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Posted: 5 years ago


No body knows what comes next...what lays ahead

We expect a lot out of LIFE but life always gives us surprises...some time sweet, some time bitter, Some times cruel.

LIFE doesn't have one has millions...and every definition is apt for it.

It's strange as you never know what happens next moment of LIFE...It makes you laugh sometimes...makes you cry many a times...hurts you and at times brings you to a situation where you don't know the difference between life and death...But LIFE goes on...

(More to update later)

Thread 1 


Compiled Prologue + 23 parts in one thread (Which was posted 5 years ago)

Starting fresh in this thread with new episodes


PART 24 - Page 1

PART 25 - Page 7

PART 26 - Page 12

PART 27 - Page 24

TEASER - Page 40

PART 28 - Page 48

My works on MANEET... (New Link) 

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Posted: 5 years ago
This is my first update in 5 years. Please excuse if there's any mistake. 

Also, I will send PM once I update part 25.

PART 24:

What nonsense? Geet couldn't believe her ears. She snatches the letter from Manish's hand and reads it... She is well aware of the fact that IP has been running smoothly till date then why this sudden decision? She is terribly confused now and again lost in her world.. Maan Sir, why did you do this? Couldn't you tell me before hand that you plan to sell of this unit? I know this is a sudden plan of must answer me for this...

Simultaneously at Khurana Mansion:

Its a usual Morning!

Aanie has left early for some project work in her college. Daadi waits for Maan and Vicky at the breakfast table...but only Vicky comes...

Where's bro? 

I dont know Daadi...he is the one who is always first to be here and wait for us...what happened? 

Daadi checks with Nakul...Maan saab has left for office already?

No Maam...he has not come out of his room yet...

Vicky is not able to believe it...WHAT?

But daadi is a bit cool...she doesnt want to she somehow knows the reason and what all incidents likely to happen today...its just because she knows her grandson soo soo well. She cant help it.

Daadi...what is happening to bro?

Hmmm...maybe he has decided to stay at home for today due to obvious reasons

Obvious Reasons? What do you mean?

What would I mean? Your brother is a normal human being...he has realised that he needs to relax after this many years of slogging...its one way good for, you dont worry...Daadi answers too cooly

But it because he's angry on me for what ever I spoke to him yesterday?Ouch

Hmm...I wouldn't rule out that possibility

Vicky gets little upset...I guess I spoke a bit too much yesterday...Confused

Daadi immediately rests her hand on his shoulder...Arre Vicky...its ok...I am not blaming you beta...infact, you have done a great job and its already started showing its effect on him...Lets wait and see.

I really wonder how cool you can get with Bro...Hmm...

Daadi takes some papers out...I got used to it beta...I know exactly what goes on in his mind each and every second...Dont forget, I am Daadima to three of you.

There's a silence for some time...

By the way Vicky, you need to sign on these papers...Daadi gives Vicky to sign.
Its a routine thing for Vicky to keep signing on some or the other papers/Documents on a regular basis. He doesnt question Daadi.

At Indian Paints (IP)...

For Geet, She would have been the happiest person if something like this had happened last week where she doesn't get to meet Maan for ever again. But now...she closes her eyes and feels each and every encounters that she had with him.. she just realised that it was their first hug when he rescued her from the pool the very thought of it is enough for her to miss him and how it felt to cup his face when he returned safe from the blast site. Her yesterday's thoughts and promises which she took keeping Dev in mind is no way in the picture. Its only MAAN.

Geet reluctuntly snaps out of her thoughts as she despirately needs this job as she is the one supporting herself and Komal. She calls him on his mobile first...there's no answer...but she keeps trying...She calls Khurana Constructions and checks with Aadi...Geet, Maan Sir had informed me that he will be in Indian Paints for some period till he sets the operations there...and he always calls me before coming down to Khurana Constructions as I need to keep all the papers ready...

