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Lost & Found


Hey guys! 

This was an SS I was posting but old thread was locked and pretty much inactive as it only had links of the blog chapters. 

Posting it here properly as with the others. 

Will try being regular with the updates...

Thank you. 



Chapters 1 - 7 Scroll down! 

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

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Chapter 2

"Goodbye Mrs Herold" I walked my client to the door seeing her out, she thanked me once again and left. I reached for my phone immediately having heard my phone vibrating in my pocket, I knew it must be my wife; we have not had a chance to speak since last night. Geet was on call last night and this morning, I had 3 appointments arranged by my manager.

I frown disappointed as I read the messages, none of them were from my wife instead two were from my boss informing me due to the heavy snow my afternoon appointments have cancelled and the others from my friend and brother.

I typed a text to my wife, if she couldn't text me then I certainly could.

Dear wife, I love you. I thought you should know that in case you've forgotten being over in Seattle. 

I smiled as it sent, and pocketed my phone settling into my chair and writing up my notes on the database.

My attention shifted to the frame I had on my desk, instantly I smiled recalling the day I had taken this photograph. Geet was sat on our breakfast bar grinning cheesily at me as she ate her breakfast, jam smeared on the corner of her lips, her tongue reaching out to lick it away and her eyes glistening with playfulness. My phone vibrated on my desk, I grabbed it noting my wife's name.

Dear husband, I assure you I have not forgotten. Following the text came a picture; I clenched my teeth my wife was lying on her bed with my shirt on.

Hot stuff, how can I forget you when I'm sleeping with you every night? 

I grinned, before I could respond to her message my office phone rang. I reluctantly reached over answering it, "JC Financial Services, Maan Khurana speaking how can I help?"

"Mr Khurana, it's Mr Kingston. I had seen you last week, I wanted to arrange another appointment please".

"Okay, Mr Kingston" I opened my online calendar checking my availability and booked him in, after I'd finished the call I glanced at my phone wondering if my wife had sent another text. She hadn't. I typed a response to her previous message.

I'm in the office, my pants are suddenly tight ;) 

I wait for a couple of minutes anticipating her reply, but it did not come. I assumed it was probably because she was in the shower getting ready for work or she's already on the road driving. I spent the next hour writing up my notes before my last client of the day arrived as the afternoon two clients had cancelled.


Maan sat crossing his arms in annoyance as he watched the girl in front inform everyone of her name and what she has achieved till date. He didn't think anybody cared but the girl continued to yap on with herself. 

Mr Marks then asked her to take a seat once he informed everyone be welcoming, she smiled noting him near the back and walked down. 

"You're not sitting here, bully" Maan placed his hand on the chair besides him. "Go sit with a girl". 

"You're so kind for saving me a seat" Geet answered loudly and sat down on his hand. 

Maan scowled, "Get off!" he hissed. 

Geet lifted her bum slightly, he didn't move his hand. 

"I said get off and sit somewhere else" he scowled. 

She rested her bum on the chair again and sat straight ignoring his glares as she focused on her professor. 

Maan yanked his hand from underneath muttering beneath his breath, and burrowed his face into his textbook. 

"You're still his favourite boy" she smirked, "I'm just going to push you off the top and be his best and favourite student" she teased. 

Maan rolled his eyes and pulled his notepad out as he wrote notes on what Mr Marks lectured on. 



"I cannot believe you're my interns" Dr Bailey glanced around at us all, she then looked at Dr Hunter, "They're really my interns?"

"Amanda, they're your interns. Teach them, I've got a surgery scheduled. Good luck" he wished her rather than us and walked off.

"Right, y'all are young and stupid until I say so. Your main aim is to please me, you may have the highest IQ or best test results I don't care. You're my puppies, what I say goes".

"I cannot believe she's our resident" Helen murmured softly.

"Hey you! I heard you, you're on rectal exams" Dr Bailey pointed, "You, you and you are in the trauma room and you" she perused me, "You come here to model?"

"No" I shook my head wondering what she exactly meant.

"Then why are you standing like a model? Straighten up girl!" she raised her voice. "Now, you're with me, we're going to check up on a handsy man"

"Meaning?" I followed as she walked ahead with a chart in her hands.

"Meaning, he grabs ass, he grabs anything he could see. I think he's just a dirty old pervert, but we're going to run some tests and a scan"...

"I'm knackered" Sam whined as she sat down on the bench in our locker room. "48hrs of this, I didn't know it was going to be this hard"

I smiled shrugging into my jacket and pulled out my phone, "Well better sleep, we're back in 14hrs doing a night shift so sleep as much as you" I told her and noticed Lexie sat on the bench with her eyes closed. "Lex, go home and sleep" I nudged.

"I'm on call" she answered, "Did you know whoever is the best and shows dedication is asked to scrub in with Dr Jacobs"

"Dr Jacobs? The Dr Jacobs?" Liam turns around surprised.

"Yep!" Lexie smiled nodding her head. "Therefore I offered to stay on call".

"I love doing this but I ain't going to suck ass to scrub in, I'm tired and going home" Sam shook her head and waved heading out the doors.

I pondered, "I'll stay with you" I told her, "Be right back" I excused myself heading outside and dialled Maan's number.

"It's been just over 27 hours since we last spoke" Maan informed before I could say hello.

