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Hi this is a fanfiction i wrote i write super dark characters so LOL uv been warned this is what i was a bit busy with

I hope you like it 

I dont really have a name for it...I just took my two favorite shows and mixed itLOL 

So basically i don't have much of a summary its just a dark version of kaira

Chapter One

Who would have thought 24 hours after leaving my inheritance and so-called family behind, I would meet you?

That Thursday morning would have been uneventful if You had not decided to gain my attention. Demand it there in broad daylight at 10: 12 am in front of 20 odd people. Ask my lady and thou shalt receive.

You had watched me fall into the lake trying to save my idiotic friend who nearly drowned with a life jacket on, yes even I wonder about my friends as well, honestly how hard was it to stay inside a raft. But as usually my mistakes were taken as attempts of heroism it was not something I was unused to.  I was that perfectly sweet guy next door, who everybody talked about fondly when they remembered him, and I knew exactly how to deal with that level of hero worship, to be honest there was nobody that I knew that did not hero worship me on some level until you showed up.

I guess like all great love stories it starts like this, where initially the couple hate each other and slowly fall in love, after hurdles upon hurdles. I never even was interested in going through the motions of having a girlfriend, I always found the hero worship woman bestowed upon me, one dimensional it was more because of who my father was and how fat my wallet was. But here you were a head shorter than me, with clothes that seemed to have been washed so many times the colour had been faded out. You have long waist length curly hair that frames your tiny oval face, and a waist probably as big as my palm.

For having dressed in such seemingly cheap clothes and jewellery that locals wore here in Rishikesh, you sure thought You were a princess. And I could not exactly blame you for thinking you were one either.

You had watched me you admitted proudly, and declared my friends mistake of seeing me as hero. You laughed with a hand over your pink mouth and your eyes seemed to sparkle a little more than usual, at my predicament of what would be deemed a social embarrassment. You are far to confident for being so small and it worries me of course what if you had insulted some other asshole, with a bad temper and he decided to hurt you. Do you not care for your safety?

My idiotic friends began to ask me questions interrupting my thought process, and that's when I noticed you were leaving.  With another girl, who seemed to be friend. You walked slowly, almost as if waiting for me to stop you. I oblige, stopping you in your tracks, you glare at me.

"Who are you? I asked her, "What is your problem and was saying all of that necessary? Well to be honest I just wanted your name; the other two questions were just to ensure that the first question did not seem a bit odd.

"I can say whatever I want You said pointing at yourself, "You are really lucky, that life guard showed up, or tomorrow we all would have been sitting in your funeral you said, you mask your care with anger. You are an angel.

You called me a name and insulted me again. But rather than angering me, I smile. Family revenge plan takes a backseat as you become my soul focus.

It takes almost 6 hours of pretending to not be well for me to ask enough locals as possible about you. You don't use social media. But you gave me a little bread crumb by telling me your friends name. And since everyone here seems to know everyone by the afternoon I know your name.


No surname.

You are an orphan just like me can we get anymore perfect for each other? You are a tour guide, I don't want to hire you and judging from what people say about you, and how you reacted when we met you would not really be hired by me. You love the other children in the orphanage, I know this as I watch you from the shadows, anyone could watch you like I do. The orphanage is not safe, the windows have no curtains, probably because the owner Mr Negi couldn't afford it. For the first time in my life I partially regretted, having given up the family money. One word to my grandmother, and I could have gotten you locks, and an alarm system to keep the sicko's out. You need protecting, you have no idea how fragile life is. You need me.

You buy milk for the kids at the orphanage every morning and walk several miles waking up at the crack of dawn, to ensure that it gets delivered to the kids on time, I follow you to ensure you are safe, you really seem to think that you are strong as you say you are. You have no common sense when it comes to your safety. I was right you are an angel bestowing kind deeds among the others, but you are a girl, and generally girls enjoy it when you are mean to them. Its some sort of twisted psychology, well I have been doing research. I look into my phone, adjusting my hair, for the 10th time, you should have been here already, I smile as I watch you come into the frame. You are yawning, barely able to keep your eyes open, this is always the case, you are worked to the bone. When we marry, I will ensure that I take you far away from that dingey orphanage, you deserve better. I will give you a better life.

My plan was to scare you, I did you dropped your milk. I left before you could really give a response. Stage one was demand your attention like you did mine. An eye for an eye was something I believed in.

