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Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Prizi

Bechare modi kitna kuch jhelna padta tha

Hahahaha. Haina?
Posted: 2 years ago
HALLO I am here to pester you for an update even though I know your update schedule and also I will not read for a while 

ignore me. bohot padhne ki ichha ayi toh main yahan aake comment kar dungi
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

HALLO I am here to pester you for an update even though I know your update schedule and also I will not read for a while

ignore me. bohot padhne ki ichha ayi toh main yahan aake comment kar dungi

Bruh... You know more than anyone. Toh bhi kitni talab hai! ROFL

WA pe aa jao, wedding planning bachi hai. LOL
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by Meraki.

Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

LOLAnd then Armaan keeps it going at the hospital to annoy him and barges into his cabin and calls him "honey" and "baby" and "sweetheart" in front of board members or somethingLOL
Total Armaan thing to do! Slowly, it becomes tradition and he actually only calls Abhi by this nickname.
So, maybe the first couple times Armaan calls Abhi by a nickname in the presence of someone other than the gang it's accidental. Like, maybe he enters Abhi's cabin while reading a file and just says, "sweetie, listen. This patient..." And he's going off on a monologue without realizing that someone else is also sitting there. LOL
It happens a few more times like this and seeing how embarrassed Abhi gets, he starts doing it on purpose. :p
 And one day Abhi decides he's going to turn the tables so he sees Armaan waiting for him in his cabin and walks in saying "oh honey you're here" and Armaan's eyes go wide and he gestures to the guy sitting in the chair that Abhi didn't see who turns out to be a really important investor or something. But the investor is all excited for them and says he's so happy for them and all, and at this point it would be really embarrassing for all three of them if Abhi was to explain the truth, so they have to go along with it for the entire week that the investor is here and pretend like they're a coupleLOLand the gang is just laughing their butts off the whole week
Ridhima and Nikki was busy and later gone for some work. They come back and be all lovey dovey with Abhi & Armaan infront of Investor who had some pics clicked of Abhi Armaan for work envior.. thing kinda and both Nik & Ridz are shocked to wits and legit have the boys sleep out in the garden as Abhi ki ghar ki chabbi Nikki kai paas hai and Armaan Abhi are infront of A's house which he obviously made for no guy to climb as he didn't want a romeo for his daughter or any daughters in gang. ROFL
LOLOLOL. So then, Armaan and Abhi literally sleep in the garden of Armaan's house in the winter and get a cold. Ridzy ko thodi sympathy aati hai seeing them like this but Nik rebuffs her and starts staying with her 24x7 so that Ridz doesn't forgive them in a moment of weakness.

Which is why, the investor starts thinking Ridz & Nik are a couple. ROFL

Okay but the real question is: when do we bring out AN kids? Then the investor is HELLA confused. ROFL
Posted: 2 years ago
No, no. So, the AN kids will actually be Armaan & Abhi's kids. Nik decided to be the surrogate cause they're such good friends. ROFL
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

No, no. So, the AN kids will actually be Armaan & Abhi's kids. Nik decided to be the surrogate cause they're such good friends. ROFL

ROFL So is this going in the story? Or is this an ILYLTF AU Outtake/OS? 
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

Originally posted by DMGThings

No, no. So, the AN kids will actually be Armaan & Abhi's kids. Nik decided to be the surrogate cause they're such good friends. ROFL

ROFLSo is this going in the story? Or is this an ILYLTF AU Outtake/OS?

I ain't got a clue as of now. :p
Posted: 2 years ago

Previously On...

On the way to Goa.


Chapter 80

"Uh, reservation under Grewal. We'd booked three suites," Rahul told the receptionist.


They'd reached around 2 in the afternoon and after a hearty meal, were now checking into their hotel rooms.


Right now, the boys were standing at the hotel reception, checking in, while the girls were roaming around the hotel.


"Sir, aap sabka saamaan upar rooms mein rakh diya hai," a bell boy said.