"I know, sorry. I was just really busy, we're all stupid here according to the resident I've been assigned to" I huffed, pleasing Dr Bailey is almost an impossible task.

"So Mrs know it all is considered stupid?" Maan teased.

"Maan..." I stated his name firmly.

"Yes, darling" he chuckled. "Don't doubt yourself, you're nervous and you need to impress your boss" he responded gently.

"I didn't think it'd be this difficult" I admit. "Medical school was so much easier and I was well liked by everyone" I complain pouting my lips. "I offered to stay on for another shift with Lexie just so I can scrub in with the genius Dr Jacobs" I inform.

I frown hearing Maan chuckle.

"Great! Glad you're amused" I sigh, I straighten noting the ambulance sirens coming this way. "I've got to go, I'll call you later" I inform.

"Okay, I love you. Don't be nervous and never doubt yourself Doctor" he assures me with sweet words. I smile bidding bye and hurry towards the ambulance...

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Chapter 3

It isn't often I get surprises, I don't expect them and I'm sometimes not too keen on them.

Today, however I'm surprised and very happy.

"What are you doing here?" I drop my briefcase down and move forward catching my wife in my arms she hurries around the table and runs towards me.

"I missed you so much" she cradles my cheek kissing me fervently wrapping her legs around my hips as I lift her higher.

"Hi" I pull back breathing heavily and stare in disbelief. "You've still not answered my question" I remind.

"I've hit my 80hours this week, I've got the next two days off so I caught a flight, I have a full night and half a day tomorrow before I catch the evening flight to get back" she answers.

"You're not playing me are you? Because if you are, I'm killing you" I stare at her seriously.

"Hot stuff I'm not kidding" she unbuttons my shirt quickly, I laugh hurrying to our bedroom and throw her into our bed climbing in behind her.


"I've missed you" I whisper against her temple as we both lay satiated holding one another.

"I've missed you too" she presses a kiss to my chest, her fingers lazily drawing over my abdomen. She lifts her head staring at me, deep inside her hazel eyes it was filled with immense love that consumed me each time I looked inside them. I cradle my wife's cheek pressing a kiss to her forehead as I see my reflection in her eyes.

"It's been only one week, we've got another" Geet pauses glancing at watch, "11 weeks, 1 day and 14 hours" she informs grinning widely.

"I'm supposed to be the maths nerd here right?" I tease.

"You're still my geek" she grins widely climbing atop of me and smiled wickedly.

I place my hands on her hips as I lift my head just as she lowers her head and kisses me deeply.

"We better make use of our night" Geet murmurs softly, "I don't know when I'd be able to come down next" she adds.

"Don't worry Mrs Khurana, I may surprise you" I wink as I twist placing her on her back and thrust inside swiftly capturing her lips once again.


"So, what do you want to do today? You've got me for a few more hours only" Geet questions me as she walks out of our bedroom dressed in her dark jeans and hot pink tank top.

"How about we have breakfast together first?" I plate up the fried eggs and place them on the table. "Eat up, Varun is coming around to see you as well" I inform.

"I'm here".

We turn hearing my brother's overly cheerful voice. "Hey sexy" he walks over hugging Geet tightly, I scowl as he pinches my wife's perfectly shaped butt.

"Pervert" Geet laughed pushing him away.

"I know you've missed me more" Varun winks grabbing a toast from her plate and starts eating.

"Get your own breakfast, she's due to leave in a couple of hours" I shove him taking a seat beside my wife. "Where's Ellie?" I ask.

"The crazy bitch is doing my head in" Varun rolled his eyes.

"She's my best friend and your very pregnant wife - don't forget" Geet smacked his arm.

"I love the crazy bitch but damn she's a looney bin this morning. She made me buy her 3 different types of cookies. She wants specific ones" he huffs and looks at me with sadness, "Don't rush into having kids - pregnant wife is not something you want to experience" he informs me with a wide smile.

"I'm sure Ellie would love to hear that" Geet laughed, "You're just exaggerating, I've seen a lot of pregnant women and their husbands are so so excited and looking forward to the birth".

"They're more like begging for the crying sounds of their child than the sounds of their evil hormonal wife. I'm looking forward to getting the devils spawn out".

"Stop it" Geet laughed hysterically slapping Varun's arm, she turns to me "I hope you're not like this".

"For what?" I arch my brows.

"For when we decide to have our baby" Geet answers.

"When?" I question.

"When" she smiles at me, I reach for her kissing her lips.

"Don't make me puke in my mouth please, I'm going through withdrawal symptoms" Varun scrunched his nose.

"Whatever the hell for?" Geet questions curiously.

"Ellie and I haven't shared a bed for the last month because her stomach has grown to the size of a baby whale" Varun explains it so seriously that I couldn't help but laugh at his plight. Geet joined in taking her into his arms and mockingly soothed him as if he were a child who'd lost his lollipop.

Varun was called away by his beloved wife, after he had left Geet grabbed the plates and placed them inside the dishwasher.

Once we'd cleaned the kitchen together, we grabbed our coats and walked out the door hand in hand.


I grin as we take a walk around our homely town, Geet pauses by Gina's and takes some time admiring her new collection of the rare flowers she'd collected.

