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Very Simple Characterization

Maan Singh Khurana: 26 years old rough and tough business tycoon. Married to Geet Handa

Geet Handa: 21 years old innocent bublee girl. Married to Maan Singh khurana. A BA Student and yet to give her final year exams.

Savithri Devi: Daadi of Maan

Prem: 23 years old...younger brother of Maan. presently doing his Masters Degree in Canada.

Anvesha, urf Annie: 19 years old...Adorable sister of Maan and Prem. Currently doing her graduation in Business Management in Canada. Prem and Annie yet to meet Geet but they are held up in Canada due to their education and project submissions.

Armaan: Cousin of Maan, Prem and Annie...he is also practicing medicines (Doctor). and working as a Doctor in Hoshiyarpur. He is very close to Maan and considers him as his elder brother.

Nakul & Shanti (Nakul Kaka & Shantima): Husband & Wife..loyally serving Khurana Family for Ages.


Mohinder & Rano Handa: Geet's parents.

Daarji: Geet's Dadaji

Rajni urf Rajji: Geet's younger sister.

Geet's cousins: Nandini, Tejinder (Tej), Titoo

Geet's close friends: Ridhima, Muskan, Also, Ridhima is Dr. Armaan's Girl Friend.

More characters to be introduced at a later stage.

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Next few updates going to be very painful. But it will open up many strings and the dark clouds will move off slowly. This story is all about Painful and disrespected love and how this love finds its happiness. So, kindly bare with me please. 🙏

This chapter got too long than I had ever expected. Couldnt cut it short...hence breaking it into PART 35 & 36. UPDATING PART 35 today...PART 36 will be updated tomorrow.

I will check for editing and spelling mistakes one by one.

PART - 35

She cuts her call and gets into her room...and all previous night's events run through her mind again... Oh no..Maan will wake up anytime!! He will be mad angry at me for getting him to my room. As per our rules, he is not supposed to be here..whatever may be the reason!! Anyways, he will calm down when he knows I am going out of Farmhouse for 3 days...

She has to pack her bags and all her personal belongings are set in the Bedroom cupboard. She first gapes into her bedroom and looks at Maan. He still seems to be in a deep sleep. She again feels for him. He is deprived of this peaceful sleep and that's when he consumed this hard drink yesterday night...if this continues, he will be totally consumed by alcohol ...she looks up...hey babaji...please make sure this should never happen. He was fully drunk yesterday. She remembers her Tej Veerji. He would get drunk like this at times especially on Saturday evenings and then he would wake up with a severe headache in the following morning. Simran bhabi would get him Raw lime juice with very little salt. Coming back to present, Geet knows very well that Maan would wake up with a headache for sure. She decides to prepare lime juice to be on safe side..and keep it in his side table.

Geet walks down the stairs and a smile touched her lips as she sees a little girl who is playing with her doll and there is a kitten next to her that's busy drinking milk from a bowl. It didnt take her that long to recognise that she was Chutki who is Radha’s daughter. Chutki too lost in Geet. She had heard about it from many of the stories about Angels and today, she felt she is getting to see a real angel walking down the stairs. Chutki was gaping at Geet with open mouth until the time Geet was nearing her....that's when she realised that Geet is the new madam who has come to stay in this farm house. Chutki stops playing and looks back at Geet again with a fear as she shouldn't play, run around or make any noise when any of Khurana members are around...Also, her mom Radha has warned her that this kitten must not be seen anywhere around within the farmhouse.

Chutki..talks to her friend cat secretly in his ears.....Oye Baapre! Madam is nearing us. We must make a move otherwise, Madam will complain Ma and Ma will again shout at me... Chutki grabs her friend cat in one hand and tries to take the milk bowl in another hand but she is unable to do so.

Arre...Arre... Geet takes the bowl away from Chutki. What happened? Why are you running away from here? Is it because of me?

Chutki nods for a yes and then cutely nods for a no.

Geet smiles within seeing her plight but she asks sternly...Is it a YES OR A NO?

Chutki: Woh..woh...aap yahan ke memsab ho na? Aap ko pareshan nahin karna chahthi thi....isliye..

The word memsab is giving her discomfort which she hides it conveniently...Arre Bacha..you are not disturbing me... who put such restrictions on you?

Chutki remains quiet without answering..

Geet kneels down and keeps the bowl back on the floor...and also she slowly pulls that kitten and brings it close to the milk bowl.

Woh..Di.. Chutki clears her throat.. and corrects herself.. Mam..

Geet: Call me Di..it suits me more isnt it?

Chutki: Ma will shout at me ma'am

Geet: Arree.. Phir se MA’AM?? Why do you want me feel as If I have come down from a different planet? She makes a grumpy face and Chutki couldn't help giggling at her cuteness.

Geet: Arre wah...that's like my good girl. Keep smiling like this ok? By the way, Aap chutki ho na?

Chutki: Haan Ma’am.. I mean Di...Aap ko kaise patha? (Yes Di, how did you know?)

Geet: Well..Radha ji told me that she is a mom of a naughty cutie pie..and her name is Chutki.

Chutki smiles shyly.

Geet: And you know my name?

Chutki stops smiling and nods for a no.

Geet: I am GEET..So, you can call me “Geet Di” or simply “Di”...OK!!

Chutki: Ji..Ji Di...😊

Geet brings her right hand forward so that she shakes hand with Chutki..So..Friends?

Chutki hesitates a bit but slowly gives in and shakes hands with a positive note.

Their sweet talks gets distracted with a loud noise from Radha taking Chutki's name..and she almost zooms near them and shouts.

Radha: Yeh Kya Chutki? Kitni baar kaha hain idhar khelna nahin! 😠 (What is this Chutki? How many time I have told you not to play in this area?) and her anger reaches the next level when she gets to see the kitten. Yeh fir agayi yahan subah subah…😡 (Its here again and that too early in the morning?)

Chutki: Ma...why all the time you are behind my friend?... He is hungry you see..

Radha: Tumhari is billi ko tho main!!.. Yaa tho pura din doodh pithi rahthi hain..yah phir tod pod karthi rahthi hain..... (Its busy for the whole day either by drinking milk or by breaking things around?) She moves towards the cat to shoo it away...SHOO...

Geet: Arre Arre Rukiye Radhaji..

She glares at patrified Chutki and the cat and back to Radha.... Radha thinks that Geet might be irritated with all what's going on here.