You muttered about how you would teach me a lesson. That is good, it worked this means we would meet again. I follow you, the more I follow you throughout your days where you work nonstop, and spend my nights watching you mother the children at the orphanage. I want to you more and more, and spacing our social interactions becomes harder and harder to me. If you see me too much you will grow suspicious if you see me too less, I risk being forgotten. I employ one of your friends as my guide. His obnoxious and a liar, mostly because I want to know more about you. I demand to know about more about. I want to know more than what I see I want to get inside your head. I want to know what makes you tick.

"She showed up here, all of a sudden, 7 years ago, wearing expensive clothing... Chandu said, Chandu was not a good friend, to you Tina, he sold you out for an extra hundred rupees, This is why you need me, my sweet trusting angel I wouldn't allow people like this around you. I would filter out your friends so that only people who valued you genuinely would be allowed near you.

And nothing less. But his information got me thinking, expensive clothes? You wore a solid gold lock hart as well, those were not items that belonged to a poor person. And you always carried yourself out as a princess. The only conclusion I could draw was I needed to get into the orphanage. I needed to find out more about all of this. It was easy, apparently your uncle Negi had not paid rent for the past three months. I made a few calls and soon the kids were wailing outside, about being locked out and as I was alone inside. The bed you shared with your friend, smelled nothing like you, nor were the items near your bed anything of value. I picked up your green handled hair brush, which I had seen you brush your hair many times with from the window. And paused as I noticed your lock hart. Was it possible to be jealous of piece of jewellery that adorned your neck almost all the time. Yes, it was, I opened it slowly. Inside lay a picture of a man. Who I assume is your father, by his age. Recognition hits me, as its familiar face that often is in the business news Naitik Singhania. My angry angel Tina is Naitik Singhania's daughter.  Every revelation just makes me believe how much more perfect we are for each other. I leave after putting back your two most personal items back.

After basking in this news, I did some digging you were a runaway. Accused of murder, you would never hurt a soul. How can anyone think such a thing is beyond me? The case was closed, yet you never went home. Why? Why live in poverty?

4 hours later, stalking you is becoming a full-time job, Naira. Naira Singhania, are you not full of surprises, every turn something new happens. Your mother is coming here, soon your family wants to take you back home, and coincidently your father is looking for interns. Now it is beneath me to apply for a job as a worker under a 6-month contract but here I am sending my newly made CV for you. My friend have begun to wonder what I am really doing on this so called vacation so I spend some time with them to cover up my intense stalking. Their conversations bore me, and I spend most of time on my phone trying to extract every detail I can find about you on the internet. Finally, the stuff that matters sticks out, your mother arrived today. She will be easy I can tell, from what I read about her, she likes polite individuals, who are respectful. That role would be easy to play with my face. I asked someone to grab her purse at the train station I would play night in shinning armour and save the day earning my future mothers-in-law undying appreciation. While at the same time ensuring my future father-in-law hires me straight away. I watch you walking towards me, I am waiting for you to notice me but you don't and my phone falls straight into the water rather than you seeing your father who was video calling me. You always do the unexpected. Here I was trying to reunite you with your father and you drop my phone in the water. I see the police and ask you to get my phone out of the water or else, and it triggers you. Your beautiful brave warrior princess expression falls and you become a scared leaf. I don't like you scared. I prefer it when you are angry and your eyes spit fire. But then again you look so beautiful vulnerable as well I cannot really not like you in any mood. I want you. I need you. And I shall have you.

You leave.

I later save your mother. She loves me. She is like all other women in this world. Easy to impress, unlike you. Chandu gets more and more on my nerves, how dare he call you a thief. It is only fitting he be chased by the police for the very same. I spend my spare time, ensuring Chandu keeps far away from you, and ensure he will get trapped for being a thief to teach him a lesson. Phungi loves you, and again I am jealous of something close to you as I watch you sleeping on your bed, I see Phungi looking at you sleeping so closely.

You are restless over the next few days. The more I try to insert myself in your life the more you run away. Maybe its your subconscious trying to keep you away from me. I try being foolish to gain your attention, you try to get me kicked out of my rental. Thankfully your mother liked me enough to have my place given back to me.

And the time after that I follow you walking out at night and you just randomly start beating goons on the road. I save you, because I would rather die then see you hurt. I hurt them all for even thinking of hurting you and rather than thanking me like a normal person you run away.

You do the opposite of everything I think you will. I need to know more about you. The more I know the easier this will become for this to become easier you need to meet your mother.

