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Definitely Maan is hiding something from Geet and so is trying to run away from her... I guess he is in some medical problem and do not want to be anywhere close to her as she is a doctor. She would immediately know what is going on with him... but for now it is too devastating to see her in this state of mind... she really feels she has lost him and is totally broken...feel sorry for her... although felt good to read their past as it makes it a little bit light ...
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They are some freaking awesome couple love them so much their conversation I mean even in their banter I could feel their love and how it's in present it's really heart wrenching he's not giving her even a proper reason or explanation he's just running away from her far from her reach what it is that he's keeping to himself it's really hard to believe he would cheat on her that feels the last thing to happen in their relationship he's hiding something but what????

please would like another update Embarrassed
Posted: 2019-01-22T10:59:09Z
Wish Geet could get some closure to this at least it will be less miserable it hurts to think about what she is enduring Cry
Posted: 2019-01-26T08:50:53Z
Oh so maan is avoding geet that he cheated her
I think maan os hinding something big fr geet n he lied to her bcz he already  hate his mom fr doing  that 
But wat it is he really broken geet heart geet is really broken
If maan nt saved her she will losss herself in this darkness  n can never be come out from tis darkness 
N his guilt will destroy everything Cry
Posted: 2019-01-26T12:35:32Z
Maan hiding something big from Geet
   she's can't handle his  betrayal 
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Chapter 10 

"How have you not heard from him?" I question Varun. "It's been 3 months" I remind as if he needed reminding.

"I don't know what you want to hear, but I've got someone looking for him" he answers sighing heavily. "I've called mum and dad, but they've said they haven't heard from him"

"Do you think Maan would go to your mother and your stepfather?" I snap and pause, "Actually the bas***d must've gone to get tips on how to disappear, your mother is an expert in that"

"Geet, don't" Varun scowls at me, his fists curled tightly by his sides.

"Her bloods clearly in him" I hiss out angrily.

"Geet" Ellie walks into the room shaking her head at me, I tear my eyes away from her and Varun sighing heavily. She hands Liliana to Varun and tells him to leave the room for a while to let me calm down.

"I don't need to calm down" I turn around facing her and him, "I want to find out where my f**king husband is" my voice is rising. "It's been 3 months, Ellie. 3 f**king months!" I repeat. "Not one word, or even a letter to explain his disappearance. How do I know nothing has happened to him?"

"Varun has hired someone to find him" Ellie tries to reassure me, but it doesn't help.

Maan was still my husband, he was still the man I loved immensely, I wanted to find him. Our life will no longer be the same, but that didn't matter right now. I just wanted to find him. I slump on their sofa cradling my head as I try to figure out inwardly where Maan would have escaped to.

"Babe..." Ellie places her hand on my shoulder squeezing reassuringly. "We'll find him" she mutters softly.

I lift my head and look at her, "Where did I go wrong? I... I... I tried my best, I tried to be a good wife, right? I mean... Could it be my job?" I ask.

"No, of course not" Ellie shakes her head. "You know how proud he was when you received your internship at Seattle, even though he hated that you were going to be gone. He told everyone with pride that his wife is a doctor"

"Then... what happened?" I burrow my face into my palms.

3 months, I still haven't been able to figure out as to why my husband disappeared.

I had thought he'd try to come and tell me everything, apologise and... I would have taken him back. I loved him that madly.


"We're married" Geet whispered snaking her arms around the nape of her husband's, Maan pulled her close pressing his forehead down to hers and smiled brightly.

"I love you" she mumbled cradling his cheek, Maan placed his finger under her chin tilting her head up and kissed her deeply.

Words that cannot be expressed were conveyed through his kiss, he curled his arms around her petite body bringing her closer and enveloped her in his embrace.

Geet slipped her fingers through his hair cupping his nape, she tiptoed and matched his passionate kiss.

Her heart pounded at the reality of their new life ahead of them, they were both married to one another.

Years of dating, pranking, teasing and loving one another led them to this moment now. Happily married.


"Geet?" Leon looks at me questioningly as I stop in his way as he left the court house.

"Have you heard about Maan?" I ask.

"Varun had called me, I did try calling but his phone is disconnected. I asked Yusuf to call as well" Leon informs, he glances at his wrist watch. "Geet, I've got a client to see in half an hour"

"Did he say anything to you whilst I was gone?" I question. "Anything at all?"

"I'm sorry Geet, he didn't" Leon shakes his head.

"Leon, you and Yusuf are his best friends. Surely, he could've said something. You're a lawyer dammit. Is there anything that you don't think was relevant, but it could point out to where he has gone?"

"I'm sorry, Geet" he looks apologetically. "I have to go, I'll call you if I think of anything" he walks past me hailing a taxi and is gone within seconds.

I pinch the bridge of my nose, I would have considered going to Yusuf if the bas***d hadn't been away holidaying with his wife. My blood boils in envy, 4 months ago that would have been me and Maan. We would have gone away for a weekend to make up for our lost time due to our work load, but now I don't even have him in my life.


"Hey, don't bother changing out of your clothes" Dr Kendrick enters the locker room looking around. "We've got a bus load of casualties coming in, two busses collided at the highway, one which rolled over. Everybody into the pit!" she yells out loudly.

We all scramble together, pulling on our white jackets and displaying our badges and run towards the pit. Already we can hear the loud commotion echoing through the double doors. Everyone disperses attending to different patients who require our attention. Hands busy in cleaning up wounds, suturing, others running with their patients towards an operating theatre.


