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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by SilentSilver


How dare you waste my time like this? You know how many minutes of my precious life I spent by staring and gawking at your update?  Now I am just a sad little puddle overwhelmed by prettiness. Why the f**k would you do that to me ? Koi kaam dhaam nahi hai tereko :| Chipkali ki poonch.


https://i.imgur.com/gswbrbX.gif < What kind of f**kity sorcery is this. How dare you make me stare at these nikkama people. Do you have any damm idea how perfect this looks ?

https//i.imgur.com/MNcDhYO.png < This kind of brilliance should not be allowed. Tereko ban kar dena chahiye duniya se :| Each of those icons tells such a beautiful story.

The whole Me before you' GIF set reminds me of some old classic rom-com. So pretty. So charming. So amazing.



I am not even going to start on the KKHH part. I sincerely hate you for that. Dil se, dill k andar se > f**k you.


The whole Emma and Dexter thing with each year of their relationship is BRILLIANT. It looks like a scrapbook coming to life. Like a scrapbook in Harry Potter world :O The whole thing looks so amazing.

https://i.imgur.com/81X62pV.png < How gloriously magnificent is this ? Everything in the picture blends in so perfectly . This kind of perfection should not be allowed.


Mar ja tu.


Wasn't expecting you to leave a comment SilentSilver ROFL You tell me bro? Why waste your time on me? It only proves your eternal lowe you have for me? Oh Bella, your Edward love you! 
Aapki tareef be like tasting that hot spicy crispy.Day Dreaming KaSh feel blessed by your compliments btw.

Thank you? Ermm It's hard to think of kind words to tell you Chandra. I might do a Harry Potter moodboard now ;) 

You can fall in the niagara falls now. Bye

Posted: 4 years ago
I might as well reserve a spot
Posted: 4 years ago

Posting some requests/suggestions given to me a long long while ago.
Apologies for taking a lot of time...

and evet am open to take a couple more of requests for the time being. You can drop in.

Gonna work on requests by
-Jenny [PreeRan]
-Dips [Padmavati]
-Reeno [Shivika]

on the next update.
[You guys have time to change your requests anytime]

am just recreating the style from the previous updates coz somehow 
i can't rack my brain in finding new creative ideas -.-




1) Taking sigs/icons/gifs requests

2) One request per person. 

3) I can make maximum 4 gifs 

4) Give me good quality pics/videos to work on and by that i mean some 480p/720p/1080p or HQ/HD Pics

5) Let me know if you liked a particular style of certain gifs/edits for me to recreate. Only my work though. 
Can't copy others anymore.

6) Priority will be given to regulars mainly. But am kind-hearted sometimes, so let's seeEvil Smile

7) Provide me TEXTS for your requests PLEASE.

8) I Guess that's it

Gule gule [byebye]


IF avatar//Kemal Soydere & Sarp Yilmaz

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3
On suggestion[forgot whom] | directly copied from Miss Aichu's style.

Engin Akyurek
Suggested by CaputDraconis


Jon Snow 
Suggested by Aichu | not a total replica of the Bomer edit btw

suggested by Mrinzi

some leftovers from previous updates 


stack version 1
stack version 2

with huh textures

Yakeen Ka Safar
For Sofia-Not for use


directly copied from Miss Dips



Stock photos: pexels.com

NOTE: Credits not necessary, but would love to see your work if you ever use them. Embarrassed

1.Brush Pack

2. City Streets Pack

3.Grungy Pack

----------THE END---------
Edited by aftermath.. - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
After some considerable amount of time,
50 push ups,
10 cans of energy drinks,
5 bars of snickers,
some therapy sessions to regain my coherency,
I'm finally here to edit my pending comment.

Also, except for the parts in bold, everything else was done mentally in an alternate dimension/universe I build for myself where I'm powerful wizard/ninja/superhero, saying just so that you know. ROFL 

Gule Gule - This show's title reminds me of a sweet called meethe gul gule. LOL Your b/w icons have always been such classy bunch of tiny things. 

IPK3 - Should you be reprimanded for pulling off an Aichu or be praised because of HOW WELL you did it? Ah, I don't care. LOL These are beauties and beauties deserving of all the praise. The coloring, blending, use of textures, text and everything as usual is amazing but their size has to be the best thing about them. Reminds me of good old IF small signatures. 

Engin.A - Jaz must still be cursing me for not having yet worked on this particular suggestion she suggested me as well...about like eons ago. But I guess whatever happens, happens for the good because she got her will done and that too by such meticulous hands. The coloring and the text effects of this set is PRO, bro. 

Jon Snow - GAHHH. :| I can't ever stop envying you for all these tumblr style of edits that you do. They're such brilliance always. ESP. THAT TEXT STYLE. YOU. :$

KaSh - I still remember how I used to like Armaan's this particular hair style, woh lambi ghani zulfein wale din...these are pretty, needless to say. 

Dolunay - What a gorgeous coloring! Stern Smile Is it yours or by someone else? In any case, I WANT IT. The coloring and the sharpening make this set look SO GOOD. 

RiKara - Haye, mere low-key OTP. <3 Heart Okay, those tiny little masterpieces that we ordinarily call icons are LIT. So many distinct styles executed with such perfection. How do you even get the coloring, textures and the picture combination of it all so right? :| The uniformity feels here are killing me. The signature has some 14-15 pictures and you blended them so amazingly without making them look like a clogged piece of work.

YKS - Pak shows and their overly stretched dimensions. -.- But that isn't much of a trouble when you have a skilled PSer doing the work. These look gorgeous, esp. the signature and that dipla (I mean, dips LOL) style is such a pretty one. Embarrassed

God bless you for sharing those stunning and beneficial resources of yours with us. Hug Have them downloaded already. Tehee. 

Edited by .annihilation. - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
I always res AND I never have to visit I-F to write a comment :( but since I logged in randomly and saw your pm just wanted to say your KaSh works were amazing!!! reminded me of the old days Day Dreaming AMAZING WORK! hope to see more, if i do actually log in ROFL
Posted: 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Reserved^^^ ShockedShocked Haila, waiting for it...!!! 
 - - - EDIT - - - 
Hey awesome saucsome! (idk how sauce+some so bear with me)
It's a Jon snow again!! It's really good! I love the the mixture of two pics there! It blended in so well! No kidding. And the little text you added in! <3 
You know nothing how awesome your icons are aftermath! I just don't know who those actors are atm LOL
I don't like the IPK 3 couple but the colorful designs you used on them is so pretty!! I'm not sure if you've used it before or not but should definitely use it in the future! It's really pretty! 
^^^ I like this one! The color theme is dhinchak! ROFL 
Who are these people btw? Lot of Turkish show stuff I believe LOL
AH-MEH-ZING work like always!! Party
Edited by -FlyAway- - 4 years ago

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