"How is your internship coming along?" I ask as we walked towards our local park using the quiet secluded pathway that was surrounded by lots of greenery. The sun peeked between the large trees, I spare a brief glance and stare mesmerised as my wife talked passionately about her internship programme, her brown eyes shone under the sun almost seemingly as if they were glittering.

"I'm really really hoping Bailey notices my efforts, and tells the attendings, I want to assist Dr Jacobs, he is one of the top doctors in Seattle right now" she explains, her voice filled with excitedly and passion. I look confused as she pauses and frowns at me.

"Are you heading a word of what I'm saying?" she stops in her tracks resting her hands on her hips.

"I am" I nod, "but it's getting difficult, hearing the passion in your voice Geet I'm so so happy for you. I want you to excel at your field" I tell her, she knows it already but I wanted her to hear it again from me.

"I know" she whispered tiptoeing and kisses me gently, "Thank you".





"So here we are again" I turn around facing my husband as I have now checked in and ready to head to Seattle.

"Here we are" my husband was going through different emotions at one time, he was happy for me and excited yet disappointed and sad about my leaving.

"Surprise me, hot stuff" I tell him, he nods at me closing his eyes. I tiptoe pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips, "Say bye to me, properly. I want a proper send off".

He cups my cheeks in his large palms lowering his head and kisses me firmly, he pulls me close entwining his arms around me and held me pressed to him.

"I'm going to miss you" he declares once more.

"Me too" I sigh caressing his cheek, "remember to surprise me, Mr. I want to see you soon" I tell him.

"I'll bring Varun and his crazy Ellie belly for you" he jokes.

"As long as your hot ass is there" I laugh, my smile fades as my flight information is updated and it shows boarding. I hug Maan once more stealing another kiss then make my way to the plane. I already felt my head almost missing a piece of myself, I sometimes hated this 3 month internship programme that I was having to attend before I can land the job at the local best hospital. Apparently, before I can join them I had to be trained at this hospital.


"Where have you been?" Sam questions as I finally arrive to the house we're all sharing for the next couple of months.

"You've been gone just over a day" Liam states.

"I'd gone to visit my husband, I'd done my 80 hours a week" I answer and head upstairs towards my bedroom. I open the door frowning as I see Lexie sleeping so comfortably in bed. I chuck my jacket, shoes off then climbed into bed. Automatically, she turns and spoons.

"I missed you" she mumbles.

"Of course you missed your favourite cuddle toy" I roll my eyes and pull away shifting over to my side more.

"How was your trip home?" Lexie shifts facing me.

"It was good" I smile snuggling into the blanket, "Missing my husband terribly, but this distance makes me appreciate and love him more. Also, not to forget our sex life is even more mind blowing".

"Hot damn" Lexie muttered, "I miss having a sex life. What if I have to pay for sex?"

"You won't pay for sex" I laugh, "Someone will be dumb enough to pick you up in a bar".

Lexie rolls her eyes and smiles, "I'm going to go to the bar after work tomorrow, I'm going to get drunk and find myself a f**k buddy" she tells me yawning and dozing off midway. "You wanna come?" she opens one eye.

"No thanks. I'm self servicing until my husband surprises me" I respond, she chuckles burrowing her face into the pillow.

"You should come" she mumbles.

"I'll come for a drink" I answer, she smiles nodding her head and dozes off.

I sigh turning onto my right side, my eyes draw to the picture frame I'd placed on the nightstand.

I sit up unable to sleep and grab the frame caressing my husband's face, he'd been just promoted and we'd gone out to dinner to celebrate. We'd invited Varun, Ellie, Maan's father - Rajat Khurana, and his mother Namya.

I ponder over the relationship that my mother in law shares with her husband, they were both divorced, there was a sort of love - hate relationship between them though they continued to remain civil enough around Maan and Varun despite knowing both boys know the shortcomings of their mother and father.

I don't think I would be able to remain civil if I had been in such a situation where my husband and I have separated.




"You're making me embarrassed to call you my friend" Yusuf shook his head, "We've come down to enjoy bowling".

"I know man, stop going on about how much you're missing your wife" Leon scowled, "I've come out to not talk about these women".

"I am missing her terribly" I murmur huffing, my mind was not interested in the game. I enjoyed spending our boys night where it was just us boys getting together, we usually either went to a games centre or spent time at bowling as Yusuf didn't drink, Leon being a lawyer had court in the mornings and me being a financial adviser - I had early morning appointments and would not be able to just stumble in hungover.

"Don't ever say that in front of my wife - she'd want me to feel an ounce of what you're feeling. I'm looking forward to her leaving to her mother's for the kids half term holidays m" Yusuf grinned widely.

"How she's still with you, I don't know" Leon laughed shaking his head.

"I love my wife a lot - but sometimes you just want a break" he answers.

"I don't" I cut.

"You're no longer a man" Leon jokes slapping my head playfully.

"Your wife has taken your manhood with her" Yusuf mocked.

I roll my eyes, I couldn't care less. If admitting I am missing my wife made me less of a man, I don't care. I pull out my phone and type a text.

You're probably sleeping but I just want to let you know that I love you and missing you already so much xxx 


I'm missing you too hot stuff! Xxx 

She responds within a minute.



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Chapter 4




"You... you just can't insert a chest tube" Sam stuttered looking at me nervous.

