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Update please
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Originally posted by .Meitantei.

OMG this is so gripping 
I am so excited to see how you're gonna shape it from here
Please update soon!

i love writing it heheLOL
Thank u for reading
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18 years ago

"He married her, she won I told my masi. My father had eloped with his wh**e and gotten married. Her hand flew over my face slapping me so hard I all but turned around, I held my cheek and stared at her in shock.

"What the- I started out and glared at her.

"Shut up, you are a disappointment, she won because you couldn't stand her and ran away to boarding school and now she's permanently going to be in your life forever. Never run from your problems Kartik, you are giving them power like this. Do you not see how much power she has right now? Priyanka Masi was beyond angry, her face was a dark shade of red and her eyes blazed with disgust in them.

"Dadi promised me, she would never allow them to get married to each other I said, I had phoned her almost 6 times this month, she had assured me each time she would never give in.

"Human psyche 101 you, stupid fool, you deny someone something it only makes them want it more... She said, her knowledge of the human mind was vast. She always knew exactly what buttons to push when and where to get what reaction's she wanted.

"How do I get rid of her? That's all I wanted her dead, I thought that my father with my leaving feel ashamed of his sins and stop seeing her in hopes I would come back home.

"You don't, it would be too dangerous, the police would suspect you immediately don't be an idiot, use your brain Kartik She said, to me shaking her head.

"Then what do I do Masi? I asked her.

"Keerti told me Suwarna's pregnant... oh so that's why they got married. As if my life could not get any better. Great...

"Look I don't care if she has a baby or not...I want her gone, she can take it with her...

"You should care, because your father will never get rid of her if she has it, and he will replace you, he will shower all his attention on the child while you get nothing. Not his pain nor his suffering the only person who will suffer will be you while your father moves on perfectly fine after my sister's death, Kartik you have to go home, and for once just remain silent be good to your father, make her think you are finally accepting them, so she feels guilty enough...



I had gotten rid of an unwanted younger sibling once, just to spite my father. This was different, you loved Gayu. Despite the rivalry between the two of you, you loved her. And felt this weird need to give her everything you have because she had looked after your family all these years. But that did not mean I was some cushion you could pass onto her.

So now as Gayu lay on the floor in front of me tied up starring at me with wide frightened eyes. I had to nip this problem in the bud before it ruined my life. So, after work when Gayu had clung to me with nauseating adoration in her eyes, unable to stand it anymore, I had hit her on her head with a stapler when she had turned around. I really needed to control my anger more...Well that was 3 days ago. And I needed to deal with the problem I couldn't ignore it any longer.

I new this particular storeroom was not used by any of the staff, a few nights ago and I had swiped the key from the cleaner.

I had brought her some food, a sandwich and cup of coffee.

"I brought you something to eat I told her, using her phone to text, your mom and you.

Hi busy at work, I might pull an all nightery please don't wait up, the security is with me I am safe-Gayu

Well there was guards outside, they were just knocked out, after drinking coffee I had bought for them laced with sleeping pills. And the cctv footage of the day just happened to be mistakenly erased.

"I will untie you, but one wrong move I will take the food away and coffee

I untied her mouth and hands.

And she grabbed the sandwich and shoved it in her mouth and drank the coffee quickly.

The store room stank, of urine and faeces I guess Gayu must have relieved herself during her solitary confinement.

"Why are you doing this? She asked when she was done.

"I wanted to have a talk with you...

"I would have listened, to you anything you wanted anything you said there is no need to do this but there is...

"You never listen, I have been trying to show you for the past two weeks, I have no interest in you, but you won't quit at it, now you are crying to Naira about how you will die without me... You phone me, during this and I reject your call. You are looking for me lately because, this idiot in front of me told her family she wanted to marry me. And you wanting to ensure that I did. How could you do that to me AFTER everything I had done for you. You chose your family over me.

"Look if you don't love me, its ok I don't mind She said, panicked. "I will not pursue you anymore, I swear it, just let me go nobody has to know this ever happened, You, can be with Naira... I won't come between you too

I stare at her with narrowed eyes.

"Shut up for the love of god I tried to tie her mouth up again, she tried to push me away and ripped on of the buttons on my shirt of. I pulled out a taser out of my back pocket and clicked the on button and she receded. I picked up my button and shoved it into my pocket.

"Its 460 Volts, I got it this afternoon, Shut up or... I told her holding it out to her, She flinched and then she remained silent. Thankfully.

"Now that's better I told her, she wrapped her arms around her self and a tear ran down her cheek. Unlike you she did not look pretty when she cried.

