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I wish I had posted my replies earlier... I have been reading stories for so long and paying for not appreciating all you beautiful writers out there!! 
Now I cannot post more than 10 posts per day!! 

Never mind! I will be active participant from now on... Have fun and enjoy the story...
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I am so glad you all liking the story so far... Now ASR will be charged up to fix things... 

A small chapter today but almost ready with next chapter so hang in there...

Chapter 8 - ASR in Action!!

"Aman, find out why Sheetal is here and all her activities. Do a complete background check on her since she graduated. I would like to know what she did in the past. Also find her a one bedroom apartment. You have 48 hours else you would be fired" ASR shot instructions to Aman in no nonsense attitude. He really needed to know fast and turn the tables.

Khushi was still sleeping so he decided go for his regular jogging. He needed energy for the day.

Khushi was downstairs preparing breakfast, his clothes, wallet and watch were kept aligned. She never missed taking care of him. He was again guilty!! He had wronged her enough! He decided to blow her away by his love and dedication now.

"Who will eat toast when my wife makes extra ordinary calorie conscious meals?" commented Arnav casually while trying south Indian breakfast made by Khushi. Everyone looked at Arnav if he was OK.

"But I do not like this, make something else for me" ordered Aarav trying to copy Arnav and wanting to eat whatever Arnav eats.

"Aarav, this is not how you talk to elders and if you need anything else, you can ask your mom to cook for you. Sheetal, its high time you take care of Aarav properly and teach him some manners" warned Arnav in no nonsense tone.

Sheetal was aghast and tried to cover up for Aarav. She knew things were not moving as she had expected and she needed to have patience. She warned Aarav with her eyes to eat whatever served in his plate.

Just then Akash and Payal walked in for breakfast. Everyone teased them about their dinner date and then night out at the farm house. Akash quickly ate breakfast and vanished towards his room while Payal rushed to kitchen.

"Let's get going Arnav, Aarav is getting late for school" Sheetal demanded.

"Come on ASR, let's go" Aarav too joined.

"Sheetal I am working from home today. So you can carry on. By the way make sure to reach on time for 9.00 am meeting. It's important." He didn't care it was already 8.15 and she had to reach office after dropping Aarav to school.

Sheetal could recognize winds in RM were turning in different direction and she was not going to lose this time!! Or so she assumed!!

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Hope you all are enjoyed this Diwali with your family and loved ones! 

Enjoy this chapter... 


Chapter 9 - Romantic Arnav

Karan walked in and gave Arnav a file. Khushi was shocked is an understatement.

"Sir, the correspondence classes' schedule, fees and courses details are in the file. Khushi already filled the forms yesterday and but she forgot her credit card so I am yet to file her application."

"Sir? Call me ASR", Arnav promptly corrected Karan.

Akash looked keenly at Payal and nudged her trying to tell her something. Payal realized what he wanted her to do.

"Karan, here you go. You can charge Khushi's fees on my credit card" Payal handed him her credit card. Smiled looking at Akash and thanked him by her eyes. Khushi and all were shocked to know Payal has a credit card.

"Yes I applied and got Payal credit card. She will need it now that she will be going out every day to college. Plus Baoji is getting treatment and has additional Dr. visits so credit card can be handy." Akash mentioned casually.

Akash had realized long ago that Khushi was like his younger sister and his brother's wife also. How can he forget she risked her life to save Bhai? This was the least he could do for Khushi. He was equally guilty for his judgmental attitude towards Khushi. But he was all set to take right decisions and actions in life! There was no turning back or just keep regretting but fix things was his new motto.

And taking care of Payal's family also was his responsibility now including Khushi. Any opportunity to make Payal happy, Akash was ready to jump and grab!!

Arnav smiled inwardly understanding his brother was always two steps ahead of him in love department!! He was glad to see Akash stepping up and taking responsibilities on Payal's behalf.

He made a mental note to get Khushi her credit cards plus surprise her with her new laptop.

For Sheetal, all this was getting suffocating. She needed to divert Arnav's attention back towards her. She rushed out the door with that thought.

Khushi felt embarrassed and yet happy that her jiji could pay her fees now.

Arnav left for his room making an excuse of a call. He was again guilty that all his family members had credit cards and bill was auto paid from his family account. Yet it never occurred to him to get credit card for his Khushi. In fact he had no idea how she was managing her small expenses every month? She had so much self-respect that even for Holi, she asked him Rs. 300 loan and she had asked him to count money when she had touched his wallet.

It was high time he looked after her well, knowing she will never ask him or anyone for anything herself!!

Around 3.00 pm an envelope and 3 boxes were delivered by speed courier services. Khushi was as usual busy in the kitchen and Arnav literally dragged her to their room. Arnav asked Khushi to open the boxes.

