A.C#5:Update Pg 135:KZK2|SuVan|SRK-Aish|Fawad-Mahira|Money Heist| - Page 54

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Posted: 4 years ago
I love d kemal bae icons BlushingBlushingBlushing  I miss KS so effing much Cry

the jon snow one is bloody brilliant vrinz diiClap

kash stuff is gawjus Embarrassed

i love d rikara stuff a lot gonna use some of itBig smile
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Posted: 4 years ago
@Husna & Ri: Nothing fancy this time. I've toned it down ROFL My dimaag is empty after so much brainstorming :|

Posted: 4 years ago
nice update

i like kash kemal and rikara stuff
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Posted: 4 years ago
u will update next month i guess ROFLwhenever u reserve u edit a month later i dont know from which planet u r from.. in ours ur update takes a lot of waiting 
Posted: 4 years ago
^^^ you forgot dips. We literally have to beg her for update
Posted: 4 years ago
ROFLwe have double work and no pay 
DIPS has to open a new shop .. that is like zillon minutes away 
Posted: 4 years ago
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega jaise mai karti hoon bataa .. 


Ae haseen gulbadan !
naa kiya kar mujhpe yun sitam,
tere ask mein ho jayenge khatam.

Rosej ki sadi hui poetry choro and meri outstanding shayari ke liye kindly clap audience Cool

Translation (in case this hindi+urdu is being to hard on you) : GOOGLE IT !

You i'm just rubbing my ass for examination, there you came with your pitara of work which seems like just a cool breeze in a summer afternoon, so soothing and so relaxing. Okay this is enough of the good compliment part and now let me come straightway to the main point I.E. your speedometer of Psing is f**king faster than 4G. Maybe scientists should use you for human research analysis to determine where the hell you stimulate such inevitable energy to ps. Like this is a jackpot question and i can reward people if they crack me the secret of Virina's energy :O

Like i bet earlier, I knew you would complete the requests due to your bonus PSing abilities which is something i'm deficient of and what the hell madam were you ranting me that i'm a procrastinator. Words like these doesn't exists in your mental database so kindly refrain from using such bhari words bro. 

I-F Avatars : These b/w tiny devils are so contagious especially Kemal icons which are perfectly capable of giving me orgasms and creating hormonal imbalance Stern Smile I'm so into my man whose expressions are worthy watching. I love your screencaps you used. They are perfectly setting the mood. I wonder how do you even PS him. I feel a sudden raise in temperature in my laptop whenever i want to PS. I'm not looking at the other man because i don't wanna blink away from his gorgeous face. I'm so into Burak . I want Kara Sevda 3 now. I'm going on twitter and trending #wewantKS3 to Ay Yapim. Now when people read this section, they might definitely think i lost my shit but hey ladies we all do right. There's this one fictional man who can ruin your life and you are happy about it :D ROFL

IPKKND 3 : What if i say I too wanna copy this style. AND I"M SERIOUS. Aichu got some real sexy styles worth immitating :D Both of you should get lost out of my sight because now i'm getting complex issues again. Censored Inki dono ki creativity ki bullet mere dil pe dhaaye lage. -_-
These sets are so beautiful especially the vibrant textures. They elevate the caps so magnificently. And those texts there adds a cherry to them. I love the colouring combination as well. Oh not to forget those sizes as well. IDK what kind of fetish i starting having for small sized edits/gifs. Maybe because they look more clean Ermm

Engin Akyurek : Bittoo kaun hai yeh handsome ladka ?? Shocked Aww f**k i love those looks,style, his smile and tere colouring. I see your into pastels these days which is good (especially for saving gifs in very very good quality LOL ! ) I love that text effect and swear i was trying this text style today getting inspired from your Neslihan's gif set. IDK how to ace that reverse fade Stern Smile Like after 30 mins of brainstorming i gave up. That yellow splash though ! Blushing

Jon Snow : Ye wala edit is indefinitely going to my dabba ! Holy lord how beautiful this edit is with only gradients :O I like that text style you did which implies that yes i'll copy it AS IT IS ! Kamini kaha se itna dimag chalta hai tera ? If anyone slaps me right now then also i might not overcome from this one. 

