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Posted: 3 years ago

Previously On...

Gang finds out that Armaan proposed to Riddhima. Chaos ensues.

Sapna's re entry.


Chapter 78

"Armaan!" Riddhima moaned, as he kissed down her neck. The lovebirds were in the Fire Escape, spending some time together between duties.


Work had been really taxing and they hadn't gotten any time together since the morning they announced that Armaan had proposed. That day, even Dr. Keerti didn't have the heart to tell them to stop loitering around and get to work, and Armaan had taken full advantage of the fact, roaming around the hospital, following Riddhima like a lost puppy. It was only when Riddhima got really irritated by his behaviour and scolded him for being such a bother that he finally left her alone.


But, since then, there had been so much to do that there wasn't any time to spend together. Working so much left them all tired and drained and so, there hadn't been any possibility of meeting after work either.


They were all happy, though, because they were all going on their vacation the next day and then, there wouldn't be any talk of work or the hospital or patients for 5 glorious days.


Right this moment though, the only thing on Riddhima's mind was Armaan, and his hot breath on her neck, his lips wreaking havoc on her body, and his arms around her, moving sensually, making her weak in the knees.


She'd been going to the cafeteria for a coffee break when Armaan had pulled her into the fire escape. Safe to say, coffee was long forgotten as the two lost themselves in each other.


"Riddhima," Armaan whispered passionately, gazing into her eyes.


He was so close that Riddhima could feel his breath on her lips. If he moved even a little, they would be kissing. She quivered at the proximity.


"Armaan!" She breathed huskily.


Unable to look at him because of his intense gaze, Riddhima hid her face in his neck. She rubbed her nose along his collarbone and nuzzled, causing Armaan to groan and tighten his hold on her, pulling her closer.


His hands moved up and down her back as he too buried his face in her neck, kissing every spot he could reach.


A few minutes later, Armaan pulled back and lifted Riddhima's head from his neck. Riddhima looked confused but Armaan didn't say anything and immediately smacked his lips on hers in a passionate kiss.


Riddhima's arms, out of habit, wound around his neck and her hands found purchase in his hair, tugging, like they always did. Armaan moaned and kissed Riddhima harder, his own arms around her tightening.


They kissed for what felt like an eternity.


Their moment was broken by the beeping of their pagers. Riddhima pulled back immediately, but Armaan, still dazed, looked confused and moved forward as Riddhima pulled back, wanting to kiss her more. Riddhima shook her head frantically and gestured towards his pager.


The incessant beeping noise finally brought him out of his world and he frowned.


"Yaar! Pyaar ka dushman! Hamesha mere saath hi aisa kyu hota hai?" He whined.


Riddhima laughed. "Tumhe kitni baar yaad dilana padta hai, Armaan! Tum hospital kaam karne aate ho. Kaam. Romance karne nahi."


Armaan made a face at her and shrugged. Riddhima laughed.


She checked her pager to see a message from Anjali, telling to come to the cafe immediately.


"Cafeteria!" They chorussed after looking at their respective pagers.


"Di ne humein cafe kyu bulaya hai?" Riddhima wondered as they walked down the corridor.


Armaan shrugged. "Mujhe kya pata? He asked.


A second later, he said, "Oh! Kahin humaari story se inspire hoke Champ ne propose toh nahi kar diya?"


Riddhima facepalmed. "Armaan! Kuch bhi bakwaas karte ho. Di aur Atul ko date karte hue mahina bhi nahi hua hai! Abhi se shaadi?"


"Hmmm," Armaan agreed. "Waise baat toh sahi hai. Aur, tum Gupta sisters ki toh specialty bhi haina. Wait karana. Mujhe dekhlo! Poore 3 saal baad maani tum, shaadi ke liye."


"Achcha?" Riddhima asked, scandalized.


"Haan," Armaan replied easily. "Aur, yaad hai, I love you kehne mein bhi tumne mahine laga diye the!"