Radha: Woh Madam...I am so sorry if my daughter has troubled you. I am responsible for maintaining discipline here. And on top of that...she is feeding the kitten here and that too right near the entrance of Kitchen.

Geet: Radhaji, Kya bol rahi hain aap? ( What are you even saying?) Why would Chutki bother me? Don't shout at her.. She is just a kid. Let her play where ever she wants..

Radha: The problem is she would not play alone..this Kitten would be all the time tagged to her. And you remember the mess it had created yesterday?

Geet is just fighting back like a kid. It didn't do anything...and I know there was no mess caused by it yesterday night. Then why are you getting angry unnecessarily?

Actually, Radha lost her mind and completely forgot that the actual glass breaking sound didnt come from Kitchen as there was no trace of any broken glass or cutlery items found there. But she seriously thinks..how did Geet come to know about it? Radha is lost in her thoughts.. but mam...how did you know?

Geet is caught...she looks around and knots the dupatta with an embarrassed filled face...she is reminded about all what had happened after Radha left from there and she doesn't want Radha to know about all this. Woh..kya hain na... she slowly takes that kitten in her hand and talks while pampering it....Just..look at his innocent cute face... I doubt he would have done anything like that. She looks at Chutki and asks her...Hain na Chutki?

Chutki nods for a yes calmly...while the kitten feels safe in Geet’s hand making a low purring sound and gently wagging its tail. Radha is simply astonished with how these three have teamed up...she takes a tiring sigh and is lost looking at them with a open mouth and by resting her hand on her cheeks

Chutki starts giggling seeing Radha's plight...and Radha's one glare was more than enough to shut her mouth but still she is trying to muffle her laugh to the maximum.

Radha still yells at them… Ab challo...you play in the outside area now.

Both Chutki and her little friend move out quietly... Geet waves BYE looking at them. and Chutki too responded by waving bye with a smile. Chutki is all excited to have 2 friends by her side now...one is the kitten and the other is GEET 😍🥰

Geet was lost in a different world for some time due to which she conveniently forgot all what has been going on in her life and why she was nearing the kitchen area in the first place..and Radha’s voice got her back to reality..

Radha: Memsaab...aap ko kuch chahiye tha?

Geet: Ji..Ji haan Woh.....haan..Mujhe nimbu ka paani banana hain… (Hmm...Yes..I have to make lemon juice)

She walks into the kitchen and it's pretty huge. Also, there is a small dining table with four chairs in the corner. She looks around..I need one lemon.. and salt. She finds a kettle near by and she fills it with water and waits till it gets a little warm.

Radha: Memsab..Itni si baat? I will prepare it and bring it to your room...

Geet: Its ok..I will help myself..

Radha: Na memsab...shanti mausi has strictly advised me that you should take complete rest for few days..

Geet: Arre...this is such a tiny task … I will do it by myself.

Radha: Its all right memsaab...Its just for few days till you feel completely alright. You get back to your room. I will bring it for you.

Geet couldn't argue. Shantima’s motherly care can be way too much.. Geet Sighs.... Woh please prepare this juice with warm water and also add only a pinch of salt..that's it.

Shanti: Noted..I will bring it in 5 mins.

Geet thanks her and makes a move towards her room...Just then she gets a call from Muskan..

Mus: Hey Geet..I am on my way..will be there in less than 15 mins.

Geet just realised that she hasn't packed her things yet. ..Oops..yes..work in progress!

Mus: Hmm...be quick..

Once done talking with Muskan, Geet remembered Daadi. How thoughtful she has been in granting permission for it. From her end, she has to call Daadi as its a custom of DIL of the family to inform the elders before they leave out of home for few days. She calls Daadi..

Daadi: Hello beta..Good Morning

Geet: Good Morning Daadi..

Even though Daadi has given permission for her to spend 3 days time with her friends, she still feels odd to say bye to her. And Geet is totally surprised with what Daadi talks to her further. As if Daadi could clearly sense Geet’s plight.

Daadi: So, all set to leave?

Geet didn't expect this at all...how caring and understanding she is. Her eyes welled with tears.

Geet: Woh..Daadi..I am sorry for all this!

Daadi: Sorry? For what beta?

Geet: I just came here yesterday night and..

Daadi: Oh why do you want to think so much? It was all planned among your friends right? Isnt it a must for you to attend both the occasions? Sighs! I am happy for you that you are getting to spend some time with your friends. Eise mauke baar baar nahin aathe (You don't get such opportunities every day). But my one and only concern is about your health and that too got sorted out when Ridzy and Armaan assured me that you will be taken care.

Like Ridzy said, Geet feels truly blessed...THANK YOU DAADI! Muskan just called me. I will be leaving in some time. I just called you to take your blessings and bid you Bye..

Daadi: My blessings always with you beta...ENJOY and have a great time with your friends!! Daadi pauses for a second..By the way, is Maan around?

Geet still feels jittery hearing his name..Daadi could clearly sense this in her tone.

Geet: Woh...he is not yet awake.

Daadi: Oh!! Its ok beta..I will call him later. Anyways, you carry on. It's getting late for you.

Geet: Ji..

Daadi: And..take care of your self..take your food and medicines on time.

Geet smiles at her concerns..Sure Daadi. You too take care..BYE.. and now hurries to get back to her room as she has not even started with her packing.

At Geet’s room:

The bright rays of the sun illuminate the room via the window which has not been fully covered with the curtain. Maan in his deep sleep and all what happened in the night plays as a dream. How Geet got glued to him from tip to toe...he could still feel every inch of her and how he couldn't stop himself from kissing her and when he was about to capture her lips…. and Oops his eyes got disturbed with a ticklish sensation due to bright sun rays…. I was woken up when I was almost going to …. he frowns and at the same time blushes as it all seemed so real..he could still feel her scent and softness of her petite body..Oh my goodness…. My thoughts are getting naughtier day by day!! he slowly gets up and feel his head is heavy. He gently flutters open his eyes and when he gets to look around and notices that its not his room and he almost jumps out of his bed and sat back again when he has a severe headache.. I bet that drink got into my head yesterday...and then? He recalls he was on the terrace and was watching Geet from a distance and doesn't remember what happened next..he again holds on to his head as he is getting severe headaches....what happened yesterday night? Where am I now? He has rarely visited this room in the terrace so he is ot able to recall where he is..... Just then he got to see one of Geet’s dresses that was hung on the wall..Is it Geet’s room? He is totally baffled. I was here on the terrace but when did I get in here? He closed his eyes and some vague moments between him and Geet played in the back of his mind. But couldn't confirm anything...