Khushi opened the smallest box and could see a brand new iPhone. Second big box had all her books and supplies. The envelope had Khushi's new credit cards. The biggest surprise was in the last box. It had a laptop that Khushi could use for her studies. Arnav sat beside Khushi, enabled her credit cards, put her iPhone on charge. He explained her configuration of her new laptop and software packages loaded with it that she could use. Khushi was pleasantly surprised and hugged him tight.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Arnavji" Khushi hugged him again. Arnav felt content after a long time. He felt like teasing her.

"Come on Khushi, you could have told me what you need but never mind!! I have my ways to find out and get things for you" Khushi could easily guess Arnav got details from Karan to order her stuff.

"Khushi, going forward you will always tell me and share with me anything. I could be busy but always there for you. And I definitely don't mind listening to your girly gossip from college, what say!"

"Arnavji" Khushi was all shy now.

"Arnav, its Arnav. It's high time you start calling me Arnav" Arnav held Khushi's hands whispered in her ears. "In fact I want two things in return" Arnav said pulling he closer.

"Aww" Khushi's mouth opened a big O, her trademark. "This is cheating Arnavji, I never asked any of these things" Khushi complained.

"Are you forgetting I am hard core business man and best at it?" smirked Arnav.

"OK, what are the two things but I cannot promise it?" Khushi pushed her luck again.

"First you have to start calling me Arnav and second you have to kiss me now!!" Arnav moved even more close to Khushi now.

She was flabbergasted by his sudden demand. She had always been too shy and fell short to even try or initiate any intimacy in the past but today she wanted to fulfil his wish. She was hesitant but put her hands on Arnav's cheeks. Arnav was thrilled by her shy actions but just then Sheetal barged in.

"What the?" Arnav was more than angry at Sheetal for spoiling their moment. Khushi stepped back and her face fell looking at Sheetal and Aarav.

"What is this Sheetal? Do you have any manners?" Arnav screamed ignoring Aarav.

"Sorry Arnav, it was urgent. I needed the file for 6.00 pm meeting today and then wanted to remind you that we have to attend the party after meeting" Sheetal explained.

Khushi walked out not wanting to hear further.

"Sheetal, today Aman is attending the meeting with you, he has the file and I will join the party with Khushi later. By the way nani, mami and Di are going for overnight Pooja to Shiv temple outskirts of Delhi and Akash, Payal are busy too. So you will have to manage Aarav if you want to join the party" Arnav clarified Sheetal.

"I was thinking I could join you for the party since I am working with you on the project while Aarav can stay back with Khushi.

Arnav was taken aback at Sheetal's audacity.

"Aman will be there Sheetal. No need for you to come in that case. There will be hardly any business discussions since Aman will join after finishing the meeting plus Aman can handle it easily" with that Arnav left the room.

"No way I will let you go alone with Khushi and enjoy the party, I will be there to spoil it for her" Sheetal promised herself and called Sheena, her friend to arrange for Aarav's sleep over.

Sheetal had played vital role in the project and it was project specific party. So Sheetal was looking forward to rock the party and letting Khushi down would be icing on the cake for her!! 

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Uploaded Chapter 8 & 9 together... Have fun reading over the weekend... 

Really appreciate your comments and likes... 

Bring them on... 

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intriguing updates..
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Ok, Here you go everyone - With Chapter 10... 

If you are really interested, this story is way ahead on hinditvadda.in under swatideep. Name is same... 

I might be disappointing some of you if you are expecting big bang against Sheetal - This story is more about how Arnav and Khushi's relation matrures, while Sheetal is just a distraction. 

So hope you enjoy!! 

Chapter 10 - Stealing moments back under the stars!!

Sheetal carefully chose black off shoulder short dress and she was excited about how she looked. She went directly to the party after meeting.

Arnav kept the box of sari on the bed along with the card as last touch for his special preparation for tonight. He looked at the pool side. It looked super romantic with floating candles in the pool, small canopy bed and dinner table set for two. Dinner was supposed to be delivered at 9.00

It was around 6.30 so he decided to go down and have a cup of coffee. He knew Khushi was upset and she would not come back even though she was not busy and no dinner was to be prepared.

"Khushi, can you make me a cup of coffee?" Arnav requested and Khushi went to kitchen without looking at him.

"Are you forgetting something?" Arnav asked Khushi hugging her from behind.


"The two things?"

The coffee spilled a little on the counter. Arnav took the cup down from Khushi's hand and put it down. He cornered her to the kitchen wall. She tried to move sideways and her ear ring stuck in her dupatta and fell down.

"Do you remember anything or do I have to show you?" Arnav said coolly while sipping his coffee. Khushi was all red by now and did not even realize her dupatta slipped down.

Arnav picked her up in his arms and started walking towards their room.