"Toh ab tum har doosre din kuch aisa karte the jisse mujhe gussa aa jaata tha, toh kaise bolti?" She asked him.


"Hmmm," Armaan agreed. "Chalo, yeh baat bhi sahi hai. Lekin tum toh mujhe kabhi khudko explain karne ka mauka hi nahi deti thi!"


Riddhima sighed at that. "Tum itne bade - bade problems create karte the, ki mujhe itna zyada gussa aata tha. Us waqt tumse safaai maangne ka khayal bhi nahi aata tha."


Armaan pouted. "Isliye toh kehta hu, gussa ekdum tumhaari naak pe hota hai! Har baat se chid jaati ho."


"Armaan!!" Riddhima cried, swatting his arm.


"Dekha?" He said, as if proving a point.


Riddhima smiled sheepishly. "Achcha baba. Theek hai. Lekin ab toh sab achcha hai. Puraani baatein kyu yaad kare?"


Armaan agreed.


The two of them talked about inconsequential things all the way to the cafe.


"So, guys! Humein yahaan kyu bulaya hai?" Armaan asked as they both took a seat. The gang was already there, as were some of the interns. Only Naina & Dr. Shubhankar were missing.


"Kal ke liye logistics discuss karne hain, Armaan," Anjali replied.

"We've rented a bus, right?" Armaan confirmed, turning to Rahul, who nodded.


"Toh aur kya discuss karna hai?" Armaan asked. "We're road tripping!"


"Ugh! Tum rehne do, Armaan. Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai," Nikki interrupted.


All the girls murmured in agreement, even Riddhima, which made Armaan give her the stink eye. Riddhima just stuck her tongue out at him and turned back to the discussion.


"So, bus sabko Sanjeevani se pick karegi. Please sab subah 5 baje tak pohonch jaana. Agar hum 5:15 ke around nikle toh Goa dopahar ko 1-2 baje tak pohonch jaayenge," Rahul instructed.


"Okay. Sab Sanjeevani kaise aa rahe hain?" Keerti asked.


"Umm... Ma'am, main, Riddhu, Anjy aur Naina toh ek saath aa jayenge," Rahul replied.


"Main Champ, Muskaan aur Yuvi ko pick kar lunga," Armaan added.


"Haan. Aur Sid aur Su toh humaare saath aa jaayenge," Nikki said.


"Hmmm," Keerti agreed. "Aur main aur Shubhankar toh aa hi jaayenge."


"But, ma'am, Navneeta aur Samrat?" Riddhima asked.


Keerti smiled. "Uh, hum nanny ko le aayenge apne saath. Aur ab toh Navu bhi badi ho gayi hai toh woh bhi help kar deti hai. Aur hum sab toh wahaan honge hi. Sab manage ho jaayega."


Riddhima grinned. "Haan. Woh toh hai."


"Aur... Sapna aur Amit?" Rahul asked. "Unko bhi invite kiya haina?"


"Haan," Armaan answered. "Meri baat hui thi. Lekin... Woh log humaare saath nahi aa sakte kyuki Amit abhi busy hai. Lekin woh dono 1-2 mein aane ki koshish karenge."


"Khana laane ki responsibility kaun lega? Almost 8 ghante hain. Sabko bhook lagegi," Muskaan asked.


"Haan, yaar! Yeh toh important hai," Atul seconded.


"Bas!" Armaan and Rahul shook their heads.


"Shuru ho gaye dono bhukkad," Rahul commented.


"Yaar, tum dono ko khane ke alawa kuch dikhta hai ya nahi?" Armaan asked rhetorically.


"Nahi," Atul & Muskaan replied in unison.


"Aur waise bhi, hum khate haina! Humaari bhook, humaara paet, humaari marzi! Tum dono ka kya jaata hai?" Atul asked.


"Aur kya! Apne kaam se kaam rakho. Zyada humaari bhook pe nazar mat lagao," Muskaan cribbed.


"Guys! Stop it, yaar! Hum kaam ki baat karein?" Riddhima interrupted.


