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sheetal getting to taste the poison
now...They found her irritating
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Till part 14
This is interesting...
The new mention in Khushi and Paayal education was too good...
Cont soon...
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awesome story

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THank you so much for so many comments... I am super excited... Will post next chapter shortly...
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As the name says it all... Sheetal is thrown out and Arshi back together!! 

Enjoy and love you all... My story has o many likes and comments... Thank you so much 

Chapter 15 - Sheetal out the door!!

Arnav was not yet at the breakfast table and Sheetal decided to take advantage of the situation.

"Aarav control, do not take any sweets" Sheetal started discussing how Aarav inherited diabetes from his father and so did his behavior traits.

"Sometimes I feel his father should accept him as soon as possible, and less stress for me as well as Aarav. And having father will help him to do better health wise as well as studies and in general in life. It's not good for him not to take up his responsibilities" Sheetal passed a comment slowly looking up at Khushi as if she was talking to her.

Khushi heard it, felt sick to her tummy and moved into kitchen to get parathas.

Even though she never ordered the DNA report, she had seen the results. She would always trust Arnav over any piece of paper but the results were positive. So was Aarav Arnav's son? Was he product of their affair during college days and Arnav never knew? If yes, does Aarav not deserve his father as Sheetal mentioned? Does that mean Sheetal will be part of their lives forever? How will be the family equation then? And what about their love and their kids in future? How will she explain whole situation to her family?

So many questions and insecurities lingered back again in Khushi's mind. Though she knew they will manage every situation together but still her heart pained at such thoughts! Obviously it was never going to be easy to accept such a brutal truth if really Aarav was Arnav's son!!

Arnav came down ready and decided to grab a toast since he was in a hurry.

Aarav could not help but pick a paratha and started eating. Sheetal warned him with her eyes and that was not missed by Arnav. Payal was serving juice and little juice spilled on Aarav's hand.

"What the hell?" Aarav screamed at Payal and Payal was taken aback.

Even before Payal could say sorry it was an accident, Khushi stood in front of Aarav.

"Aarav, you know it was an accident and there is no way you are screaming and talking like that to your elders. Apologize."

"No way" spat came a reply from Aarav.

"Then you can go to school without breakfast and empty stomach will keep you thinking about your behavior" Khushi declared.

"It's OK Khushiji. He is just a kid. He doesn't need to apologize. Chote used to be angry all the time as a kid" Di came to his rescue.

"Aarav does not need to apologize, in fact Payal should say sorry" Sheetal said showing arrogance and disgust towards Payal and Khushi.

"Enough, Aarav has to apologize for his behavior and that's final" Arnav roared.

"Sorry" mumbled Aarav and was about to run to his room when ASR held his hand.

"Aarav, listen carefully. You have seen me being angry, strict and screaming most of the times. But I was just a normal and fun loving kid until I turned 14 and lost both my parents suddenly. We were thrown out of our house by my uncle. With sudden drastic changes in my life and losing my mom, I was depressed, not eating, too stressed out and developed type-2 diabetes. My diabetes is not genetic and was developed due to the stress that I could not handle as a young boy. Situations and cruel world made me angry, aggressive and self-centered yet my family always loved me."

Khushi and everyone were shocked with Arnav first time speaking openly about his struggles. Khushi remembered Dr. Explanation on diabetes types when Sheetal took her during Aarav's tests. Immediately her mind started over working, so Aarav has type-1 diabetes inherited genetically whereas Arnav has type-2 diabetes. Khushi could smell something fishy right away with Sheetal constantly pointing Aarav to be like Arnav.

"Aarav, you should not copying me or trying to behave like me just because you like me or inspired by me. Everyone is unique in this world and that is how it should be. And you have great things ahead for you. See you were staying in Orphanage but Sheetal adopted you recently. Even though she is a single mom, she is educated, she put you in one of the best schools and is providing you the best. But you need to learn respect and appreciate, right?" Arnav completed. (Arnav was still polite about Sheetal in front of Aarav considering the factor if Aarav chooses to live with her).

"And Sheetal, if you need father for your kid, you needed to think about it before adopting. Or were you aiming at some different stunt all together?" Arnav smirked at Sheetal indicating her that her game was over. Checkmate!!

"What? Have you adopted Aarav?" Anjali asked Sheetal surprised.

Sheetal was completely aghast to realize that her plan was killed by Arnav. Here she was working on how to expose DNA report to naniji and his Di and then explain how and why Aarav behaves like Arnav. But Arnav had figured out plan and killed it even before it opens up to his family. She had lot of explanations to give considering all these times she talked about bringing up Aarav, her fake stories about his birth and struggle initial days.

"Woh," She fumbled not knowing what to answer and stood up. An envelope fell from her lap.

"What is it?" Anjali picked up the envelope.

"A fake DNA report, Di" Arnav barked. Sheetal did not dare to take the envelope from Anjali and stood there frozen. She knew what was coming.

"Sheetal, the manager Rohan who was on leave is back so I am transferring you to Mumbai branch where there is a vacancy. And in any case, you have freeloaded enough here in RM. So start packing now. You need to report tomorrow at 9.00 am" Arnav informed her in no nonsense tone.

"But what about Aarav and his school? What about the house?" Sheetal was on the verge to cry.

"Aarav's school I have managed just in case and you will have to manage your stay on your own after 8 days accommodation provided by the company" Arnav concluded.

Sheetal wanted to avoid any questions from the family members on her series of lies and ran to do packing.

"And Di, in future do not compare any kid with anyone unless they have real relationships. I would like it when my kid resemble me but I would love it more if they look and behave much like Khushi. She is the better person in our marriage. And considering Khushi is just 20 and wants to study, the babies can wait" With that Arnav left from there.

All Raizada women were shocked with Arnav's revelations on Sheetal. They could easily do the math and understand what Sheetal was up to.

Anjali and Mamiji were ashamed of their insensitive behavior of comparing Aarav to Arnav and moved to their respective rooms quietly. 

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Uploaded Ch 15... Enjoy... 
Love your likes and comments... Bring it on... 
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Wow Arnav ... I love this Arnav.. I wish we could see this kind of Arnav in the show .. in the end Arnav was a mear shadow of previous Asr
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Read all parts in a go
Loved the story so far
Love to read more
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