"Arnav, What are you doing? What will naniji say?" Khushi was getting worked up.

"No one is at home baby so chill" with that he put her down in their room.

"What did you just say?" Arnav suddenly realized Khushi called him by name and without ji. Khushi realized and before she could say anything, Arnav hugged her tight and said

"Wow baby, you are fast, I love that. Now change and come ASAP. We need to go to the party" He pointed her to the box.

Khushi picked the box and saw the designer red sari with all accessories. While Khushi got ready, Arnav called security to receive dinner and arrange it outside.

Khushi came out and Arnav's heart stopped for a second looking at Khushi. She looked ethereal in red and her hair flying always made Arnav go weak in his knees.

"Where are we going and how do I look?" asked Khushi while walking towards Arnav.

"You look amazingly beautiful as usual and you will know where we are going" Arnav kissed her forehead. Arnav himself was looking his usual dapper in black Armani suit.

They both walked into the party. Right away Khushi stole all attention by her elegant looks and beautiful designer saree with almost backless designer blouse. Everyone thought she looked stunning, after all can any other dress beat AR design that too something exclusively designed by Arnav himself?

It was a small party and not any of his usual after parties associated with his fashion shows. He asked Khushi to be comfortable and just be with him or Aman.

He really wanted to skip the party if he could today. But since the foreign delegates were personally present, he needed to attend it. He still had his own agenda.

Arnav was about to address the project launch, thank everyone and Sheetal was expecting accolades from Arnav personally, considering she had handled project so well. She took her chance to move inner circle and stand next to Arnav.

"For me personally, I have achieved so many projects in the past and achieved prestigious "Young Business Tycoon" thrice but it never gave me inner peace. Everyone knows me how I acted arrogant, many times disrespectful and careless in the past. But one person changed this. She made me realistic, down to earth, humble and a better person. So today's project success, I would like to dedicate to her - my beautiful wife Khushi" with that sentence, he pulled Khushi towards him and side hugged her.

"And then it's always the AR team, every one of them has worked so hard to make this project a great success so kudos to them too. Now request you all to enjoy the party, you deserve to celebrate your success!!" Arnav congratulated his entire team.

Sheetal was fuming, he didn't even mention her name, forget appreciating her individually. Khushi was cutting the cake and everyone gathered around to celebrate.

Even before Sheetal realizes, Arnav had made sure Khushi totally stole her thunder. He smirked and was happy to see Khushi mingling with staff and enjoying the party. Sheetal straight walked towards the bar to grab a drink. She was so done with this party already, in just 10 minutes. Aman made sure to track Sheetal's moves and let her drink.

It was just 8.30 pm and party was getting in action and food was about to be served, when Arnav sneaked out quietly with Khushi.

"Where are you taking me now?" Khushi was surprised.

"Shhh, you will know, it's a surprise" Arnav drove back to RM.

Arnav held Khushi's hand and walked to pool side with her. Khushi was happily surprised to how amazing pool side looked with floating candle lights, her favorite food at a cozy dinner table and sheer canopy bed under the stars!! All in all, it was a beautiful stars studded romantic setting!!

She remembered now, Arnav had shown thumbs up to security while coming in. So that's what was going on in the background.

"Why will we go out when we have the whole house for ourselves?" Arnav winked at Khushi. They had romantic dinner feeding each other and Arnav made Khushi sit in his lap in the canopy.

Arnav no longer wanted to apologize to Khushi and make the same mistakes again. This time he decided he will show her by actions, taking it slow and regain her trust with his love and care!!

"Kiss me, Khushi" Arnav whispered nibbling her ears. Khushi was shy and still hesitant. Arnav was disappointed yet understanding.

"It's ok, Khushi" he stared at the stars.

Khushi could not help but see honesty in his efforts today. Right from the morning, first he scolded Aarav and Sheetal at the breakfast table for their behavior, then she had thoroughly enjoyed all the gifts, the party, romantic dinner now and time with him after a long time.

She just closed her eyes, turned his face towards her and pecked him. She didn't stop there. She remembered how Arnav kissed her always and tried to mimic him. Arnav felt overwhelmed and let her do it and slowly lied down with her on top. She bit him and Arnav just could not hold back after that. Both dozed off early morning tired and exhausted.

They had missed each other so much!!

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Hello All again, 

A Learning Curve is an intense romantic love story of a young couple who are maturing in their relationship as they go along... 

Same story I have posted as swatideep on hinditvadda.in

Once again a gentle reminder - srb132 and swatideep are same... I will be updating my id here as well once I am eligible... Then only I will post my future stories... 

Love you all

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Loved Arnav to realise his mistakes and trying to correct ... beautiful story.. I think you forget chapter 9Edited by ranogill - 3 years ago
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