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Wow. Here, we are! Thread 5! Unbelievable. 4 years with all of you have been an amazing journey! You guys have stuck by us for so long, so thank you so much for being here still! :D
You guys are the real superheroes and MVPs for having the patience to stick by me. I love y'all. I have literally named all of you so many times in my thanks, so by now all of you know who you are - Sanju, Paki, Sheena, Rihoo Di, Prizi, Saniya, Faraz, Aayu and a lot of you guys I'm forgetting at the moment! Thank you. Everyone of you! <3333

Now... Onto the next chapter! :D
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Previously On...

Gang shares their favourite memories from their internship days.


Chapter 84

"No way," Riddhima refused vehemently.


"Please, Basket!" Armaan pleaded, giving her the full effect of his puppy dog eyes which she usually found hard to resist.


"Armaan! Tumhaari yeh stupid trick iss baar kaam nahi karegi. Nahi matlab nahi," she insisted.


"Lekin... Basket! Please!" Armaan whined.


"Armaan! Kya kar rahe ho? Chalo!" Anjali, who was a few feet away, called out, breaking the stare off between Armaan & Riddhima.


Armaan sighed and waved her on, indicating that she should go ahead with the others. Anjali looked confused but went anyway.


The entire group, apart from Abhi & Nikki who had stayed back at the hotel because Nikki had been feeling nauseous all morning, were at the beach to enjoy some water sports, but Riddhima was being a sore thumb. She was terrified and absolutely refused to even try any of those "life threatening sports as she called them. Currently, Armaan was trying to convince her to at least give it a try before deciding she wasn't gonna like it, but she was adamant.


"Arre! Tum Di ke saath kyu nahi gaye?" Riddhima asked.


"Ab tumhe company dene rukna padega na!" Armaan replied.


"Armaan, it's okay! I don't mind. Main yahaan hi baith jaati hu. Tum jao," she insisted.


Armaan shook his head in refusal. "Nahi, Basket. Tumhe akele chodkar main kahin nahi jaa raha. It's okay. Hum dono yahaan ruk jaate hain."


"Armaan," Riddhima pleaded.


"Kya?" He asked.


"Meri wajah se tum kyu enjoy nahi kar rahe? Mujhe waise bhi inn sab cheezon se bohot darr lagta hai. Itne saalon se Di mujhe try karane ki koshish kar rahi hai lekin mujhse nahi hota. Ab, meri wajah se tum bhi nahi jaa rahe. Yeh toh galat hai. Mujhe darr lagta hai toh tum kyu enjoy nahi karoge?" She ranted.


Armaan sighed. "It's okay, Basket. It's not like maine yeh sab pehle try nahi kiya hai. Main kuch miss nahi kar raha."


Riddhima scoffed. "Armaan kya bakwaas kar rahe ho! Subah se toh itne excited the. Sabko achche se naashta bhi nahi karne diya aur kheench laaye yahaan. Ab keh rahe ho koi fark nahi padta."


Armaan shrugged. "Woh toh main excited isliye tha kyuki mujhe sab tumhaare saath karna tha," he admitted, smiling sheepishly.


"Oh!" Riddhima exclaimed, not knowing what to say to that.


"Hey! It's okay!" Armaan assured her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her into his side. "Tum iss sabke baare mein zyada socho mat," he told her, kissing her temple.


When Riddhima deemed that they were near enough the sea, which was actually only a few feet away from the shore, the couple sat down, basking in the sun.


The area touching the sea was occupied by various peddlers as they tried to attract tourists to try out their water sport shack. Riddhima could see Rahul and Anjali talking to one of those guys, definitely getting the necessary information about all the activities they wanted to participate in.


Riddhima looked around the beach and saw that it wasn't really as crowded as she had thought it would be. It wasn't a private beach, but it was attached to the hotel they were staying at and the hotel guests had a separate gate they could use to enter the beach. There weren't many shacks either, so Riddhima assumed that though this was a public beach, it must be used mainly by the guests at the hotel.