"Right. Idhar - udhar time mat waste karo. Kaam ki baat karo," Armaan seconded. He turned to Riddhima and gave her an angelic smile, but Riddhima just stuck her tongue out.


"Ooohhh!" The table erupted, teasing the two. Riddhima blushed as Armaan put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side.


"Ho gaya tum logon ka? Kaam ki baat karein?" Armaan asked a few minutes later.


"Uh. Right, khana," Dr. Keerti said.


"Hum sandwiches le aayenge," Riddhima said. "Aur juice."


"Main noodles le aaunga," Armaan added. He made the most lip smacking noodles. Riddhima absolutely loved them. She turned to him and gave him a brilliant smile in thanks, while Rahul, the only one who knew how much Riddhima adored the noodles, smirked at the besotted couple.


"Main... Main cookies aur chips le aaungi," Keerti said.


"Aur main wahaan ghar ke paas waale McDonalds se fries aur burgers le aaungi," Muskaan said.


"Wow! Itna saara khana? Mazaa aa jaayega!" Atul exclaimed.


"Haan! Bada mazaa aayega!" Muskaan agreed.


"Rooms book ho gaye hain, right?" Anjali asked.


"Yes!" Rahul & Armaan replied in unison.


"Good! So ab sab decide ho gaya hai toh duty pe chale? Bohot kaam hai kal se pehle," Keerti ordered.


The others nodded in agreement and everyone went back to work.


After a long, tiring day, they all left the hospital, eager about their vacation.


Armaan took Riddhima home with him, as his parents had given him explicit instructions that they wanted to see Riddhima before they left for Goa.


"Ridzy, jaldi aa jaana, okay? Kal subah jaldi uthna hai," Anjali instructed as they walked out.


"Jee, Di. Main aa jaungi. Bas ek baar Mom aur Dad se milna hai. Jab tak hum waapas aayenge, shayad woh chale jaaye. Waise bhi bohot din ho gaye hain aur wahaan Delhi mein Dad ko business bhi toh dekhna hai," Riddhima replied.


"Hmm," Anjali replied. "Lekin, pata hai? I'm really glad ki tujhe Billy Uncle air Ananya Aunty jaise in laws milne waale hain, jo tujhe bilkul aise pyaar karte hain jaise tu unki hi beti ho."


"Oh, hello!" Armaan interrupted their emofest. "Tumhe bilkul galat lagta hai. Mom aur Billy isse mujhse bohot zyada pyaar karte hain. Aur main, unka khudka beta hu. Toh yeh comparison karne ki toh zaroorat hi nahi hai."


The sisters laughed.


"Ab chalein?" Armaan asked. 


Riddhima nodded and they left.


At the Mallik residence, Riddhima was greeted with hugs and kisses.


"Arre, Riddhi! Aa gaye tum dono?" Ananya greeted them happily, pulling Riddhima into a hug.


"Kaisi hai?" She asked Riddhima.


"Main toh bilkul theek hu, Mom. Aap kaise ho?" Riddhima questioned.


"Main bhi ekdum badhiya hu. Bas ab. Tum dono aa gaye ho, toh chalo dinner kar lete hain," she announced.


"Uh... Mom..." Riddhima hesitated. She hadn't informed Padma about dinner, because she hadn't thought she'd stay for so long. Typically, when Riddhima or Anjali didn't call to tell her otherwise, Padma always waited for them over dinner, no matter how late it was.


"Maine Padma ko phone karke bata diya tha ki tu aaj khana yahin khayegi," Ananya said, sensing her worry. Riddhima smile wide and hugged Ananya again.


"You're the best, Mom!" She exclaimed. Ananya grinned at her enthusiasm and kissed her forehead.


"Hum bhi hai yahaan! Koi humse bhi baat karlo!" Billy exclaimed, breaking the moment between Riddhima and Ananya. They laughed at Billy's exuberance and Riddhima hugged him too.