Your mother gives me a dozen or so ladu's for a prayer shes doing for you this morning. I ensure your Negi uncle, is taking all of the kids. Luckily god is on my side and its hot, the kids don't want to walk, and I offer you a lift. I banter with you. You sit with your arms folded the mightiest princess in the world.

I give you the ladu, and recognition hits you. I planned it all today you would meet your mother. Properly not like last time, when you ran away.

I love you but you really need to stop running away from things that are good for you. 


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Wow, what an interesting piece
I like how its really different
You have connected all the instances of KaiRa's Rishikesh days and given them a new shape
Kartik's character is dark.. he wants Naira and is intrigued by how different she is.. so all of the incidents that actually led them to be together were actually a part of a carefully plotted plan 
And i like how you've written it 
Its completely in his POV and its so honest, that you can completely see Kartik for he is 
He's not exactly a knight in shining armour 
Its such a unique take.. and its really interesting 
Keep writing, please, i'd love to read more stuff 
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Originally posted by .Meitantei.

Wow, what an interesting piece
I like how its really different
You have connected all the instances of KaiRa's Rishikesh days and given them a new shape
Kartik's character is dark.. he wants Naira and is intrigued by how different she is.. so all of the incidents that actually led them to be together were actually a part of a carefully plotted plan 
And i like how you've written it 
Its completely in his POV and its so honest, that you can completely see Kartik for he is 
He's not exactly a knight in shining armour 
Its such a unique take.. and its really interesting 
Keep writing, please, i'd love to read more stuff 

Thank you for reading it lolLOL i love the idea of it being all a devious plot 
I will write another chapter when i have more time...

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Originally posted by AnyaRSingh

Thank you for reading it lol LOL i love the idea of it being all a devious plot 
I will write another chapter when i have more time...

Dont thank me lol 
I like it when we see a desperation in Kartik.. or when he is vocal about how he wants Naira in his life 
Do please write more, i'd love to read
Posted: 2018-10-26T16:04:54Z

Chapter 2

Your mother issues are worse than I thought.

You will do anything to evade her, it becomes obvious to me after another two attempts bring me no results. It worries, you so much that you become unaware of everything around you. I hate watching you like this. I feel helpless, almost as much as I did when my father married his secretary. I was a child then, I could do nothing.

I grow bolder following you, today you are hiding outside the house your mother resided in, you care about her despite whatever it is that is keeping you from openly meeting her. You don't even seem to find it weird that I am here. I want to assure you that I will care for your mother like my own, but I need to draw back. I hint at the fact you are her relative waiting for you to respond but your brows furrow and you walk away. And get into jeep, after promptly chasing the person in it. The medicines I brought to impress your mother slip from my fingers. My heart tells me to follow you and I do.

And thank god I did. I panic initially seeing you standing on the ledge of a cliff. Anger burns in my veins pure undiluted anger. I approach you silently as you pick your small jean cladded foot up. How dare you try to leave me. I grab your elbow so hard that your entire body hits mine. Usually this kind of thing would make me happy. But I cannot control the anger in my eyes. Your life is mine, I will never let you go. Dare you try.

Are you insane?' I ask you, What where you trying to do? Do you want to die?' I ask you and that lost look I had seen in your eyes vanishes. Anger replaces it and you push my hands away.

I don't know about dying but I do know that I will kill you if you ever follow me like this again!' You turn back towards the ledge, but I pull you back towards me. Your words ring in my ears if only you knew how much I followed you.

Do you know anything besides killing and dying?' I ask you, your eyes are glisten and I look away. I hold your upper arms, you are slightly shaking. I half want to ask you who hurt you, so that I can make them pay.

I let you go, but not before I rip your flimsy silver hand chain off your hand. Your eyes are on the ground and you do not even notice me tuck it into my watch. Because I don't want you to think I am trying to touch you without your permission. I hide my anger and try to lighten your mood. I apologize for shouting at you.

I tell you I am leaving because I know your family will take you home soon as well and for the first time in the whole conversation your chin lifts at the news. I smile inwardly and make a joke. But you don't smile. I offer to take you back into the city where you will be safe. And you walk back to the jeep with your head down and sit inside. You trust me, and I bask in the knowledge of this.