"Oh, thank you!" The boys exclaimed. Dr. Shubhankar tipped him and then he left.


The three suites were right next to each other and had two rooms each, to accommodate all of them. Since it was a group trip and most of them were unmarried, it was decided that the girls would take one suite and the boys the other. Dr. Shubhankar & Dr. Keerti would get a suite to themselves because they also had their kids and nanny.


Abhi was really annoyed because of this, wanting to spend some quality time with his wife, but said wife was really excited about the idea of sharing rooms with the other girls so that they could all gossip. Suffice to say, he wasn't given a choice in the matter and was staying with the boys.


Armaan, Rahul, Atul & Yuvi were sharing a room, while Abhi, JP and Sid the other.


The boys were all settling in when the bell rang. Armaan opened the door to reveal Riddhima standing there. He grinned widely and came out of the room, closing the door behind him.


"Hi, Basket," he greeted her, smiling dreamily.


Riddhima blushed and looked away. "Hi," she murmured.


"Hey," Armaan said after a while, still looking at her intently.


"Oh, Heer Ranjha! Tumhaara hi hello ho gaya ho toh room ki chaabi milegi?" Muskaan asked, irritated.


Her voice caused both of them to look up and Riddhima smiled, embarrassed, before looking away again.


"Oho, oho, ho ho," Armaan laughed. "Hello, kabab mein haddi! Kaise ho?"


Nikki made a face. "Armaan, ab yeh kabab mein haddi wali ghisi piti line tu please use karna chod de. Think of something new! Ab hum bore ho gaye hain!"


"Tujhe kisine force kiya hai, sunne ke liye?" Armaan asked. "Agar pasand nahi toh kaan band kar le. Main toh bolunga."


"Tumlog please apna Tom & Jerry show kahin aur chalaoge? Humein room ki chaabi do. Abhi," Anjali intervened.


"Oh, yes! Of course, saali sahiba! Ab toh aap bas order jhaadengi, right?" Armaan teased, smirking at Riddhima.


Riddhima blushed deeply on hearing this. Ever since the proposal, Armaan & Anjali only called each other Jeeju & Saali, in an attempt to tease her. It was working really well.


"Yes, of course, Jeeju," Anjali replied. "Ab toh haq hai mera."


The rest of the girls laughed at Riddhima's blush and teased her some more.


"Hayyyeee! Ridzy! Kaise tamaatar ki tarah laal - laal ho gayi hai! Itna bhi mat sharma, yaar!" Muskaan teased.


"Aur nahi toh kya! But, Ridzy, tu badi hi cute lag rahi hai. Dekh, Armaan kaise ghoor raha hai tujhe," Nikki added.


"Tum mein se kisiko bhi kuch kaam nahi haina! Jab dekho mujhe chidhaate rehte ho," Riddhima whined.


"Awww! Ridzy tu itni cute lagti hai toh hum kya karein?" Anjali asked, hugging her sideways.


"Tumlog Basket ko pareshaan mat karo," Armaan interrupted them.


"Kyu? Riddhima Di ko chidhaane ke right sirf aapke paas hai kya?" Naina asked.


"Ab kari na pate ki baat! Naina bilkul sahi keh rahi hai. Basket ko toh sirf mein hi pareshaan kar sakta hu," Armaan replied.


"Oyye, Romeo! Band kar ab!" Rahul called, coming to see what was taking him so long. Of course, Armaan was busy teasing Riddhima.


"Raool! Thode time shaant reh sakta hai?" Armaan asked, irritated. "Main important baat kar raha hu."


"Woh toh mujhe dikh hi raha hai ki tu kya important baat kar raha hai," Rahul cribbed.


"Ab, please! Aap dono mat shuru ho jaana," Dr. Keerti intervened.


"Armaan humein apne kamre ki chaabi de!" Nikki added.


"Arre, Nikki! Apne kamre ki chaabi kyu? Tu Abhi pe nazar rakhna chaahti hai kya?" Armaan asked. "Dekh, main teri problem samajh sakta hu. Woh Moody hai hi aisa, lekin tu tension mat le! Hum usse kuch ulta - seedha nahi karne denge!"