"I know you are not in love with me, well not really so because you know how I feel about Naira, and how she feels about me is visible to anyone with half a brain can see it, don't bother denying it, I know you know, because I was not fully sure you heard me say I love her when I was talking to Mishti before Naira and I became friends, I saw you in my room mirror ease dropping, so what astounds me is the fact that you actually under that brainless banter have a brain, that you use. You just said you wanted us to be together, so it means you knew I loved Naira. Which leads me to believe, you despise Naira for coming back home and taking away her parents' attention from you, you hate her for being a better daughter, she's naturally talented, beautiful without trying, and just an all-round better human being than you, unlike when you were kids and when she would get jealous of you loved the attention you stole from her, you basked in the glory of it. Now Naira doesn't care about that, you wanted to steal something from her again so that for life, you would have a one up on her. You don't love me, you could never love anyone besides yourself, you just like the idea of what having me would do to Naira I told her, and she looked away, her cheeks red with embarrassment.

"It isn't like that I really love you...

"I am not an idiot, you can fool Naira alone, not me

"You are right, fine I never liked her even as kids, she was naturally so damn perfect, when I came in for the first time, she was not happy she was jealous of the attention I got, and then now when she came back she was perfect again, she could do no wrong, Taiji, did not get angry at her anymore, she never got jealous because she got all the attention, and I noticed the chemistry you had on the first day, she spoke about you for hours, either complaining or just used any excuse to like a little kid, I knew she liked you, so I thought if you fell in love with me, I would forever have beaten her. And when I knew you loved her, if she realized how much she loved you back she wouldn't let you go, so I let her see me fasting for you for Karvachaut so that she would think this is the time to repay me for all my food deeds... But look I promise I won't come between you two, I really don't want a one up on her any more, I swear to god! Let me go I will leave, I will go to USA and never come back, I will tell Naira to be with you...  Gayu said, all I got out of that was you spoke a lot about me. You loved me. Even then...

"No, you will attend our wedding because Naira would love to have her sister there, but before that you will take Naira's hand and place it in mine on Diwali day, I don't care how or what you do but you will do it, You will be the best sister, in the world. And you will do all of this because, I know the designs you made for the winter collections are not your own, you paid someone to do them, then you can leave and we never have to see each other again I was digging up dirt on Gayu these past few days, something that would allow me to have an axe over her head. Her career meant more to her than her entire family. I saw that in her brainless banter. She loved it. She turned pale.

"I will do it all I promise, and then I will leave and never come back I swear it She said, I stood up.

"I am glad we had this talk I told her, she follows me as I open the storeroom door.

"You tell Naira anything about this, anything at all and I will make your life hell Gayu nodded...

"But before you ensure we end up together, you will tell her I agreed to marry you, when I tell you


You need to value me Naira.  Before we become one. You need to be terrified of losing me.

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Man, this is so interesting 
I like how you've given a darker side to other characters here.. not just Kartik, but even Guruma, Kartik's masi and Gayu 
Its all so elaborate and well thought out 
And very well written too! 
Please try to update soon, i really look forward to your updates 
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Originally posted by .Meitantei.

Man, this is so interesting 
I like how you've given a darker side to other characters here.. not just Kartik, but even Guruma, Kartik's masi and Gayu 
Its all so elaborate and well thought out 
And very well written too! 
Please try to update soon, i really look forward to your updates 

LOL it is going to be really dark 
i am glad u are enjoying it
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15 years ago...

"You make a face again, and I will make you clean not just this kitchen but my entire flat until it's spot less, how could you get into another fight at boarding school Kartik? Do you listen to me when I teach you things, or are you just wasting my time? Maybe your real aim, is becoming one big happy family with the man who killed my sister and replace your mother with Suwarna?

"Yeah that's up real high on my priority list, become Suwarna's bitch... I said deadpanned, earning a smack on the back of my head. Priyanka masi loved me, she was protecting me the best way possible by enabling me to protect myself. But I just felt her lessons, were rather ineffective.

"Watch your mouth! She told me, I dropped the mop I had been holding. And looked her with rebellion flaring in my eyes.

"Look I am fed up of your plans, I did not have the time to sit and plot, some elaborate plan, That, moron took one of the pictures Keerti drew for me, and tore it My excuse got another smack on the back of my head, and this time harder than the one before.

"You should protect your things Kartik in the first place, this is your fault, you will clean this kitchen until it shines inside out, and you will then tell me what you should have done...


"I should not allow people to have access to anything that belongs to me I told her later that evening as we sat from across from each other, she waited starring at me. Her arms folded and her long hair in a tight bun at the top of her head. She had long nails painted a bright shade of pink, which she clicked against the kitchen table waiting for me to continue.

"I broke his face in return Masi, there was nothing he liked more than his own face I said unable to help myself. I was not sorry, for hitting Rohit and I would do it again.