I cannot hold back the smile from my face as I drive you back. Finally, I feel like things will get easier. I give you some bull shit advice about listening to others and giving them a chance. Not that I myself believe it I react first and think later. But I want to instil these things in you in the long run. As I know it will make you easier to handle. You smile a tiny smile at me as I wave goodbye to you. The first smile, I had ever seen you direct towards me. Even though your eyes remain glassy and you have not spoken a word since I brought you back into the city. One day every smile you have will depend on whether I am with you or not. I turn back around and see you running away, I sigh. Our date ends with your running off to either the orphaned children or your mother and I comfort myself with the fact a piece of you is in my hand in the form of your bracelet.

These crutches I rely on to obtain you are time consuming. Especially stalking, it is becoming like exercise, there has to be an easier way to do this. Once we are married I could install a tracking app on your phone. Then I don't have to do all of this!

Over the next following days, you do exactly as I expect you too. And so does your mother, she follows the plan I gave her, well she just doesn't know it. Your mother thinks I am some kind human angel, who was sent to help her. How idealistic and trusting. Your father is the same. He believes I am as decent as I look. This is what bored me. People liking me so easily. This is why you interested me. 

Being away from you is so hard. Finally, you are home. But the happiness I expected to see in you is vacant. I need more information. I watch you from outside your house, and one night after the guard your father hired to watch your house and keep you safe fell asleep. I climb up ladder against the wall that led up to your bedroom window, you left your window open. You lay asleep in your bed. You clutch a teddy bear rabbit to your chest. Your long hair strewn all over your pillow. This is dangerous you could wake up at any second and find me there watching you, but I stand there watching you. You look beautiful, I want to run my finger across your cheek. Slip under the covers and lay my head against your hair covered pillow and bask in the scent of your long hair. But it all could wake you, and that was a risk I was not willing to take. I try and remember why I came here, ahh yes information. I needed to know more about you. Your phone lay on your dresser and I stare at it. For a second before picking it up, your wall paper is your father and brother and you. Your mother is cut out of the picture. You have no common sense you have no locks on your phone nor your window. I use my phone to gain access into your eye cloud. You are an open book, you have a folder on your phone called passwords. Once I gain access I don't need that tracker app after all. I have everything. Your every message, your every phone call, every image, everything. Is mine. The power is heady, I am about to leave but I notice a peculiarity on the walls of your room. You have a picture with every family member besides your mother. Why?

I spend numerous hours combing threw your messages, you spoke to no guys. I guess that was plus for me, so I was the only one. And would be your only one! Other than that other things I find other than adorable pictures of you when you were younger. You hated your mother you blamed her for everything. Ahh now it all makes sense. We are alike once again I hated someone who pretended to be my mother and you hated your real mother. I run my fingers over your bracelet. Trying to find any mention of me. Nothing. Well one day I would be all you talked about to everyone who would listen.

It has been two weeks, since you last saw me but just yesterday since I had watched you sleep. I watch you drink lemonade across the road from me. I am unable to stop myself from walking towards you. Our first meet in Udaipur.

I hear how you help the guy selling the lemonade. You are a living breathing angel! I cannot settle with a simple bantering session I want to touch you. So I bump into you. You spill your entire drink on me. But rather than fawn over me, you become angry. What half startles me is the sweet soft tone you use on the lemonade seller and hard tone you use with me. You claim you are busy, but I know you are not. You are not at home because you are avoiding your mother for a bit. Well that's what you messaged Phungi.

My uncle phones me a few times, he heard about my job approval and probably thinks I am crazy. Well I am about one person You Naira. I will do anything to be with you. Even work in a low paying job. Staying as a tenant to some people who were mooching of your grandparents. I will make your entire family fall in love with me. My kindness will know no bounds. I will make you fall in love with me and that sweet voice you use with others will be directed towards me.

I planned two meetings today for us one outside and one inside. Inside your house that is. Your mother unlike my fake one doesn't have a mean bone in her body you are wrong about her. I think if I make you see this, I will have more appeal to you. You have to learn value your relationships before you get into one with me. I don't want you running out on me on soon as the current got rough. I want you never be able to leave me. Unless I ask you to. And even then I want you to think twice. 

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This is so great! 
I like the different shade of Kartik we're getting to see her
He's deep; everything that has happened is very well constructed and well thought out 
You can see him feel possessive and his need for her is so overpowering that he crosses all kinds of limits to make sure that she is a part of his life 
Its dark and so different from what the show is.. i am intrigued by it 
And you've written it so well! 
Great work, Anya 
Please update soon
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Originally posted by .Meitantei.

