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Posted: 1 years ago

Welcome to the Archive Mansion of Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Forum.

All important thread related of the show will be posted here.

So refrain from spamming this thread.

Before you scroll down let me introduce the development team of this forum.

"Know You Development Team"

 Koeli (Koeli_Appy) and Manisha (braveheartdoc), we are your TO-GO person as far as YRHPK forum is concerned.


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Posted: 1 years ago

Shaheer Sheikh/Abeer AT

Shaheer Sheikh | Abir Rajvansh | AT:2 | Parwaaz hai kaam tera
Shaheer Sheikh AT 1 : The comeback of a superstar

Rhea Sharma/Misti AT

Rhea Sharma aka Mishti AT 1: Quintessential Queen (NOW OPEN)

Rhea-Shaheer/MishBir AT

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 68|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 67|Suno......Kuch Nahi!

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 66|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 65|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 64|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 63|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 62|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 61|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 60|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 59|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 57|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 56|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 55|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 54|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 53|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 52|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 51|"

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 50|Ghar jaisa pyaara|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 49|"Tum Mere Bhi Ho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 48|"Lahu Muh Lag Gaya"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 47|"Haath badha ke Indradhanush ko toda hai|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 46|"Haan Doodh ka Glass Lekar!"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 45|"Pyaar hai yah dhokla!"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 44|"Tum mil gayi aur kya chahiye"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 43|"Mhaari chori pagal che"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 42|"Tum Akele Nahi Ho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 41|"Woh Ziddh Karn Seekh Jayegi"|AT Closed

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 40|"Jab Hum Tanha Hote Hain"|AT Closed

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 39|"Main nahi reh sakti tumhare bina"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 38|"Mishti mera pyaar hai, I love her!"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 37|"Rakh bharosa pyaar par...NOTE on PG 58"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 36|"Aaj tum achchi lag rahi ho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 35|"Doctor, Doctor"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 34|"Jaise bhi ho...mere ho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 33|"Jo Dushman Jaan Seh Pyaara Hai"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 32|"Zindagi bhar ke liye toh haan kaha hai"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 31|"Main BF kisi aur ko bulati hoon"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 30|"Bhagodi Girlfriend..."|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 29|"Humari pehli official date"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 28|"hum woh pyaara sa ghar banaa lenge"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 27|"

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 26|"Ajeeb Rajvansh, I love you too"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 25|"I love you angry chorni"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 24|"Sab seh alag"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 23|"Phir seh kaho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 22|"Chehare par chehara rakhte hai"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 21|"

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 20|"Tum Theek Ho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 19|"

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 18|"Tum kaho, ya mein kehe doongaa"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 17|"Jaan lele par Ishq toh de"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 16 |"Main bolunga toh sari duniya sonegi"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 15 |"Lene tujhe oh gori aayenge tere sajna"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 14 |"Sambhalna mera kaam hain"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 13 |"Tum Aiber Rajvansh seh milne aayi thi"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 12 |"Tum sirf jodna jaanti ho"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 11 |"Tasveer mein kiska chehra hain"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 10 |"...shayad koi apne dil ki baat kahe."

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 9 |"Abir aur Mujhe koi alag nahi kar sakta"

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 8 |"Jab hum tum tanha hote hain..."

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 7 |"Main alag hoon? Poori duniya seh!!"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 6 |"Chalo Mishti warna uthana padega"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 5 |"Meri Painting Wali"

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 4 |"Abir Mujhe Pasand Karta Hain"|

Rhea-Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 3 |"Jhoothi, Kuch Toh Hua Hain"|

Rhea|Shaheer|MishBir|AT: 2 - Angry Chorni|Ajeeb Rajvansh

Misti-Abir/Shaheer-Rhea AT#1


#Ladaku Chokro- A KuKu (Ritvik and Kaveri) AT 1

#Friends to #Partners KuKu AT 2

#HummaHummaHumma|KuKu|KaVik AT 3

Le ke Jayegi jaan yeh Bekhudi...oops #Timeout|KuKu|KaVik|AT 4

Ritvik Arora AT

Ritvik Arora/Kunal Rajvansh AT#1

Abeer-Kunal Jodi AT

Abeer & Kunal AT #1 - BroMance Duo, Welcome All.

Vatsal Seth AT

Vatsal Sheth | Nishant M | AT 1| The Man on a Mission


Deepak Gheewala|Nanu| AT: 1 - MishBir's Biggest Shipper

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