I glance at the patient, I ponder over my impulsive decision Do I wait and let him die also getting my ass fired or do I just insert it and get fired if I do it wrong?

"Can't wait" I shook my head calling the nurse for assistance looking at Sam, "It's going to be okay" I told her firmly, "I think" I murmur softly to myself and start the procedure on inserting the chest tube.

"Hey model, what the hell are you doing?" Dr Bailey arrived a minute later gloving up scowling at me.

"Sorry" I apologise and continue with the procedure. Dr Bailey watches me narrowing her beady eyes, I shrug finishing up and look at Dr Bailey.

"You shouldn't be doing a chest tube without a resident present" Dr Bailey stated, I frown wondering what she meant by that, did that mean I've done it wrong or...

"Good job, model. Scrub up and you can join me the in the OR" she told me and looked at the nurses telling them to move the patient to the available operating room.

"Oh, that's bad ass" Sam nudged me as Dr Bailey rushed off with the patient, I smiled tossing my gloves, I used the sanitiser gel and hurry in the same direction Dr Bailey had gone.




"Answer the phone, dammit" I curse into voicemail and cut the call.

Geet's grandmother, Archana paced the living room slowly eyeing the photographs Geet had hung up on our walls.

"Is she not answering?" Archana turned to me pointing her walking stick.

"No, she's most probably doing a shift" I answer shaking my head.

"That girl..." Archana shakes her head walking over to our dining room table pulling out a chair and sits down. "So, Maan how are your parents?" she looks at me keenly.

"They're both fine" I smile walking around and switch on the kettle.

"How is your Varun?"

"He's doing well, he's busy with Ellie right now".

"Ah, yes is he looking forward to fatherhood?" Archana nods giving a small smile.

"He is"

"When are you and Geet going to give me grandchildren?" Archana suddenly says, I tense and stare surprised. "You look like you're a deer caught your ears are pointing up so much".

I clear my throat, "You know that Geet and I aren't ready for kids, she's just started her internship".

"Why aren't you ready?" she questions arching her brows.

I turn away focusing on making tea for her giving myself some time to think, why isn't my wife here when I need her to shut her grandmother up.

I loved Archana a lot, but sometimes she just needs to mind her own business.

"Has the cat gotten your tongue or are you feeling ashamed that there's something wrong with your junk?" Archana called out.

I inhaled sharply cooling myself down reminding myself, I can't throw this kettle across and give the woman 3rd degree burns. I'd not only be charged for attempted murder and murdered but Geet would end up in jail for killing me.

"Here's your tea" I approach the dining room table placing the tea down.

"Thanks" Archana smiled in the way that makes me want to run away. "So, you've not answered my question, why aren't you ready?"

"Well... I..." I stuttered over my words trying to come up with an answer.

"You can just tell me that your junk isn't working" she stated sipping her tea.

"I wouldn't be screwing Geet like a rabbit if it wasn't working" I blurted.

Archana arched her brows, a cunning smile on her lips.

Just then, my phone rang.

I grabbed it quickly and answered it, "Geet" I huffed.

"Is that the frustration huff from unable to have sex with me or your frustration huff because your boss is being annoying?" that was my wife's first words and it was just my luck that the phone was on damn loud speaker.

Archana snorted from behind me.

"Your grandmother is here" I tell her grinning widely, Archana could see through my faade, she knew I was crapping my pants with her in the house.

"f**k sakes, what's the crazy bat doing at our house? If she's asking for more grandchildren, tell her that your dick doesn't work"

"You're also on loudspeaker" I inform my wife as she finished.

There was a long pause.

"Hey grandma!" Geet's perky happy voice came through. "Maan told me to kinda say that last time"

"Geet" I hissed and looked at Archana, "she's lying".

Archana smirked, "I'm sure she is son, give me the phone".

"Don't" Geet calls out sternly.

"She wants to speak to you about grandbabies" I tell her sweetly.

"I'm cutting the call, bye!"

I frown as she really did cut the call just as I was about to pass it to Archana.

I glance at Archana who smirked then started laughing, I shook my head and pocket my phone, "We're not giving you grandbabies, yet" I inform.

"Mmhmm" she nodded sarcastically and sipped her tea.




I smile inwardly as I cut the call, pocketing my phone I head back inside.

"Dr Model, you got something to share?" Dr Bailey looked up from the charts arching her brows.

"Uh... I don't think I understand" I look at her in confusion.

"Why are you walking in grinning like a fool? Can you see the people around you, do they look happy to you?"

"No, Dr Bailey" I shake my head.

"Good, you've got 13 enemas to do" she handed me the charts.


"You don't have a choice model" she ignored me and looked at Lexie. "You got beady eyes" she scrunched her eyes, "They're annoying".

"Can I scrub in with Dr Spence?"

"Why? You think you did something good?" Dr Bailey grabs another chart examining it.

"I assisted Dr Alexis on..."

"Delivering a baby? You assisted in delivering a baby?" Dr Bailey looked at her in surprise.

"Yes" Lexie nodded eagerly.

"Girl, the mother does the work. you only wrap a blanket around a tiny human" Dr Bailey answered stoically, "You're on rectal for trying to be a goody two shoes sucker".

I snort and hurry away when I see Dr Bailey eyeing me.