This is so great! 
I like the different shade of Kartik we're getting to see her
He's deep; everything that has happened is very well constructed and well thought out 
You can see him feel possessive and his need for her is so overpowering that he crosses all kinds of limits to make sure that she is a part of his life 
Its dark and so different from what the show is.. i am intrigued by it 
And you've written it so well! 
Great work, Anya 
Please update soon

It will get darker as the story progressesLOL
thank u for reading itEmbarrassed and the kind words
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Time lapse from the last chapter.

This is from when Guru ma enters the story.

Chapter 3

Your cousin has become the bane of my existence. Her none stop yammering about her designs made me want to slit my wrists. But because I can see you from where I sit, I bare it, You look like an angel you hand is on the rail of the stair case, and you are talking on your phone. Your conversation amuses you, your eyes sparkle and you let go of the rail and twirl a piece of your hair as you speak expressively, I try and focus on Gayu but nothing happens I know I need to say something as she is starring at me.

This design isn't so great' I tell her, and too be honest it is not. She probably made it this far in the jewellery design industry only because she was Naitik Singhania's niece. But it's a slip, I should have told her it was amazing. It's just that I cannot think straight when I see you. You are a exhibitionist you live on the attention you get. I can tell other wise why would you be standing out in the hallway talking to Phungi rather than in your bedroom. I know its Phungi, because she is the only person you phone constantly all day. I checked your phone using whatsapp web, it helps me feel closer to you.

You are right' Gayu says, I try and cover up my mistake of not glorifying her.

I don't know much about designs' She gives me a strange look.

But you know a lot about precious stones...' Well of course I would, I am looking for the ring to buy you. Well I guess I should be friends with you first before I jump to conclusions but, I don't see my plan failing.

Mishti is my live spy. She gives me updates constantly. My grandmother back home is phoning me again, her calls have become incandescent when will she back off. It has been three months since I left home. What does she think that I was play walking out of being a Goenka? I had no interest in living in that house anymore. No, I had developed an attachment to Yours Just an angelic and perfect as you were so was your family. It was almost like they shitted sugar and candy. It is not that kind of attachment you are thinking off it, it is more of a kind of attachment that I bask in throwing in my father's face.

You become more and more perfect for me with every breath you take. Your call ends and you see me and the smile on your face vanishes.

You really have no idea why I smile at you, but I can tell your brother does. He recognises the way I look at you as more than friendliness, its something all males could see. I need to do something about him. He will be a hindrance if I let him be. He already has separated us so many times during Yash and Rose's wedding, when I could have spent all that time ensuring you begin to trust me. Your relationship with your mother has not improved.

It is like whatever I plan with others works but you it never does. You always do what I don't expect you to do. I guess that is why I love you. God, I love you.


Days pass and my good deeds towards your family have them eating out of my hand,I hear from Mishti that you are having dance practise with some famous instructor. From your messages to Phungi I know this already. And I have checked them out, as I have everyone in your life. but I pretend to not know when she tells me. After breaking in and handing your dance form in, I knew that this good deed would make its way back to you because I had taken untalented Gayu with. An afternoon of being bored by her dazed looking in my direction almost made me want to strangle her. But I needed her, if I wanted to get to you. And it did get to you but this dance instructor has stopped you from coming to see me. And if there is one thing I cannot stand it is something between us. Be it your brother or the dance instructor.

I check my reflection for the sixth time in the mirror of my bike outside your house. You are dancing out in the courtyard. Your movements are less elegant and more sluggish. You touch your head, looking dazed. You are going to faint. I leap forward, and you fall against me. Even in your half-conscious state, you push me away. For the love of god, I keep my arm wrapped around you.

That's when I see the dragon. Standing at the door.

I see how dedicated you are Naira' She said dryly.

She was dancing she just...' I start off and the dragon cuts me off and says she will leave.

You push me away and limp inside. I watch as the dragon walks slowly towards her car acting was the queen of the world.

How dare she hurt you. She opens her car door, and I close it from behind her, I look around ensuring none of my future in law's can see anything.

How dare you...' She starts of looking at me, with narrowed.

Don't act so scandalized, guru ma I know that you finished your lesson early today not because Naira was not interested in dancing, but because you are going to meet someone your husband doesn't know about' I need to know everything about Naira that includes everyone around her. You never know what might come in handy.  

Her cheeks flush a dull red colour.

How do...'

I won't tell him, Because I don't care but what happened today if it happens again, I will' I threaten her. She looks away. Everything about her reminds me of a dragon old and scaly, I have no idea how she has such a young guy interested in her.