She looked around for a few minutes, enjoying the sights in front of her before turning back to the man beside her. Armaan was looking at the sea, unblinking.


Riddhima guessed that he was probably thinking about paragliding. He'd been really excited about it when the gang had decided to go for water sports today. Riddhima sighed. She didn't want Armaan to miss out on stuff because of her, but she also knew that her boy was a stubborn mule and now that he'd decided that he wouldn't go anywhere without her, he wouldn't, no matter how hard she tried to convince him.


Sighing, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling herself closer and snuggling into his side. Armaan startled out of his thoughts and smiled down at her. He kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer still, resting his head on hers.


The two of them watched as their friends all got on jet skis, ready to begin their afternoon of fun. Riddhima watched in fascination as she heard them laugh and squeal in delight, obviously enjoying what they were doing.


Seeing the happy looks on their faces, she couldn't resist.


"Agar mujhe darr laga toh main turant waapas aa jaungi," she declared out of nowhere, catching Armaan by surprise.


"What?" He asked, confused.


"Pch!" Riddhima sighed and got up. She held her hand out to Armaan who took it without second thought, making her smile a little.


"Chalo ab!" She coaxed.


Armaan got up and followed her down the beach to the shoreline.


Riddhima found the guy she'd seen Anjali talking to and made a beeline for him.


"Bhaiya, humein jet ski chahiye," she told him.


When the guy explained that they didn't rent them out and you could only go on a round with one of their own riders, Riddhima's eyes dimmed.


"Armaan, please, main kisi aur ke saath nahi jaungi," she pleaded.


Armaan sighed and nodded. He turned to the vendor and assured him that he (Armaan) knew how to ride a jet ski and they'd be fine. He even offered more money than what would have been the fair rent but the vendor didn't budge. So, Armaan talked him into going on a ride and seeing for himself how good Armaan was with the ski. Reluctantly, the vendor agreed and set sail with Armaan. A few minutes later, he was convinced that Armaan was a good rider and thankfully agreed to rent the ski out for half an hour. Armaan happily agreed, even though the rent was exorbitant. Anything for his Basket.


He laughed at Riddhima's eagerness as she pulled him into the water after they'd both put their life jackets on. One of the riders gave the couple the jet ski he was manning and the two of them situated themselves on it with Riddhima in the front.


"Ready?" Armaan asked her.


"Agar mujhe darr laga toh hum turant waapas aa jaayenge," she reiterated.


"Pakka," Armaan promised.


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Truth was, she was scared. A lot. Riding on a jet ski was the most harmless water sport she could think of and even doing that made her uncomfortable. But, she wanted to try. It looked so much fun and she'd always wanted to do it, but she was so afraid that she hadn't been able to. But, with Armaan there, it soothed her a little because she knew that if it got too much for her, he'd immediately take them back, unlike her sister who would insist that Riddhima take the full experience now that she'd decided to do it, even if she didn't want to.


She knew that Armaan wouldn't let anything happen to her. He never did. He was always saving her. That made her rest easy and was also the reason she decided to give in.


"Okay. Ready," Riddhima told Armaan after a couple minutes.


"It's gonna be great. Tum bohot enjoy karogi, I know," Armaan told her, kissing her temple. Riddhima nodded and then they were off.


The first few minutes of the ride, Riddhima had her eyes tightly shut, holding on to the handle of the bike for dear life as she heard Armaan's exuberant laughter echo around them. She had to admit that she loved the feel of the wind slapping against her body. This was fun.


"BASKET!" He shouted sometime later. "AANKHEIN KHOLO. THIS IS AWESOME!"


After a few more tries, Armaan was able to get her to open her eyes and look around.


She was amazed to see how fast they were going, jumping on waves. It was fascinating to look around and see the vast expanse of the sea and nothing else. She could see boats littered in the water a little ways away, and the entire scene painted a quaint picture. As if she was watching a moving postcard. It was beautiful.


She forgot about all her fears, in fact wondering why she hadn't tried this before, and just let go.


