"Tum Mujhe Yun bhula na paoge" NEW update part 6 , Nov 27 page 17

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hello maaneetians! 

I always wanted to write ff related to memory loss track and have finally come up with this...i really hope this will get your love...and encourage me to post part 2

Part 1...

She cupped her abdomen gingerly, leaning back on the bathroom wall. 

Breathing erratically with a thumping heart, she looked back at the strip again. Red. She closed her eyes. Seeping in the moment. The feel of nurturing a life within. Tears slipped from the corner of her closed eyelid. She is pregnant. Pregnant. 

Exhilaration poured in every fibre of her body. Beating within her, every cell.

 Suddenly the surrounding was joyous. The air which was still and stale began to share her joy. It giggled and Danced around her caressing her curls. Blowing gently.The atmosphere felt lighter infused with the petrichor. It might have started to pour. 

 “ Maan we are expecting... we are maan...you are going to be a father...my maan is going to be papa..papa" she reiterated.

She dashed out of the  bathroom hurriedly to proclaim this good news to the world. Outhouse. She realized, she was in the outhouse. She no  longer lived with her husband.

 Grief struck her. Maan, doesn't live with her.  Her husband does not remember her. To him she was a mere stranger, whom his compassionate and generous dadima  took pity on. Because her husband went away somewhere.... left her and she used her innocence oozing looks to trap dadi.

Ahh! This is what he had been thinking since he lost his memory when he found her living at Khurana mansion.

An accident which turned  her life upside down. The most treasured part of her life, that included their love, their marriage. Their happiness. Their sorrow. All had been obliterated. The husband she had been world to. The husband who chose her over his brother. The husband who Accepted her with someone else's child. The husband Who hated a mere sight of tears in her eyes, has forgotten her, his wife, his geet. He forgot the beautiful moment they shared. Their moments had been lost to him.

She sat on the bed dejected. Her vision blurred, she softly caressed the bed.

 This very bed, they first time slept on. Their fight for it. She  chuckled. Everywhere she looked around, it reminded her of their sweet moments. 

She still remembered the day vividly.  When maan, some months back had expressed his desire to gain  fatherhood. His soft  kisses on her abdomen, his eyes mirrored his wish. The dream they weaved to create a life together. His soft caresses and whispers while he made love to her. 

She sighed, caressing her stomach lovingly. "You are my Maan's part" Filled  with warmth again. A  new vigour. Come what may. They wished for it. Together. Their love has finally bloomed in her womb. The tiny life ensconced within her..His part. His child. 

She wiped her tears, determined.

Come what may, their baby will get love of both its parents.

To be continued........

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Posted: 2 years ago

Congratulations on your new SS

Intriguing Title 

Memory loss is a fascinating scope 

Posted: 2 years ago

Part 1 

Emotional and Awesome Start 

Geet and Maan married but now he has lost

his memory and Geet stays in the Outhouse

she has just found out the most joyous news 

that she is pregnant both she and Maan are too be parents

but the painful truth is Maan does not remember her

and he was told that Geet's husband is not with her

I do wonder what his reaction would be on finding out

that he is the father 

Geet wants to share the news with Maan yet at the same time

what will she tell him when he has forgotten his love 

looking forward to seeing what you have planned for Maaneet

Posted: 2 years ago


very emotional 

geet wants to share good news with maan but stop as maan dint remember her due to memory lose 

Posted: 2 years ago

Congrats on the SS!

Part 1

emotional update.... well written

feeling for Geet... 

she has just received such good news but alas cannot share it with Maan

hate that he lost his memory and does not remember his love....

Geet needs him now more than ever

but Maan assumes that Geet's hubby left her and she manipulated his dadi.

liked Geet's determination

update soon 

Posted: 2 years ago

Congratulations for the Story..Emotional update    .. Memory loss nice concept.... looking forward to see what you have planned .... Excited for further updates

Posted: 2 years ago

She is pregnant and Maan does not even remember her. But why does he think she manipulated dadi?

Posted: 2 years ago

Oh it made me so emotional. Eagerly looking forward to next

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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