You will apologize to her and You will teach her properly and forget we had this conversation' I tell her, she nods, and I notice Gayu standing by the foyer, I smile and open the door for her. She goes into the car with her head held high.

I watch her leave and go inside. Gayu follows me like a mosquito at my side, singing praises of how she appreciated me saving her. I look for you and find you massaging your legs. I half fume, I want to go back outside and strangle the dragon for hurting you.

Your shoulders are slummed, and you look exhausted. Your brother warmed up to me after I had him meet Riya. Riya, I cringe as I remember my lack of judgment in that whole scenario. I never should have allowed you to be in such a dangerous situation. I thought initially your brother had common sense to protect you, but he failed majorly. I guess the rakhi he wears is more an ornament then of actual value. His smiling face annoys me and so does the rest of your families, did they not see what that dragon did to you.

Mom made a cake to thank you for all you have done for us, and there after we will all have lunch together' Naksh says beaming at me, as if this cake is what I really wanted from your family. I want you. I let them feed me, all of them. Your usually distant face has a soft smile. You walk towards me and there is nobody around. Your legs drag ever so slightly those heavy payal's are hurting your legs.

You pick a slice of cake and hold it out to me, I lean in slightly hesitant. And you brush my cheeks, with white frosting.

You eventually feed me a bit, and all the good deeds' I bestowed on your family hit me full force as you begin thanking me. Giving me a tissue each time, I try to concentrate but I am unable to shake how surreal this feels. You are smiling at me. You are standing so close to me, and you smell amazing...

Your mother talks to me about work. I watch you sitting with Mishti.

Kartik this is really good...'

I always do good work' I say she smiles, and carries on reading my report its perfect, I would never do anything less than worthy for you or your family. I click on the wrong page on my laptop on purpose, and your mother looks at the screen. An advert for lighter weight payal's for dancers displays. I pretend to be confused as to why its there and your mother stops me from closing it.

Kartik do you know where I could get these from?' She asked, I tell her the name of the store and she writes it on her phone. It's pathetic, I have to show your family how to care for you.


The next day as I walk in I see you practising in the courtyard with the lighter payals on your feet. But the dragon is nowhere to be seen.

Mishti where Naira's dance instructor' I ask Mishti.

Naira fired her' I feel irritated, what did the dragon do now.

Naira didi did not want her anymore because she said only she knows what is best for her' I watch you twirling again you do something I never expected you to do.

But what about the test...'

Naira didi said she will get Guru ma's tutorials and practise' I already know that none of them are available as the old dragon insists that people pay her high amounts for them, you shouldn't pay a cent for the way she behaved with you. But I want to hear you say thank you again. And smile at me.

I need to go Mishti can you give this to Naksh' I tell her handing her an envelope she nods. And I leave. I adjust my bag and leave for her dance studio. Dragon stands in the middle of the mirror walled room.

I knew you would come here again' She said, without looking at me.

Your girlfriend fired me, I cannot teach her anything now' She says to me with a creepy smile. I sit down and open my bag. I slide an envelope of pictures to her. She doesn't pick them up. She knows already what they are.

You are going to judge Naira's exam' I say, with a smile I had to make sure that you did not screw that up now'

That girl will not stay long with someone like you' She said, opening the envelope and closing it turning pale.

I was like her when I was young, head strong, stubborn and smart she will figure out what you really are' She tells me, I feel irritated by her prophecy.

I want you to pass her in her exam, and I want your tutorial videos, not your advice' I tell her with a straight face, my smiling face may have fooled her into thinking I am some idiot. She tears up the photos first.

She will leave you' She said as she went inside and came with a blue dvd encasing. She handed it to me, And your will grow to hate her for it' Hate you, I could never hate you. You are my world. My everything.

Dragon thinks she knows us.

Remember what I said, Naira better pass' and then I stopped at the door, Or else' I say in a much harder voice. One I would never use near you or your sugar factory family.


The next day I hand the dvd to you after we banter slightly. And you beam instantly, but eyes narrow soon afterwards.

Why are you always being so helpful what do you want?' You ask me. 

I want you.


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Sleepy Kaira and Awake Kaira

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janvi0513 7 1055 2017-10-29T00:22:23Z beatsdongandy
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.KaIra/ShivIn AT #35 - Step Into New Phase, Kaira...

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.LovelyDreamer. 1168 58850 2017-04-09T12:53:59Z Duggukede
.LovelyDreamer. 1188 49926 2016-11-29T07:16:41Z anu023
misaki 4 1812 2016-09-29T08:19:13Z misaki

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