They all sat for dinner after that, enjoying the meal like a family. Riddhima couldn't stop grinning as she sat there, eating with her new family. It warmed her heart, just how easily they'd accepted her into their family.


Suddenly, Armaan's hand held hers in his own, taking her by surprise.


"Armaan!" She whisper yelled. "Kya kar rahe ho?"


Armaan looked at her innocently. "Kya... Kya hua Riddhima? Tum kuch keh rahi thi?" He asked.


Ananya looked at the pair. "Kya baat hai? Bata, Riddhima."


Riddhima looked at her, scared, while Armaan grinned smugly.


"Ku... Kuch nahi," Riddhima fumbled.


"Arre, nahi nahi, Riddhima. Tum kuch keh rahi thi. Kya hua?" Armaan insisted.


Before Riddhima could say anything else, Billy butt in. "Nalayak, woh yeh kehna chaahti hai ki uska haath chod de."


Hearing Billy's words, Armaan immediately left Riddhima's hand as if it was on fire.


"Main... Main... Maine... Maine usk... Uska haath nahi pakda tha," Armaan stuttered.


"Rehne de," Billy replied. "Tujhe bohot achche se jaanta hu main. Bechari yahaan hum dono ke saamne kuch bolegi nahi iss baat ka poora faayda utha raha tha na tu?"


"Bil... Bil... Billy!" Armaan rebuked.


"Kya Bil... Bil... Billy? Sahi keh raha hu main. Aur waise bhi... Tujhe sharam nahi aati hogi, usse toh aati haina. Parents ke saamne aisa sab nahi karti woh," Billy said.


The entire time, Armaan was looking at his plate as if it was the most interesting thing in the world while Riddhima and Ananya were trying hard to control their laughter.


A few seconds later, Armaan looked up, when he was sure that Billy wouldn't say anything else, to find him smirking. They quartet looked at each other and then they all burst out laughing.


"Arre, Riddhima! Relax kar. Ab toh tumhaare din hai. Yeh sab shararatein abhi nahi karoge toh kab karoge?" Ananya asked rhetorically.


"Mom, problem yeh hai, ki aapke iss bete ko na, har waqt sirf yeh sab shararatein hi soojhti hain," Riddhima replied, exasperated. "Kabhi toh normal logon ki tarah behave kar sakta haina?"


Billy laughed. "Armaan toh bachpan se hi aisa hai. Actually, jab yeh bohot chota tha na, ek baar galti se bed pe se bohot zor se gir gaya tha. Tabse... Mujhe lagta hai ki iska dimaag thoda hil gaya hai."


Riddhima laughed while Armaan just made a face at Billy for saying that.


"Ha ha ha," he replied sarcastically. "Ho gaya aapka?"


Billy shrugged.


"Okay! Cut it! Sab khana khao. Phir Riddhima ko chodne bhi jaana hai. Aur kal subah itni jaldi uthna hai tum dono ko," Ananya intervened.


They all ate after that, exchanging stories and laughing.


When it was time for Armaan to drop Riddhima home, both the parents hugged her and wished her a happy and safe journey.


"Wahaan apna khayal rakhna. Koi bhi problem ho, toh mujhe turant call karna. Aur haan... Agar yeh bandar tujhe zyada pareshaan kare, toh mujhe batana. Achche se class lunga iski. Theek hai?" Billy instructed.


Riddhima nodded. "Yes, dad."


Billy grinned. "Aur sabse important baat, bohot enjoy karna! Goa jaa rahe ho, yaar. Sab try karna. Water sports, wahaan ki nightlife, cuisine. Sab kuch. Okay?"


Riddhima nodded her assent.


"Good girl. Chalo, ab late ho raha hai. Toh ghar jao," Billy said.


"Dad," Riddhima said. "Jab tak hum waapas nahi aa jaate, ruk jao na. Please. Abhi toh aap log aaye ho. Itne mahino mein maine kitna miss kiya aap dono ko."


