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Ha ha... Its a new day and I am eligible to post now... Thank you for those who liked and commented on the story...
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OK - Couple of filler chapters bringing Arshi closer... 

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Chapter 11 - Arnav Please!!

Mamiji was surprised to see Khushi's dupatta and ear ring in the kitchen early morning when they returned.

"Hello hi bye bye, is Khushi bitiya alright?" Mamiji was now concerned. By then Anjali and Sheetal joined her in the kitchen.

All the three women reached Arnav's room and could smell scented candles. They tried to peep in from the other side of the pool and embarrassed to find out Arnav and Khushi sleeping pool side. All could easily guess out what happened last night.

"Hello hi bye bye, the Gupta sisters making both bitwas crazy after them" Mamiji smiled and went away. Anjali decided to tease her Chote and Khushi, while Sheetal was hopping mad realizing Arnav tricked her to take Aarav with her and he never was going to attend the whole party but just addressed project team and had left. Now she understood what Aman meant when he gave ASR's message to the client. She left fuming and thinking about her new plans.

"Khushiji, we found strange things in the kitchen not sure how it came in the kitchen" Anjali said suppressing her laugh while having breakfast.

Khushi did not know where to run and hide when she saw her dupatta and earring in Di's hands.

"Woh mai" Khushi was unable to look up or speak.

"Woh mai, kya Khushi (What is it, Khushi?)?" Asked Arnav winking at Khushi.

"Chote, we also found this tie pool side along with candles" Anjali announced. Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other. Khushi wanted to run but Arnav held her hand under the table.

"Come on Di, what do you expect from a newly married couple?" Arnav replied coolly.

"Arnav, please" Khushi just wanted him to stop from saying anything.

"Aha, no more Arnavji, Arnav and all ha... Great progress Khushi" Payal winked at Khushi walking in.

Khushi managed to release her hand and ran to their room and Arnav followed finishing breakfast quickly. Everyone laughed out loud and Anjali started filling in Payal about morning incident.

Sheetal was burning like hell and walked towards her room stomping her feet.

"You are so shameless. What was the need to say anything to Di? And you did know how my dupatta and earring landed in the kitchen?" Khushi complained.

"How would I know Khushi? See you didn't inform me important things like your studies so how would I know trivial things like your dupatta in the kitchen?" Arnav smirked.

"Arnav please, I already promised you I will be openly communicating with you from now on and share my feelings as well as anything I need" Khushi held her ears feeling the guilt.

"I too promise the same Khushi and I have one more rule for us. There is no way we will stay away from each other for more than 2 days when we are in town. You know what I mean" Arnav pulled her and kissed her deep.

"And how many times will you call me every day at office?" Arnav asked Khushi.

"At least two times, once during lunch time and once when we both have time. But for that go to work first, Mr. Raizada" Khushi teased him and pushed him out.

"I have an important meeting in the office so I am rushing now but get me lunch at 1 pm in office. Take some more rest now if you want since you have no class today" Arnav kissed her forehead and left for work.

Sheetal was still in her room and she first time avoided Arnav because she wanted to train and use her trump card Aarav as soon as possible.

Sheetal explained what Aarav should do at the breakfast tomorrow, dropped him at school and went to office. 
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Fixed links for all chapters now... Uploaded Chapter 9 as well... 

Enjoy Chapter 11 that I added just now... 

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Thanks a ton for your precious comments everyone!! Here you go with the next chapter... 

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Chapter 12 - Small Steps Towards Love!!

Khushi packed Arnav's favorite pasta and salad along with soup and reached AR office. She wore white and red sleeveless top with a long flowing jeans skirt. 3Ks forced her to buy the other day and Khushi decided to surprise Arnav.

"Hi jiju, jiji sent you the hot lunch" Khushi handed over the lunch box to Akash. Akash and Arnav both were surprised to see Khushi's attire.

"Khushi, you look amazing, anything special today? Akash asked while looking at Arnav and left both love birds alone.

"Khushi" Arnav whispered huskily and pulled her to him. Stared at her from top to bottom.

"What? I always loved to wear long skirts so Ks forced me to buy it in the mall" Khushi started defending while Arnav put his finger on her lips caressing it.

"That's it Khushi, you are going shopping with me next week. You need to experiment a lot more and I promise you, it will be fun. By the way you have no idea how beautiful you are looking right now" He winked at her. She hid her face in his chest.

"Khushi by the way, you have to take Baoji to specialist this Saturday at 11.00 am. I have already taken appointment and informed Amma about it, you make sure to go with them and I will come directly" Arnav updated her.