Armaan grinned wide when he heard her point to stuff, glad that she was enjoying and was secure enough to remove a hand from the jet ski. He followed her fingers to see anything and everything she was pointing at, and the two shared many more laughs than they could count.


When it was time to head back, Riddhima actually started pouting about the fact that she wanted to enjoy the ride a little longer, but Armaan convinced her to leave it be for now and that they could go once again after they'd tried some other things.


"Di!" Riddhima cried when her and Armaan got back at the beach, pulling a gobsmacked Anjali into a hug. The gang had all gotten back from their jet ski rounds a few minutes ago and were surprised to see that Armaan & Riddhima weren't around. Neither of them were answering their phones and a quick call to Nikki let them know that the couple wasn't with them either.


Rahul had been convinced that Armaan must've whisked Riddhima away for some alone time, because everyone else was busy with one thing or the other, so of course, they were all shocked to see them get down from a jet ski.


Anjali was actually really impressed with Armaan for managing to get Riddhima on the jet ski even though she hadn't been able to, after years of trying.


"So, mazza aaya?" Anjali asked Riddhima.


"Itna mazza aaya! Mujhe na... Pehle hi try karna chahiye tha! Sorry!" Riddhima replied, apologizing cutely.


Anjali chuckled and hugged her baby sister tightly. She was so cute.


"It's okay, Ridzy! Tune enjoy kiya na! And, better late than never. Waise bhi, abhi toh hum yahaan par aur 4-5 days hain. Toh tu next time mere saath chalna, okay?" She asked.


"Done!" Riddhima replied instantly, smiling wide.


"Um, Champ? Tu itna geela kyu hai?" Armaan asked, looking at Atul who was soaked from head to toe.


Rahul and Muskaan burst out laughing at the question and Atul gave them the stink eye. Anjali though, she blushed, and Armaan was absolutely flabbergasted to see her that way.


"Uh..." Atul hesitated, scratching the back of his head. "Woh... meri... meri jet ski paani mein ulti ho gayi, yaar!"


"What?" Riddhima asked, immediately concerned. "Kaise? Atul... tum theek hona?"


"Haan... Haan," Atul replied. "Woh bas main paani mein gir gaya toh geela ho gaya."


"Lekin jet ski ulti kaise hui?" Armaan pressed.


Rahul & Muskaan started laughing again and even the interns looked like they were trying to suppress their giggles. Sapna & Amit were chuckling lowly with their hands on their mouth and even Dr. Keerti cracked a smile. Now, Armaan was very intrigued.


"Koi batayega kya hua?" He asked, annoyed.


Atul sighed and launched into his story. About 10 minutes into the ride, he'd started trying to convince his rider into letting him control the jet ski, of course, in a bid to impress Anjali whose bike was surfing alongside his own. After a lot of begging and pleading and whining, the rider finally gave in, if only to shut Atul up, and that's when it all became disastrous. It all looked easy and for the first few seconds, Atul was able to ride with relative ease, but then, he lost control of the jetty and before they knew it, it had toppled over, throwing both Atul and the rider into the sea. It took a lot of effort of three other riders who had been surfing nearby to get hold of the jet ski and right it again and then help Atul & the rider over it to ride back.


Armaan tried really hard to control himself, but he ended up laughing really hard when he heard the story. "Champ! Aisa tere saath hi hona tha!" He chuckled.


Atul shrugged good naturedly. He whispered quietly to Armaan, "Tujhe toh pata haina... main Anjali ko impress karne ke liye kar raha tha, yaar. Sab gadbad ho gaya! Ab agar Anjali ne mujhe chod diya toh?"


Armaan replied, "Champ, tu tension mat le. Tera bhai hai abhi. Anjali tujhe nahi chodegi, yaar. Itna darr mat. Aur rahi baat jet ski ki... Main hoon na! Tera bhai kis din kaam aayega? Main tujhe sikha dunga."


"Pakka?" Atul confirmed.


"Ekdum pakke waala pakka!" Armaan replied.