"His face will be fine, in a week and Keerti's drawing you will never get back again, You have assault on your permeant school record, It is an eye for an eye Kartik that should be your manta She told me, ignoring how hungry I was. She would not allow me to eat until I said what she wanted out of me.

"An eye for an eye... I repeated, "If someone tries to harm anything that belongs to you what will you do now?

"Destroy something of theirs...That they could never get back I said hoping it was right, I just wanted to eat.

"You aim for one bird with two rocks, so that the bird has no escape She said with a brittle smile.

"Like we are doing to my father I said, she nodded.

"You and I are the stones, but you have no control over your anger, you are sloppy, and I have no room for a little boy who cannot control himself in this plan She said.

"I can control my anger, I will get better at it... She stood up, I stood up with her. Anything to stop her. I grabbed her hand.

She pulled away. And walked away, her high heel shoes clicking against the hardwood floor she owned. She did not stop until she was near the door.

"You need discipline Kartik, otherwise everything we worked for together will be a waste, you need to know what it's like to be hungry for something, so damn hungry for it that it opens that brain you have under your hair and makes you think before you act, your anger will destroy you if we let it



"I did as you asked, what do you want me to do next Gayu told me, her chin wobbled as she waited for my next order.

"Thank you, I did not expect anything less from you are barking up the wrong tree you should have been an actress those tears were a nice touch, but for now your job is done, you can go back to doing whatever it is you did before we met I told her, with a slight smile. She looked guiltily away.

"Don't thank me those tears were tears of pity for the life Naira will live with you, Naira isn't like me, you won't be able to hold anything over her head and get her to do as you please She said, to me with disgust evident in her eyes. I pulled back the chair across from her desk.

"I don't want to blackmail her I am in love with her I told her, how dare she accuse me of such a thing. I would never hurt you. I want to cherish you, shield you from people like this.

"Naira once she has decided she loves something, latches on and becomes very loyal towards it, but there is another part of her, she would never be with someone like you!

"Naira needs me, she trusts people like you is proof that she does

"What makes us different really? You played with her emotions, made her cry and caused her pain, you just call it love doesn't make it right Gayu said.

"We are nothing alike, don't insult me by comparing me to the lowly likes of you, I am protecting her, she is safest with me by her experiencing all of this she will know that being with me is the best place for her I would keep them out, ensure every day your smile never left your face. You did not need anyone else but me. You surrounded yourself with vile shallow people like Gayu who took advantage of your softness, took from you and gave nothing in return. Your family for instance was bunch of idiots who barely functioned without inviting trouble. With me you would be free of the responsibility of having to look after others before your own needs. Because your needs would be above all. I would treat you like a queen and you would love me for it.

"Naira will never support someone who is wrong, she will leave you She said, her face wrinkling up, I leaned back in my chair unfazed by her words physically but mentally pissed off.

"And do you really think I will let her go? I asked her, I had no doubt in my mind. I would never let you be, not within my sight. You are too innocent and trusting to live in a world full of people like this. I need to protect you from them.


You stand in front of me, dressed in a white dress. Just like the princess you are. I am dressed like a prince, as well, I mean after watching you plan this entire thing from the shadows, how could I show up in my clothing from work. Every step I took towards you led to this moment, the final moment that landed you in my arms.

And you say the words that causes me to catch my breath.

"I love you

"Say it again, I don't think I heard right my voice cracks, and you look at me determination evident in your beautiful eyes, you are such a spit fire its adorable. Dynamite in a tiny package.

"I love you you repeat it a few times, I look up at the sky and wonder if this is a dream. And at any moment something will happen, and this all won't be true. I reach out and touch your face you are really here! In front of me!

"I love you too I say, and you smile. God you are so beautiful!

I look at your hands, finally you would wear my ring where I had intended for you to wear it and I ask you if I can put the ring on for you. You nod, I slowly slide it down your third narrow slim finger, and then you are in my arms. Like two pieces of a puzzle. You are home. Finally.

Where you belong.



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So.. Kartik's childhood seems kind of.. abusive? His masi looks devious 
But everyone keeps warning Kartik.. that Naira will leave him 
Not gonna lie though.. the confession part was really sweet 
It really is one of my favourite confessions ever Heart
I am so intrigued to know whats gonna come 
Please update soon
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Originally posted by .Meitantei.

So.. Kartik's childhood seems kind of.. abusive? His masi looks devious 
But everyone keeps warning Kartik.. that Naira will leave him 
Not gonna lie though.. the confession part was really sweet 
It really is one of my favourite confessions ever Heart
I am so intrigued to know whats gonna come 
Please update soon

LOLI read that most sykos have bad childhoods its what makes them get these characters...

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