Just then, he hears someone getting into this room and locking it from inside...and he just takes a step ahead and stands rooted, understanding it's none other than Geet who is zooming towards the bedroom whilst..murmuring something.... “hey babaji..what shall I do? Its getting late and I have not yet started with …” She was overly crowded and tensed and she walked in with full speed and failed to notice Maan standing there... AND BOOM!!! she banged on him with such a velocity that Maan fell on the bed taking her along with him.. and KISS !!!.. her lips touched his cheeks sending shivers down their spine.. their eyes closed and silently inhaling eachother’s scent. Her hands got gripped on to his vest that’s covering his torso.… Once again Geet’s full body is glued to him from tip to toe….While Maan could relate all these incidents with his sweet dreams..or was it a reality?

A moment passed by and Geet slowly looks up to him…. His vision got deep into those hazels..its a treat for him to feel her all over him early in the morning..she looks so fresh and her skin is even more glowing with the effect of the bright sunlight in the back drop and most appealing one which makes her wanted to be eaten alive is her wet hair left open and few droplets fell all over his face..giving an advanced effect.

Geet is lost looking at him… She couldn't help blinking at him again so very cutely and that was out of her control. How much she has craved to witness such a morning to wake up in her husband’s arms...and this wish has come true today in such an odd condition. She looks at their position and they are almost glued to each other..She tries to move but he has got a strong grip on her waist. She looks deep into those almond eyes that are staring back at her..Why is he looking at me like that? Isn't he supposed to push me-throw me or let me go? She recalls all what happened in the night… oh..he must still be in his PARI world..Hmm still lost in that Alcohol effect. Suddenly her gaze fell on his cheeks...she tries to take a very close look and Maan could invariably feel her breath falling on his lips… His early morning naughty thoughts are provoking him to receive a hot kiss… But he was immediately thrown out of his dream world when she gasped out of utter shock after spotting the mark of her lipstick that got sealed on his cheeks now...She slowly wiggles out of his grip and turns away from him…

Maan was anticipating a Kiss..but then startled with the way she gasped. May be she got carried away and hold her self back..Where as she is again knotting the edge of her dupatta that clearly shows she is super tensed but why? while She curses her own clumsiness…..Yeh lo..ab issi ki kami thi..🤦‍♀️She complains cutely to her Babaji.. Hey babaji...Do you really exist? What are you upto? Again I took a promise that I will stay away from him and yeh lo...I fell on him and the best part is this KISS!😱 No...it was accidental...Noo Real...Chee...A kiss is a kiss!!! 😳 And what will he think about me when he looks at himself in the mirror? Wont he think I am advancing myself? I know you are smiling victoriously at your own achievement again!

GEET...He calls out her name softly but it sounded as if she heard some explosion and turns to him with a fearful look… She knows she has to face him, answer him...But first thing first she owes him a list of apologies.. There can be only two principles of his life.... “LOVE HIS PARI” and “HATE THIS GEET”. And the night that has passed has not disappointed her in mirroring this bitter truth of their relationship. She has no more energy left in her to take any more accusations from him. So, she needs to respect his principles.

Woh..SORRY..She is twisting and playing with her dupatta and not able to even look at him now and she thanks her god that at least he is quietly listening.. while she takes this opportunity to continue with her list of apologies..S..SORRY..I had to bring you to my room..you see..you were fully drunk and … he looks at her questioningly and she shivers thinking what if he mistook her… I..I had no other options with me as you couldn't even move from here or I couldn't leave you alone in the terrace… Now her gaze moves towards his cheeks.. she takes her dupatta in her hand to wipe it off ...but unable to move ahead..but how will she explain this act if he again mistakes her? she assumes he will wash his face anyways and it will wipe off by itself..but still she has to say Sorry for the mess that she has created now...And now when I came back here I didnt notice you standing here..I AM SORRY for all the mess that I have been creating …And..

That’s it...he cannot take it any more..He holds her and pins her to the wall...God Damn! How many SORRIES? WHY?

What he meant is, she didn't do anything wrong and she need not feel sorry about anything..but of course all what has happened in her married life especially all what she was made to feel yesterday night, only provokes her to think that he is angry on her to the level that even her genuine apologies cannot be taken into consideration. He can only love his PARI. She has no say apart from feeling sorry for the back to back mistakes from her end.. She gathers enough courage to answer him..

Well..I understand I have been careless in following the rules these days..I got you to my room without your permission..and now, falling on you.. Her head bent down in shame and he hates to see her like this..trust me..I was forced to take such a decision...I will ensure I don't trouble you anymore.

He again grips on to her shoulder and he gentles down his hold after seeing her terrified eyes..He hates it when she feels so small about herself and no wonder he is the one who has contributed to all what she feels. What I meant is you didnt do anything wrong..

Geet really finds it strange. Why is he not getting angry on her? All what she had expected is he would shout at her for bringing him here.. Anyways, this doesn't justify her act. Maan..I know what I have been doing..and its all WRONG! Even if I try to do something right, it turns out wrong..she sighs..well that’s how my life has been..but don't worry I am still following the rules..Its just that I will take some more time to reach the perfection of your level.

The word PERFECTION echoes in his ears.. YES...In this one year of their married life, he ensured to follow those rules set by him 100% or say, 200%. and all what he is gaining now is the reward for his own perfection. No wonder he was always proud to be a Perfectionist and today he is let down by the same word..that’s the irony of his life now… he hates all that he was proud of himself..

There is a knock on the door. Geet knew it was Radha.. She walks past him and partially closes the bedroom door before opening the main door making sure Radha doesn't get to see Maan.

Radha had got the lemon juice. They both happen to talk a few things and Maan happens to listen...

Radha: Madam..here is your lemon juice. I made it exactly like how you wished. Aur haan..what would you like to have for breakfast? I will arrange it here..

Geet: Oh No.. I will be leaving from here in about 15 minutes.. Just make a veg sandwich and a glass of any fruit juice and keep it ready. I will have it when I walk down.

Radha didn't get her exactly...

Radha: Sorry memsaab.. Are you and saab going somewhere?