"Arnav, we were going to another Dr. Why did you change the Dr. and this treatment is super costly. Amma called me informing about it and she said did you already paid for the full treatment?" Khushi asked.

"Let's not talk about the money. Just that Dr. confirmed Baoji can walk and talk with 3 months with correct medicines and physio is most important, Khushi" Arnav concluded and Khushi just hugged him tight again.

"How is work going on? Hope you weren't working to earn for Baoji's treatment? Are you enjoying the work?" Arnav politely wanted to make sure.

"Yes Arnav, I would work another month max just to get knowledge on courses and new courses that are being out there. Feels like I lost touch with studies. Will stop working once I decide what field I want to pursue, promise" Khushi admitted.

"I just want you not to overdo things. And yes, learn to delegate house related work to HP and OP, I pay them enough and they make my wife work!! I should fire them otherwise" Arnav teased her.

"I know Arnav, will make sure to steal my time for you. You see I am celebrity and always busy, why don't you take few appointments while I am here today?" Khushi winked at him and laughed.

"Anything for you, Mrs. Raizada. Can I have lunch date tomorrow as well?" Arnav asked her while putting his both hands on her shoulders.

Sheetal as usual barged in pretending she is busy in a file but ended up pushing Khushi deeper into Arnav's arms.

"Italian Arnie, don't say no today. I would love to take you to this new restaurant" Sheetal blabbered without looking and hated what she saw after she looked up. She could not ignore how pretty and fresh Khushi looked.

"Sorry Sheetal, you can carry on. We are having lunch date here. Special Italian delicacies made with love by Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada" Khushi replied with a smirk surprising Sheetal.

"Lunch date, this is office Khushi. You cannot walk in any time like that." Sheetal tried to put Khushi down sarcastically and even Arnav was taken aback with her mean behavior and wanted to blast her but waited when he saw Khushi replying Sheetal.

"Really? In that case, it's high time you act like an employee, not a friend in office and respect your bosses including me and stay in your limits. I am the Director in AR if you are not aware. It won't take me a minute to use my power. If I can give you shelter, I can take it away in no time as well. So learn respect and teach it to your son too. And by the way if you are in office, you are not eligible to eat with Arnav either. You are mere an employee and we do not want to set wrong examples here. Now please excuse us" Khushi blasted Sheetal in no nonsense tone.

Khushi really hated to blast Sheetal but she was left with no choice. Nobody messes with Mrs. Khushi Arnav Raizada, she promised herself. Khushi was really pissed with Sheetal's pompous behavior and felt the need to show Sheetal her worth.

"Relax Khushi", Arnav held Khushi's hand.

"And Sheetal, Let me remind you, because of Khushi you are in my office and in our house. Plus it's high time you stop talking in my personal matters." warned Arnav.

"But I was just kidding guys" Sheetal realized her tricks won't work like before now that Arnav is supporting Khushi so she quickly wanted to correct herself but it was too late. Arnav showed her hand to stop.

"Khushi, I am so hungry. Can you feed me with your hands?" Arnav was impressed with his wife's answer and he loved seeing Khushi so possessive about him and spontaneous.

First time he saw Khushi as angry and jealous cat who purred straight at Sheetal's face. This quality can be useful he thought and he laughed inwardly at his own naughty thoughts in the given situation...

He completely ignored Sheetal. Sheetal left feeling insulted and ordered food delivery in office. 

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Uploaded Chapter 12 as well... There you go... Enjoy...
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Next Chapter is here... No previews... Just Enjoy... 

I am glad you are liking the story so far... I am really excited and thinking of coupe more stories... 

So keep encouraging... 

Chapter 13 - Sheetal desperate and digging her own...

Sheetal knew Khushi was getting bold now with her friends around and Arnav giving her attention. And not to forget she had much more authority as his wife!!

Sheetal really did not know what Arnav sees in behnaji type girl like Khushi and went on to marry her twice!! Neither she matched his status nor was she rich. When did Arnav start liking immature teenager like Khushi? She thought he always dated smart and beautiful women! What changed? No doubt, Khushi was very pretty girl with a nice heart but still hard to digest ASR's choice as wife after he dated so many models and mature women.

Oh hell with her! I will see to it that she is send packing from Arnav's life.

Tomorrow they had another client's meeting with lunch. It was one of the most important foreign client and Sheetal had guessed Khushi might bring lunch tomorrow as well.