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Chapter 5


"Do you think she'll go out with me, if I ask?" Varun questioned as he walked out of the school gates alongside his brother.

"If you want to send her jail, then yes go ahead" Maan answered.

"Why would she go to jail?"

"She's going to be a paedophile, you're under 16 and she's turned 18 which makes her an adult" he replied.

"Who's an adult?" Geet barged in between the brothers walking alongside them.

"Why the f**k do you always come between us?" Maan scowled.

"Because I can, piss ant" Geet shot back and looked at Varun smiling sweetly, "Hey cutie" she pinched his cheek.

"Geet" Varun's cheeks reddened shyly as he grinned sheepishly.

"Varun, stop blushing like a girl and walk faster. The bitch is here today for dinner".

"I'm going to tell dad over you! Stop calling mum a bitch" Varun scowled.

"Sorry, forgot to add that she's a wh**e as well" he murmured.

"Stop it" Varun punched Maan's arm.

Maan only rolled his eyes, Varun scrunched his nose and ran home rubbing his eyes due to the tears stinging.

"You're such a mean f**ker" Geet smacked his arm.

"You're another bitch as well" Maan picked up his pace walking faster.

Geet ran forward and leapt on his back clinging onto him.

"Oww, get off me" Maan tried to shake her off.

"You going to apologise?" Geet stated sternly.

"You're not my f**king dad! So f**k off!" Maan yelled back.

"Don't make me butthead your stomach and make you throw up" Geet warned.

Maan growled. "Fine, bitch!"

Geet jumped down smiling and nudged him, "That's a good doggy"


Maan and Geet stopped on their street and noticed Rajat stood on the lawn with Varun.

"Get inside, change and come down to help me make dinner" Rajat stated firmly.

Maan nodded and headed inside.

"Hey Rajat!" Geet grinned waving at him. "Something smells nice".

"I've got lamb chops on, you want to join?" Rajat answered.

"I would but my crazy grandma would spank my ass for not eating with her tonight. Kavita aunty has gone out on a date so crazy archy is cooking today" she replied.

"Alright darling, how about I send you both leftovers for later?" Rajat asked.

"Sure! That sounds good" Geet cheerfully responded and waved leaving them be.

Rajat returned inside with Varun and looked up at his older son who'd now changed into his jeans and shirt.

"How many times do I have to tell you about the way you speak about your mother?" Rajat scowled crossing his arms in front of him. "I taught you to respect your elders!".

"How do you expect me to respect the woman who f**ked another man whilst married to you then left us and you for him?"

"That's enough" Rajat sternly cut his son off. "I am not going to stand here and listen to you going on with yourself. Stop whining and trying to act tough. I get that you hate your mother right now but that doesn't mean you disrespect her. She is still your mother, she hasn't left you. She comes and sees you, you stay over on weekends, she still loves you both".

"I'm not going over anymore on the weekends" Maan informed.

"That isn't your choice to make" Rajat replied.

"I turned 18, I'm not going to see her" Maan defied.

"You're still a kid and you're still mine, as long as you're under my roof - my word is the law! Get into the kitchen now and make that salad" he pointed sharply then looked at Varun, "Get changed and set the dining table".

Varun nodded hurrying up the stairs, whilst he was gone Rajat walked into the kitchen checking on his lamb chops then glanced over at his son. Maan chopped the ingredients for the salad fast, his mind however was occupied with cursing his mother.

"She's a good mother, you should know that better than Varun" Rajat started the conversation gently.

"She walked out on us, she chose her boyfriend over us" Maan paused and looked at his dad.

"She chose him over me, never over you both. Namya loves you both so much, Maan. Never doubt that ever" Rajat replied.

Maan didn't speak, instead he focused on making the rest of the salad.





I sigh staring at my phone, I'd returned home from work and had been waiting for my wife to call. I knew that there may be a day or two that passes that she may not be able to call however I hadn't expected to feel so disappointed.

This distance of ours was testing me on so many levels, I let out another heavy sigh from staring at the phone. I figure that she wouldn't be calling anytime soon, so I head upstairs to our bedroom to change out of my clothes.

I slip into my tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt, grabbing my headphones and phone I head outside turning up the volume and go running out for a late night run.




"Dr Khurana" Dr Bailey looked at me expectantly.

"Abigail Jenson, aged 23. Arrived last night after becoming unconscious, testing revealed a tumour in the..." I rattled off what I memorised from the charts.

"Treatment?" she looked questioningly at Sam.

Sam read out the memorised treatment, just as she rattled off her memorised procedure Dr Jared Marks walks in looking impressed.

I shoot off a quick prayer inwardly hoping he chooses me to scrub in, however he continues to look at Sam.

"Well done Dr Callum, how would you like to scrub in?" he asked smiling at her.

Sam grins nodding her head, Dr Bailey seems to notice my disappointment and smirks.

"Abigail, Dr Callum will keep an eye on you until your surgery. If you need anything, don't hesitate to let her know" Dr Bailey presses a gentle hand on her shoulder then looks at the rest of us.

"C'mon" she gestures walking out the room.

"Didn't she say she wouldn't be an ass sucker?" Lexie whispered.

"I know, she was being all high and mighty oh I won't suck ass to get procedures blah blah" I agree mocking Sam using her voice.

