A Learning Curve - An Arshi Story on Sheetal Track - Epilogue posted(Page 6)

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Is there any limitation on update size?
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Your story is very realistic  to Sheetal Track . I really enjoyed reading it
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i love both arnav and khushi of yours...no body can meddle  between a married couple ,if they show united front...i am happy arnav realised it soon 
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Originally posted by Srb132

Is there any limitation on update size?
Nope you can update much bigger chapters Wink...and even split in two...

So can we expect bigger update next timeBig smile because it's nice anywayStar
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Nice story
Read it in one go
Im so waiitng to read more
Sheetal is so dead hehehehe
Plz add me to ur PM list
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Thank you for all your replies and comments. Will post next chapter shortly...
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Here comes the next chapter... Love love love all your comments and my personal emotional journey with this story!!

So many likes... Can't believe it... Hope I live up to all your expectations...

Working on some emotional turmoil and after effects in upcoming chapters...

Chapter 14 - Nave Aarav spills the beans!

Arnav was waiting for his plants delivery and for Aarav to come home.

Arnav was surprised to see Sheetal walking in with Aarav.

"Sheetal, we have important meeting with Mehta's today so how come you are here? Do you follow office hours as per your own moods?" Arnav was angry with her careless attitude towards work.

"Oh, actually school called. Aarav felt a little sick so I picked him up. May be I will join the meeting over phone from home" Sheetal did not want Arnav alone with Khushi so she lied.

"Aarav, how are you feeling now? Do you feel good enough to plant new plants with me?" Arnav asked Aarav and Aarav was excited forgetting Sheetal had asked him to act sick and pale.

"So it's decided Sheetal. Today everyone is at home. Aarav can be with me planting new plants and be with Di later. You carry on and attend Mehta's meeting at their office. It's important and I will not allow you to do presentation remotely when especially their MD is in town and expecting our team onsite. Of course Akash will also join you directly at Mehta's." Arnav declared.

Khushi heard it and did not like Arnav wanting to spend time with Aarav and Sheetal could easily make out she got upset. Sheetal was doubtful to leave Aarav alone with Arnav but felt victorious looking at Khushi's disapproval face.

"Thank you Arnav. You spending time with Aarav means a lot to me especially when he sees father figure in you. Aarav loves you so much and adores you. You both have a beautiful bond like any father and son should have in such a short time. Thank you so much." Sheetal turned and left from the door. Arnav knew Sheetal was taking advantage of every small situation to hurt Khushi. Arnav immediately regretted his decision when he looked at Khushi but he had no choice.

"Aarav, I just love your skills using tools in the garden" Arnav did hi-fi. Aarav felt proud of himself.

"I mean you do gardening better than me and you know so much about plants. How did you develop this habit?" Arnav was still curious.

"Mom got me books on plants. She wants me to do everything you do" whined Aarav.

"And why is that?" Asked Arnav casually passing him cookies and wanted to hear out Aarav keenly. Arnav has been with Aarav for an hour now and slowly getting Aarav to open up and talk to him.

"No idea, but she says we will be closer to you" Aarav answered innocently.

"OK, don't worry. Let's play favorite game. What is your favorite breakfast? Mine is toast and butter" Arnav asked Aarav.

"I don't like the toast. I love Indian breakfast. In fact parathas are my favorite. I miss parathas made by Kamala mausi. She always gave me an extra paratha. But here I have to only eat toast because of you. I cannot even eat chocolates and sweets that I loved" Aarav hated it and could not help but complain. Poor kid, how can one expect him to eat dry toast when delicious parathas are on the table?

"Do you miss Kamala mausi so much? Where is she now?" Arnav was curious thinking she was some cook Sheetal had.

"She is still in Faridabad and must be serving delicious food to all other kids" Arnav could see Aarav lost in his own memory.

"Other kids?"

"Yeah all other kids in our orphanage - Angel House. Sheetal mom adopted me from there 3 months ago" suddenly Aarav remembered Sheetal had asked him never to reveal and he was shivering now.

"Please don't tell anyone else she will be mad at me" Aarav was now in tears.

Arnav calmed him and promised. Arnav encouraged Aarav to eat what he likes. He sent Aarav with Di to park. Immediately called Aman to investigate this new information within 24 hours.

It was not that difficult for Aman at all. He personally visited Angel House in Faridabad the same evening to get all the details and records on Aarav.

Arnav was smart enough to figure what Sheetal was trying to do. He was sure it was time to quickly expose Sheetal and send her packing before she tried stunts and hurt Khushi's feelings more in the process. 

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Posted Chapter 14... 
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