Ananya sighed. "Humne bhi tujhe bohot miss kiya," she said, hugging Riddhima on the side that Billy wasn't glued to.


"Rukna toh hum bhi chaahte hain," Billy added. "Lekin wahaan Delhi mein bhi toh itna kaam hai. Magar, I promise, main pakka try karunga ki hum kuch din aur yahaan ruk jaaye. Aur agar aisa nahi hua, toh bohot jaldi waapas aayenge tum sabse milne."


Riddhima smiled sadly. Billy shook his head and hugged her, kissing her forehead.


"Achchi si, meri Riddhima wali smile toh de de. Warna bas tera yeh udaas chehra ghoomta rahega mere dimaag mein," he told her.


When she didn't, Billy tickled her stomach lightly, causing her to giggle.


"Yeh hui na, meri Riddhi wali smile! I love you, bachche!" Billy announced.


"I love you, too, dad," Riddhima replied, hugging him again.


She then hugged Ananya tightly, telling her she loved her. Ananya also kissed Riddhima's forehead and then, after one more round of final goodbyes, Riddhima left with Armaan.


On the way to the Gupta Mansion, Riddhima didn't say much and Armaan understood that she was really sad that she wouldn't be seeing his parents for a while after this. In the short time that they'd known each other, both Riddhima and his parents, had become really attached to each other and they loved the other fiercely. He was really happy to see the bond Riddhima shared with his parents, but right this second, seeing her so upset about their imminent departure, Armaan wished that they weren't as close.


"Jaan," he sighed. "Mom aur Dad aayenge na humse milne."


"Jaanti hu," she replied monotonously. "But I'll really miss them, Armaan. Tumhe pata hai, abhi bhi, yahaan aane ke liye, unhe kitni saaro cheezein reschedule karni padi. Ab jab waapas jaayenge, pata nahi unhe kab time milega."


"Baby," Armaan told her, "agar woh busy hue aur nahi aa paaye, toh I promise, main tumhe le chalunga unse milane. Okay?"


Riddhima passed him a small smile. She leaned her head on Armaan's shoulder. Armaan pressed a quick kiss to her head.


"Tum na... Ekdum original sample piece ho," he said, trying to bring her out of her funk.


"Achcha. Kyu?" Riddhima asked.


"Pch. Basket! Sab mujhe hi explain karna padta hai," he said. "Normally, ladkiyaan wait karti hain ki kab unke in laws waapas chale jaayein, aur unhe thodi chain ki saans mile. Aur tum? Tumhaare in laws jaa rahe hain toh tum dukhi ho rahi ho!"


Riddhima chuckled. "Tum bilkul paagal ho, Armaan. Aur waise bhi, woh mere in laws nahi hai. Mere parents hi hain."


Armaan grinned.


"Aur," Riddhima continued, "waise dekha jaaye, toh tum bhi sample hi ho. Generally, sab ladke hamesha apne in laws, especially apni mom - in - law mein sirf issues hi nikalte hain, lekin tum toh Mumma se mujhse bgi zyada pyaar karte ho."


Armaan guffawed. "Hmmm. Matlab hum dono hi sample piece hai. Isliye... Humein hi saath rehna padega. Koi aur kaise jhelega humein?"


"Mujhe toh aur bhi mil jaayenge," Riddhima replied arrogantly. "Lekin tumhe aur koi nahi jhel sakta."


"Achcha?" Armaan asked.


"Bilkul," Riddhima replied with certainty.


"Basket... Yeh jo tumhe lagta haina... Ki tumhe koi aur mil jaayega? Yeh bilkul galat hai. Tumhe sambhaalne ke liye na... Koi aur nahi aane wala. Koi aur tumhe jhel hi nahi paayega. Woh toh main hu... Jo 3 saal se datke khada hai. Meri jagah koi aur hota... Toh ab tak toh Nani yaad aa gayi hoti," Armaan replied.