"Tum dono ka ho gaya ho toh hum parasailing jaa sakte hain kya?" Muskaan interrupted their chatter.


"Aye, aye, cap'n!" Armaan answered, giving her a mock salute.


"Yes! Chalo!!" Anjali cheered. The gang all made their way to the boat for the same.


Riddhima lingered behind, a little scared. Okay, fine. A lot scared. But, she was also excited and really did want to try it, too.


"Hey!" Armaan murmured, holding her hand in his and intertwining their fingers. "You okay? He asked softly.


"Armaan... Mujhe darr lag raha hai," Riddhima replied.


Armaan grinned knowingly. "Basket, agar tumhe nahi jaana, toh it's okay. Hum nahi jaayenge."


"Nahi! Mujhe jaana hai," Riddhima replied instantly. "Jet ski bhi main nahi karna chaahti thi, but kitna mazaa aaya. Ab mujhe yeh bhi try karna hai," she told him.


"Toh, chalo! Chalte hain. I promise, agar tumhe darr laga toh hum parachute neeche le aayenge," he told her.


"Tum... Tum chalo na mere saath! Please!!" Riddhima pleaded.


"Basket! Obviously main tumhaare saath chalunga. Yeh toh pehle se hi decided tha na?" He asked.


"Really?" She asked, surprised.


"Of course! Maine kaha na... Yeh sab akele toh main pehle bohot baar kar chuka hu. Ab mujhe tumhare saath karna hai... Toh matlab sab kuch tumhare saath karna hai," he replied.


"You're the best!" She shrieked, hugging him tightly.


Armaan laughed and kissed the top of her head, hugging her tightly to him.


"Oi, lovebirds!! Chalo!" Rahul called, breaking their moment.


Armaan & Riddhima sighed, but separated and joined their friends on the boat that would take them to the huger sailboat that had the parachute for parasailing.


Once they'd all settled in the boat (the seniors in one and the juniors in another with Sapna and Amit going with the interns because Naina absolutely refused to go without her bhabhi) that had the parachute and Muskaan bravely volunteered to be the first one to try the sport was when things started getting tricky. Atul absolutely panicked on seeing what parasailing actually entailed and refused to try it. Dr. Shubhankar started sweating and he was soon chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, joined in promptly by Atul and then Riddhima who had closed her eyes and was holding onto Armaan for dear life. Her nails were digging into Armaan's arms and he was sure he'd have marks for days. It was hurting a lot, too, but he decided not to say anything about it and instead him and Rahul took on the responsibility to calm Riddhima & Dr. Shubhankar down while Anjali all but bribed Atul to shut up and go on the ride because it would be so much fun.


It eased the trio's (Atul, Ridz, Shubh) mind when Muskaan was finally back on the boat and full of wonders about how absolutely amazing it had been and that she was definitely going for another round once everyone was done.


Anjali went next, followed by Rahul, and then Dr. Keerti. Atul was softly persuaded to try and he ended up loving it too, much to his own surprise and also that of the others on the boat. But, it gave Dr. Shubhankar the courage to do it and he bravely volunteered to go after Atul had joined them. Dr. Shubhankar though, stopped mid-way as he started getting nauseous and seeing stars, apparently. Suffice to say, everyone learnt the hard way how badly Dr. Shubhankar reacted to the whole experience when he loudly wretched into the plastic bags that Dr. Keerti had had the foresight of carrying. And then, finally, it was Armaan & Riddhima's turn. The operator did raise an eye when Armaan informed the guy that him and Riddhima would go together, but he (the operator) allowed it without much fuss because apparently two people went up together all the time, it was just that generally the second person would be one of his guys, like for Atul & Dr. Shubhankar.


When the parachute finally flew, Riddhima felt like she had entered a new world. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of her life. The water was so clean that she could actually see some fish and the sand. She could feel the breeze on her body at the front and Armaan's firm presence behind her, supporting her, like he always did. And then, they dipped into the sea and Riddhima let out the most exuberant shriek Armaan had ever hears from her and he grinned widely. He'd done all this so very many times before, but doing it all with Riddhima was so very different. It was like seeing the world through new eyes. So very fulfilling and peaceful. He loved every minute of it.