"Armaan!!" Muskaan shrieked. "Tu faaltu mein footage mein kha. Tujhe bhi pata hai Nikki tujhse humaare, yaani ki ladkiyon ke kamre ki chaabi maang rahi hai. Tu bas yahaan khada khada Ridzy ko taadne ke tareekein dhoond raha hai. Lekin ab humein bhi thoda rest karna hai. Toh chup chap chaabi de nahi toh main teri haddiyaan tod dungi!"


Armaan gulped loudly on hearing Muskaan. "Tu... Tu bhadak kyu rahi hai? De raha hu na! Rahul, chaabi de."


"Ha... Haan," Rahul stammered, looking at Muskaan fearfully. He passed the keys to the girls, and Muskaan snatched them up.


"Good! Jao ab," she dismissed them.


After casting one more loving look at Riddhima, Armaan went inside, followed by Rahul. After the door shut, the girls started laughing loudly.


"Too good, Muski! Mazaa hi aa gaya!" Nikki howled.


"Haan! Dekha Armaan ka chehra? Kitna darr gaya tha woh!!" Anjali added.


"Di! Aap sab kyu usse daraa rahe the?" Riddhima whined.


"Oho! Dekho toh! Inke unko koi kuch bole toh bardaasht hi nahi! Haayyyeee! Kya pyaar hai!" Nikki teased, pushing Riddhima's shoulder with her own.


Riddhima blushed again.


"Seriously, Ridzy! Tu aise blush karti haina, badi soni lagti hai," Muskaan told her.


"Hum please room mein chale?" Riddhima asked, exasperated. "Ya aur pareshaan karna bacha hai?"


"Bacha toh hai, but woh hum room mein bhi continue kar sakte hain. Kyu girls?" Anjali asked slyly, making everyone nod.


"Ugh!" Riddhima threw her hands up in frustration. Then, snatching the keys out of Muskaan's hand, she walked to the room, leaving behind a giggling gang of girls.


After the girls had all showered and freshened up, they all sat in Riddhima, Anjali and Naina's room, chitchatting and talking. The other room was being shared by Muskaan, Nikki & Su. Dr Keerti had also come there after putting Samrat to sleep. Navneeta had planted herself in front of the tv, watching some SRK movie.


As always, when the girls were together, their main topic of discussion was the boys. More like, bitching about the boys.


Dr. Keerti was telling her woes of having such a shy and unconfident husband, which were seconded by Anjali. Muskaan was cribbing about how Rahul always fought with her even on the smallest of things and Naina just straight up called Yuvi a dafford'.


In all this, Riddhima was exceptionally quiet, not saying a word against her boy.


"Riddhima, aap kyu kuch nahi keh rahi?" Keerti asked. "Aapko Dr. Armaan ki burai nahi karni?"


"Arre, Dr. Keerti! Nayi nayi engagement hui hai! Abhi thodi Ridz Hero ki burai karegi? Abhi toh usse sab achcha lag raha hoga na!" Muskaan teased.


Riddhima blushed. "Aisa... Aisa kuch nahi hai, Muski," Riddhima replied quietly. "Bas, kuch burai karne ke liye hai hi nahi, toh kya karu? Armaan jaisa hai, mujhe waisa hi pasand hai."


"Hayyyeee! Kya pyaar hai!" Naina exclaimed.


"Haan, Ridzy. Kuch zyada hi ho raha hai ab," Muskaan seconded. "I mean, hum sabko pata hai ki tu Jeeju se bohot pyaar karti hai, lekin aisa thodi hai ki kuch bura hai hi nahi."


Riddhima blushed at the Jeeju, and the girls giggled.


"Bilkul," Anjali agreed. "Mujhe toh yeh sochke surprise hota hai ki ek aisa time tha jab tujhe Armaan mein buriayon ke alawa kuch dikhta hi nahi tha!"


