Anmol Jodi (chapter 32 in pg 21)

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Prologue: I am Prakash, I came up with my FF stories based on show Barrister Babu, these are purely my thoughts. I have posted it already in Barrister Babu forum and now came here to post in Fan fiction forum. I apologize if you find any mistakes. Now I will start my story in my way, will post all the parts as soon as possible.  (First time posting it in fan fiction forum, somehow nervous, so please forgive me if you find any mistakes )

Part 1 FF: Journey of Enemity To friendship between 2 villages 

Anirudh Roy Chowdhary,  a 10 years boy belong to Tulsipur. He was motivated by Surender Chatterjee, a famous freedom fighter for our country. He often visit schools, colleges to motivate children and younger generation & Anirudh is one among them. Surender is also  fond of Anirudh, he promised latter to often write letters and motivate him. From that age only, Anirudh has gained lot of knowledge from him and understood how evil customs affect society especially women life. 

Tulsipur vs Krishnanagar : 28 - 29 years from current storyline, Anirudh  grand father Kailashnath RC, a widower having twin boys Trilochan and Binoy  (5 years) was about to marry Kalindi Das from Krishnanagar. Kailashnath father cancelled the wedding because she had humiliated and refused to treat their (RCs)servant Raji , 8.5 months pregnant lady who suddenly got labour pains before wedding rituals started. ( It is believed in olden days that if pregnant women do lot of work their delivery will be easy for them, so she is alloted lot of works at that time). As Kalindi and her  entire  family including many other people believe in caste descrimination, nobody had come forward to help her. In Tulsipur, this caste descrimination is eradicated in kalishnath grandfather era only, as his life is saved by daily labour , with his influence entire Tulsipur have almost given up caste descrimination and nobody dare to raise voice against RCs. Moreover Raji is a caretaker to Trilochan and Binoy, she is working there with her husband since many years . Now seeing her pain, they immediately asked kalindi to come forward for delivery and she has plainly rejected it. Also, Trilochan urged her to treat the hurt children as she should not show this discrimination. 

 Her father and brother pushed younger Trilochan. With this incident, Trilochan grand father, and Kailashnath rebuked on them and called off wedding. Kalindi father pleaded not to do this for a small reason, but they wanted Kalindi's apology. She doesn’t have any guilt feeling in her face. They understood that she will not give up her ego for any reason, cannot keep their principles alive.

It became delayed and some inexperienced women of Tulsipur helped Raji in delivery but she is dead giving birth to her son Bihari .


Infuriated  groom family was about to leave, enraged Kalindi’s brother attacked Kailashnath father and in that riots Kalindi’s brother and Kailashnath father were dead. Kalindi’s father became paralyzed due to son’s death. Tulsipur men (especially workers of RC family) were mainly involved in this attack, seeing this Krishnanagar people also rebuked on them ( because Das family treats well and gained very good name in curing any disease). From that time onwards, Tulsipur and Krishnanagar have become complete rivals. People were asked not to fix any alliances in between these villages. Also some families have cut off their relations due to this wedding fiasco. 

Kalindi and her brother has more age gap of nearly 15 years. As he was dead, she started taking care of his 2 sons Yogendra (5)and Shomik (3). Her father almost spent his life on bed. Krishnanagar people have gossiped about Kalindi behind but no one has dared to say it on her face because she is the only doctor available and  treats the patients well. From these repercussions, she had almost turned stone hearted and is highly strict with her nephews.

 Krishnanagar village head Rushyender Benerjee has sent a proposal for Kalindi to marry him (second marriage and he already had 12 years girl from 1st marriage. At that time Kalindi is only 15 years age). She understood the harsh realities of society and accepted the proposal on condition that she should be allowed to take care of nephews and she will fulfill her responsibilities as daughter-in-law, wife and step mother  of his family. Mesmerized by Kalindi’s beauty and her smartness, he accepted for it. She suffered a lot in married life, but was able to give birth to a boy in 1 year. Her position in in laws family is increased and she was given a royal treatment. Her step daughter was given less importance. Somehow she managed her husband, found a match and got her married.

 Kalindi’s son  is a spoiled brat, but she never scolded him nor given any good upbringing. He turned into a womanizer and this had become an issue once. At the age of  15 years, he spoiled life of a poor girl , she became pregnant and that has turned into fiasco. Yogendra (21) knew about his cousin, confessed   It in Panchayat. This situation made Kalindi against Yogendra. Despite of her warnings, Yogendra stood for justice. Kalindi’s son is forced to marry the girl. She was treated very badly, gave birth to a boy (Chandrachur) and was dead unable to bear labor pains.smiley19 At the same time, Yogendra married an innocent Sumati of 15 years(who have no parents, but a greedy brother and sister in law)  . Scared of customs and society taunts,  She suffered with continuous miscarriages for 5 times. When Chandrachur reached 12 years, Sumati gave birth to a girl Bonditha (Our angel). At that time, Shomik also married Rimjhim and has a daughter Tupur of 4 years elder than Bondita.

