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So, thank you so very much for being such an amazing audience. I love you guys so very much!

Thank you, as always, Humi, Paki & Sanju, who have been there from the beginning (even tho Paki & Sanju have started ghosting the threads and Humi hasn't come on IF since God knows when). Thank you so much, Prizu & Rihoo Di for being absolutely amaze and supportive. Rihoo Di, your absolutely amazing comments always make my day! <3
Thank you, Tani, Tanya & Sanu for such excitement about each and every chapter and writing all those beautiful comments! They're really motivating! Thank you, Shweta, Sara & Faraz for being such amazing readers and always having such good stuff to say about the story. :)
Thank you, Aayu for taking the time out to read from your extremely busy schedule and always making it a point to tell me how you liked the update.
And ofc, special mentions to Sheena, for being the best sport ever. Thank you for all the chitchat, the incredible ideas for ILYLTF Outtakes (that may or may not materialize for realz), for being so enthusiastic and loving towards this story. And yes, for helping me finish the last thread in 2 days. :P I <3 you, Sheena!! 

And, as promised, Sheena, a present on finishing the previous thread, we're getting the next update in a few minutes! I promise. :D
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Previously On...

The Gupta & Mallik families celebrate the AR proposal.

Some cute & mushy AR.


Chapter 77

The next morning, Armaan asked everyone to meet him in the cafeteria before duty started. Anjali had, after explicit instructions and threats from both Armaan & Riddhima, managed to keep her mouth shut and so no one knew about the engagement just yet. Both Armaan & Riddhima were ridiculously excited to break this news to their friends, because they knew that everyone had been waiting for this for a long time and they would all be ecstatic on knowing.


Armaan skipped into the cafeteria, a huge grin on his face. A grin that hadn't left his face since Riddhima had said yes. A grin, he was pretty sure, would never leave his face ever. As long as he lived.


Entering the cafe, his grin widened tenfold on seeing who was sitting there, sitting with the interns, talking and laughing.


"Good morning, boys and girls," Armaan greeted the interns, but his eyes were fixed on the one person who wasn't an intern.


"Morning!" They chorussed.


"Dr. Armaan," Naina said, "inse miliye, yeh hain meri Bhabhi..."


"Mrs. Sapna Mehta," Armaan finished for her, his eyes twinkling with mischief.


"Dr. Armaan Mallik," Sapna replied, smiling widely.


"God, it's so good to see you, Sappy!" Armaan exclaimed, pulling her into a tight hug.


"It's so good to see you, too," Sapna replied.


"Aap dono ek doosre ko jaante ho?" Naina asked surprised.


"Jaante? Bohot achche se jaanti hu main is shaitaan ko," Sapna answered, laughing. "Bas, titliyon ki tarah idhar udhar mandraate rehte hai aur har ladki ke saath flirt karte hain aapke, Dr. Armaan."


"Sapna! Thodi sharam kar, yaar. Interns hai mere. Izzat hai meri inke saamne," Armaan replied.


"Haan, haan. Badi izzat hai aapki. Kitni izzat hai woh toh Riddhima Di humein dikha hi chuki hai," Naina teased.


Armaan grinned widely on hearing Riddhima's name.


"Oho. Tu aur Riddhima abhi bhi waise hi ladte ho kya?" Sapna asked, exasperated.


"Tu yeh sab chod, shaadi kya ho gayi, humein toh bhool hi gayi!" He accused playfully.


"Sorry!" Sapna apologized cutely, holding her ears. "Tujhe toh pata haina, shaadi ke those time baad, main aur Amit Ahmedabad shift ho gaye the. Ab bas, waapas Mumbai aaye hain."


"Achcha. Ab touch mein rehna," he commanded.


"Yes, boss!" Sapna replied sarcastically, mock saluting.


"Sapna!!!" Atul screeched excitedly as soon as he entered the cafe.


"Atul!" Sapna grinned, pulling him into a tight hug.


"Kaise ho tum?" She asked. "Aur tumhaari Reena, Meena, Teena? Woh kaisi hain?"


Atul smiled widely. "Tumhe abhi yaad hai?"


