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Hello Guys! Here with a new fic. This was something i wanted to write since long. It will start after the episode aired on 28th may, 2012. After Rey rejected taani. All the characters are same as show, but soon i will introduce new characters as well. Hope you all will like it.

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- | Index | -

Chapter 1: Pain Of Rejection  [Scroll Down]

Chapter 2: Not Meant To Be

Chapter 3 : Behind That Smile

Chapter 4 : Tears Of An Angel

Chapter 5 : Confused Feelings

Chapter 6 : A Secret Admirer?

Chapter 7 : Future Planning

Chapter 8 : Over Protectiveness

Chapter 9 : The Junior Shekhawat

Chapter 10 : Possessive Little Brother

Chapter 11 : Wounds Of The Past

Chapter 12 : Second Chance At Love?

Chapter 13 : A Heart That Loves

Chapter 14 : Louder Than Words

Chapter 15 : Coming Back To Life

- | Thread Two | -

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CH 1 : Pain Of Rejection

"Main yahan khade hokar tumhe sirf isliye sun raha hu, kyunki tum swayum ki behen ho, thats it!"

"Tumhe laga ki maine tumhare liye yeh sab kiya because you are special? Go, get a life, taani-"

"Mujhe laga ki tum ek innocent ladki ho, jise kuch nahi pata, but tum toh bahut jyada pahuchi hui nikli.."

Tears accumulated in her brown orbs as his hurtful words kept ringing in her ear. He had rejected her and she could understand why he did. She wasn't worthy of him, then how could she even thought, he would accept her. She felt like a biggest stupid of the world for thinking a guy like Rey will love her. She should really get a life, as he had told her.

But amidst all this, she feels guilty for being the reason of his pain. For reminding him of the past, he wanted to forget.

"I am sorry, Rey, It was stupid and immature me, Who thought there can be us, but not anymore. I have realized i am not the girl you would want, you are the best and you deserve best, which is not me. I will not trouble you ever again. I will stay away from you." Taani thought to herself, and as much as the thought of staying away from him, hurts her, she knew its for best. She couldn't afford to hurt him, again. He was too precious to her. She was helplessly in love with him, but her love wasn't selfish. She will not force her feelings on him, nor burden him anymore.

He was bearing her just because she is swayum's sister, but from now on, he doesn't have to. She will stay away from him.

And with that thought, she entered the college premises next day. She went to attend her class, without meeting anyone, not that she has any real friend here. Dance team members are friendly with her because she is swayum's sister and she doesn't like to force herself on anyone, it wasn't like her. She knew where she is needed and where not. And it also made her realize, she has to make her own identity. She can't live her whole life being Rishi shekhawat's daughter and Swayum shekhawat's sister.

She want people to like her for who she is, not because she is swayum's sister. And she also know, she has to work hard to make her own identity in st. louis. For now, people here think her to be just swayum's sister and a nobody who ditched the weakling dance team at the last moment. A sigh escaped her lips at the latter part, she knew it was her mistake. She messed up big time when she thought she could get close to Rey if she join the dance team, but she was wrong which she realized later. But if taani shekhawat commit a mistake, she also know to accept it and rectify it. Here also, she did everything to rectify her mistake. She helped the team to search for the sixth dancer and they got an excellent dancer, Ashi as sixth dancer of weaklings.

"Hello, taaniji." She looked up from her book and found ashi, standing near her desk, smiling down at her.

"Hello, ashi. And please call me taani. Taani-ji is too formal-" Taani smiled at her politely, Ashi returned the smile and took seat beside her as the teacher entered the classroom and started the lecture.

"Are you coming for tonight's party at Rey's place?" Ashi asked her in hushed tone.

"Party?" Taani questioned her back, having no idea about which party she was talking.

"Yea! Party. Rey is throwing a party at his place since charity event was a huge hit and the team wants to celebrate." Ashi filled her with all the other information. Taani was listening to her quietly, she hadn't received any invitation from Rey, which she could understand since its been almost a week, he had rejected her and they haven't spoken a word to each other. He was avoiding her completely, so is she. Even during the charity event, they didn't talked to each other at all, they avoid crossing each other's path, specially taani, since she doesn't want to hurt him more.

"So, are you coming?" Ashi asked her with great enthusiasm. Since start she like taani, she was sweet, innocent girl and ashi grew an instant liking for her.

"No." She answered her with a smile. Ashi frowned, she was about to ask her the reason, but couldn't when teacher asked them to concentrate on lecture and stop talking. Ashi sulked back in her seat and concentrate on what teacher was saying. After the lecture, Taani went in projector room, since she had to prepare the report of charity event.

Work is all she needs, to divert her mind from the painful happenings of her life. She couldn't stay in her past forever and mourn over something, that was not hers to begin with. She can not stop loving Rey, she knew it, but she also won't tie herself to him and hope for a miracle to happen and give her the love of her life.

She will move on, but is it that easy?


Should i continue?

Please do leave your feedback :)
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ofcourse u shud...n thnks fo d pm...
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Posted: 2016-05-24T04:56:22Z
omg...first one to comment...DancingDancingDancing
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Posted: 2016-05-24T04:57:44Z
awesome update
please continue
waiting for your other updates
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Posted: 2016-05-24T05:16:56Z
Is that a question to ask?? Ofcourse u should continueSmile
I'm damn excitedWink
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Posted: 2016-05-24T05:20:45Z
thats amazing start girl...
rey is an a****le... i liked Taani very much... hope you will make her strong... i liked Ashi too... supa-cute... i did not like rey even taani had some contribution towards the charity how come he did not even tell her about party... formality hi kar deta... 

update soon

thnks fr d pm
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Posted: 2016-05-24T05:21:02Z
do continue..Big smile thanks for pm
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