"Get Dr Dawson for me" I call out assessing the MRI scans in front of me.

"What do you have for me, Dr Khurana?" he arrives a few minutes later scanning the images. "Tumour" he mumbles thoughtfully.

"That explains why his eyes went blank for a few seconds" I inform, adding "He's also the driver of the bus".

"Shit" he sighs. "Alright, run the tests. I'll go speak to the Chief and he'll inform he police who are waiting to interview the patients" he pats my shoulder and leaves me to continue my task of running further tests before prepping our patient for surgery.


Maan smiled feeling the softness of his wife's lips across his shoulders, he hummed lazily and turned onto his back, his eyes opening and her brightened cheery face was the first thing he'd seen. "Good morning" he murmured snaking his arms around her body and pulling her atop of him.

"Hi" she breathed out grinning widely.

"You're very happy" he twirled a curl around his finger drawing lazy circles on the small of her back with his other hand.

"I've got every reason to be, I'm married to you" she winked. "Also, we're on our honeymoon" she lowered her head pressing a kiss to his eyes. "Now, wake up"

"I'm exhausted, crazy" he yawned loudly swiftly twisting until he had her on her back and his body now nestled comfortably between her legs. He burrowed his face into the crook of her neck nuzzling her.

"We're on our honeymoon" she reminded as if he needed reminding.

"I know" Maan grinned cheekily, he pressed his arousal on her lower abdomen.

"You're insatiable" Geet giggled wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Says the woman who woke me up twice last night" he lifted his head peppering her faces with soft kisses.

"Which shows how very unsatisfied you left me" Geet winked.

"You're challenging me, my darling wife"

"Get working" she laughed smacking his ass, squealing when he burrowed his face into the hollow of her neck nuzzling her, his stubble tickling her. Moments later, he worked on satisfying his wife.


"Time of death, 17:09" Dr Dawson calls out as we fail to save the bus driver due to the heavy bleed in his brain that we were unable to stop.

I walk out pulling off my scrubs and wash my hands, I then walk out of the room heading to the waiting area to inform his wife who was waiting for some news.

My heart cracks as I update her, she slumps onto the chair gasping and breaks down, her shoulders shaking and her sobs echoing. I sit down besides her rubbing her shoulders, I fail to come up with words.

What do I say to someone who's just lost their husband?

Her loss reminds me of my own, I lost my husband. Only he isn't dead.


Once she's joined by family members, I leave her alone to gather herself together and return towards the pit knowing there were more patients to be cared for.

Dr Alexis approaches me quickly as I enter, "What are you doing here? I thought you're with Dr Dawson?"

"I was, but the patient died" I inform. "I've come to help out here, I just need to do something else"

"We're sorted here, why don't you see Dr Kendrick..."

I ignore her as my ears perk hearing a familiar voice echoing. A voice I have not heard for 3 months. I push past her and my eyes zero in on my husband on the other side. My feet start moving before I could stop myself.

"Maan" I frown as I take in his appearance, his eyes sunken, his lips chapped and dry. His skin pale.

He blinks at me frowning and presses a hand to his forehead.

"Maan, are you okay?"

A young woman rushes in moving to his other side, I watch silently as she curls her arm around his forearm and looks down worryingly.

He groans pulling his arm away from her, "I want to sleep" his voice slurred and almost incoherent.

"Who are you?" I question before I stop myself.

"I'm his girlfriend" she says. Her words dig into my already broken heart and I feel my heart crashing down.

Maan mumbles something incoherently this time which none of us could decipher, his eyes closing as he loses consciousness. I could feel the curious eyes of my friends and colleagues. I had lied to them for the past 3 months that everything is fine. I never once told them that Maan had walked away on me, on our marriage.

"Dr, what's wrong with him?" the young woman clicks her fingers in front of me.

I look at her then draw my gaze over my husband, he's my husband. For the last 3 months I look for him, and he happens to find himself in the hospital I work for with his new girlfriend.

"I'm asking you something" the young woman snaps. "Can I get another doctor please?"

"You could!" I answer narrowing my eyes. "But that doesn't mean I am leaving the side of my husband" I announce firmly.

She swallows, straightens holding her head high.

She knows that Maan is married yet she continued to f**k him.

"You're Geet?" she mutters and curls a hand around Maan's forearm. "We'll go to another hospital".

"You're not taking him anywhere" I reply sharply. "You may be his side piece but I'm still his legally married wife" I remind.

"Dr Khurana, why don't you..." Dr Alexis looks at me.

"I won't touch him" I inform her, "I know the rules, I'm not supposed to treat him. But I'm not leaving" I tell her in determination. I have looked for my husband for the last 3 months, I wasn't going to let him out of my sight.

"You're going to have to wait in the waiting area, Ms..." Dr Alexis informs the girlfriend.

"Sara D'Souza" she answers. "Please make him better" she ignores me pleading with Dr Alexis. "I'm pregnant" she presses a hand to her abdomen. "I don't want my child without a father".

Her words strike me.

My heart plummets down as I register the words.

She's pregnant... pregnant with my husband's baby.

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HOLY COW he disappears for 3 months and ends up in the hospital Geet is working with his "girlfriend" OMG I sort of dont believe this and Sara and PREGNANT! Geet might as well faint with all the exhaustion. 
Posted: 2019-02-01T20:16:53Z
Nice update..
Continue soon..

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