Geet is not sure whether to esquire with him about Maan Selling IP. But Aadi sir...he hasn't come over here

Oh dont know him, he must have some urgent meetings...and no point in reaching him on his mobile as he wont attend to it

She keeps the phone down.. Romeo-Pandeji and Manisha stand in a row to know the status...Could you talk to Sir?

Geet nods for a no! doesnt know what to do now... She tries calling Maan again but no response as usual and she takes a tough decision. You people wait here..Come what may, she is willing to face him now. She straight heads towards Khurana Manscion. 

AT KM...

Geet walks into KM...Nakul escorts her to the hall where Daadi was sitting...

Madam Ji...dekhiye koun aaya hain (Look who is here)...

Daadi is delighted to see her here...

Namasthe Daadima...How are you?

Arre Geet...I am fine are you?

She remains quite with no answer and Daadi could read tension written all over her face. Aao Aao beto...(Come take your seat)

Nahi Daadi Ma...She remains quite how to begin the topic...

Geet beta, is all fine with you? 

Ji...Woh...I have to Meet Maan Sir...Its some thing important...he hasn't come to IP or to KC...and I have called him on his mobile couple of times but no answer...Is he at home?

Daadi is wondering what to do now! she has to take quick and smart actions hence forth.

Woh...he is in the first floor...remember the place where you met him to console him on that Pooja day?

Geet is wondering what is he doing there at this point of time?

Thank You Daadi

Once Geet leaves to meet Maan, Daadi follws her and stops by few feets behind but still able to hear them clearly to see what is going to happen between them. Some time later, 

Geet is standing in front of Maan and Maan is fully into his tie chie session.

Vicky joins Daadi, Yeh main kya dekhraha hoon.. Geet at this time here when bro is doing Tie Chie?...he is really feeling shy and hides his face whilst hugging Daadi and Daadi almost slaps on his cheek gesturing him to keep quite. 

Maan has fully put himself into rigorous tie chie sessions...the purpose of it is to ease his muscles and pain...but in turn its really hurting him more...Its just yesterday evening he met her last after that blast...but looks like eternity. Her eyes clearly spoke the feelings that she possessed in for him. The soft touch of her hands when she cupped his face is still burning his skin. Their first hug...he tries to snap out of this restlessness which is not under his control anymore. His yesterday's thoughts and promises which he took keeping Neha in mind is no way in the picture. Its only GEET. 

He is here doing all this just to avoid seeing her again in his life but its not even half a day past since he last got to see her and he is already missing her so much. Stop thinking about her Maan...she will leave you just like how Neha left you. Oops...was this his actual problem? Now he is wondering what is his real problem. The fear of loosing someone special again is haunting him to the level where he is prepared to hurt Geet and himself. With all his efforts, he breaks the huge ice in front of him...but least does it help him. 

Geet comes to the point where Maan is doing his tie chie..This sight of him is completely new for her to view...She was fuming with anger till this time and suddenly, her eyes got to view him stretching his tensed muscles...she misses her heartbeat and unable to breathe. She immediately turns away and closes her eyes... She is not able to utter a single word and not even able to take his name...But she must speak but is not able to decide whether to wait for him till he finishes or start talking.

Maan could very well sence her presence these days...but today, he mistakes it to be a halicunation as noway she can be at KM atthis point of time. Maan...what's happening to you. its just her imagination. Dont give in to it. 

Geet slowly moves from the place so that she can patiently wait for him to finish with his sessions.. but that movement of her hits him with reality that she's actually standing beside him. He slowly turns to look back and shocked to actually find her there

Geet..tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? ( What are you doing here?)

She gulps and takes few seconds to speak. We need to talk. Main aap ka bahar wait karthi hoon (I will be waiting for you outside)
she turns to leave when she accidentally hits on the ice and hurt her feet...and he instantly comes and takes her feet in his hand which sends thro shivers into both but always the tough situations surrounding them takes an upper hand

Chodiye mujhe...she screems...This is no way near the pain that you have given me today... He turns to look at her and there's an emotional eyelock...