"Of course, Atul. Kaise bhool sakti hu?" Sapna asked rhetorically.


"Sab ekdum badhiya hain," Atul replied.


They joked around for sometime, before Abhi & Nikki got there. The two were promptly introduced to Sapna and Nikki, being the nosy meddlesome witch that she was, started asking Sapna a thousand things about her friends before she joined Sanjeevani.


It was around the time that Sapna was telling Nikki an exciting anecdote involving Dr. Shubhankar that Riddhima and Anjali entered the cafe.


Armaan forgot all about the conversation as Riddhima demanded all of his attention. He gazed at her, smiling dreamily.


"Oyye, Majnu! Taadna band kar," Abhi whispered.


His voice brought Armaan out of his trance. He looked around and smiled sheepishly.


"Sapna!" Riddhima yelled, excited. Another round of hugs commenced after that.


Once Sapna had been hugged to every inch of her life by Riddhima and then Anjali, they all sat back down.


"So, Riddhima," Sapna started. "Maine sunaa tum aur Armaan ab bhi waise hi ladte ho."


Riddhima looked at Armaan who was already staring at her and blushed.


"Ha... Haan," Riddhima answered. "Kyu?"


"Arre, nahin. Woh toh mujhe bas poochna tha ki Armaan ka promotion hua ya ab bhi sirf tera waiter hi hai?" Sapna questioned.


Atul, Riddhima and Sapna immediately burst out laughing as the memory hit them.


"Uhm," Riddhima cleared her throat.


"1, 2, 3," she said.


"4 sandwich laana, waiter!" The three of them chorussed. Then, they looked at each other and started laughing again.


"Ha ha ha. Very funny," Armaan replied sarcastically.


"Batana, Armaan. Promotion hua kya tera?" Sapna asked.


"Hua na, Sappy," Anjali answered. "Ab Armaan Ridzy ka waiter hi nahi, driver, chef, bodyguard. Sab kuch hai," she joked, smirking at Armaan.


"Dii!!" Riddhima whined.


"Arre kya dii, dii? Kal raat se tune iske alawa kuch bola hai?" Anjali teased.


The mention of previous night brought huge grins to both Armaan and Riddhima's faces.


"Hey guys!" Rahul greeted, entering the cafeteria with Muskaan. And then, another round of hugs.


"Hum sabko yahaan kyu bulaya hai?" Rahul asked Armaan.


"Dr. Keerti aur Dr. Shubhankar ko aane de, phir batata hu," Armaan replied.


A few minutes later, Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhankar arrived too. They greeted everyone and Dr. Keerti hugged Sapna before settling down.


"So, kya baat hai?" Dr. Shubhankar asked.


Before Armaan or Riddhima could say anything, Anjali shouted excitedly, "ARMAAN PROPOSED!!"


A beat of silence followed her declaration and then it was utter pandemonium. Everyone was shouting. It took a minute to realize that Nikki, Muskaan, and Atul were all blaming each other for having missed watching Armaan propose.


"Sab... Sab teri wajah se hua hai!" Muskaan told Atul. "Tujhe hi bas poora time Anjali - Anjali karna tha na? Dhyan nahi rakh sakta tha?" She asked, hitting his arm.


"Tu... tu mujhe kyu bol rahi hai? Maine apni shift achche se poori ki thi. Aur waise bhi, last shift toh Rahul ki thi. Toh... toh phir bhi... Main... Main kyu bali ka bakra banu?" Atul asked.


Nikki and Muskaan turned to glare at Rahul. "Mujh... mujhe kyu... kyu aise dekh rahe ho? Doc... Dr. Keerti ne meri night duty lagayi thi. Aur Anjali ki bhi. Isliye hum nahi jaa sakte the. Meri galti nahi hai. Maine Abhi ko bataya tha."


So, they turned to Abhi. "Arre... mujhe hospital mein bohot kaam tha. Toh... Main... Maine tumhe bataya tha na, Nikki, ki main late tak kaam karunga?" He asked.


Nikki stopped to think. "Haan, ba... bataya toh tha. Toh, main jaane wali thi. Lekin shaam ko meri tabiyat kuch theek nahi thi toh main ghar chali gayi thi. Magar... Muskaan... haan, Musaan ko batake gayi thi."