Riddhima giggled. "Mujhe uski har baat galat lagti thi na?" Riddhima asked thoughtfully.


Anjali nodded frantically.


Riddhima smiled. "Ab mujhe wahi baatein bohot cute lagti hain," she admitted shyly.


"Awww," the girls all cooed together.


"Woh kehte haina, rose tinted glasses," Nikki said. "Mujhe bhi aisa lagta tha. But, I'm telling you Ridzy, yeh ladke shaadi ke baad bilkul badal jaate hain."


"Nikita bilkul sahi keh rahi hai, Riddhima," Keerti agreed quickly. "Yeh saare ladke ek jaise hote hain. Shaadi se pehle kuch aur... Baad mein kuch aur."


"Haan," Nikki said. "Ab, Abhi ko hi dekhle. Shaadi se pehle kaise baby - baby bolke aage peeche ghoomta rehta tha, aur ab? 4 din ghar nahi aaungi toh party karega."


Riddhima laughed softly. "Aisa nahi hai, Nikki. In fact, Abhi ko toh har waqt teri itni chintaa rehti hai, ki main kya batau!"


Abhi did worry about Nikki a lot. He was always seeking Riddhima out, asking her pregnancy related questions, wanting to make sure that things were going smoothly for Nikki. Riddhima knew he was reading countless baby books in preparation, too. He was always asking her for suggestions on which ones were good.

"Woh, Modi? Aur meri fikr? Please!" Nikki scoffed.


"Nikki, main keh rahi hu na! He worries about you a lot!" Riddhima insisted.


"Tujhe itni surety kaise hai, Ridzy? Ab, Abhi Nikki ka husband hai toh usse zyada pata hoga na," Anjali intervened.


"Haan, Abhi Nikka ka husband hai, lekin main Abhi ki pregnant wife ki gynac hu. Trust me, I know better," Riddhima insisted.


"Aisa kyu keh rahi hai, Ridz?" Muskaan asked.


"Tum logon ko pata bhi hai Abhi din mein mujhse kitni baar milta hai? Raat mein mujhe kitni baar call karta hai? Riddhima asked, rhetorically. "Gods! Really! Matlab... Usse dekhke koi nahi bolega ki woh khud doctor hai. Har choti se choti cheez ke liye mujhse poochta hai. Nikki ko kya khana chahiye, kya nahi khana chahiye, kitna khana chahiye, kitna sona chahiye, kahaan sona chahiye, usse kitne time tak kaam karna chahiye, kaise type ka kaam karna chahiye, sab kuch mujhse poochta hai!"


"Rea... Really?" Nikki asked, tearing up.


Riddhima nodded. "I swear, aajkal Armaan se zyada Abhi mujhe phone karta hai."


Nikki started crying on hearing that.


"Ae, Nikki! Tu ro kyu rahi hai? Tujhe toh khush hona chahiye! Abhi teri kitni care karta hai," Riddhima consoled her.


"Lekin... Maine toh... Us - us - usko itna sunaa diya!" Nikki wailed. "Usse aajkal main kitna jhagadti hu. Aaj... Aaj subah bhi humaari ladaayi ho gayi thi!"


"Arre, it's okay, Nik!" Riddhima replied. "Abhi samajhta hai ki yeh sab tumhaare hormones ki wajah se tumhe itne mood swings ho rahe hain. Isliye toh kuch nahi kehta. Tum bas usse ek baar bhi sorry keh dogi na, he'll be the happiest. I promise!"


Nikki nodded. "Aaj hi usse baat karungi," she said.


The girls smiled at that. They spent some more time talking and then retired to their respective rooms to rest for sometime before going out in the evening.


Come evening, the girls' suite was a mess of clothes. They were strewn about in every nook and corner of the room, as they decided what to wear for the party tonight.


"Yaar, Ridzy, yeh green wali kaisi hai?" Nikki asked, holding up a green full length gown.


"Achchi hai, Nik," Riddhima replied, smiling.