Riddhima loved it so much that she also went for it again, this time alone, and Armaan couldn't have been prouder of his girl. Anjali gave him a quick grin as he wrapped an arm around her waist and the two of them exchanged hearty smiles as they saw their baby enjoy it for the first time, both of them beaming ridiculously loud.


Once they were all done, they went back to the shore and tried a few other sports - the banana boat ride where surprisingly, Muskaan screeched the loudest when their inflated boat was upturned in the sea, the bumper ride where they had to not fall in the sea as a boat pulled them in rubber tube at a high speed where it was Armaan who fell in the water before anyone else, much to everyone's surprise, and another round at the jet skis.


After a morning full of all these activities, they all returned to the hotel, absolutely exhausted and turned in for naps.


The girls' room definitely saw more action as Nikki moaned about the fact that she was missing all the fun because of her pregnancy, but Riddhima was able to calm her down by promising that they'd all come back when Nikki wasn't pregnant anymore so that she could enjoy the water sports too.


In the evening, they ventured out of the hotel and drove to Thalassa - a famous Greek restaurant that was known for its romantic ambience overlooking the sea. All couples decided to sit separately, wanting to spend sometime together, which made for a miffed Sid & Su who didn't have a partner, but they sucked it up because no one gave them a choice.


"Today was fun, nahi?" Riddhima asked Armaan as they waited for their food. Sadly, they were forced to sit in front of each other, a huge change from their regular arrangement of sitting beside each other, but the tables were set in such a way that there no room for movement of the chair. Armaan pouted about it for a long time but he literally did not have any other choice and so had to make do with holding Riddhima's hand in his own.


"It was a lot of fun," he agreed, shooting her a quick smile.


"Maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki main yeh sab try karungi... But frankly... It was... Wow. Mujhe bohot mazaa aaya! Ab mujhe itna gussa aa raha hai ki maine yeh sab pehle try nahi kiya."


Armaan laughed loudly at that, prompting many patrons to look at the couple. Armaan bit his tongue and waved an apology before turning back to Riddhima. "Oops! He muttered, making Riddhima shake her head.


Their food arrived then and they both attacked it, neither realizing just how hungry they'd been till they actually saw and smelt the food. They ate in silence, enjoying their food for a few minutes. When their hunger was somewhat sated was when Armaan asked, "Toh... Hum kahaan they?"


"Oh, yes," he said, answering his own question. "Water sports! Yes... Bohot mazaa aaya. Aur... I know tumne yeh sab pehle nahi kiya tha... But aaj toh kar liya na? Aur itna achcha bhi tha. Ab jo ho gaya uske baare mein kyu soche? Aur... Ab... tumhe itna bura lag raha hai ki tumne itne saal yeh sab miss kar diya... toh we can make up for lost time, you know."


"Really?" She asked.


Armaan nodded fervently.


"Kaise?" she pressed.


"Simple, really," Armaan answered. "Hum kal phir chalenge! In fact... Baaki ke din... Hum roz chalenge. But... Not like today. Agar itna sab kiya toh phir thank jaayenge aur phir kuch karne ka mauka nahi milega. Toh... Early morning... Ek ya do cheezein for the next few days jab tak hum yahaan hain. What say?"


"I love you," Riddhima declared. Her boy was the absolute best. He always knew just what to say and do make her happy.


"I love you," he replied, bringing her hand to his lips and pressing a kiss to the back of it. Riddhima blushed, causing Armaan to smirk. 3 years and his girl still blushed every time he kissed her as if it was the first time.


They spent the rest of the night chit chatting about one thing or the other, just enjoying each other's company. They talked at the restaurant and then on the way back, they sat in the back of the car, whispering lowly as Rahul drove them back, and then again at the hotel, Riddhima knocked on Armaan's door after changing into pyjamas and the couple roamed the hotel gardens, hand in hand, talking and sharing. It was one of the best nights of their lives and it was just the first of many more to come.