You have really disappointed me today.

Tears wells up in her eyes and he is unable to take it...


Aap dargaye hain na? muj se ya khud se? ya aur kisi se? (You are scared isnt it...with me or with yourself? or somebody else?)

Ofcourse Maan didnt have an answer. 

I can bare with an angry boss but not a coward...

he turns away...

On the other hand, Daadi and Vicky are seriously trying to analyze the situation. What is happening in between them

Look into my eyes Mr. Maan Singh Khurana...

He instantly does...

Remember the day we first met...

She turns away for a sec and closes her eyes what she came to say and what she is saying now...again she composes herself.

You were talking so much about your principles that day?

Now she again looks straight into his eyes...and it really pricks him.

What happened to those principles now? Is this your true value you keep boasting about?

He is completely avoiding looking at her as it might again result in some weakening action from his side.

How could you sell Indian Paints? How could you? Do you even realise how much efforts that me and yash all the workers there had keyed in to this factory operations thats contributing for its performance today?And you come one fine day, buy this factory and again sell it to someone else in less than 10 days? really not done...

Vicky is shock and he shooks daadi..DAADI...What am I getting to hear? Bhai ne IP bhech di? (Bro sold IP?)

Ofcourse no reaction from DAADI as she knows about it already.

Back to Maneet...All Maan could do is remain silent.

Comeon...why are you quiet?...speak 

Vicky and Daadi are now enjoying Maan's plight. Daadi, Geet tho Bro ki achi class le rahi hain...(Geet is giving him a good lessons today). LOL

Yeah...He had asked for it. kis ne bola tha bina kuch soche samjhe IP bechne ko ( Who had told him to sell of IP without even thinking once)Angry

Back to Maneet...
Geet smiles sadly...your silence is acceptance of your cowardness.

His both hands instantly rests on Geet's sholders with a tight grip...

I am not a you get me? I am a business man...i take decisions what best suits my business...

Oh very good...You proved that you are one of the rich guys who values only money.

GEEET..He shouts but she is least bothered.

On that day when I had asked you if you are throwing me out of job, you denied it? Least did I know that you are planning to throw me as well as all other workers out of our jobs.


YES Mr. Khurana, The person whom you sold this company, has downsized all IP employees from their respective jobs. today, we just get a letter from the new owner that we all are saked...

He just looks at her with a blank note. He is really not able to believe it. All he intended is to stay away from her and that's why he sold IP. He didnt expect the new owner to take such an action. 

Seriously...never expected such an escapism from your end and you have lost all right to deny this...And for you...your life is normal..tomorrow, you will buy another factory or company and again sell it without having any sentimental attachment...and...what about me? she composes herself...

About me and my co-workers of IP?

Vicky is rolling his eyes with anger...Daadi, who could be this Jerk whom Bro has sold this organisation? He has played with lives and livelyhood of Geet and so many workers..Angry

I know who it is...Daadi answers confidently.

Aap ko kaise patha jab bro ko khud patha nahin hain? (How do you know when Bro doesnt know about it? )

Because I bought it from the person whom your brother sold to and I sold to somebody else...

What? Who??

I sold it to Vicky Khurana..

WHAAAT? DAAADI...His head is spinning Oh ...that's why you took those signatures in those papers this morning and I blindly trusted you.Dead

Daadi hits him...Dont overreact... and guestures him to keep quite...Wait till this heated meeting gets over between your bro and Geet. Will explain you in detail.

Back to Maneet...

Let me tell, you have proved that you are a big failure. 

I was under impression that you can achieve anything but NO...You couldn't handle a entity like IP then what are your capabilities? Accept the fact that you are a BIG FAILURE. 

GEEET ...he shouts to the level which is loud enough to even scare Daadi and Vicky. But Geet still stands strong. I will prove it to you that I am not one..