"Hmmm. Achchi toh hai, but ab mera tummy dikhne laga haina! Toh shayad fit na ho," saying so, Nikki discarded it and started searching her bags for another one.


"Ridzy!!" Anjali screamed. "Yeh kaisi hai?" She asked, turning around in a red one piece.


"Uh..." Before Riddhima could say anything, Anjali herself muttered, "Nahi. Zyada achchi nahi lag rahi. Ruk, doosri dekhti hu."


She turned and went back inside the washroom. Riddhima stared at her retreating figure, dumbfounded.


"Ridz! Blue ya pink?" Muskaan asked, showing her two different tops.


"Main soch rahi hu ki yeh white ya red mein se kaunsi pehnu! Tu bata na Ridzy!" Nikki wobbled.


"Dekh, Ridzyy! Yeh black wali achchi haina? Ya yeh purple?" Anjali also asked at the same time.


As the three girls looked at Riddhima impatiently, talking over one another. Riddhima was looking from one to the other, confused as to what to say.


Finally, fed up, she shouted, "BASSS! SABKE SAB CHUP!"


Anjali, Muskaan and Nikki immediately quietened and looked at Riddhima, making sad faces.


"Aisi shakal kyu bana rahe ho? Sabke sab ek saath bologe toh mujhe kaise samajh aayega?" She asked.


"Sorry, Ridzy!" The girls chorussed.

"It's okay. Ab, suno. Nikki, tu woh white wali pehenle, bohot cute lagegi. Muski, mujhe blue wali achchi lagi. Aur Di, aap black wali peheno. Woh bohot achchi hai. Okay?" Riddhima answered.


"Yes! Thanks, Ridzy!" The girls replied in unison. The four of them shared a hug and everyone started getting ready.


The other girls finally settled, Riddhima looked at her own clothes, wondering what to wear. She finally settled on a yellow dress that she'd purchased in London. It was a little shorter than the ones she usually wore, but she loved it nonetheless.










Once they were all dressed, they posed for a few pictures before leaving the suite.


"Aaj hum sab itne hot lag rahe haina, un ladko ke toh hosh udd jaayenge," Anjali announced.


"Sahi keh rahi hai, Anjy! Un sabka toh chehra dekhne layak hone wala hai!" Muskaan agreed.


"Hum sab ka chodo. Armaan toh aaj clean bowled ho jaayega! Ridzy, kya hot lag rahi hai," Nikki said.


Riddhima blushed. "Kuch bhi kehti hai, Nikki!"


"Nahi, yaar. Seriously. Agar main gay hoti haina, toh pakka tujhe aise dekhke propose hi kar deti," Nikki insisted.


"Waise, achcha hai, uski tension humein abhi nahi leni padegi. Kyuki Armaan Jeeju toh woh already kar chuke," Anjali teased.


All the girls giggled while Riddhima blushed even deeper.


"Aap log please mujhe tease karna band karenge?" Riddhima whined.


"Bilkul nahi," Anjali, Muskaan & Nikki chorussed.


"I think ab humein chalna chahiye," Dr. Keerti interrupted.


The girls all agreed and they made their way to the lobby, where the boys were already waiting for them to escort them to the party the hotel was hosting today.


Surprise update! I hope you guys liked it!

Some girl bonding times here bc it had been so long since these girls had a chat! 

Important Announcement!

So, this is the last update for a while. Exams are fast approaching and I have too much to study, not enough time to do it in. So, writing time is practically nil. Which is why, the next chapter is not completely written yet and I doubt I'll be able to write it, even in 2 weeks.

Which is why, this story is going on hold for a month and a half. My last exam is on 25 Nov, post which, updates will pick up speed, I promise. And, I will definitely try to upload a chapter on 19 Nov, the Birthday, like I do every year. 

Please, bear with me for a month and a half, and then we'll be back on track. I am so sorry that this story goes on hold so much, but I don't have any other option, sadly. I hope you guys will stick around, like you always have. 

Much love, Prags.

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