New thread, y'all!

First of... I'm sorry for disappearing so suddenly but things have been absolutely crazy at home! I haven't had the time to write at all. Finally sat down to write today when everyone was asleep at home. 

But, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Please lemme know!!

Posted: 3 years ago

Just love tHe update.
atul will never change.. Jab Bhi mauka milta hai anji ko impress karne mr lag jata hai
Poor nikki...
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Posted: 3 years ago
Awesome update, aur mujhe bhi bohot maza aaya padke...
Ridz ne toh enjoy kiya, maine bhi enjoy kiya padke :P heehee...
Ridz ne toh hamesha ke tarah pehle mana kiya lekin sabko enjoy karte huve dekha aur...
Armaan koh aise lost dekha, bina enjoying because she wasn't ready to go with him... 
Phir toh Ridz koh maanna hi tha, kyunki woh bhi toh ab tohda adventurous ladki toh banchuki hai...
Of course Armaan ke saath rehkar hehehe... Kyunki Armaan itna carefree hai ki woh Ridz koh bhi carefree bana na chahti hai...
He is getting successful kyunki Ridz is enjoy her life to the fullest being a independent girl... 

Hahha Atul wouldn't ever change, jab bhi moka milte hai woh Anjali koh impress karna chahta hai...
Sach mein, uske saath hi aisa kyun hota hai but not to worry...
Armaan haina, woh apne Champ koh sab kuch sikhadenge aur Anjali koh impress karne mein bhi help karenge...

Chalo iss holiday plan ki wajahse Armaan aur Ridz saath mein kuch waqt toh spend kar pa rahi hai...
Awww Niks wasn't able to enjoy because she was pregnant but Ridz had handle her saying that they will come back again when she is no longer pregnant hehe...
Sabse zyada toh Armaan and Anjali is happy because their darling Ridz/Basket is enjoying the sports to the fullest...
Aur Ridz bhi bohot hyper hai hehehe, lekin jab bhi Armaan ke saath hai woh sharmana bhulti nehi hai :P
Just love their small small moment which is heartwarming... 

Awesome amazing and super update...
Love it and love u more...
Continue super soon...
Congrats for the new thread and hope many more to come :P 
Take care :D
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Posted: 3 years ago
After reading this, i just want to fly back to goa right now... seriously yaar praags..that was an awesome update and these two love birds are going to enjoy it rest of the days they are stayingLOL... finally riddhima able to enjoy all the ride and looking forward to enjoy more nd more nd with who else but our heroBig smile The great armaan mallik who can do anything for his basket... eagerly waiting for all the parts of this goa trip...keep continue such good work
Take care
P.S.- TDBU ka update kab aayega :p
Posted: 3 years ago
First congratulations on new thread

Loved the chapter and arMaan being riddhima's strength.

But yaar dono ko thoda alone time do na
Posted: 3 years ago
This chapter was all heart <3 I am not even joking it was sooo good like amazing actually! It kept me hooked from start to end!

The way you started the part with Armaan trying to convince Ridhima but then eventually agreeing to not go himsel! Then the way Ridhima agreed and the way she told him if I get scared I'll come back...loved that whole thing! And even better how Armaan managed to get a jet ski for the two of them because obviously he ain't leaving his princess alone! God I loved it sooo much...Like Armaan na has become my legit favourite (as if he wasn't pehle se :p) but abhi aap na, you are making me fall for him more and more and more and it's not even fair! Itna kon perfect hota hai *sob*

I loved how you showed Ridhima enjoying and Armaan and Anjali actually feeling proud! And now to our hero Haan promised her to take her for water sports every morning (he be the best)

Yaar I just can't stop gushing at Armaan thoroug out the whole chapter...Like such a show stealer he is!!!

Absolutely adored the part...Pls update asap' like very very soon.Edited by TaniDMGlover - 3 years ago

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