How?...tell me how?...we all have lost our jobs because of you tell me can you get our jobs back? Can you take me back to you?

He knots his eyebrows confusingly as she again composes her self...I mean as your secretary?

Tell me...

GEET...He closes his eyes...You all will start working with Khurana Constructions hence forth...Including you. He says it in one go..

She looks at him with a surprise with her eyes wide open

And I will prove it to you that Maan Singh Khurana is not a Coward nor a faileure..he keeps up his promise.

Oops...she is really wondering what she is hearing is true.

So, meet you at KC tomorrow morning, sharp at 9:00 AM. Inform this to all IP employees.
He comes close to her...and she closes her eyes in anticipation what he is going to say or do next. It is your responsibility to inform all IP employees to be at KC sharp at 9:00 AM. 

Geet is not getting any words to comment...good - bad ...just nothing.. She is absolutely speechless. 


She is not able to utter a single word...even a sorry or thanks to that matter. just nods for a YES and Maan leaves from there without even looking back even for once.

Daadi and Vicky instantly hide till Maan and Geet passes by them one by one..

Daadi...yeh kya tha? (what was this?) 

Daadi keeps quite for few seconds...looks here and there ensuring only they both (Daadi and Vicky)  are there and no body else around 

Yesterday, I heard Maan talking to somebody that he is selling IP. I knew he is doing this just to avoid facing Geet henceforth. 


Just then I got this Idea. 

Kya Daadi..

Dont worry...Maan will never know who the actual buyer is. Anyways he cannot voice out against the new boss of IP. its his choice to retain/sack people...That's YOU.

Why me Daadi? I was worried this morning that Bro will not talk to me. Now Bhai will think that I am the one who saked all IP employees including Geet. Ab tho pitai hone wali hain.Ouch

Daadi smiles and rests her hand on his shoulder...see the results..and be happy...Now, Geet will continue working with Maan and You will get to start fresh with new business venture that's Indian Paints.

Vicky was initially confused. but now he hugs Daadi...WOW... you are gr8 Daadi.
I told you na. I will compensate for the mistake I did yesterday.
Vicky is speachless...Maanna padega Daadi...and he again hugs her.Hug
Geet gets back to Indian Paints and informs all the workers about her meeting with Maan and what has been decided. Please take all your personal belongings from here. We all will be starting to work with Khurana Constructions with effect from tomorrow.

Geet picks up Komal from her school and both on their way home. Komal too was in her bad mood...

Mama, Papa nahin aayen...kal bhi aur aaj bhi (Paapa didnt come yesterday and today).

Geet is still lost in her own world with  so many twists and turns in her life. Least she could hear the tender voice of Komal...

Mama...she pats geet's hand this time...

haan beta...

Aaj bhi Papa nahin aayen...and she starts crying. Geet instantly wipes her tears. Oops...Even Geet has been missing on exchanging letters with Komal's Papa. In his previous letter he was so concerned about me if my boss is troubling me. she nods her head and smiles for a sec...but just for a second and again tears forms in her eyes.

He might be busy beta...dhekna...he will meet you tomorrow. 

Komal makes a angry baby face. Oh my baby doll...Geet carries Komal and kisses her on her cheeks. Both reach home in sometime 

Mama...what happened? we didnt go to the Factory today?

Geet didnt know what to answer. It will lead to so many complications if she tells komal that she will no longer visit Indian paints. Komal is so attached to IP

Geet reaches down to her level. Kuch dinon keliye, factory main kuch kaam chalraha hain. Isliye humara office kahin aur shift ho gaya hain. (for few days there will be some renovations happening in the factory. that's why our office is shifted to another place)

Pinky's dad is surprised to see them at this time. 

Hello Uncle Ji...Geet greets with a very low voice.

Hello Geet...Hello komal beta..Both Geet and Komal are not in best of their mood.

