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Past parts r so funny ,can't stop my lagh.granys talks ...can't believe she can talk so openly .in my entire life I can't recall any granny means mine and in my circle talk like this ...LOL
In present maan cheated this s a shock to me geets so vulnerable hope it's some other thing ...egerly waiting for nxt...
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Chapter 9 

"Why are you always here for?" Varun frowned seeing Geet curled up in his brother's arms as they watched tv.

"What's it to you?" Geet scowled. "This is anyway going to be my home when I marry Maan so, I'm going to spend as much time as I want. Suck it up".

"I'm marrying you?" Maan arched his brows.

"Obviously. Who else will marry you, loopy?"

"Right" Maan drawled. "There's pasta in the fridge, go and eat" he looked at his brother.

"Did you add lots of tomato?" Varun asked.


"With peas and potatoes?"

"Yes, go and eat" Maan rolled his eyes.

Varun nodded and left the living room, Geet looked at Maan.

"When he's 18, you're going to kick him out. I am not going to be making food for him" she stated.

"Baby, I'll be kicking you out before I even consider kicking my brother out" Maan informed sweetly.

"You're a bitch"

"Back at you, love" he laughed and squeezed her cheeks in, Geet scowled as he kissed her hard.

"Just you wait until I'm hard ass again. I'm going to beat your ass. Archy was right, I've gone soft since I let you f**k me" she grumbled.

"I promise to let you beat me up" Maan winked, he tickled her sides making her fall back laughing loudly. "

"I will beat your ass" she narrowed her eyes as he shifted and rested between her parted legs, Geet curled her legs around the small of his back and caressed his hair as he rested his head on her chest.


I stare blankly at the ring on my finger, my heart aching and my tears now no longer spilling down. I was still trying to grasp onto my new reality, Maan dropped a bomb shell and simply walked out.

I haven't heard from him since he'd walked out, that was a week ago.

"Just you wait until I get my hands on him" My grandmother paced the living room, I sigh heavily and lean my head against the cushion staring ahead blankly whilst my aunt and grandmother curse Maan so many different names under the sun.


"I cheated on you, Geet"


His words continue to ring in my ears repeatedly, my stomach sinks at the thought of another woman touching his body, loving him the way I only had a right to. I stand and hurry into the downstairs bathroom and dry heave, with nothing in my empty stomach I wasn't going to even be sick.

"Geet... are you okay?" Kavita aunty places her hand on my back holding my hair back, I cough and dry heave.

I gargle some water and spit it out, I push away her hand and slump onto the floor.

My heart breaking.

"He cheated on me" I look up slowly.

"Oh, baby girl..." Kavita aunty crouches and wraps me in her arms.

"He called his mother all the names in the f**king world and he goes and does the same to me" I cry out swiping at my wet cheeks. "I... I thought he f**king loved me" I sob against her chest as she rocks me back and forth.

"I'm sorry baby girl..." she whispers holding me tightly.




I gathered myself together and forced myself to go into work the next day, I worked my ass off for this job and I couldn't let my crumbling personal life get in the way.

"Dr Khurana, you're going to be with Dr Ryder in the paediatric department today" Dr Alexis Jones informed.

I nodded and joined Dr Ryder for my shift, the hours passed by with me focusing completely on the tasks I was assigned.


"You look like hell" Emma states as I enter the locker room.

"Thanks" I roll my eyes.

"Hey, we're going for some drinks. You want to come?" Grace calls out as she pulls off her hospital scrubs and slips into her t-shirt.

"Sure" I agree, I was going to refuse at first but then I didn't have anyone waiting for me at home.

"Don't you want to get home to your hot shot husband?" Kerry laughs.

"Not tonight" I answer and pull off my scrubs and change.

"Hey, you ready?" David pops his head into the locker room.

"Yeah, we're ready. I need to get drunk and forget doing a dozens rectal exams" Emma nods her head and we all start heading out.

"You got lucky with Dr Ryder getting paediatric" Kerry points out. "The children are so cute and adorable"

"And it's the hardest department" I answer, "They're all so small and they're going through stuff that a child shouldn't go through".

"You did have Kris though, he's so f**king hot" Grace reminds waving a hand in front of her face laughing as we enter the bar.

I chuckle and we move to the bar. I order a tequila shot and swing it back placing an order for another.

"Woah, slow down" David laughs.

"Not tonight" I wink and thank Jack as he places another shot in front of me.