They indulged in more petty and meaningless conversation on the way and by the time they reached home, Riddhima was in a much better mood.


Once Armaan helped her out of the car, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. Armaan smiled and kissed her forehead.


Armaan went to drop her inside, wanting to meet her parents before leaving tomorrow, too.


"Hello, Beautiful!" He greeted Padma when she opened tbe door, pulling her into a hug.


"Hey, Handsome," Padma replied, laughing. Recently, she'd taken to calling him that every time he called her Beautiful to tease him, but it had the opposite effect as he always grinned smugly on hearing the endearment. But, Padma used it anyway because she like it.


"Uhm," Riddhima cleared her throat. "Agar aapka hi hello ho gaya ho toh andar chale?" She asked.


"Riddhima!" Padma scolded. Armaan laughed and Riddhima just stuck her tongue out at him, mature adult that she was.


Once inside, Armaan was hugged tight by Nani who like always, made a comment on how he was getting thinner by the day and needed to start eating more.


"Aaahh, Armaan! All set?" Shashank asked, patting his back.


"All set!" Armaan replied, smiling.


"Good, good," Shashank replied. "I hope ki aap sab wahaan bohot enjoy karein. Lekin, apna khayal bhi rakhna."


"Haan, Papa," Armaan answered. "Aap tension mat lijiye. Hum sab dhyaan rakhenge."


"Haan, par mazze karna mat bhool jaana," Nani said.


"Hayye, Nani. Ab aap toh jaa nahi rahe. Aapke bina kaise enjoy karein?" Armaan asked dramatically, throwing am arm around her shoulder and giving her a side hug.


"Dhatt! Badmaash!" Nani replied, swatting his arm.


"Nani, aap kisse bol rahe ho? Yeh Armaan toh hai hi besharam. 100 besharam marein honge tab jaake yeh aaya hai," Anjali announced, scoffing loudly.


"Hawww! Anjy! Itni bezatti? Matlab... Itni zyada?" Armaan whined.


"Oh! Insult nahi hai. Sach bol rahi hu. Waise bhi, tu kitna besharam hai woh yahaan sab jaante hain," Anjali replied.


"You're such a meanie, Anjali Gupta!" Armaan cried, hugging Nani.


"Anjali, tu mere bete ko kuch mat bol. Itna pyaara sa, bhola sa hai. Tum sab hi iska naam bigaadte ho. Maine toh kabhi dekha nahi. Hamesha itna achcha bachcha banke rehta hai," Nani scolded.


Armaan grinned widely, showing all his whites to Anjali who just shook her head.


"Achcha chalo ab! Bohot mazaak ho gaya. Sab so jao. Kal subah kitni jaldi uthna hai. Riddhima, Rahul ko phone kar. Aaya nahi woh ab tak!" Padma instructed.


"Maa, Rahul Muskaan ko chodne gaya hai. Itni jaldi nahi aane wala," Armaan laughed.


"Shut up, Armaan!" Anjy & Riddhima chorussed.


"Maa, maine phone kiya tha," Riddhima said. "Woh aa raha hai. Muskaan ke ghar se nikal chuka hai."


"Hmmm. Theek hai," Padma answered. "Armaan, beta, ab tu bhi nikal, warna raat yahin rukna padega."


"Okay, maa! Nikalta hu. Agar main nahi gaya toh kal subah tak Billy mera poora ghar kabadkhana bana denge," Armaan chuckled.


After getting hugged and kissed by Padma Mom and Nani, Armaan made his way back home, grinning like a fool. No matter what Riddhima said, he had the best in laws. Better than Riddhima's too. And he couldn't wait to officially become a part of their family.


Sorry it ain't time for Goa just yet.

I really wanted to show these two babies with their in - laws bc they're all such a cute family. <33333

The gang assembles in Sanjeevani in the next update and the trip begins! Woohoo! :D

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Awesummm update prags.. Ok so pyaar ka dushman pager hai.. . Hahaha as always somehow sabko pata hi chal jata hai ye dono sath me hai.. 

