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Nice update 
It is easily seen geet is quite stressed out about maan and whereabouts that she  said some awful things about his mother, well not on her face but even thenLOL
Maan should had maintained some contact with his family looking at the way everyone is worried about him that varun even hired someone to look for him 
Even after whatever has happened, geet is ready to have him back in her life and this shows her immense love for her husband 
Why I am feeling like there is something fishy about sara like she is lying to everyone including maan about him being her child's father or even if it's true, maan hasn't done the act in his complete consciousness or something like that 
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Part 10
Ogod maan found after 3 months with sm one proclaiming her gf and above all pregnant that too in geets hospital in front of her colouges.i felt pity for geet .so egerto know how geet face this situation.this stry s becoming Mr interesting with each updtt.pls give nxt part soon.
FB I'd lilykiran
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Just caught up with this story. Gosh cannot imagine a cheating Maan...hope there's more to it than meets the eye. Maybe Maan slipped in a weak moment. Poor Geet, her life is in shambles. The suspense is killing. 
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So he cheated????
Why do I feel that there's more to it than what meets the eye??? I feel that Sara's lying. I feel that it's something to do with him being sick! But if he's the culprit then I'd hate him with a passion! How can he do this to Geet??? Even if he's lying he shouldn't be doing this to Geet! She deserves better!!! I am sure she can deal with the whole truth as opposed to whatever he's making her go through right now!
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Lovely update, at last geet found maan him in the same hospital she is working. I think that women is playing along for maan lies. As guessed I still think maan is not well that's why he left geet as she will be not be able bear if something happens to her mum. Waiting to know what's next
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It is shocking part.  Geet had been searching Maan since three months and finally he got him but with a girl who is claiming that she is pregnant with Maan's child. I don't know but I am finding something fishy here. Maan is not well and he was comfortable with that girl.  Geet is broken but I am sure she would find out the truth. Waiting for next 
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bolt from the blue...i really don't know what to make of this allof them ina  row...the relation that maan and geet could it coem to this!!! god geet is looking for some answers and so are the readers
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Chapter 11


"She's lying, right?" I ask softly. I had retreated into the on call room unable to keep myself together.

"She was involved in the accident, Liz done a scan. She's pregnant, just over 3 months along" Kiara informs me leaning against the wall watching me. I must be looking pathetic, curled up in the hardened mattress with my tears slipping down my temple. I was much stronger than this, but when it came to Maan...

I didn't know what to think, the man out there was my Maan.

"I've called Varun for you" Kiara states.

"Thanks" I mumble gratefully, I had forgotten to even let anyone know that Maan has appeared at the hospital I work at.

I sit up swiping my cheeks tilting my head up at Kiara, "How is he?"

"They're running some tests, he's pretty out of it. Dr Kendrick mentioned that he had consumed a lot of alcohol".

"Maan isn't a big drinker, he only drinks occasionally" I murmur more to myself as I process what she said.

"He was 4 times over the limit today" she adds.

I stand as my pager buzzes, I look down and leave the on call room followed behind by Kiara. I wanted to turn in the other direction and steal a glance of Maan but my pager buzzed again requiring my attention.


"What happened?" I run into the room.

"Don't know, he just started crashing" the nurse informs as she pulls the defibrillator over to where I stood.

"How long has he been down?" I ask the intern before me who continued to do compressions on my patient's chest.

"5 minutes, tops" he replies.

"Alright, clear" I yell grabbing the paddles after it's charged and the pads are stuck on his chest. I press down, my patient jerks but there's still not a pulse. I do the same for another two more times once they're charged, but it wasn't working.

"You're not dying on me tonight" I mumble fisting my hands and slamming it down on his chest. I didn't want another patient dying on me today. I turn and stare the screen, a beep appears and his heart has restarted itself. I sigh heavily and start on proceeding with running some scans and tests to see what had caused his heart to suddenly fail. I barely just finish up with my patient, when pager buzzes again requiring my attention...


Hours pass in a rush, I'm finally relieved when my pager isn't buzzed. I grab myself a coffee and head towards the nurse's station to grab my charts.

"I'm exhausted" Dave groans dropping his head on the counter.

"Off" Jackie flicked his head with her finger. "Straighten up boy".

He huffs then smiles grabbing my coffee, "Thanks".

"You're welcome, ass" I scowl.


I turn around and see Varun rushing towards me.

"Where is he?"

"Jackie, what room is Maan in?" I ask her.

"B Wing, room 302" she answers.

Varun nods thanking her and looks at me when I don't move. "Aren't you coming?"

