’t anyone dare to touch her. He promised that he will marry her immediately once Surenderji final rites are done. ( this is an iconic scene of ep 9 in our show which I don’t want to change in my story also)

 He immediately performed final rites of mentor with teary eyes , on the other side Bhairavi parents also did her daughter’s final rites with tears, left the place with heavy heart . 

Anirudh promised  his mentor in his mind “Guruji! Aaj mein aap se vadah kar raha hoon. Aapne dikhaya hue raste pe chalunga aur us ladki ka zimmedari zaroor Uthaunga”. He apologized soudamini in his mind and tears rolled down. He hopes that she will understand his intention.     

 Later he reached marriage venue and married Bonditha. She just gained consciousness. While taking rounds, he promised that he will always protect her, make her highly qualified person in all means, I will make her as a role model to all women in society and she will definitely bring the change. 

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Part 4: Bonditha in her sasural

Anirudh and Bonditha got married. They took blessings of Mama, mami. Bonditha asked about her mother to mami as she wanted to take blessings. 

Devoleena told that she is a widow and her shadow is not auspicious for newly married couple. Before Bonditha is about to answer, Anirudh immediately cut it off and told firmly that a mother is goddess to every child. She cannot be inauspicious. They both went to Sumati took her blessings.

 Anirudh introduced himself that “I am Anirudh Roy Chowdary belongs to RC family of Tulsipur. Nephew of Trilochan and son of Binoy.” Sumati became delighted and mama mami shocked to know that a rich family guy and that too boss of Munshi- Sourav married Bonditha. 

Devoleena in mind “Oh kali Ma! Why do you always favor this widow and her daughter. Even I am also worshipping you , but you always give the best life to others”.

 Sumati with tears folded hands infront of Anirudh “My husband will be happy and will be blessing you from the sky. She is too young. Please excuse her for her mistakes. She was completely shattered after her father’s demise. She didn’t enter her womanhood.  Please give her some time to make your wife in all means.” 

Anirudh immediately interrupted and told “you don’t worry for your daughter. I will protect her. Take this as a promise from me . She is a little girl. I am not a characterless person to lust for little girl. Don’t worry about my elders. They have always respected Bonditha’s father. She will be happy in our house. Surenderji told that she studied privately. Once everything settles, I will look after her education.” 

Bondita by listening this asked  “why are you talking in this way as if my mother is not coming with us. I have mentioned my conditions to your elders yesterday before Haldi ritual , Where are your elders who have given me promise?” . 

Anirudh asked “what promise , I don’t know about what conditions you are telling and about whom you are telling?” Mama tried to rub off and urged to start immediately. But Bonditha asked them to stop for a while and told Anirudh that “I spoke with your grand father or father yesterday and told about my 2 conditions. Your grandfather and another old lady accepted for it. Mami fed kheer and I don’t know when I have slept. I don’t know why they didn’t come to our marriage till now, did they not inform you?” . 

He looked suspiciously towards mama mami. Bonditha pulled his hand and told “why are you not answering me? Did they not inform you?” Anirudh replied “He is not my grand father. Some misunderstanding has happened and so they came here. Ok, tell me your conditions. “ 

Bondita replied “ I want my mother to come with me. I cannot live without her, when my father passed away she became completely alone. Mama mami won’t give her good food. Mami always taunts my mother. My mami came in disguise of thief and took all my mother jewelry and sold to gold smith. I will do All the work in your house. I will not fight or argue with anyone. Please let my mother to come with me.” He was moved by her words and asked not to cry.  

Village women who were near by started taunting Bonditha’s boldness for talking in this way to her newly wed husband. Mami tried to scold her, but Anirudh showed his hand to stop. He bent on knees and asked “what is your other condition?” Bonditha replied “I love roshogullas a lot. I want pot full of roshogullas” Anirudh smiled for this, Bonditha continued and told the grandfather whom I have met yesterday  have accepted . That grandfather also promised me that he will fulfill all my desires and I should fulfill his desires.” Anirudh understood the old man intention Frowned with anger and gave a stern look to Mama mami. Both of them are literally shivering inside. 