"Aww God. My head's hurting" I groan, my brain feels like as if it had been stabbed a gazillion times.

"You think..." Emma slurs. "We should probably call it a night now. Jones is not going to be a happy bunny tomorrow when we turn up with a hangover"

"She needs the stiff rod pulling out from her ass, she's always moody" I giggle at the image of Dr Jones bent over whilst someone removes a rod from her ass.

"She's probably had a lot of rectal exams in her day" David injects. "That's why she's always so sour".

"Yep" I nod my head animatedly. "I'm v... very drunk" I throw my head back laughing. "I want to sleep now" I mumble dropping my head onto the bar.

"Wakey wakey, we gotta go" Emma grabs my arm. "Call your husband to pick you up".

"My what?"

"Hot shot" Emma giggles. "He's really handsome, I love his eyes".

"I like his eyes too" I smile recalling his eyes. Dark and intense whenever his eyes focuses on me. "His lips are awesome though..."

"Right, guys. I'm closing up soon so off you pop" Jack looks at us all.

"I don't want to go home" I shake my head. "I'm very drunk" I drop my head back on the bar.

"Let's go" David calls tugging me off the bar stool. Emma wraps her arm around mine as we walk out.

"I'm not going home" I tell them adamantly pulling my arm free. "I'm going back to work" I move to cross the road.

"We're going home" David holds me arm pulling me back from the road. "Taxi" he calls out waving his hand.

"I don't like him" I tell Emma.

"He's got a rod in his ass" she giggles.

"Do you want us to pull it out?" I tilt my head up asking him.

"No thanks" he shakes his head and we tumble into the taxi.


"You okay walking in?" Emma lifts her head from David's shoulder as the taxi stops outside my house.

"Yep" I nod laughing and climb out closing the door behind me. I kick off my shoes nearly tripping up and grab my shoes in arm cradling them as I climb the steps and look for my keys. "Where are you?" I mutter digging through my handbag. "There you are" I grin and put the key into the hole. But it's wrong.

I try the next one and giggle when the door opens.

"Yay" I whoop and stumble inside, I throw the shoes down closing the door behind me. I don't bother with switching the lights on and walk across the hallway and into the kitchen feeling thirsty.

I switch on the light and pour myself a glass of water, I drink some and head upstairs to our bedroom, nope my bedroom.

I squint looking around, I walk to our... no my bed and pull the blankets back and climb into bed.

I was about to lie down when I notice the closet door was open, I climb out and push it aside. My hazy brain focuses as I take in the empty space that used to have his clothes in. I blink and rummage through the shelf, drawers and hangers.

He's taken most of his clothes.

I fall onto my knees and scramble into the drawer for the t-shirt he left behind and hug it tightly. "Why... why would you do this?" I mumble. "You love me, right? Maan" I call out but I get no answer. I curl into a ball and hug his t-shirt. "Maan... please... please come back" I beg.

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Chapter 9


Maan is a wonderful brother! Varun is lucky to have him! Adored Maaneet moments! 


as expected Archana and Kavita are angry!! sad seeing Geet like that!! I know would never cheat on Geet as he hates his mom for doing just that! but Geet knows this so she shuld know her Maan would never cheat on her! 

glad that Geet went to work... she needs a distraction! 

hate seeing Geet get drunk!!

reality hits in!! what to know why Maan left! 

heart wrenching seeing Geet break down!  where is he now?

will she ever confront him?

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Did Maan really cheat on Geet???
Why and how??? He was sooo in love with her then why???
I still can't believe he did! Maybe he's lying and it's something else???
My heart breaks for Geet to see her so broken Cry
I hope we can have regular updates to know what exactly happened??? If Maan actually cheated then I won't be able to forgive him AngryEdited by anmirza - 2019-01-20T16:06:00Z
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Feel bad for Geet - not liking Maan right now  Big fan of all your stories - thanks for the update.
Posted: 2019-01-20T13:48:18Z
Oh the heartache is so real. Dont know how this story will unfold but the love was so there and seeing this at a stand still with questions of love and betrayal feel bad for both Maan and Geet.
Posted: 2019-01-21T01:04:38Z
Past s so full of fun and life.i love their banter .why maan cheated on geet ? Or there s another stry to this geets condition s heart renching.i still can't believe maan can do this
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sad update
geet's aunt n granny angry on maan as he cheat on geet 
but did maan really  cheat geet 
geet is distracting herself with work as missing maan very much 

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