And then muskaan and atul abt foods.. Hahaha.. Bt how will nikki manage this road trip??? She's pregnant yaar 

And i wonder ye muskaan ko subah 5baje kaunse McDonalds khuli milegi? ?? 

I just love AR with their families... That's really cute

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Originally posted by DMGThings

Kal update dde rahi hu lalchi aaurat. Sabar rakh. :p

I'm greedy :p

I knooowww. You're the greediest. But I love you. :p
Aaj pakka update in the afternoon. Around 3.

It's 3:28

I knowww. Sorry! Mummy ka phone aa gaya tha. Updating now.

Waise... Tu itna kood kyu rahi hai? Padhke comment toh tune raat mein hi karna hai. Toh main kabhi bhi update karu poore din mein, ki fark painda hai?

1St pospost reserve karni thi
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Originally posted by Prizi


Dekh! Res hi kiya na. Aur update ke liye itni maut aa rahi thi tujhe. *major eye rolling*
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Originally posted by Prizi

Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by DMGThings

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Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by Prizi

Originally posted by DMGThings

Kal update dde rahi hu lalchi aaurat. Sabar rakh. :p

I'm greedy :p

I knooowww. You're the greediest. But I love you. :p
Aaj pakka update in the afternoon. Around 3.

It's 3:28

I knowww. Sorry! Mummy ka phone aa gaya tha. Updating now.

Waise... Tu itna kood kyu rahi hai? Padhke comment toh tune raat mein hi karna hai. Toh main kabhi bhi update karu poore din mein, ki fark painda hai?

1St pospost reserve karni thi

Oho. Itna tashan? Waahhh.
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Ohh.. Its awesome.. I love it.. Arman and ridhima time with their parents are so beautiful... Thanks you for this.. And now update soon... Thanks again.. 
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Originally posted by maulik1992

Ohh.. Its awesome.. I love it.. Arman and ridhima time with their parents are so beautiful... Thanks you for this.. And now update soon... Thanks again..

Thank you! :)
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Heyyy Pragsss
Like usual, Awesome awesome awesome awesome and just too awesome part... 
Love it from the starting to end, waise bhi AR ke potion pehle padne koh milenge toh khush toh hogi na hahaha... 
Ufff in dno ka romance, kabhi khatam nhi hote... They are getting too much passionate now, ab jaldi shaadi karwa de dono ka hahha... 
hahaha sach mein, dono romance mein busy ho aur disturbance na ho woh toh mumkin nehi, kuch zyada na mumkin hai... 

Oh toh sab cafe' mein trip ke baar mein discuss kar rahi hai... 
hahaha sabko pata hai, yeh dono saath mein hoge thats why they weren't surprise to see them together... 
Chalo saari tayyari toh hogaye hai, can't wait to read about their trip in GOA...
It would be super awesome and fun as usual... I m sure har couple ke moments milenge padne koh ;) 

Love AR moment with their respective in laws...
Armaan parents indeed loves Ridz a lot, why not after it was because of her that Armaan was sharing a beautiful bond with his parents again...
Nehi toh un dono ke fight mein, Armaan se bohot dur hogaya tha... 

I just love the bonding Armaan share with Padma and Nani...
Heheh yeh ladka kabhi nehi sudar sakte, jab bhi moka mile, flirting shuru... 
Haan yeh baat Armaan ne bilkul sahi socha, he had indeed got the most amazing in laws...
After whatever he has gone through in his life, when Ridz enter his life, this has change in to a better shape...
Its true that they had to go through a lot being together and separate, but everything ends well... 

Also love AR moment back to Gupta house...
heheh sach mein, she is the first girl who don't wish to send her in laws away ;)
but can't blame her, when she has got so awesome and amazing in laws, who will wait to send them away...
That too when they love more than their own child ;)

Keep updating soon...
Take care...
Love it and love u more :*
Awesome, amazing, super part...
Edited by RihooHaws - 3 years ago

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