Kya baat hain beta, you are back home so early today?

She remains silent and trying to accumulate words...tears wells in her eyes...


She instantly hugs Pinky's dad...and starts crying uncontrollably. 

Geet beta...bas...rothe nahin...chup ho jao...

He rushes to get a glass of water for her...and allows her to compose herself.

Why uncleji...why me? she sobs...Why something good happens in my life and again it comes to a drastic end...

Uncle ji prefers to quitely listen to her.

Woh...Woh...unhon ne...IP bhech di hain. (He has sold IP).uncle know how much me and yash have worked hard on this. sobs inbetween...Now, We all at IP have to report at our main head office i.e where Pinky is working..

still tears flowing down her cheeks.

Pls chup ho jao beta...Jo hona tha so hua. Shukr hain...tumhara naukri ko koi khatra nahin.

Uncle ji...ab main kya karoon? I have to work in the new place now. What about Komal? How will I pick her from school? Who will take care of her?

Itni si baat? Main hoon na? I will take care.

Geet holds his hand and cries. 

Uncle ji, sirf kuch dinon ki baat hain. I can arrange for her bus pick up and drop when she starts with her full time schooling.

Geet beta, its ok. I am always there to support you. Lets take it as it comes. Ulta Pinky bohuth khush you both will work in the same office.

finally a smile touches her face. Thank you uncle ji...Thank you for your understanding and support.

He further assures her. Dhekna sab teek ho jayega.
Back to KM

He is really unable to come to terms what he wants to do and what's happening. Now he is back to square one...

Something else is also bothering Maan. He was supposed to meet Komal today but couldnt because of his disturbed state of mind. His heart is pacing restlessly and he is unable to decide what to do. He thinks Komal must be so angry at him. It is a must for him to visit her school tomorrow as he has not met her for the last 2 days.

He immediately prepares to write a letter and he is confused what he is penning down is right or wrong... It may really bother Komal's mom. But he must do it to keep ensuring komal's mom is working in a safe place. 

Precap: Geet and IP team @ Khurana Constructions.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Congrats for new thread!!
Posted: 5 years ago
liked Vicky.geet blamed maan.sad.maan took a wrong decision and is shocked to know what they did after selling it off.but loved maan's determination to prove his capability and geet will work there.interesting 
Posted: 5 years ago
congrats on the new thread! thanks 4 updating here! beautiful emotional update! superbly written! Geet shocked n goes 2 confront Maan! Liked her determination! dadi happy seeing Geet! love dadi - she is the best! she is intelligent n shrewd! Vicky n dadi listen 2 Maaneet's convo! Geet throws Maan's words in his face! Maan stunned hearing what she did! Omg thanks 2 dadi, Vicky owns IP! he is shocked! Maan says that all the employees will work at KC! Komal sad as her papa didn't come 2 see her! Geet tensed hw she will manage with Komal! Maan tensed as he didn't meet Komal n worried abt Komal's mom's job! update soon 
Posted: 5 years ago
I came to GF after a long time and surprised to see you reviving your stories. 
So glad to see you back.
Welcome back. 
Posted: 5 years ago
I came to GF after a long time and surprised to see you reviving your stories. 
So glad to see you back.
Welcome back. Please give updates of Geetika also. Also pm me when you update your FFs.
Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome Chapter 

Daadima interestingly was one step ahead off Maan I like that though she is the one that bought IP
and giving it over to Vicky though at first Vicky was confused but he is happy to start off fresh with a new business 
Geet confronting Maan and both were just thinking about each other and not their individual past
Geet calls Maan a coward for running away as now she and others will not have jobs but he also tells her that she has to inform all and they must start at KC from the next day 
while Komal is sad that she has not seen her papa in two days and Maan realizes because of his disturbed state he has not seen Komal but now he wants to write a letter to Geet explaining his thoughts 
I'm looking forward now to seeing them work together and how will they both handle the situation 

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