But to divert the topic Devoleena started another drama : “Oh kali Ma! What kind of days have come in our life. At one side we are struggling to maintain the burden of my nanant and her daughter. But she is not understanding us. Jami Babu, you may think that we are bad. But look at this girl. She herslelf had a big stain in her life and putting blame on others.” Anirudh scolded them for talking ill about little girl and what kind of stain can She can  have. Don’t you feel ashamed to speak in this way.” 

When Devoleena was about to tell  Bonditha’s problem, latter immediately told “I will tell my fault. Before the day of fathers demise, I saw a bad dream. The next day itself he was passed away. Whenever I remember the dream, unknowingly i peed on the spot. Daily I am getting that nightmare when I sleep. I feel so ashamed and want to punish myself for not having control. I can’t raise my head infront of others, Nobody are understanding me. If my mother comes with me, I will get courage. I fold my hands please let my mother come with me.” . Anirudh is in deep thought not spoken a word. 

Sumati with tears came and folded hands infront of Anirudh And said:  “Please forgive my daughter for her weakness. I am praying Durga ma to solve her problem. I also went to tantric baba . He gave me an iron Ta weez which is tied to Bonditha’s neck 2 days before. I am sure her problem will be solved quickly. “ 

Anirudh frowned and asked “ Sumati ma! Take out that Taweez immediately from her neck. I don’t believe in these black magic stuff. It will hurt this girl body and mind deeply. Please remove it immediately.” Sumati took away and Bonditha felt happy. She jumped by clapping 👏 and told “you are so nice . I am feeling pain around my neck from 2 days, you have removed the pain” Anirudh saw a scar with blood mark On her neck.” 

Anirudh is moved away and asked Sumati to tie bandage to her and Sumati has done it quickly. He sat and told “This kind of problem rarely occurs in children. My brother is  a doctor. I will take his help if necessary. Just give me some time. Before We leave I have some important works to clear”  He left and took 3 -4 hours to return. Everyone are tensed where Anirudh have gone and why had he not returned so far.”  

Devoleena started blabbering that Anirudh might have left by rebellious behavior, suddenly a stone was hit to her. She saw and Kalindi secretly asked to come and meet her. Devoleena secretly slipped and Kalindi raged “why did they not bring Bonditha to burial ground for sati ritual? What happened?” Devoleena replied “ The man who came with Surenderji is ARC, belongs to RC family of Tulsipur married Bonditha. So now we lost right on her to do anything. Kalindi is hell shocked and reprimanded Devoleena for this. Just then they saw Anirudh arriving with cops. Kalindi skipped immediately and Devoleena returned back. 

Mama alarmed for the arrival of cops and asked the reason. They told that Anirudh gave us an unofficial complaint against you. Anirudh asked Bonditha to check if she packed her belongings, toys. 

When she left he started explaining : “Both of you have tried to get a little girl’s marriage with a cheater. I suspect if you have taken any money from them. I also understood that you have robed Sumati ma. So these cops will Keep an eye on you. If they find you are having contact with him, they will arrest you.” Mama stammered and tried to defend, but in vain. 

Anirudh also told that Chandrachur is dangerous person. I don’t think he might have died so easily by falling in a river. Police will have a thorough check in river and will try to find him. He called Sumati to accompany with them. She refused, but Anirudh told that “I am asking for your daughter. She is a little girl and need your help. I am not telling this because of the problem she is facing. But because she is your daughter and need her mother. She may feel lonely and hesitant with us. Please don’t refuse my request” 

Sumati replied “your family has got good respect in society. It won’t be good if a widow mother of their daughter in law stays with her daughter after marriage. People will taunt at your back and I cannot stay peacefully. At present she needs your support. Except this problem, Bonditha won’t trouble you. She will do all the house hold work”. 

Anirudh immediately interrupted and said “she is not a servant, please don’t say this. I am not asking you to come because she has a bed wetting problem and you need to clean it. I am asking you because she needs you. If you say that people will taunt in my absence, I have a solution. You should accept for it.” Saying this Anirudh took some papers and gave it to Sumati and said “I have earned money while pursuing education in London. With my hard earned money I have bought a mango farm. You should take care of the farm. I have arranged salary of Rs. 50/ per month. Please keep the stamp and take these papers.” 