"Dr Model and Dr Annoying" Dr Bailey turns around resting her hands on her hips, "Dr Marks wouldn't have ever chosen you to be in his surgery. He likes perky voices and Dr Callum has a perky voice, you two are annoying croaky crack voices" she informs.

I roll my eyes, Dr Bailey shakes her head at us.

"You in the pit" she points to Lexie then turns to me, "You're with me".

Lexie groans scrunching her nose, "Can I come with you instead?"

"Move your ass to the pit" Dr Bailey cut her off.

Lexie sighed and turns heading towards the pit.

"Model, follow me" she tells me and walks off.

I follow behind, "what are we doing?"

"You're going to help me with a liver transplant" she informs.

"Sweet!" I whisper shout excitedly, Dr Bailey glances over her shoulder and smiles faintly.

I grin and pick up my pace following her.




"What are you doing here?" I frown seeing Ellie and Varun standing on the steps of our house.

"We've brought dinner" Ellie points to the dish Varun is holding.

"I see" I nod pulling my key out and unlocking the front door letting them inside. "How's my nephew doing?" I ask Ellie.

"I feel it's a girl" Ellie responds, "and she's doing awesome".

"But mother and daughter are driving me nuts though" Varun cut in.

"Don't make me hit you" Ellie warns then looks at me, "I hear my bitch was in town".

"She was" I nod and place a hand on her abdomen, "Hey sweetie, it's your uncle" I coo.

I grin widely, "Your baby loves me more Varun, she just kicked me again".

"Why the f**k does she always kick whenever you speak" Varun scowls pushing me aside and presses his palm and ear to Ellie's stomach. "Baby its daddy".

He waits.

I chuckle when he stands scowling, "I told you, this is the devil's spawn" he huffs.

"Varun" Ellie smacks his arm.

"Dinner is going to get cold" I remind them, "How about we sit and eat?"



"How is school?" Namya asked Varun brushing her fingers through his hair as he ate.

"Its good" Varun smiles and rattles on stories about what happened at his school. Maan clenches his jaw throughout dinner and only answers with yes and no. Rajat had shot off his glares but Maan couldn't continue to pretend he was okay with his mother.

"Can I leave, dad?" Maan asks having finished most of his dinner.

"Won't you have some pecan pie? Its your favourite" Namya asked.

"Not anymore" Maan stood and walked off ignoring Rajat calling him.


Maan walked for a while before returning, he didn't go inside instead he settled on the steps in the backyard.

He frowned when he felt a shadow and looked up, "What the f**k are you doing here?"

"I was just people watching and saw you sat here" Geet stated and sat down without another word. "Dinner went well, huh?"

"Geet, I don't need a bitch like you ruining my mood even more".

"You enjoy me annoying you" Geet nudged, Maan rolled his eyes and glanced over his shoulder at his house. He wondered if his mother was inside or had she called her boyfriend to pick her up.

"You should remember that if this is hard on you, imagine what's going on with your dad" Geet spoke softly. Maan frowned for a moment and thought over her words.

Geet realised Maan stared at her thoughtfully, "She's at least coming to see you, and you've got both parents. Count yourself lucky, rather than acting out on how unlucky you are with your cheating mother" she told him.

"Where are your parents? I've only seen Kavita and Archana" Maan asked.

"Aren't you nosy?" she arches her brows standing up. "Stop sitting there like a depressed crying baby! Go inside" she told him and turned heading back to her house next door.

"Hey Geet" Maan stood calling out to her.

"What is it cry baby?"


Geet smiled and headed inside closing the door.




I pull out my phone settling comfortably in the car whilst Lexie drives us to the house, I notice the missed calls and texts I've received from Maan. It's been nearly 38hours since I'd spoken to my husband last, I had worked two whole straight shifts with only 20 minutes sleep in the 'on call' rooms every 12 hours.

I quickly dial his number, it rings then goes to voicemail. I check the time and realise it's almost 2am and Maan is probably is asleep now.

Lexie parks up, I climb out unlocking the front door heading inside.


I drop my keys tensing in shock as my husband, Ellie and Varun screams together.

"f**k sakes! You scared me" I scowl at them then turn my head to Maan, I swallow thickly and take quick steps towards him. It's been nearly a month since I'd visited him.

We've both been caught up in our work, Maan did make the effort of calling and texting more and I'd called and sent texts every few hours but recently I've been given more responsibility and due to the holiday season coming up there have been more traumas in the hospital.

One month had passed, I only had another two months to go before I could be home with my husband in our house.

Maan grabs me pulling me into his arms and kisses me tightly.

"I guess I'm sleeping on the sofa" Lexie moans from behind.

I chuckle pulling back and glance over my shoulder, "Yep!" I laugh stepping away and hurry to Ellie. "What on earth are you doing flying?" I hiss.

"It's only an hour's flight babe" Ellie chuckles.

"Doesn't matter, you're nearly 9 months" I remind crouching down and place my ear on her abdomen. "Hey honey, you awake?"

"She's sleeping"

"She's sleeping, I think" Ellie answers, "by the way your husband seems a little impatient".

I glance over and laugh seeing Maan gesturing to me, I shake my head and look at Varun who grins widely as I approach him.