So, everyone turned to glare at Muskaan. "Oyyyeee! Meri koi galti nahi hai. Yeh sab na... Iss Atul ki wajah se hua hai. Usne mujhe bola ki usne Paradiso Restaurant mein free buffet dinner for two jeeta hai. Toh... toh main uske saath wahaan chali gayi."


So, of course, Nikki, Muskaan & Anjali all turned their glares to Atul.


"Aur, Abhi? Tumhe itna kya zaroori kaam tha? Aaj nahi kar sakte the?" Nikki asked. "Kaha tha na maine, ki humein ekdum sakht nigraani rakhni hai. Itna bhi samamjh nahi aaya tumhe?"


"Nik... Nikki, baby... main... main Sanjeevani ka financial administrator hu. Mujhe din mein 1000 kaam hote hain. Aur sab important hote hain. Yeh sab chodke main humaare friends ki jasoosi karu? Woh bhi aise time pe jab Armaan propose karne wala tha?: Abhi asked.


"Idiot!" Nikki answered, hitting his arm. "Woh propose karne wala tha isliye toh follow karna tha! Tumhe kya lagta hai, hum sab bina wajah, har baar bas in dono ko stalk karte rehte hain? Aur bhi kaam hai humaari life mein. Lekin yeh important hai! Armaan proposed! Aur maine miss kar diya! All because of you!" She blamed her husband.


"Baby... this wasn't my fault!" Abhi answered.


Nikki started crying at that. "Ek toh... ek toh itni badi galti ki. Tumhaare kaaran maine apne best friend ki life ka itna important moment miss kar diya! Aur ab, tum mujhse lad rahe ho? Main tumhaare bachche ki maa banne waali hu! Tumhe zara bhi khayal nahi hai?!?!"


"Nikki... Isme... Isme baby ki baat beech mein kahaan se aa gayi?" Abhi asked.


"Kyuki tumhe toh bilkul meri koi value hi nahi hai! Ek cheez maangi thi tumse, aur tum woh bhi nahi kar paaye!" She sobbed.


"Nikki... Main..." Abhi trailed off, not knowing what to say.


"Ab yeh main main kya kar rahe ho? Sab satyanaash toh kar hi diya na!" Muskaan exclaimed, supporting Nikki.


"Haan, haan. Nikki bilkul sahi keh rahi hai," Atul added.


Having her friends backing her up, Nikki started crying harder.


"Guys, I think the more important thing is ki maine propose kiya hai. Yeh stupid fight hum baad mein continue kar sakte hain, right? Aur Nikki,tu zyada draame na kar. Yeh crocodile tears kahin aur bahana," Armaan intervened.


Him and Riddhima and been standing quietly,letting the gang get it all out of their system before saying anything but this was getting a little too much. Armaan had proposed, dammit! It was such a big deal. And these people were busy in their petty squabbles instead of celebrating the occasion.


Armaan's words made them all realize what was actually happening and Atul & Muskaan had the decency to look ashamed at starting the fight.


"Sorry!" They both murmured together.


"Theek hai. It's okay," Armaan replied dismissively.


"Pch! Armaan!" Riddhima scolded, swatting his arm. "Itna attitude dikhane ki zaroorat nahi hai, samjhe?"


Armaan just made a face.


"Tune... Tune kya kaha? Main crocodile tears baha rahi hu?" Nikki asked.


"Aur nahi toh kya," Armaan shrugged dismissively. "Tu baaki sabko buddhu bana sakti hai. Mujhe nahi. Best friend bolti hai, lekin aaj mere liye itni khushi ka din hai, toh tu yeh sab naatak karne mein zyada busy hai!"


Nikki smiled sheepishly. "Sorry!" she said, holding her ears cutely.


"Tu rakh apni sorry apne paas. Mujhe nahi chahiye," he replied.


"Armaan!!" she cried, hugging him tightly. She couldn't help her tears and Armaan shook his head at her. Her hug and the absolute jubilance in her tone had wiped Armaan's anger (what little there was) and he grinned, hugging her back just as tight.