She decided to trick Khushi into being asked questions by client and get her insulted in front of Arnav. "Wow" she patted her own back and that will sure be a major setback for Arnav and Khushi will never dare to step in the office after such incident and then she will plan more tricks for her at home.

"John, Mrs. Raizada usually comes during lunch time. You could ask her opinion as well for the fall collection theme" Sheetal suggested John casually while serving him coffee.

"Yeah sure. More inputs, the better it is" John was VP at London based design company and was here to finalize the deal with AR Designs and collaborate for their fall collection.

"Now I will see how Khushi steps into AR ever in future?" Sheetal smirked and got ready for the meeting. Sheetal also instructed the receptionist to send Khushi to conference room directly as soon as she comes in.

Khushi arrived at AR with lunch at 12.20 pm. She went to conference room as instructed. She knew his meeting was until 12 so thought Arnav must be in the conference room alone now.

She opened the door and saw the dark room and presentation was still going on.

"Come on in and join us" she could hear someone instructing her. Khushi knew it was a major meeting so she did not want to be impolite so she walked in and sat in the end chair. She was scared to disturb Arnav's meeting.

Lights were turned on and everyone clapped after the presentation concluded. Khushi happened to see beautiful pastel color designs, heard summary of the project last 5 minutes and was about to silently walk out.

"Hello, Young lady" John talked to Khushi.

Arnav immediately walked towards Khushi, put his around Khushi and introduced her to John. He did not want Khushi to feel awkward or scared.

"So Mrs. Raizada, what's your opinion on our fall collection?" John asked Khushi casually.

Sheetal was so waiting for this moment and smirked.

Arnav was worried now. He knew Khushi was put on the spot. He looked at Khushi and Khushi was also stumped at the sudden question but she was aware how important her answer would be. After sucking in the initial surprise, Khushi thought for a couple of minutes in her mind about the designs and summary she heard few minutes back.

"Those are beautiful intricate designs Mr. John. Definitely double thumbs up but I do have a suggestion" Khushi replied politely. Everyone in the room was shocked including Arnav.

"What would that be Mrs. Raizada?" John was now curious.

"Pastel colors used are absolutely gorgeous but this is a fall collection. So introducing the designs with fall colors with earthy tones that match nature would be more appealing. Like shades of yellows, orange, rust, red, browns and greens inspiration from nature. Again this is just a thought" Khushi expressed herself politely.

"Wow, I never thought about it. What do you suggest ASR?" even Arnav and his lead design looked at Khushi admiring her. She simply nailed it and indeed fall colors would be way more appealing than pastels.

"John, maybe we can redesign couple of dresses using earth tones and see. Then take it from there" Arnav indeed liked Khushi's idea but did not want to offend John.

"Not a chance. I think Mrs. Raizada has a valid point. Fall colors it is. Bold, beautiful and inspiration from nature - It can't get any better. Let's change it all and we can revisit it next week. I will remotely conference with you to finalize them" John concluded.

Everyone in the conference room clapped for Khushi and Arnav was so proud of her. He side hugged her in front of everyone.

"Thank you Mrs. Raizada, really appreciate your quick thinking and color suggestion. ASR, no wonder your employees value her opinion so much. Thank you Sheetal" John really appreciated Khushi's inputs.

"Absolutely, Khushi has realistic approach, knowledge on intricate designs and cloth plus her lookout towards everything is simple yet deep and beautiful. You should see her chicken embroidery work on cotton as well as silk" Arnav openly praised Khushi.

Khushi was wondering how Arnav got to know about her interest in chicken embroidery, maybe Buaji must have told him. Khushi was just happy to be helpful in Arnav's important project that she didn't even realize Sheetal's motive.

But Arnav understood clearly what Sheetal had tried to do. She had laid a trap for Khushi to walk into and embarrass herself or Arnav. Though Khushi came out as a winner and saved the day for both!

Sheetal was hopping mad. Not only her plan had completely back fired but Arnav got to know what she was trying to do. Idiot John, he had to thank her in front of everyone, she muttered to herself...

Arnav now needed to act fast before she does any damage to Khushi. His protective instincts towards Khushi were kicked in sharp! He decided to start with the weakest link - Aarav. Arnav had Aarav on his mind and the questions he wanted to ask to the kid. So he asked Khushi to wait and wrapped up work and left home by 2.00 pm. Sheetal again came to Arnav's cabin and saw both walking out of AR.

Sheetal was getting restless, did some quick thinking and left AR behind them as well. 

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