KaSh : KSG reminds me of his condom advertisement with his wifey. Have you watched it ? Cool 
I know that the advertisement if not a fancy one but you should definitely watch it. ROFL I think he should have endorsed condoms ad when he was doing DMG. A doctor endorsing it gives away a highly strong message. See my opinion is for good cause and there's no innuendos :P Apart from it the colouring is so saxie. I like KSG ka mukhra and his smile like gone are the days when i used to drool over this man like crazily. When nostalgia will hit me hard, i might surf hotstar and chill. I guess DMG ka keeda have hit my acquaintances these days. I see people uploading aasmani in their snapchat. Thats pretty bad to drag you into past and remind the shit things you did in your teenage days Stern Smile And yes this set if cok cok guzel :))

Dolunay : Why is it that some turkish chicks resembles to Korean fellas which korea is like 345678924 kms away from Turkey :S Our Mrs. Dogulu also resembles a quite to Koreans. The colouring on the set is so splendid. I envy your pastel collection now -_- That man looks hawwt af. I won't rant on my yet to watch dolunay emotions *faceplam*

Omkar-Gauri: Even if i try zillion times i can't never ever achieve this level of icon making and that kills me so much. I just get million emotions running down my neurons as to how perfect this style is and how much gorgeous x 100000 you make them. I think i love every version of the set and the blending on the signature is beautiful which is needless to be mentioned. Then comes your text style for which i'm flatten already ! I like the cool tones you used. It takes guts to use cool tones on edits atleast for me who will start to cry if i have to make anything this kind of blue. Instead i'll make them b/w ROFL 
OMG ! Jeez look at that perfect winged eyeliner of Gauri Stern Smile I have to do a winged eyeliner 50 times only to have a zigzag wing and that is like W*F Shocked

Yakeen ka Safar : Vrinz you really deserve a standing ovation for working on stretched videos. You know have it been me then I might have straightway said no for working on these much stretched videos but my holy sweet lord this woman can do anything. I love that text and the style with ditted circles so much that yes i might bluntly copy it Cool Dang you remind me that this purani style of mine can be recycled again ROFL Sometimes i get brilliant ideas by watching and commenting on your updates but the adrenaline rush will vanish till the ime i'll open and sit down to PS in real. 

Texture packs : I wanna hug you tight and pull your cheeks and kiss you until you turn red like a tomato because i f**king wanted those brush packs for a very very very long time and when you released your icon brush packs, I was thinking to say you that you should do brush packs in large textures but i forgot. I so desperately wanted this pack that now i might start to cry of joy Ermm 

Past two updates i was waiting for this texture pack to be launched but in vain and now when i have to PS, i just got my resources right to give a kick start. This pack is such a beauty and i really love this one. I remember you were telling me that you were not sure if this pack have turned as per your expectations but all i wanna say that i atleast it did mine and even beyond that benchmark. And the grunge textures are my all time favourite. Whenever you have nothing apt textures to add, switch to grunge. I downloaded them all and you should make more resources from now on. Common start emptying your Pandora box. Just because i lack in the knowledge of hacking doen't mean you got a privilege to flaunt your resources. haven't you head of the universal principle of SHARING IS CARING especially to a poor lady like mee. God might bless you and shower its love. 

Okay since i got to place a request apart from the Padmavati ones which by hook or crook you have to do and thank you for reminding me that i've told you to PS on the flick.Evil Smile I want one more for myself. I'll upload the pictures soon and link you my request asap. I need to give a glance through the rules for request btw LOL ! ROFL 
Please ignore my typos which are increasing day by day and i've no control of it Geek

Acha chalti hoon duaon mein yaad rakhna. Aese creative updates tum deti rehna ! 
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Posted: 4 years ago

Originally posted by .Avengers.

^^^ you forgot dips. We literally have to beg her for update

Originally posted by Arteclectic

ROFLwe have double work and no pay 
DIPS has to open a new shop .. that is like zillon minutes away 

Sahi pakre ! That's really seems a zillion years away ! Stern Smile
IMM BEEZEE atm .. apologies ladies ! :(( 

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