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Bitter sweet 2: An acquired taste re-acquainted 

15 years on from where we left off the story continues. This short story is a peak into the  lives of some of the characters first explored in this piece a few years back now. The story got lots of love and I guess when I write something it’s rare that it leaves me, little bit like that some days ago when thinking about bitter sweet something came to mind. 

If you didn’t read the story from the beginning see the link below  although this can be read as a story on its own if you wish. 

Link to Bitter Sweet thread 1 and 2 


The Teaser: See below

Chapter 1: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/151695224

Chapter 2: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/151761183

Chapter 3: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/151908827

Chapter 4: https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/152055943

 Chapter 5 page 15

Chapter 6 page 17

Chapter 7 page 19

Chapter 8 Page 22

Chapter 9 Page 24

Character set: 

Aarav  Singh Raizada - 25 year old lives with his father, righteous, laid back yet determined all topped with a  sugar coated sensibility very much like his mother. 

Aditi Singh Raizada - 18 year old lives with her mother, gentle, articulate,  guarded but inspired by her father and rather like him some ways.

Arnav Singh Raizada - 50 year old father of two  husband & businessman.

With unmoved yet practised  characteristics over the years. Powerful arrogant, determined, sharp authoritarian over his business and family  life with what some would call a bitter trademark. 

Khushi Singh Raizada - 39 year old mother of two. Independent, proud yet family orientated, Khushi for many years has been  the balance of sweetness to her better half.

Aman & Riya Mathur - Loyalist friends of Khushi and Arnav Singh Raizada originating from Employee boss relationship between Aman and Arnav.

Sheetal Varma - Arnavs first wife and Aaravs biological mother. 



“Dad it’s mom she’s been admitted to hospital.” Says Aarav in a whisper  from beside his fathers chair in the boardroom, Arnavs eyes even today gather in worry at the thought of something happening to Khushi.

Both father and son seem to have the same urgent response and leave the meeting at once. 

“Sorry gentlemen my wife.. I mean there’s something urgent I need to attend to.”

That little trip up in words Aarav is pleased is cleared up. 

Once the Raizadas leave the shareholder gossip.

“I thought Mr Raizada was divorced”.

“Rumour has it he isn’t really” says another at which Amans eagle eyes pull a much needed look to keep the room in check. 


After a 1 hour and 30 min flight from Delhi to Mumbai Arnavs urgency is seen in his eyes but very little per nature comes to surface but can be felt by Aarav who is equally worried but optimistic. 

Whilst Arnav sees no reason to waste time on hospital formalities and is swift through corridors Aarav fulfils the required  paper at the desk. 


Arnav passes very clinical looking rooms and corridors until his eyes land on his daughter Aditi. Sitting alone in the hospital corridor Arnavs heart skins watching her weep on her own. 

“Pa” she says when she hears footsteps and sees it’s her father.

He sighed, for any father a daughters tears we’re the most painful thing. 

She ran into his arms and he wrapped her figure wihin them.

Kissing her hair to calm her, 

“I came hope and mom was unconscious   in the kitchen I think she fell from the step ladder” 

“Shush she’ll be alright, she’ll be alright” he whispers soothing her and looking over his side through the hospital room window at Khushi.


Authors note: can’t explain it but feels like a privilege and comfort to dip into these characters again! Hope this gets as much love as the original if not more. 
Please let former readers know of this ff if you’re still in touch.

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Is Khushi living separatley from Arnav

Posted: 5 months ago

Can't wait to read more than ❤❤❤

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by ranogill

Is Khushi living separatley from Arnav

Thank you for reading as always you have great attention to detail. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by mu12

Can't wait to read more than ❤❤❤

looking forward to writing for this at the same time going back to read old chapters is nostalgic 

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What happened between them that separated them? He still cares obviously.

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by coderlady

What happened between them that separated them? He still cares obviously.

All in the next chapter 😉

Posted: 5 months ago

Super excited about this sequel.  Loved the characters and how you shaped them up in Part 1.  Arnav's transformation was what attracted me most to this story.  Arnav paying heed to Sheetal's comments and introspecting his actions and deeds and changing for the better was the highlight for me. Khushi being the ever patient, understanding, strong wife was lovely to read. Her nudging Aarav towards Arnav to strengthen the father-son relationship was heartwarming.  The comparison of Arnav's character to coffee was so true.

Coming to the tiny teaser of what's coming - loved that Arnav is still the loving husband and Khushi is still his priority.  I am hoping that Arnav kept up his promise to Khushi of letting her spin off her own company and that's the ONLY reason of them staying in different locations and nothing else.

Will be waiting eagerly to read what you have planned in Chapter 1.

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