NO.. she looks at Maan who is listening to their conversation standing behind the door. Saab will stay back here. I will be away for 3 days. My friend is coming to pick me.

Maan is again not able to believe all what he is hearing..he once again gets blindfolded when she says she is moving from the farmhouse...What? What did she say? She is moving from here again? She has been here for less than a day and … HAH!! When did she plan all this? Why? Who is this friend who is coming to pick her? Is is Riddzy? cant be as she would have informed me. What’s going on?

Of Course Radha also finds it very strange. She is curious to know the reason but can't ask about it. Also, she wasn't informed anything about all this.. and she has to make sure as she is Geet’s care taker and she will be blamed later if something goes wrong..Maaf karna memsaab..no one informed me about it

G: Oh Yes..it got planned all of sudden.

R: Par ...Badi memsab (Maan’s daadi) ko patha hain ke app yahan se 3 din ke liye ja rahi hain? (Does Daadi know that you will be away from here for 3 days?)

Maan is also listening to her curiously as he is damn sure that she will not take any such decision that would go against his Daadi. Where as Geet smiles and she knows that Radha fears more for Shantima than Maan’s Daadi.

Geet: Ji haan..Daadi ko patha hain...aur unhon ne Shantima ko bhi batadiya hoga. (Yes..Daadi knows about it and also she would have informed Shantima by now)

Maan seriously thinks...WHAT? Daadi knows about all this? How come?

Of Course he doesn't take this with a positive note...he is worried why she has taken such a decision overnight? even though she will be away for 3 days but it feels she will be away for 3 years..and moreover, what will Daadi think?

Geet: Ji..and I will not take any such step without letting Daadi know. Whatever she tells is audible enough for Maan.

Radha is still half minded ....OK ...but atleast have a proper breakfast. I will bring it here ASAP.

Geet sighs with Radhaji’s concern and care...she is really a Junior Shantima..

Arre Radhaji..how many times you will walk up and down like this? Anyways I have to walk down.. My friend will be here soon. You please carry on. I have to still pack my things...

Once Radha leaves from there, Geet closes the door and hands over lime juice to Maan This is for you...I thought you might wake up with a heavy head because… She couldn't continue as all what happened last night flashes in front of her. She was looking at him with a blank note..and didn't know what to say further but then she managed to divert her talks.. I mean, just gulp it down in one go and soon you will be out of this hangover. She hands over the glass to him and moves towards her cupboard.

He was so astonished..Geet got the lemon juice arranged for him? How well she understands him and cares for him...and he still knows nothing about her. But again he is ashamed that he got Drunk and created an odd condition for her where she would have struggled to settle him down in this room. All what he wanted to do is to ensure she is fine..and he got drunk and ended up troubling her further. He lost his trance when he saw her Packing her stuff.

Now what’s bothering him even more is she is going to stay away from him for 3 days and ofcourse for him its going to be not less than ages....and the worst part is Daadi knows about it. He assumes he is the reason. Did he misbehave with her or somehow hurt her and that too in his drunken state? Lots and lots of reasons are crossing his mind that are primarily helling him responsible to have forced her to take such a decision.

He kept the glass filled with lemon juice harshly on the side table and he again drags her and talks to her holding her shoulder..but this time his hold is not gentle..its aggressive. He is worried if he did something shameful last night? he gets some vague glimpses about it..but doesn't know if it was real or was it just a dream? How to ask her this?

Whats happening? Where are you going now? And what did you say Daadi that she agreed for all this?

She is terrified seeing his reaction..and unable to utter a single word. Why his eyes look sad where as its expected to glitter out of joy? As if he is going to miss me? How is it even possible when he is madly in love with his PARI? She is totally confused...At least during KM days, he would portray his anger filled with hatred and she knew what to expect out of him...and over here, he is behaving totally opposite. She is abstracted out of her thoughts with what he asks further.

You made such a decision overnight? what’s bothering you? you could have spoken to me about it? What would Daadi actually think about all this? won't she think wrong about me?

Is he accusing her by any chance? How could he? And what would upset me? When did he ever give me permission to share my mind with him and today he claims that I should have told him? What to tell him by the way? She sighs...YES..this is what is expected out of him… And What all I was assuming?


Geet speaks straight looking into his eyes...If I had to leave because of you, then I would have done that a long time ago!

His grip on her hands loosens listening to what she just said.

(To be continued…)

I have one more update coming. Just some edits and will post it tomorrow. Meantime do give in your comments for this.

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Geet speaks straight looking into his eyes...If I had to leave because of you, then I would have done that a long time ago!

His grip on her hands loosens listening to what she just said.

Geet: There are other things in my life which I have to consider at this point of time. So, me going out has nothing to do with you and hence don't worry..Daadi is not upset with you.

He knows that he has again hurt her...he should have at least understood there could be some genuine reason and that’s why her friend is coming to pick up...and he has overreacted without even considering she is going for 3 days only...now, how to make her understand that he is not prepared to live without her for even 3 minutes that’s why he had reacted like this..how to make her understand how he feels whenever she expresses to move away from him...I didn't mean that..

Its alright..tears wells in her eyes and she wipes it immediately. When you are determined that you don't want to know anything about me. Then this is how you are supposed to understand me!

He looks at her perplexed...he once again failed to understand her...and the reason being only HIM...

Anyways, To remind you, you had given quick permission to Ridzy for my stay in her home for her Birthday party.

YES...he recalls now...he had almost missed it amidst all the twists and turns that has happened in the last 2 days...he further listens to her..

Well, I was about to leave for that by tomorrow but today, one more program has been added to my schedule and that’s the final year students farewell party happening this evening. This was planned all of a sudden and Ridzy too didn't know anything about it.. Daadi has been very understanding and gave her approval as she very well understood that my presence is important for both the events.

She keeps it short and sweet...whereas Maan wants to know when and how Daadi came to know about it..but doesn't want to voice it out as it would further hurt Geet.

And don't worry about Daadi.. She is happy that I am getting to spend quality time with my friends after a long time.

She continues to arrange her things whilst talking to him...So, don't feel bad...feel happy that you are getting to stay away from me for 3 days…

It pricks him when she expresses that her absence would bring him joy…What?

I can understand you had enough of me… You had borne me throughout my stay in KM...and then when I moved to HP, you were forced to come there too...and then this farmhouse…. I know how you feel..as if I am tagged to you wherever you are going!!