"I'm so, so, so happy for you!" She blubbered. "I know, ki tu aur Ridzy hamesha khush rahoge."


Armaan chuckled softly and pulled Nikki closer, kissing her forehead. "Thanks, Nik. Tu nahi hoti toh... Pata nahi aaj main aur Basket saath hote ya nahi."


Nikki laughed. "Agar Ammy ko zaroorat hogi, toh Nik hamesha uske saath rahegi. Remember?" She asked, referring to the promise they'd made to each other long ago, when they were still in school, vowing to always be there for the other, no matter what the situation.


Armaan grinned. "I know. You're the best best friend ever. Thank you!"


"Woh toh main hu," Nikki replied. She pulled back after that and kissed Armaan's cheek affectionately, ruffling his hair.


At the same time, Rahul was hugging Riddhima extremely tightly, making it difficult for her to breathe. "I'm so happy for you, Riddhu. Itne time baad, ab tu aur Armaan ek saath ho! I know... I know ki Armaan hamesha tujhe bohot bohot bohot khush rakhega!"


Riddhima smiled. "Thank you, Rahul. Tu... Tune hamesha mujhe aur Armaan ko, humaare relationship ko, sabse zyada support kiya hai. Woh cheez mere liye kitni important hai, tu soch bhi nahi sakta."


Rahul shook his head fondly. "Paagal hai kya! Best friend hai tu meri. Armaan toh mera bhai hai. Tum dono ke liye kuch bhi."


Riddhima just grinned.


Then, Nikki & Rahul exchanged positions and then hugged Riddhima and Armaan respectively.


"Saale! Congrats!" Rahul told Armaan. "Ab iss baar please koi ulti seedhi harkat mat kariyo. Shaadi tak ekdum good boy banke rehna! Samjha?"


Armaan nodded, chuckling loud. No other words were needed. Armaan knew, better than anyone, just how happy Rahul was about this. He'd been the one person who'd known everything from the beginning and always helped Armaan when it came to Riddhima. If not for him, Armaan knew that he never would have been able to reach where he was today, especially where Riddhima was concerned. He had been their number one cheerleader and supporter, right from the start, and Armaan knew that after him and Riddhima, it was Rahul who was the happiest at this development.


Nikki was a blubbering mess and Riddhima was just shushing her, comforting her and pacifying her.


"Nikki, tujhe toh khush hona chahiye na. Dekh, tere best friend ki engagement ho gayi. Aur tu aise ro rahi hai! Paagal hai kya? Baby sochega ki meri mummy kitni stupid hai. Itne happy occasion pe bhi ro rahi hai," Riddhima murmured.


Abhi took Nikki in his arms, comforting her and passing his congratulations to both Armaan & Riddhima.


"Congratulations, Bhabhi," Atul whispered in Riddhima's ear when he hugged her, causing a tear to slip out of Riddhima's eye. She hugged him back tightly. Atul, understanding the significance of the moment, rubbed his hand up and down her back, soothing her.


He then hugged Armaan and congratulated him heartily, unable to express in words, just how happy he was for the man who he loved like a brother.


Muskaan hugged Armaan, saying, "Congrats, Hero! Aakhir apni Heroine ko pata hi liya tune."


She hugged Riddhima then. "Ridzy!! I'm so happy for you, yaar! Congratulations!! Tu aur Hero saath mein bohot, bohot, bohot khush rahoge. Main babaji se pray karungi, ki tum dono apni saari dua de. Sach, dil khush kar dita aaj."


"Bas kar ab. Rulaayegi kya?" Riddhima asked Muskaan.


Muskaan giggled and pulled back.


It was then Shubhankar and Keerti's turn to congratulate the couple. They hugged both Armaan and Riddhima and wished them a happy and prosperous life ahead.


"Congratulations, Armaan! Riddhima! Aap dono ne yeh bohot achcha faisla liya hai. I'm really happy for you both," Dr. Keerti wished them.


"Sach. Itni achchi news di hai aap dono, sunnke bohot achcha laga," Shubhankar seconded. "Congratulations!! I'm sure aap dono ki life bohot saari khushiyon ae bhari hogi!"