 After Yogendra’s confession in panchayat, both the brothers Yogendra and Shomik gradually cut off their relationships with Kalindi family. Her husband is a paralyzed patient and died  (due to the atrocities of his son, in fact he warned Kalindi many times not to give too much liberty, but she never heard him. )  Kalindi felt that her son has faced all these worst incidents because she has not observed his and his wife (mother of Chandrachur) kundli. Kalindi’s son was also killed by britishers as he misbehaved with British woman, Yogendra again confessed in panchayat as well as near Britishers. So panchayat also ordered Kalindi to leave Krishnanagar with her grandson for 10 years. This incident made young Chandrachur fume with anger, hatred, nobody have helped them in Chandrachur father's funeral and his corpse is eaten by owls, vultures.  Her place in Krishnanagar is replaced by Yogendra. These are the incidents happened in these 28 years. 

Current storyline (Mending ways between 2 villages Anirudh 10 years old): With the speeches of Surender,slowly Krishnanagar and Tulsipur people started mending their ways. Yogendra personally took initiative from his side, visited RCs. Kailashnath had Passed away by that time. At first they were reluctant, but later melted for Yogendra’s soft speaking nature. Binoy also told that their business material should go to other places via Krishnanagar. So it is their necessity also to be friendly with them. RCs and gradually Tulsipur gave their consent.  

 In RC family, Trilochan got married to Gowri and had got a son named Somnath. Binoy and Shubra had 2 sons Anirudh and Bhatuk. Somnath is eldest, followed by Anirudh and Bhatuk. In krishnanagar,  Yogendra had treated all the people irrespective of their caste and taught this to Sumati also. He made Bonditha, Tupur, Tapur to study at home by arranging a private master. Although Rimjhim reluctant, shomik accepted for it as he love his elder brother.  Yogendra was also a disciple of freedom fighter Surender Chatterjee.  

 10 - 12 years have passed. Everything is going on peacefully between 2 villages. RCs were very much impressed With Das family . Trilochan and Gowri attended their Munshi’s son Sourav wedding with Sampoorna and they have seen Tupur (16 years age).Tupur have read upto 9th standard, know to read and write, basic additions and subtractions. They immediately checked her Kundli with Somnath and fixed alliance in Sourav wedding. 

Sumati’s brother and sister in law fumed with much jealousy for Das family girls fate. Das family also accepted for it happily. Somnath is a doctor ( a teenage love failure) arrived from Kolkata and married Tupur. RCs except Anirudh have seen Bonditha in wedding. Although little bit irritated for her active nature, but somehow impressed with behavior, her devotion and respect given to them. Anirudh had not attended wedding as he was attending final year exams at that time. Somnath is a sincere person, he doesn’t want any secrets to be hidden from him. He clearly mentioned it on their wedding night. As she is in teenage, he decided to give her some time, told her that they should take time to understand each other and proceed as husband and wife gradually. 

Tupur is highly influenced by her mother. She was always taught to hide her matters, maintain secrets and especially jealous of Bonditha because she always catches her secrets red handedly. She even doesn’t have much problem with her in laws. 

When they went for Ousht mangala rasam to Krishnanagar they found Yogendra dead. Sumati is weeping  and Bonditha is completely shattered. She was sitting in an isolated place (as if she had seen something in previous night, but unable to identify if she had seen truth or any nightmare. She had seen some middle aged lady is Not helping her father as he had kept on shouting “ Peshi bachao, Saanp kata hai. Jaldi jhadi bhooti le aao.” But the woman covered her face with blanket had not moved a bit. ). This thought is shaking little Bonditha 12;years of age completely and she lost her control and peed on the spot. She felt ashamed of it, cleaned silently. 

Shomik has done the cremation and all the relatives left. Suddenly Sumati brother showered  love on her and insisted to come along with Bonditha to come and stay in Devipur village. Although Shomik reluctant to send his sister in law, he had to go to Calcutta as he got huge offer in making medicines for Ayurvedic doctor. He was supposed to shift with his wife and younger daughter Tapur there. He also know Rimjhim will keep on taunting Sumati. Shomik gave money to Sumati’s brother and asked to take care of Sumati and Bonditha. He also personally offered money to Sumati (which was seen by Devoleena). Both mother & daughter shifted to Devipur.

In Tulsipur: Here in RC family, Anirudh returned from London and all his family members were so glad to see him. Gowri also treats Anirudh and Bhatuk equivalent to Somnath & Shubhra too had died in an accident while saving Somnath. Also it is the rule of their family to live together . 3 RC brothers were also so much attached to each other.  He also wished his new sister in law Tupur and everything is going on smoothly. 

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More friends...

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Some more friends...

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More & more friends..

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Remaining friends... extremely sorry if I forget anyone..smiley31

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A new story ❣️

Lovely ✨❤️

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Originally posted by Shivanyasingh

A new story ❣️

Lovely ✨❤️ is not a new story it is my ff first part. at that time I don't know how to tag all our friends. Also I would like to post it in fanfiction forum, so I posted heresmiley36

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