Al though he has been nodding it off..but he cant deny the fact that his behavior cannot be termed better than what she has been claiming…its like all what he did is bouncing back at him like a boomerang. He tries to lie to her but can he lie to himself?

M: NO..I am not feeling anything like that..

She just smiles at his denial to accept the facts about their relationship and he just hates this smile of hers as it speaks of her gloominess. I have been disturbing you to the level that you take help of alcohol to tolerate my mere presence. Geet turns away, closes her eyes and bites her lower lips to control her emotions..Geet..tu jhalli ho gayi hain aur ...tu sach main pitegi aaj!! (you have gone crazy...you are asking for getting beaten up for sure) she has no right to talk like this but she is losing her control as he is harming his own health with this alcoholism and his well being is on top priority of her life and for that sake she has to speak up. And to her surprise, Maan is not angry listening to her talks..in fact he is giving her explanations

M: No..Its not that...I was tired yesterday. That's why…

She cut him off...Well, you don't owe me any explanations... Obviously you and I know the true reasons..I don't want to be the cause of your destruction by any means. Anyways, You need to think about your family. I mean, your Daadima, Prem and Annie..

He glances at her to hear with curiosity to list herself in that list of family members but she doesn't. It pierces him where as she continues talking coldly...

G: You can hate me but don't do this to yourself. Don't step into the ladder of destruction!

He is really saddened that Geet still thinks that she is a burden for him.. He understands he had been very mean with her just to keep himself away from her. But he never hated her. He wants to explain to her but she is nowhere near understanding.

M: I never hated you!


Geet recalls her KM days and his behaviour expressed only his hatred towards her. Then why does he need to deny it all of a sudden and moreover he claims he never hated her? Maybe it's true...its much more than HATE!

both lost looking at each other...just then her friend Muskan barges in...HEY..

Muskan takes Geet for a round and hugs her... That lady..I guess she is the maid here. I asked her about you and she told me that you are here at the terrace... and next minute, I zoomed over here.

Muskan breaks from her hug.. Kaisi hain tu?

G: Hmm..I'm fine..

Mus: I know how fine you are! Dekho kya haal bana rakha hai apna? (Look at your condition!)

G: What Muski? Nothing has happened to me yaar….

Mus: Listen..Don't you dare lie to me..Ridzy told me everything...what happened to you? Why have you got so weak?

Just then Maan realised that from the time he had woken up, he failed to enquire about Geet’s health… and on top of that he ended up hurting her once again….Aarh...Now he is fuming at himself for having been so careless. .

G: You know Ridzy na? how she exaggerates things!! I had some weakness because I was overly crowded with too many things going in and around me and upar se yeh exams.. Anyways..Dr has prescribed some medicines and It has already started showing its effect.

Geet fakes a smile..and of course, Muskan is not convinced.

Mus: I know You are trying to be smart so that you can have some spicy stuff arranged thro me..Hain na? Dont you dare! I have arranged a special BLAND DINNER for you tonight...And You can't even have paani puri...she teases Geet by showing her thumbs up and tongue out…

Geet makes a grumpy baby face.. She had actually planned to trick Muskan today...but this trick also flopped. Maan was simply lost in her...how she gets into a kiddish mode with her friends.... Also when she is not able to get her favourite food.

Geet gets cautious once her vision goes back to Maan.....Muskan too follows Geet's gaze and jumps in excitement and rush to him..Arre Jiju... In all this excitement, I missed you..so, how are you?

He does remember Meeting her when she was with Geet and Ridzy... But not sure.

Mus: Remember we met for the first time outside the college when Geet got stuck with those Gol Gappas…??

Now Maan is sure that Muskan is the same girl....Oh yes..I do remember the “Gol Gappas ACT” of you and Geet..I guess you both had a competition that day..😏

He gives a naughty smile to Geet.. and Geet reacts with an open mouth...and for Geet this is the first time he is experiencing this side of Maan...He is teasing her in front of her friend...DID HE??...SERIOUSLY? 😮 Again another hidden talent of Mr. Maan Singh Khurana...and that too he would overly do anything in front of others to show off the depth of our so called relationship. .😖

Whereas Muskan is more excited that Maan recognised her and of course she is loving his cute teasing... WOW Jiju..Sharp Memory haan!! YES...A day that it was!!

Muskan brings her right hand forward gesturing for a shake-hand.. and Maan responds..He recalls meeting Muskan once..but she is not that friendly yet like Ridzy and didn't know what to tell her at that point of time and maintains his reservations in talking to her..

Mus: And for all we Geet’s friends, you are MAAN JIJU! and you have a great fan of saali sahibas following you ..she winks.

Maan smiles...thinking about Geet’s friends and of course they all seem to be one better than another…

Muskan did notice the lipstick mark on Maan’s cheeks and passed all naughty comments..And Geet...you seem to have taken full advantage of this place on the first night of staying here itself.. and Muskan winked at her.. Geet is getting a mix of feeling nervous and shy.. and this gets Muskan to tease Geet even more. Arre yaar..why are you feeling shy now? you both are married for a year now and I am so glad that you still have that freshness in this relationship..She looks around the place...So, feel lucky that Jiju is so very romantic person….the way he has arranged this room which seems to be away from the entire world..so that you love birds can live your life ...moreover, this huge terrace in the surrounding...WOW Its so beautiful!!

Of Course Geet wanted to hide that this is her room and Maan lives in the bigger room on the ground floor. She too takes a lead in praising him so that Muskan is super convinced about smooth run of her (Geet’s ) married life.

G: Yes...he suggested this as its so peaceful and quiet and at the same time you get close to nature in this open terrace and also this atmosphere helps me to study and prepare well for my final exams.

WOW..So thoughtful of Jiju.. Muskan is so happy for both of them.....But Geet..one serious problem has arisen..

Geet looks at her questioningly

How will you manage with your studies when you both will be romancing throughout ? Aur issi Tarah Chartha raha na, tum zaroor exams main fail ho jaogi.. (And you will fail in your exams if it goes on like this)

Muskan teases Geet and naturally her cheeks gets heated up feeling embarrassed. She looks at Maan for a brief second and turns away. Hey Babaji..This Muskan doesn't think before talking! 😳 now Maan will get angry on both of us for sure!! Whereas Maan fully enjoys it when she has been teased this way let it be by her relatives, cousins or friends. But still when it comes to her studies, he cannot see her let down..and he speaks up


Geet and Muskan get into a silence mode.. while Maan continues his talks by folding his hands … She will excel in these exams..I assure you that!