After that, the interns hugged them to pass their congratulations.


"Diii!!" Naina squealed, hugging Riddhima. "Congratulations!! Main aapke liye kitni khush hu!"


At the same time, Yuvi pulled Armaan into a one armed hug, congratulating him.


During all this, Sapna was looking at the scene unfold in absolute confusion. Armaan was engaged to Riddhima? When Anjali had shouted the news, for lack of better word, Sapna had assumed that it was her Armaan had gotten engaged to, not Riddhima.


It was difficult for her to comprehend that Armaan and Riddhima, who couldn't go two minutes without fighting, were going to get married.

"Sapna, kya hua? Tu itni confused kyu lag rahi hai?" Muskaan asked, once the excitement had died down.


"Yaar, yeh, Armaan aur Riddhima? Matlab, kaise?" Sapna asked out loud, causing the gang to laugh.


"Don't get me wrong," Sapna added, hastily. "I'm really happy. Lekin, tum dono toh bina lade reh hi nahi sakte. Shadi kaise karoge?"


"Woh kehte haina, jahaan pyaar hota hai, takraar bhi hoti hai," Armaan answered. "Bas, aisa kuch hi samajh le."


"Awww," Sapna cooed. "Congratulations!"


"Yaar, woh sab toh theek hai. Lekin Ridzy, ring toh dikha humein," Muskaan pleaded.


Riddhima blushed and forwarded her hand, letting everyone see her ring.

"Oh! This is absolutely gorgeous, Armaan!" Nikki exclaimed.


"Seriously, Hero. Itni soni ring hai! Dil khush ho gaya dekhke," Muskaan added.


"Mili kahaan tujhe?" Sapna asked. "Itni pretty hai. Aur design kitna alag hai."


Armaan smiled. "Paris mein. Waise, design toh maine ki hai. Wahaan ek jeweler tha jo aise unique rings banata tha. Toh usse banwayi."


"Tune design ki hai? Seriously?" Anjali asked, surprised.


Armaan nodded.


"Awww! Jeeju, you're the cutest!" She exclaimed after that, hugging Armaan, who was blushing badly.


"Yaar, Armaan! Ab toh tu aadat daal le Jeeju sunne ki. Kya ladkiyon jaise sharma raha hai," Muskaan teased.


He blushed even deeper on hearing that.


"Hayye! Gaal toh dekho. Kaise tamaatar ki tarah laal - laal ho rahe hain," Rahul teased, pulling Armaan's cheek.


"Chod!" Armaan reprimanded, slapping Rahul's hand away.


The movement caused Rahul to notice the ring on his finger and he immediately caught hold of Armaan's hand.


"Abbe, yeh kya hai?" He asked, holding Armaan's hand up.


Riddhima blushed a deep red on hearing this.


"Dikhta nahi kya? Ring hai," Armaan replied.


"Teri ring finger mein kyu hai?" Rahul asked.


"Rahul, pagle," Armaan answered, lightly hitting Rahul's cheek, "Ab ring hai toh ring finger mein hi pehnunga na?"


"Kisne di?" Rahul continued his interrogation.


"Muskaan ne di hai," Armaan replied, annoyed.


"Kya? Muskaan?! Tune Armaan ko kyu di?" Atul asked, taking Armaan's words at face value.


"Oyye, maine koi ring nahi di usko," Muskaan replied. "Meri matti maari gayi hai kya, jo iss idiot ko ring dungi?"


"Bas, yehi teri dosti, Muskaan?" Armaan asked, fake crying. "Kya kya nahi kiya maine tere liye? Aur tune yeh silaa diya? Cheee."


"Muskaan! Tune mere bhai ko rulaya hai, aaj. Yeh kabhi nahi bhoolunga main," Atul thundered, dramatically.

"Oyye, bandar. Chup reh. Maine kuch nahi kiya. Yeh Armaan toh hai hi ek number ka dramebaaz. Nautanki saala," Muskaan replied.


"Aur tu," she added, turning to Armaan. "Zyada overacting mat kar. Sabko pata hai ki tujhe angoothi Ridzy ne di hai, aur bas taaki tujhe chidhaaye nahi, tu yeh saare drame kar raha hai. Kamina kahin ka."