"Hey sexy!" Varun decides to tease my husband and pinches my ass.

"Hands off my wife's ass" Maan pulls me out of his arms and pushes his brother.  

"Calm down caveman" I laugh nudging him, "I love you, nerdy" I press a kiss to his cheek. "How long are you going to be here for?" I question.

"Only a day, I just managed to push a couple of appointments and this was like impulsive decision to come over" Maan replies.

"We were having dinner and talking about you, and suddenly Ellie decided she craves you" Varun continues. "And I don't like seeing the green hormonal crazy monster" he adds.

"Asshole" Ellie punches his arm and shoves him aside. "Baby craved you" she tells me.

"I missed you both" I tell her hugging her once again.

"I missed you more" Maan grates scowling at me.

I look at Varun and Ellie who wave me off, Lexie promises to show them to the spare bedroom and with that Maan lifts me up and whisks me away from the living room and upstairs within a few seconds.


"You're crazily impatient, Mr Khurana" I laugh as Maan locks the door and tugs my top off.

"For you, only for you" he crouches down pressing butterfly kisses along my abdomen. His hands push off my jeans along with knickers, he stands lifting me up, my legs close instinctively around his waist. Maan cradles my cheek lowering his head and kisses me deeply, his hands work on my bra strap. I clutch onto my husband as he swiftly thrusts into me, my nails crawl down his smooth back and stop at his ass.

"I love you" he whispers over and over in my ear, I inhale sharply as he powers into me hard.

"I... love you" I groan cupping his cheek and kiss him hard. "I love you" I nip his bottom lip, Maan turns swiftly and strides to the bed placing me down and thrusting into me even harder...


"I think they heard us" I chuckle resting my head on my husband's chest.

"What makes you say that?" he laughs alongside me, Maan twirls a lock of my hair around his finger and looks at me thoughtfully. "How is it going?"

"It's going well" I answer, "I'm doing better and Dr Bailey is strict but she is just prepping us for the real world".

"I can't wait for the two months to pass quickly, I miss you so f**king much" he whispers.

"I do too" I agree, "I've got an agreement with Manhattan's SJ Memorial, as soon as I finish these 3 months I could continue my internship with them and it'd be 5 years contract with them, as long as I pass my medical board exams".

"Damn, can't wait for that to happen. I just want you back home" he tells me.

"I want to be home too" I murmur tightening my arms around him. 

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Chapter 6


Maan stared blankly, his eyes focused on the coffin. He could hear his brother wailing, he couldn't bring himself to turn and comfort his brother as he felt his heart breaking every single moment as he stood here. He wanted to crouch down and pull open the coffin, he wanted to shake his dad awake but he knew... he knew his dad had left them. His father had broken the one promise he'd promised to keep.

He blinked when he felt a small hand slip into his and squeeze, he turned and looked down at Geet who'd stared ahead sadly.

He exhaled the breath he was holding and closed his eyes allowing his tear to fall down.


Two months passes by in a blur, the buzzing sounds of chaos always coming in through the double doors, our names being yelled by residents, our pagers ringing every few minutes.

It was going to continue, however this time I'd have my husband to go home to, even if it just meant going to sleep.

I glance at my watch as I settle in the plane, a few hours then I'd be back in Manhattan, I'd be back home in my husband's arms.

My heartrate increases as the plane starts and we're moving across the runway, I exhale as I already imagine how my husband is going to greet me.

The last two weeks, we'd barely been able to keep in touch due to my schedule. I had not been able to respond to the first couple of messages and I hadn't heard from Maan for over a week now myself.

As the seatbelt signs go off, I unbuckle my belt setting back comfortably and pull out my phone, I open my photos and smile scrolling through the images.


"Truth or dare?" Sarah arches her brows at Maan.

Maan looks down at the bottle pointing to him and glances over at Geet who stares in amusement.

"Truth" Maan answers, he knew Sarah Jenkins very well. If he were to choose dare, she'd probably dare him to either strip naked or make out with herself.

"Scared to choose dare?" Geet challenged.

Maan scowled at her, she only smirked taking a swig of her bottle of beer.

"Dare" he changed his answer and looked at Sarah.

"You're going to make out with the person the bottle falls on" Sarah stated placing her hand on the bottle.

Geet smiled, "That's too easy" she cut in grabbing the bottle, "You're going to go skinny dipping in the neighbours pool" she pointed.

Maan frowned, the neighbours yard was hers and Archana was certainly going to kill her.

"Agree with that" Jacqueline raised her bottle smiling wickedly.

"Fine" he stood leaving his bottle and walked across the yard, he jumped over the small fence and approached the pool. He glanced over his shoulder, Geet, the girls, his brother, his friends stood by the fence snickering.

He cursed unbuttoning his shirt and started undoing the buttons of his jeans when the security lights came on. The others ducked when they heard Archana and Kavita swinging open the door yelling, Maan turned to run when he tripped and fell onto the grass.

"Maan" Archana gasped seeing him just in his jeans lying half naked.

"What the hell are you doing here, boy?" Kavita poked his shoulder with her heels.

"It was Geet" Maan huffed sitting up and looked over, all his friends disappeared.

"I think he's hallucinating" Archana noted.

"I'm not" Maan stood grabbing his shirt and slipped into it.