He truely shares his determination in supporting her with every aspect of life.. For a second, Geet looks at him proudly..but then she understands the inside meaning of it as she is sure that they would never even face each other until the time she is in Farmhouse and naturally she will divert her full concentration on her studies and excel well. That’s what he seriously meant!

Muskan too feels overjoyed..Well, trust me Geet.. we all friends were so worried for you when we learnt about your sudden marriage and your Daadi’s death..All we wished is what happened is happened..Geet should lead a happy life with her life partner..and so glad to witness it today. Maan jiju really takes care of you so much and by all means.

And that’s it..Once again Maan feels low whenever someone praises him and his relationship with Geet... Whereas for Geet, she is no more surprised as he once again managed to make a good name for himself. She has gotten used to it by now. both happen to glance at each other for a while

Muskan notices them and clears her throat...And Jiju, I know you are man of few words… and this is the only issue that I feel bad for Geet..you see..Geet used to be sooo sooo chirpy and most talkative among we friends and see how her life has changed? She has become so reserved..

This is the most terrible change that he has found in her. He again recalls that day when he got to see her for the first time...Yes he was all lost in her chirpiness that day that added more glow to her beautiful face...and that playful smile that had adorned her lips was out of this world… and the best irony in this is, he is the one who snatched away all these and he is not able to understand how to give it back to her. Once again he feels at a lowest point about himself.

Geet happens to notice Maan...he seems to be furious about something.. Oh..maybe he is eagerly waiting for me to move out and we are still here chit chatting… It's so understandable that he must be irritated to the core. Anyways, we are supposed to leave as it's getting late.

G: Muskan...I think we must make a move… its getting late.

Maan seriously thinks...is she so desperate to move away from this place? Away from me?

Mus: Oh..I don't know how the time flies while talking to your hubby...feel like talking to jiju for some more time…

G: But Muski..

Mus: Arre Yaar, Itna bhi time nahi huva hain.. (Its not that late you see) you always get to spend quality time with him whereas I just have a few more minutes left...so, let me talk to him na? She winks and smiles cutely.. whereas Muskan’s words have churned Geet’s heart...She flutter her eyes to stop the tears that is forming..She wants to move from this place as soon as possible.

Mus: Maan Jiju, I know you will miss your wife… she pauts.. Sorry but I can't help it.. But don't worry, we all will take full and full care of her.

She turns to look at Geet...Now you are happy that I am done talking with your hubby? Challo.. lets make a move..

Geet: My airbag is almost ready...just wait for 2 mins...I will get it..

Geet rushes inside the bedroom to get her bag..while Muskan follows her...Have you packed all your stuff? Especially something special to wear for the Parties..and then the medicines?

Maan was again lost in his angel...whilst hearing her conversations with Muskan....How cute she looks packing each and every stuff whilst a tension in back of her mind for not missing out on anything...she is all set to leave him alone once again...He knows its just for 3 days...but still he could relate himself partially with that pain now..Then how she managed this one year? This is something he wants to know desperately...where as Geet couldn't help to steal some glances from him...her hazels clearly speaks she will miss him too but she is not able to open up and thanks to HIMSELF for keeping her in this shell.....may be she wanted to be with me while I was about to leave to London and may be wished to help me with my packing and also she would have expected at least my presence while she was packing her things while leaving from KM...and he never permitted her to be around him. Today he regrets having missed those golden moments... How she had borne it all alone? ..today he once again failed to understand her and help her when she is moving out...Glad that Muskan is with her for help.

Muskan notices their eye talks and now she feels she is in between the love birds not giving both required space....well Geet..I will take this carry bag down stairs...I know you would like to have some talks with Jiju.... Hmm Take your time...I will wait down stairs.

Muskan was about to leave and Geet grabbed her hand...and she was quite instinctive with what she was talking...We already spent enough TIME with each other....Geet stressed more on the word TIME whilst looking at Maan. It was again something straight from her heart.... whereas Muskan found it a bit strange and couldn't understand Geet atall.

Also, Geet knows that Muskan would expect Maan would come down till their car to bid them good bye….And she very well knows he wouldn't do anything like that… something she has learnt from her recent memories.. she recalls how she wanted to bid him goodbye on the day he was leaving to London and how she was treated by him when she was leaving from KM.. and she doesn't expect anything anymore...Afterall she is not PARI she is GEET. Ofcourse, all these would appear too odd for Muskan.. Hence she covers up maximum possible.

Woh, what I meant is, he has just woken up and he needs more time for himself during morning hours. Whereas we are in a hurry to leave...Geet now looks at Maan and talks to him...You get freshen up and have a great time. ...we will make a move. Please take care of yourself. She tells all this expressing her true concerns.

Maan clenches his fist… He finds her even more odd today he knows very well she is not speaking all this from her heart...but she is willing to do all this only for him... gone are those days when my angel would have found ways to get a glimpse of me...or to get somewhere close to me where she can get to see me from afar. Today, she is finding reasons to stay away from me? This is something against her mind and soul..that would only hurt her even more.

Geet too is lost looking at him...she is astonished with the changes that have happened in her life...how eager she would be to get one glimpse of him and see how she is behaving these days .she is leaving him alone. She has transformed completely...she is now finding reasons to stay away from him… And everything has got elevated with all what has happened yesterday night.. In a true sense..I have become YOU on the whole Maan...I am sure this would only benefit You! But what about ME? Oh yeah..I can't think about myself as I am not your PARI!

Tears welling in her eyes and she is holding on to it. She feels highly emotional at this point of time but she cannot express this to him.. How will she again stay away from him for 3 days? She will miss him but cant tell him this.. She managed to utter... BYE! softly..and moves from there without looking back and as quickly as possible dragging Muskan downstairs..

Muskan is definitely taken back by this sudden move as if Geet is rushing to catch a train that is about to be missed..Arre Arre Geet...Slowly yaar…Muskan shouts out to Maan on top of her voice... BYE JIJU!!!

Both happen to walk down the stairs..Muskan is astonished with Geet’s strange behavior...

Mus: Arre Geet...what’s wrong with you? should have spent at least 2 mins with your hubby.

G: I told you the reason na...He needs time for himself. Also, its getting late and I need to have my breakfast..

Mus: WHAT? You still didn't have your BF? and of course you wouldn't have had your morning medicines then?