The table erupted in laughter at Muskaan's words.


"Jeeju, ring dikhao na," Naina teased.


"Haan, bhai. Bhabhi ne di hai. Hum bhi toh dekhe," Yuvi added slyly.


"Tum logon ko dekh lunga main," Armaan replied. "Karo mujhe pareshaan. Sabki double duty lagegi aaj."


"Dr. Armaan!" Keerti scolded. "Aap aisa kuch nahi karenge. Agar mujhe pata chala ki aapne kisi bhi intern se bina matlab zyada kaam karaya, toh aapko ek hafte tak rectal exams karne honge. Poore hospital ke."


"Ye... Yes, Dr. Keerti. I'm sorry, Dr. Keerti," Armaan replied immediately.


"Yeh Gabbar bhi na. Ab senior doctors bann gaye hain tab bhi hamesha aise daraake rakhti hai," Armaan mumbled under his breath, but Rahul heard him and chuckled softly.


"Baat toh teri sahi hai," Rahul answered. "Lekin soch, Dr. Shubhankar ka kya haal hota hoga?"


The two burst into laughter at that.

"Kya... Kya hua?" Atul asked immediately, wanting to know.


"Hum toh bas soch rahe the ki bechaare Dr. Shubhankar. Dr. Keerti ke saath kaise rehte honge? Yeh toh ghar pe bhi aise Gabbar banke hi rehti hogi," Armaan whispered to Atul.


The three shared a laugh and looked up to see Shubhankar gazing at Keerti lovingly. The smirked at each other and then, in unison, stood up, spread their arms and cried, "ISHQ HAYYE!"


This caused Dr. Shubhankar to come out of his dreamland. He smiled sheepishly and Keerti glared at the boys, but they immediately started murmuring amongst each other as if they hadn't said anything.


The others at the table looked confused while Riddhima, Anjali & Muskaan burst out laughing, like they always did.


"Uh, boys," Dr. Shubhankar said.


"Yes, Dr. Shubhankar," the three chorussed. "Kya hua?"


"Aap kya kar rahe the?" He asked.


"Sir, hum toh bas yeh discuss kar rahe the ki ab sab yahaan hai toh coffee peete hain. Waise bhi, itne dino se canteen ki coffee hi nahi pi," Armaan said, his face the picture of innocence.


Shubhankar looked at him suspiciously, so Armaan added. "Haina, Rahul, Champ?"


Both of them immediately nodded their agreement.


"Toh, hum leke aate hain," Armaan announced and three of them disappeared.


"Chal, Ridz. Ab toh yeh gaya. Ab bata. Kaise propose kiya?" Nikki asked excitedly. "Was it romantic? Hayye. Of course, Armaan tha. It must have been really romantic. Kaise kiya? Kab? Kahaan?"


"Nikki! Tu usse bolne degi toh woh bolegi na," Muskaan interrupted. Turning to Riddhima, she added. "Ab please, yeh blush karna chod. Aur bata. Kaise propose kiya Hero ne?"


"It was really sweet. Usne itni achchi si speech di. Aur he sat down on both knees," Riddhima said, smiling shyly.


"Awww!!" All the girls cooed in unison.


"Really? Both knees?" Nikki asked. Riddhima nodded.


"Wow, yaar, Ridzy! Tu kitni lucky hai. Yeh Modi toh ek knee pe bhi nahi baitha tha," she cribbed, punching Abhi in the arm. "Tum seriously lessons lo Armaan se."


"Kahaan propose kiya?" Naina asked excitedly.


"Woh... Basketball court," Riddhima replied blushing.


"Hey, Bhagwan! Seriously?!?!" Muskaan exclaimed. "Tum dono ko pata haina, iss duniya mein Sanjeevani ke Basketball Court aur Fire Escape ke alawa aur bhi jagah hai. Shaadi bhi wahin karoge kya? Ek kaam karna, rehna bhi wahin pe."


The table burst out laughing at that.