"I'll be coming to see him once he's sober" I reply and note the confusion on his face. "He was involved in some accident or something, he was so drunk he was barely conscious. He also brought his pregnant mistress with him".

"W... what? Geet, it's Maan bhai. He doesn't have..."

"Don't even think of defending him or saying Maan isn't capable of it, because he clearly is. He said that to me and his mistress is here" I hiss angrily.

Varun seems confused, I could relate. I was at first. But Maan's words, his distance, avoiding touching me... it explained it all.

"Go see your brother, Varun" I wave off in the direction of the B Wing. He turns and leaves, I also note my colleagues staring at me hesitatingly and curiously.


"You okay?" Liz appears at the desk.

"Kiara told me, but I want to know from you" I tell her.

"She's 14 weeks along" Liz answers my question honestly. It fits the time line, it was around that time I was still away and he was on his business trip.

I wanted to request that she carry out amniocentesis but it was an invasive procedure which could lead to miscarrying, Liz isn't going to even consider doing the procedure. But I wanted to know for sure that baby she is carrying is Maan's. Could it be that she's lying and trying to trap Maan into paying child support? I wanted to believe everything else but Maan's response.

I didn't want to believe he cheated on me.


"You're going to make us late" Maan chuckled as his wife stepped up behind him, her arms curling around his middle and her lips on the nape of his neck.

"We should just give this a miss" Geet answered sliding her hand down and cupped her husband's arousal. Pleased to find him hard and ready, she moved around and stood in front of him.

"Geet, your grandmother is going to kick my ass for not taking you to visit her on her birthday" he held her hands as she attempted to unbuckle his belt.

"Well then you'd better be damn fast" she giggled pushing away the items on her dresser and sat down spreading her legs.

"f**k... you're not wearing anything underneath this" he touched her dress and slid his palms along her thighs.

"I wanted to be ready for you" she winked grabbing his shirt and pulling him down for a kiss, Maan groaned in pleasure deepening their kiss whilst his fingers worked on his wife.

"Now" Geet growled cutely hooking her legs around the back of his.

He laughed cradling her cheek and positioned himself, Geet threw her head back gripping the dresser edge as he brushed his erection between her legs.

"f**k..." Geet hissed, as always he filled her up. His hands curled around her hips, Maan drew back and thrust back inside his wife making her moan, the dresser shook and thumped against the wall with their passionate love making.


The thought that Maan had touched someone else as he'd touched me had my stomach churning, the fact that he impregnated another woman instead of me had my heart shattering. I pull myself together enough and find myself walking in the direction of Maan's room.

"Bhai, at least talk to me"

I could hear Varun plead, I move forward and appear in the doorway to see him all dressed and shoving his feet into his shoes.

"Where are you going?" I question and note his mistress stood at the end of the bed as if waiting for him.

"We're leaving" Sara replies instead of Maan.

"You stay out of it" I narrow my eyes, "I'm his wife. He answers to me when I ask him something" I turn to Maan. "Where do you think you're going, Maan?"

Maan ignores me grabbing his tattered jacket and slips into it, he grabs his wallet and moves to walk past me.

"Don't" I grip onto his forearm stopping him.

Maan pauses, he looks down at my hand and back up at me. His eyes meeting mine, I wanted to reach out, I want to pull him close and embrace him tightly. But those same eyes that were once filled with love, passion for me were now cold and distant.

He holds my hand and I feel a flicker of hope within me until he releases my grip and steps back. "Sara, come" he looks at her and turns to the door.

"You don't get to do this to me" I step in front blocking him. "3 months! I've looked for you for 3 months, and you turn up here with her" I shoot a look of disgust. "She's telling me she's pregnant with your baby..." my voice cracks.

"I said what I had to 3 months ago" he straightens and stares right at me.

"That's it? That's all you have to say?" I stare completely dumbfounded and shocked out of my core at his cold responses.

"You bas***d" I hiss swinging my palm across his cheek. "How could you do this to me?" I grip onto his shirt bunching the already tattered material in my fists. "How could you? How could you?"

"Get off him" Sara comes over and pushes me back.

I stumble back in surprise as I hadn't been expecting that, I look at Maan who doesn't flinch once. Varun comes to my side steadying me.

"Don't you f**king touch her" he snaps at Sara and turns to Maan. "What happened you, bhai? How could you just be so cold?"

Maan doesn't answer, he walks out of the room with Sara besides him.

"Stop him, please" I turn to Varun. "Varun, stop him. Please"

He simply envelopes me in his arms and holds me, I burrow my face into his chest and cry.




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