Geet makes a puppy face..

Mus: Tu sach mein jhalli hain Geet! (You are really crazy Geet!)

G: Please don't get angry...my BF is already arranged in the kitchen..I will pack it up and have it on the way..

Mus: Dare you! You are having your BF here and morning medicines and then only we shall leave from here.

Muskan drags Geet to the kitchen..

G: Musky!

Mus: Nothing doing..finish with your BF.. rest all can wait.

Radha gets Geet the veg sandwiches, and juice..and then Muskan helps her in giving her medicines. Radha smiles at their friendship and is glad for Geet to have good friends.

Geet: HAPPY NOW? Come let's leave..

Geet tells this so easily but she couldn't help looking around to get one glimpse of Maan. especially the stairs to terrace and Maan’s room on the ground floor and then she gazes everywhere else desperately...You are crazy Geet.. when will you learn that certain things will never happen in your life..why would he come behind YOU? Who are you? You are not his PARI!!

Just before exiting the Farm Villa, Chutki runs to Geet and holds her hands.

Chutki: Di..where are you going?

Radha again shouts at her...What is this Chutki? Don't trouble Ma’m..Get inside our home. (servant quarter)

Chutki’s face became small and of course Geet didn’t like it.

Arre Radhaji..I told you na, don't shout at her. She is a kid and she is my new friend. Geet winks at Chutki..and Chutki smiles weakly. She kneels down to the level of Chutki..I have to go as I have some important work.....will be back after 3 days… hmm?

Chutki: Oh Ok...Please come back fast di..will be waiting for you.

Geet really started liking this little girl..she is so straight from heart.

Chutki: And Di...I want something...will you buy for me?

Radha again shouts at her...CHUTKI!!

Radhaji..please! Geet again feels low seeing Chuki’s head bent down..Now, Cheer up and Tell me what you want?

Chutki: Can you buy me some books? and some pencils and color pencils too.... I love reading, writing and coloring..Ma - baba not buying me.

Geet is really moved with this request. something she could relate herself with her childhood and studies...she glares at Radha before answering. Sure! I will get you HMM??

Chutki is all happy...Thank you di!

They all exit together..

The driver seemed to be away and Muskan got busy calling on the driver's mobile and finding his whereabouts.. It seems he will take just about 5 mins. Geet is dumbfounded with the scenery outside the farm villa. She just looks around and is lost in its beautiful surroundings… She never imagined that Khurana Farm could be this huge.. again she had a weird feeling...why do I feel I have come here before? How is it even possible? for a second she forgot all her sorrows and wanted to explore this place even more.. that’s when Chutki holds her hand and drags her… Didi… come here I will show you something and you will love it… Chutki drags her by holding her hand.. Radha shouts at her to STOP...Ma..Didi is my friend. I want to show her my favourite place here. Geet goes with chutki without questioning...

Chutki stops and at one point and shouts...DI...This is my favourite place… Geet simply froze ..She got to see all kinds of beautiful pigeons, doves and colorful species of parrots that were in huge cages.. YES...its the same place of that farm house which she and Ridzy visited accidentally.. and Geet was so excited with these birds here..she was looking all over this place to Its again a dream for sure!!

Chutki runs to her baba (Ramu) who was busy watering the garden area….Baba..see I got Di here to show her this place...

Ramu is worried for what Chutki did...and he apologises to Geet...Memsaab..sorry...please forgive her..she is a kid..

Geet doesn't answer him..she is all lost looking at this place now taking baby steps. She thinks Chutki has got her to a neighbor’s farm or so..and she asks something which Ramu and Chutki couldn't believe. Which place is this?

Ramu: Memsaab.. This is your own farmhouse…


Ramu: Haan memsab… its part of Khurana’s farm..and you are part of Khurana family too..hence it belongs to you too.

She couldn't believe it..she is back to the same farmhouse that she has been missing all these days..she is somehow refusing to accept it..

Ramu: NO..its not possible this is not that farm....I had seen a old man taking care of this place. you were not even there that time?

Now, Ramu is really smiling at her innocent blabbering but one thing further surprises him.... How does she know about that old man? Has she visited this place before? He doubts but being a servant he doesn't argue or questions her further but answers her calmly...Could be true....you might have seen my father...he is on a religious tour and will be back here in 10 days time.

She nods her head for a no..she remembers Daadi mentioning that This FH is in Maan’s name now..… NO!!! This cannot be the same farmhouse that I visited

She looks at everything around and it perfectly matches with all that she got to witness that day...and then her vision fell on the window which she had a glimpse of that day.. She again calls out for Ramu.... BHAIYA…

Ramu was overwhelmed when Geet called him Bhaiya..

Geet points out at that window...Yeh..kidki.. ? (This window?)..

Ramu: This is the window of Maan Saab’s room..

She stood startled..Her heart beats faster and faster .... She just is not able to get over the fact that she is back to her dream land but it belongs to none other than Maan. She is overwhelmed with joy for a second..Is this the reason I felt so attached to this place that day? When I was leaving from here, I felt as if I am leaving my heart behind...some strange feeling she was having since that day and this place would appear in her dreams every now and then even after she got married..she would feel weird with all this as she was damn sure she wouldn't visit that place again..today I got my answers...I was unaware that time that this farmhouse belongs to my future husband… suddenly the smile vanishes off her face thinking about the actual relationship that they share. BUT HE HATES ME!!

She realised what Maan would think about this whole episode of her previous visit to this place? His thinking would get into further advanced level. He would once again accuse her that she had planned well in advance to trap his family..and so on....There is no way he would take it positively. How would she make him understand that it was a mere coincidence? Once again she has to hide something so important..She crashes down on the garden bench nearby...I have no right to feel anything … I am not his PARI…

Muskan reaches there and finds Geet seated on a Garden bench...but she looks tired and lost. As if something was bothering her.. Arre Geet..what happened?

She cannot tell anyone what is troubling her actually...well nothing yaar..I felt little tired. That’s why I sat down She grabs the water bottle from Muskan’s hand and drinks in one go… I am fine now.

Radha also reaches there...Memsaab...what happened to you all of sudden? Wait..I will call saab (Maan)

NAHIN.. (NO)... Nothing to worry. Please don't bother him unnecessarily.

Even though Geet is denying, Muskan could sense that something is bothering Geet. Are you sure?