"Muski!!" Riddhima pouted. "Aise mat bolna. Woh jagah mere aur Armaan ke liye bohot special hai."


"Haan, haan. Sab pata hai mujhe. Abhi last week hi sunaa maine sab," Muskaan replied.


"Muski rehne de na. Ridzy khush hai toh aur kya chahiye?" Anjali interrupted.


"Dr. Anjali bilkul sahi keh rahin hain, Dr. Muskaan. Important yeh hai ki Riddhima aur Armaan, dono khush ho," Keerti added.


Till then, Armaan & Atul returned with everyone's coffee.


"So, kya baatein ho rahi thi?" Armaan asked.


"Hum toh bas tere proposal ki story sunn rahe the," Nikki answered. "Ab sach mein dekhne nahi mila toh story sunnke hi kaam chalana padega. Maine toh kitni planning ki thi, dekhne, lekin sab gadbad ho gaya. Tujhe zara si bhi sharam nahi aayi na, Armaan! Hum sab tere best friends hain, kabse wait kar rahe hain ki teri aur Ridzy ki story aage badhe! Lekin, jab mudde ki baat aayi, toh tune sabko sideline kar diya! Matlab, bataya bhi nahi! Besharam!"


She swatted his arm loudly after saying that.


"Owww!" Armaan complained, rubbing the spot Nikki had hit.


"Rehne do! Sabke sab, useless. Maine kuch bataya nahi toh tum saare itni planning kar rahe the, aisa James Bond ki tarah jasoosi kar rahe the. Agar bata diya hota toh sabke sab baaraat leke wahin pohonch jaate. Aur kabab mein haddi banke mere poore plan ki band bajaa dete! Idiots!" He replied.


"Tu... Tune... Tune mujhe idiot bola? Mujhe?" Nikki asked.


"Sirf tujhe nahi, tum sabke sab... saare idiots ho," Armaan replied.


"Kameene! Besharam! Behaya! Behuda! Teri toh main!" Muskaan got up from her chair and starting hitting Armaan, along with a pissed Nikki.


"OUCH! Lag raha hai, yaar! Chodo mujhe! Ab tak toh meri shadi bhi nahi hui! Aise kunwara hi maar daaloge kya?" He cribbed.


Riddhima blushed at his comments. However, his words just angered the girls more, and they started hitting him harder, joined by Anjali.


"GUYS!" Riddhima shouted a few minutes later. "Chodo! Chodo usse! Kya kar rahe ho? Lag rahi hai!"


She got up from her chair and physically pulled the trio away, making Armaan sigh in relief.


"Thank you, Basket!" He exclaimed, hugging her and giving her a quick peck on her forehead.


"Haan, bhai. Ab, Ridzy ke unko hum kuch bhi karein, usse bardaasht thodi hoga?" Muskaan teased, making Riddhima turn redder.


"Oyye! Tu... tu chup reh. Zyada bakwaas mat kar, samjhi?" Armaan jumped to his girl's defense. "Ek toh... teeno milke mujhe itna zor - zor se maar rahe the, aur ab agar kisi ko mujhe bechaare abla narr pe taras aa gaya, toh woh bhi tujhse dekha nahi jaata?"


"Tu... tu yeh ghatiya sidey comments mat maar, samjha?" Muskaan replied. "Tu seedhe seedhe bolde na... ki main Ridz ko chidhaa rahi thi toh tujhse dekha nahi gaya. Waise bhi, jab bhi hum mein se koi bhi usse kuch bhi bolta hai, tu ekdum se saamne aake khada ho jaata hai. Anjy sahi kehti hai. Tu na... tu Ridz ka bodyguard hi hai."


"Muski Di! Chodo na!" Naina said. "Yeh lo, sandwich khao."


Having been placated with food, Muskaan finally shut up, making everyone at the table laugh.


"Waise, Armaan, maanna padega. Tum bade smart ho. Tumhe kal pata chal gaya tha na, ki hum sabko shak ho gaya hai ki tum Riddhima ko propose karne wale ho?" Abhi asked.


