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CH 16 : Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

"Taani Di!" Ronak beamed in happiness, he picked her up in his arms and twirled her around. The sound of her laughter echoed in the drawing room of their home. This was the scene Rey and Swayum witnessed when they entered the house, with their luggage.

"You have no idea how much i'd missed you." Ronak told her, as he made her stand on her feet on the floor. Taani smiled at her brother and ruffled his hair.

"Now go, freshen up. I have cooked some amazing food for you." Ronak said to his sister, pushing her toward her room. Taani smiled widely, hearing he had cooked for her. Along with being a prankster, Ronak is an amazing cook, but he only cooks for his sister.

"Only for her? Ron, We are also here, or you are having plans of starving us?" Swayum, who know about his younger brother inside out, questioned him.

He and Rey moved inside and slumped down on the couch in living area where as taani went in her room, to get freshen up.

"I have cooked some for both of you too, else di would have felt sad." Ronak smirked, as he replied. He jumped on the couch opposite to them. Rey and Swayum narrowed their eyes at him.

"By the way, congratulations to both of you for winning." Ronak smiled at them genuinely happy for them.

"Thank you, Ron." Rey and Swayum returned the smile.

After a while, taani come there and called them for dinner.


Since it was late at night, Rey stayed over at swayum's. Rey was in guest room, preparing to sleep when there was knock on the door.

He found taani standing outside his room, when he opened the door. Rey gave her way to inside, taani passed a small smile to him and walked inside the room.

"Bhai said you have a mild fever, i brought medicine for you." Taani answered the unasked question, clearing his question regarding her sudden visit to him at this time of night.

"Thank you." Rey smiled at her, a genuine smile. There was concern and worry for him, in her brown orbs, giving him an unknown satisfaction after knowing, she cares for him.

Taani walked over the side table, she poured some water in a glass and come back to him.

"Here." She mumbled, she handed him the glass of water and medicines. Rey had his medicines and thanked her once again. Taani passed a smile to him and was about to walk away from there, when he stopped her.

"Taani-" He stopped her.

Her heart rate speed up, she lifted her eye lashes and look at him.


"Wait here. I have something for you." He said to her, and walked toward his bag which was placed in a corner.

Her brows knitted in confusion when she saw him coming toward him with some dairy milk bars in his hands. Like a child smiles seeing chocolates, she couldn't stop herself from smiling either.

"For you." He smiled seeing her smile and handed those chocolate bars to her. She hesitated but took them.

"Thank you, but why are you giving me chocolates?" Taani asked him, looking at him through her lashes.

"Because i won." He answered her simply. Ever since he had come to know about her love for chocolates, he thought of gifting some to her, time to time. The child like smile she gives after seeing chocolate, was something he would love to see.

"Thank you." She thanked him with a wide grin plastered on her face. Taani wished him good night and turned to leave the room. Her heart was beating loudly against her ribcage, she was happy. The ache in her heart was replaced by happiness by his sweet gesture.


Thank you so much for the second thread Dancing

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ME 1ST..
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Congrats for second thread
It was a cute update...

Ron is amazing...
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Clap congo..                                                                                                                                                                         loved it...
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amazing update
congrats for the 2nd thread
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Congrats for second thread
Nice update
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Loved the update
Ronak is such an awesome brother
No matter what happens, taani will always b worried about rey
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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