Sumati rejected the offer, but Anirudh insisted and told that I am not letting your self respect go down. As you have good idea of plants, you can do this efficiently. Please accept it.” By saying so, Anirudh folded hands. Mama immediately came forward to do the job but Anirudh refused to give the responsibility.” He also warned that police will come and check regularly if Sumati ma is fine or not. If any problem rises, you couple will be the first to be suspected. Also you should return her jewelry within a week. Else I will not spaare you. Mama, mami try to gain sympathy by shedding tears but in vain. He warned once again and asked Sumati to convince Bonditha to come with him. 

Sumati went inside, told Bonditha that she got a job of looking after plants of jamai babu farm. I will come later on to visit you. Till then you should be a good girl in sasural. Bonditha while shedding tears asked “how can I live without you?” Then her mother gave Durga maa idol and told that our goddess will always protect you. Have faith on her. You will have Tupur didi, sampoorna didi there. Trilochan zamindar sab is your kaka sasur and Gowri zamindarini is your kaki Saas. Take their blessings and be obedient. Everything will be fine.” By saying so, they came out, Bonditha got into car and the couple left to tulsipur.                                           

In Tulsipur: Somnath and Tupur are askied to decorate the terrace because Anirudh will come and propose soudamini. Meanwhile, Munshi hurriedly came and Trilochan asked the reason. Initially Stammered, but later Munshi told that just now I received a phone call from our samdhi and told the entire marriage fiasco happened in Devipur village. They were shocked to the core. Just then, Soudamini and Bhaumik also came and listened it, Bhaumik bursted and Soudamini left crying. 

Binoy rebuked that he will not accept this marriage at any cost. Trilochan asked him to calm down, tried to explain that Yogendra’s daughter became our daughter in law, we have already seen her in Somnath marriage,  she is a good hearted girl. but Binoy is not convinced, told that I agreed with Yogendra for reconciliation of Krishnanagar and Tulsipur only for our business. I have decided much earlier that Soudamini is the wife of Anirudh, not any other person and Anirudh also loves her. How can he live happily with other girl. 

Somnath and Tupur also heard this, latter fumed with anger thinking that Bondita had not left me, she also became RC bahu and my co sister. 

Few hours later, Anirudh Bondita reached RC haveli, Bonditha is controlling her sleep in fear of her nightmare and may pee in car unknowingly.  Servants Bihari koyli came out. He asked them to stay with Bonditha for a while and went inside. Trilochan and Binoy were angry, but Gowri already made arrangements for gruhapravesh. When Binoy raised hand, Trilochan stopped and Binoy left angrily (same as in our show). 

Trilochan fiercely asked "what is this Anirudh! Do you think marriage is a joke? Don't you know without checking kundli marriages in our house won't happen. Don't you think of your family before giving consent for marriage. We all are in feeling that Soudamini is going to be our daughter in law and pandit also came for fixing muhurat. You came here as a married person. What shall we answer society?do you have any answer." 

Bonditha  felt getting irritated for delay jumped out of car and came to the house by playing hopscotch. She came into the entrance and asked Anirudh ' How long should I wait outside? I have not slept properly from last 2 days. Please do my gruhapravesh." Everyone gave a frowned look and Anirudh is unable to reply anything. Gowri immediately took aarti ka plate and Tupur followed her. Trilochan was about to object but Gowri replied "It won't be auspicious if RC bahu came into house without gruhapravesh. Anirudh took seven rounds of marriage. Although reluctant, we have to follow rituals." 

Trilochan became silent, Bondita came into house, took blessings of Trilochan, Gowri. Trilochan didn't utter a word, stood like an idol. Gowri slowly whispered "if we don't accept Anirudh's wife, our reputation will have a stain. We shall call pandit and check their kundli. If any problem exists we shall do shanti puja." Trilochan convinced with wife's words and blessed Bondita. 