Armaan smirked. "Aur nahi toh kya. Waise bhi tum saare ke saare kabab mein haddiyon ko kuch aur kaam toh hota nahi hai. Ab tum sab wahaan aa jaate, toh mere proposal ki toh saari band baj jaati. Toh mujhe sab karna pada."


"Dil tod diya tune, bhai. Hum sab there liye itne khush ho rahe the. Apni aankhon se dekhna chaahte the. Aur tune poore plan ki waat laga di," Atul complained.


"Champ, tu toh kuch bol hi mat! Kal woh jo tu aur Muskaan itna bhukkadon ki tarah Paradiso Restaurant mein thoos ke aaye na, saare paise mujhe bharne pade uske!" Armaan answered. "Kitna khaate ho yaar dono!"


"Haan, toh wahaan ka khana itna achcha tha. Aur humein wahaan bhejna ka idea tera hi tha. Toh bhugat ab. Sunaa kyu raha hai?" Muskaan thundered.


"Haan, theek hai, theek hai. Bhadak mat ab," Armaan replied.


Suddenly, the lights in the cafe dimmed and a spotlight was thrown on Armaan & Riddhima.


"Uh, hey, guys!" Rahul called the attention of everyone sitting there.


"I'm sure yahaan almost sab mujhe jaante hain. Lekin, jo nahin jaante, main bata du, hi, I'm Dr. Rahul Grewal! Is bade se hospital mein chota sa doctor hu. Aaj, mere liye bohot hi zyada khushi ka din, in fact, mere saare doston ke liye bhi. Muskaan, Anjali, Atul, Nikki aur Abhi. Aur humaare saare juniors aur seniors. Kyuki, mere dono best friends shaadi karne wale hai!" He announced, causing the cafeteria to burst into applause.


Armaan looked surprised that Rahul would do such a thing, but still smiled widely, while Riddhima blushed heavily and hid her face in Armaan's arm. Armaan chuckled and kissed the top of her head, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her closer.


"Thank you!" Rahul shouted, to be heard over the applause. "Uh, as you can guess, hum sabke liye bohot khaas din hai. Aur iss din ko aur special banana chaahte hai, aap sabke saath. Toh, Armaan, Riddhima, please come here!"


Armaan pulled Riddhima with him and the two stood beside Rahul. One of the waiters came with a cake and placed it in front of the couple.


As Armaan & Riddhima cut the cake in the midst of wild applause, they looked at each other and smiled. The rest of their life was about to start, and with each other by their side, flanked with such an amazing group of friends, they couldn't wait!


You can thank my tax professor for this. Kuch kaam aa gaya so class got over 2 hours earlier than expected. Which is why I got to come home and update. :p

Anywho, did you guys like it? I know it kinda doesn't meet all the expectations that people had from Muski & Nikki, but I thought ki woh log gussa honge, but proposal ki itni khushi hogi ki they won't do much.

Also, Sapna's back! Woohoo! She's not going to be there as much as the gang, but yes, we'll see her in a few chapters, especially the ones where the AR wedding is concerned. So, huzzah!

I hope this was satisfying. It's almost 4,500 words which is double the regular chapter length, so. 

Posted: 3 years ago

Wohhh what an update prags...  Old gang is back i mean sapna is back. .. Hahaha wohi main sochu sana ko pata hai ya nhi. . Bt when she askd abt armaan ka promotion hua ya nhi... Tabhi pata vhal gaya tha isko 440v ka shock lgne wala hai abhi. ..

Hahahha gangs reaction was just best.. And nikki is best man. . Sab ek sath abhi pe chad gaye. .Spcly muski and atul to cover up their blunder 

I can read this part again and again yaar
Though i already read this 2 times before commenting 

And then rahul's speech was just woww
Edited by Prizi - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
I just got a little busy. Studies remember ? LMAO!!!
Will comment as soon as I get time.

Posted: 3 years ago
Jyada mat bol thread 2 maine khatam karwaya tha, in the beginning, thread 3 bhi. ROFL

Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Prizi


Chalo, res res khelte hain. :p
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

I just got a little busy. Studies remember ?LMAO!!!
Will comment as soon as I get time.

I remember, bebu. Even I have studies. But I still comment on your story. :p
Koi nahi. You comment when you have time.

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