"You hit yourself pretty hard, your junk okay?" Kavita asked poking him.

"f**k sakes" Maan jumped back and noticed his girlfriend walking out and laughing.

"His junks still working" Kavita informed Geet.

"You're all crazy" Maan turned to leave.

"Hey, cry baby!" Geet called out.


"Do I need to spell it out for you?" Geet scowled when he looked over.

"I'll pick you up at 8" Maan smirked making Geet smile sheepishly.

"Yay! Loopy has finally asked her to the dance" Archana clapped whilst Kavita gave Geet a high five.


I walk through the terminal glancing around for a glimpse of Maan, I feel a tinge of disappointment when he isn't here. Maan would have known that I was coming home, he would've known and he would've been here to pick me up so why wasn't he here?

I pull out my phone to see if there were any messages from him but there wasn't anything.

I ponder for a moment whether I should call him, but what if he'd genuinely forgotten and I'd ruin this if I were to tell him I was here. I could always surprise him.

I grab my suitcase and hail a taxi outside giving the driver my address, I lean back settling for the 40 minute drive back home, my eyes drawn to our photos once again.


"I... I had fun" Maan murmured as he stopped outside of Geet's house. "Since... my dad... I didn't think I'd have fun or be smiling. I smiled and had a lot of fun" he expressed.

"He would have wanted you to have fun, not mourn for him everyday" Geet responded.

"I know" Maan nodded.

"You did one good thing, this year" Geet stated.

"And, what is that?"

"You finally asked me out" she grinned.

"I asked you to the dance, I didn't ask you out" Maan responded stepping back.

"You asked me out, mister" Geet grabbed a hold of his shirt pulling him close. "You and me are now going out. Understood?"

Maan chuckled, "Understood" he nodded.

Geet released his shirt smiling, Maan turned to leave.

Geet pulled out her keys from her purse and looked up, Maan stopped and looked over.

"You haven't said bye to me" she told him.

Maan contemplated over her words, then walked towards her closing the distance between them. He stood and stared at her, his eyes taking in her beauty.

"Good night" he murmured.

"Good night" she whispered softly in response, he swallowed thickly as they stared at one another, Geet stepped forward as he lifted his hand and placed his palm on her cheek.

He lowered his head as she tiptoed, their lips touched a second later, their hands found themselves around one another as they shared their first kiss.


"We're here" the driver calls out to me, I smile taking in our house and hand the driver cash climbing out the taxi with my suitcase. My heart races as I dig out my keys as I climb the steps and unlock the door.

I drop the suitcase closing the door behind me and walk around our house, it had been quite a long time since I'd been home to surprise Maan. I had only managed to surprise him twice more since the first time. My heart races jumping excitedly, butterflies skittering in my abdomen as I walk around, my eyes draw to our pictures hung on the wall.

It feels as if I had been gone years instead of months, I check the kitchen and dining room then head upstairs to our bedroom.

I frown glancing at the clock noting that Maan wasn't home, it was nearing 9pm and he was usually home by 5pm.

I pull open my phone and call him, I wasn't going to tell him I had returned home, I already started imagining his response, him telling me he's on his way home. I'd quickly shower, change into his favourite lace cami and wait for him on our bed.

The phone continues to ring, and then goes straight to voicemail.

I cut the call and try once more, and once again it rings then goes to voicemail.

Before I could make another attempt at calling Maan, my phone rings and I note that it was Varun. I don't get a word in when Varun calls out urgently, "Meet me at the hospital quickly!".

The butterflies that were skittering in excitement fell down in one swoop and my heart lurched up to my throat almost stopping my breaths.


Maan headed home with a big smile on his face, he had kissed the girl next door. It was still a little unbelievable that he had kissed Geet, he had never expected to kiss Geet ever in his life time considering their introduction to one another was filled with hatred and annoyance.

He shoved his hands in his pocket as he walked towards his house, he paused when he noticed his mother and Varun stood there.

"What are you doing here?" Maan asked glowering at Namya.

"I asked her to come here" Varun intervened stepping in front of his mother protectively.

"Varun! What are you doing?"

"Stop it" Varun scowled, "She's upset, can't you see that?" he pointed.

"And why is Namya madam upset?" Maan crossed his arms.

"Arhaan left her" Varun answered.

Maan stared at Namya for a moment then chuckled, Namya looked up horrified and her cheeks reddened.

"Varun, get inside" Maan told his brother then looked at Namya, "You can leave".

"She doesn't have anywhere to go" Varun argued.

"Choose now Varun, you either choose Namya or me. Remember she left dad for Arhaan" Maan stated firmly. "She's going to find someone else who's young blooded and leave you for him if you choose her".

Varun frowned and looked at Namya.

"I... I still loved you both, I love you both" Namya looked between both her sons.

"You chose Arhaan" Maan reminded, he still remembered his father had given her an ultimatum. It was her children or Arhaan and she had chosen Arhaan.

Rajat loving his children too much couldn't deny her rights of wanting to see them and keeping a bond between them.

Varun cried as Maan held onto his hand and led him inside their house closing the door behind them.

Maan held onto his brother's shoulder and pulled him for a hug, "Dad's gone, she walked out on us but I am here. I'm always going to be here for you, Varun".

Varun cried softly and hugged his brother back tightly.

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