Somnath and Tupur also came, she took their blessings and embraced Tupur forcefully. Although not interested she smiled forcefully. Bondita asked "Tupur didi! You used to tell each and everything to kaki when we were together. Now how are you living without her. Now with whom are you discussing each and every matter? Are you chatting with kaki saasuma or Somnath jamaibabu? Or Are you writing letters and telling all the matters to her?" Tupur was shocked😲and thought storm is back in my life. 🤦 Somnath laughed at Tupur's state. 

Anirudh left to talk with his father. Binoy told " Go and check terrace. Somnath has beautifully decorated for you and Soudamini. What will you answer her now?". Anirudh replied "I will first talk with them and later with you." He left to Soudamini house. Gowri asked Tupur to take her to Anirudh room and they both left. Tupur requested Bondita to keep quiet 🤫 and you should not chatter like before. She left Bondita in Anirudh room and went. 

Anirudh went to Soudamini house but Bhaumik and Dida made him to stand in corridor ,and didn’t allow him to speak any word. They blamed him and Anirudh insisted that he will stand on knees unless mini comes and listen what he wants to tell. There in RC house, Binoy called widows of Mathura, gave them money and asked them to take Bonditha from back corridor. Do it fast so that Anirudh cannot reach you. Somnath listened it and rushed to Anirudh and explained everything.

 Widows replied Bonditha that they were taking to Devipur village, but Bonditha kept on asking questions and refused to go with them. She shouted loudly by coming into the main corridor. Anirudh listened and rushed towards his home. He stopped them and asked them “With whose permission are you taking her? Who the hell told you that she is a widow?” They replied “RC told us that she is a widow. Why do you interfere in doing our rituals?” Anirudh replied “Even I am a RC. I am telling that she is not a widow. She is my.. “

 Bonditha replied “He is my husband and I am his wife Bonditha “ ( just same in ep 14 but not near river, in RC haveli only). They left and he asked her to go into house.  

Gowri came and asked Bonditha if she is fine and took inside. Binoy called him into study room. He asked “So she is your wife and our daughter in law. Am I correct Anirudh?”. He tried to cut it off by telling she is just my responsibility. Trilochan also came and told “society will not accept it. How long will you keep on shouting that she is just your responsibility. So it is confirmed that Bonditha is RC bahu And Bonditha  Anirudh RC. Tomorrow you both have to perform all the rituals. Go to sleep now,” saying so, Trilochan and Binoy left him alone. 

Somnath and Gowri came there. Anirudh asked “Even you think that I have gone mad by marrying her” Gowri replied “I didn’t say that. Everything will happen according to Durga maa wishes. You look completely exhausted. Go to sleep.” 

Somnath left with Anirudh and told “Why do you want to give explanation to each and every person. Just close your eyes, listen what your heart is saying and come to conclusion.” Somnath also left him alone. Anirudh closed his eyes and thought of all the incidents happened. The promise he gave to his Guruji, Bonditha’s mother and while taking rounds, society taunts to women and came to conclusion “At present society, women value is underestimated by many people. No one are ready to accept man and woman relation without giving  proper name. To save her life, I have married her. I will keep up this responsibility at any cost. If Soudamini doesn’t understand I shouldn’t fall weak. I have to accept this loneliness as my companion and become strong. I have to stand for Bonditha in all circumstances”  . His mind felt a bit peaceful.

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Bondita went out to talk to the groom. Will he make himself visible?

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Bondita went out to talk to the groom. Will he make himself visible?

no, he is disguised as old man infront of Bondita, his grandmother also covered her face with blanket. Both of them scared to show their face.

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Bondita is a gutsy girl. Love her attitude. But she is surrounded by old fashioned people.

Posted: 6 months ago

Hopefully Tupur will come around and start to think for herself.

Posted: 6 months ago
Originally posted by coderlady

Bondita is a gutsy girl. Love her attitude. But she is surrounded by old fashioned people.

the story itself revolves around 1926 era, where women education is considered as sin.

Posted: 6 months ago
Originally posted by coderlady

Hopefully Tupur will come around and start to think for herself.

she will change later, don’t worry there won’t be too much torture smiley39

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