Geet sighs..YES...And Lets move from here...

Mus: Haan challo...the car is ready now.

Muskan holds Geet’s hand and both make a slow move towards the car...Geet looks around this place with teary eyes before taking her seat in the car.. Chutki, Radha and Ramu bid her bye and the car zoomed off.

MAAN’s POV from the time GEET exits her room...

Geet and Muskan were out of that room before even Maan could answer them...At least she bid him “Bye” and only he knew the depth of the pain in it..the pain of separation that she has been going thro all these days and yet again she will be staying away from him..She stopped him in a very diplomatic way from following her but he couldn't hold himself. He follows them by maintaining a safe distance. He stops half way through the stairs from where he could get a clear view of the kitchen. Geet was munching the veggie sandwich and gulped down a glass of juice. Muskan was helping Geet with her morning medicines.. He takes a sigh that she had a proper BF and had her medicines on time..He missed on this … Thanks God Muskan helped her with it.

And then when Geet was about to exit the farmvilla, She looked around restlessly for something or say trying to get a glimpse of someone..and he very well knew that she was looking for HIM… This is the first time he has got to witness her being so restless.. and maybe she would have got to feel it every moment during her stay in KM!! He sighs sadly. The desperation in her eyes speaks volumes of love that she still holds for him..he feels like rushing to her and taking her in his arms..but he cannot do it and this is the biggest punishment he has got for himself.

His thoughts got diverted to a little girl who runs to Geet and holds her hand. Geet too responds to her and talks to her sitting down to meet that girl’s height..Maan recalls this girl is daughter of the servant there.. and on the other day this little girl was feeling scared with his presence and now she seemed to have befriended Geet in such a short time. A smile touches his lips. She is so friendly by nature that everyone gets glued to her easily...even in KM, she maintained a good relationship with Daadi, Prem, Annie… and also with Shantima and Nakul..But he is the only odd one out as he choose to be like that...how unlucky he is to have not treasured this Gem that was always near him but still he choose his false ego over her.

After a moment, he found all of them exit the villa.. Maan moved to one of the windows near the hall but he couldn't get a clear view...he spotted the car but Geet and Muskan were nowhere to be seen..Where did they go? One after another, he opened all the windows in the hall but still couldn't get to see Geet anywhere… Finally, he entered his room and he neared the same window from where he got to see her for the very first time, almost a year ago. And he gets to see her again via the same window. He feels blessed to witness this day again in his life.....He just couldn't take his eyes away from his angel.. I bet she too feels a sense of attachment with this place. But she was all smiling and chirpy and full of life on that day, whereas today, she has taken her seat in the Garden Bench and she looks tired and worn out..she is surrounded by Muskan, those two servants and then that little girl. She takes a water bottle from Muskan and gulps it down in one go.. and then she gets up and walks slowly holding Muskan’s hand.....He is concerned for her if something is wrong with her health? What happened to her?

Maan rushes out to that spot and finds that their car is not there and Geet and Muskan are nowhere to be found. He could still hear the sound of that Car making its way out of this farmhouse. Guess they left! He sighs..something was wrong for sure. She seemed to be tired... she could have stayed back here for a few hours to take enough rest and then I would have dropped her early in the evening… Instead, she felt it's better to leave from here? He holds on to the branch of the tree. Even the simplest of the things seem to be complicated in their relationship...and the full credit goes to him and only him.. He hears Radha and Ramu’s talks..they seem to be in the backyard

Radha: What happened to Geet memsaab? Why she was looking worn out all of a sudden? Also her eyes were moist.

Ramu: Don't know the reasons exactly..She got lost in this place from the time Chutki dragged her here. She started asking kiddish questions...She was saying that there was an old man on that day..and so on..I made her understand that old man is my father..And then, some more weird questions followed...whose farm is this? Whose window is that? and I clearly told her that this farm belongs to her as she is part of Khuranas ..and that window is Maan Saab’s room...and that’s it. Initially she seemed to be happy to get these details and then all of a sudden her face became pale..she sat down on that bench all lost..She was going thro so many mix feelings. don't know what happened to her?

Radha: Oh! very strange!! Has she come here before or what?

Ramu: I doubt that. Shantima clearly told me that it's her first visit to this farm..

Radha: Its really strange. I don't know why but I feel she has come here before. But she fears to accept it.

Ramu: May be true as I could sense thro her activities.

Maan could understand now..Geet realized that she has been to this farm before.. He is glad to know that she too was attracted to this place just like he got attracted to her. But why is she not accepting it? What is bothering her? Why is she stopping herself to this extent? WHY?? How to make her understand that I am not the same Maan any more...I have changed..but I am unable to even tell her what has changed me. He awakes from his thoughts with what he hears further from the servants talks..

Radha: This girl is really so simple, innocent and a grown up kid. So sweet by nature. I was touched with the way she became friend with our Chutki.. and also she never speaks authoritatively to me. She treats me like any other human...she pauses and Today, I could feel why Shantima loves her so much..and she calls her “GEET Bitiya”. I really feel bad for her that she has got married into this family. She deserves a loving and caring husband and see...God got her married to Maan Saab and she is not even getting the respect of a wife. Also yesterday, I felt weird when she told me she wants to move to another room. But she is forced to do so. She loves her husband so much but she is forced to stay away from him. Feel really sorry for her.

Ramu: Arre Radha, I know what you feel but what can we do? Whatever said and done, they both are husband and wife and its their problem and they can only sort it out... We are just their servants here. We cannot express our emotions. he sighs...chalo lets get back to work and that’s what we are paid for.

Maan feels really ashamed about himself hearing the servant’s conversations and their interpretations about his relationship with Geet. Also another realization strikes him….The servants and other workers in the KM must be thinking in a similar line. Especially for Geet when she was living in a separate room and was deprived of even the basic rights that a wife should get. They might have either pitied her or looked down upon her or even made fun of her. How challenging would it have been for her to hold on to her self respect? His eyes gets teary again...Will his money, status, anger, ego help him to undo all what she has gone thro? Only thing he can do is not to further complicate things and take ample measures to sort out their tangled relationship one by one. But he is not able to decide HOW? Until and unless she opens up to him, he would never be able to make a start. He needs to know what is going on in her mind and she has to disclose this...He must get her to speak...BUT HOW?

Precap: Will she open up to him? Is he prepared to feel the outburst of the eruption that is buried deep within her?

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