{2} TaaRey Fic : His Broken Angel

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Hello Guys! Welcome to the second thread of 'His broken angel'. I'm super happy to see your response & love on this story, thank you so much guys. Scroll down for ch 11. Enjoy reading. Banner : -sevenstreaks-

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Chapter 11 (A)

Rey stepped out the VP sir's cabin after talking to him and explain him about his situation, and much to his relief VP sir understood him. He was walking toward rehearsal hall, to meet his friends.

"Hello, Guys!" He greeted everyone as they entered the rehearsal hall. All stopped dancing and look at him before they all run and pulled him a group hug.

"Thank God you came. We were missing you so much-" Ashi beamed in happiness. Rey smiled at them.

"Rey, tum aaj college mein? You were on leave-"

"Still I'm, sharon. Just came here to talk to vp sir and tell him that i won't be able to handle ags duties, so ask him to give ags post to someone. And i have suggested Kriya's name for the post." Rey said to her, kriya's eyes sparks up hearing her name from his mouth.

"Thank you, Rey." She said to him, smiling at him shyly. Rey smiled at her then turned to swayum.

"You called me in morning? Sorry, i couldn't attend-" 

"Thats okay, Rey, I called you to inform you that were are meeting at my place for group studies-" Swayum told him.

"Exams? Damn!" Rey cursed under his breath, he had totally forgot about the exams. 

"Rey, aap bhool gaye exams ke baare mein?" Kriya asked him sweetly, Rey nodded while thinking what to do now? He had to prepare for exams without neglecting taani & her health.

"Join us at swayum's place in evening." Sharon told him, breaking his reverie, he look at her, going at swayum's place means leaving taani alone at home which he couldn't afford. Just now she has started showing little improvement and he couldn't take her health granted.

"I'll try to come, but can't promise." Rey said to her who nodded in return, not stretching the matter for which he was grateful. They all talked for some more before he left for home.


He pushed the door open and entered inside his bedroom, where he found her sitting on the bed and lost in her thoughts. He moved toward her and sat beside her on the bed. Taani sensed his presence and look at him with unreadable expression.

"So, frozen, tangled or princess protection program?" Rey asked, naming some of her favorite movies. Her brows knitted together in confusion.

"Which one should we watch today?" Rey asked her, raising his one eye brow at her, questioningly. Taani looked down, thinking hard, then she looked up at him.

"Tangled." Taani whispered, making him smile at her, happy to get positive response from her. Rey got up and played the movie on the player, then came back to her. He joined her in the bed. They sat there, watching the movie. Rey was not much in movies, specially animated movies but for her, he watched it.

Rey was watching her expression, though he could see she was not that happy or excited like she used to before, but still, she would smile at some funny scenes which was enough for him, he kept talking to her, and she was listening to him quietly. That moment, he missed his bubbly, talkative taani more than anything.


After movie ended, Rey turned to her who had her head rested on his shoulder and eyes closed. He smiled and dropped a soft kiss on her head. Then there was knock on the door, which caught his attention.

"Rey, can you come out for a moment? I want to talk to you-" Ranvijay said to his son, standing near the door. Rey nodded at his father, he made taani lay down on the bed, after covering her with blanket properly, he moved out of the room. Ranvijay moved to study room and Rey followed his father behind.

"Yes, dad?" Rey gained his father's attention, Ranvijay turned to his son.

"Rey, Rishi is back from Uk and i had called him to come home tonight, I want you to tell him about taani. He is her father, he has right to know about her." Ranvijay said to his son. Rey was surprised, but nodded in understanding, knowing his father is right.

"But i won't let anyone take her away from me. Her father or not-" Rey said to his father, who rolled his eyes at his possessiveness.

"No one is taking her away from you. Once you will tell rishi about whatever happened, I'm sure, he will support you." Ranvijay assured his son who nodded in response. He knew her family would surely want her back, but he won't let anyone take her away from him. She is in too delicate state and his heart will never allow her to go away from his sight.


Scroll down for part B.

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Chapter 11 (B)

Rishi entered the sighania mansion, welcomed by ranvijay. Both of them moved to drawing hall and settled there.

"Whats the matter, ranvijay? Everything alright?" Rishi asked him, he could see his best friend was tensed about something.

"Rishi, did you talked to your daughter? Hows she these days?" Ranvijay asked him back. At the mention of his daughter, Rishi's eyes shot up. He was confused why he was talking about her.

"Last time i called jodhpur, maid said taani is in mumbai. I haven't talked to her yet. I'm going home from here, and will meet both the kids there-" Rishi trailed off, from past few weeks, he was so busy with his business, wasn't getting time for his kids.

"Rishi, come with me." Ranvijay said to him, he got up and walked toward Rey's bedroom. Confused Rishi followed his behind silently.

"In your absence, your daughter has gone through alot." Ranvijay mumbled, he slightly opened the door and made him look inside, where Rey was feeding taani, who was staring off into space. 

Rishi stare at her, his heart broke seeing the bandages, if he look closely, he could see marks on her arms. 

"Ranvijay, what is this?How did this happen to her?" Rishi asked him, he was feeling so many emotions all together, angry on who had done this to his little princess, worried for her, and heart broken seeing his daughter like this.

Ranvijay told him whatever his son had told him, Rishi was feeling miserable, He was trembling with rage, but this wasn't the point to lose his anger, first he wanted to see his daughter. He rushed inside, ranviijay followed him behind, trying to stop him, knowing taani is not in state to meet him, nor they know how she will react seeing him.

Taani's head snapped at the person who had barged inside the room, on instinct, she moved close to Rey. She was trembling with fear, looking at her father, but for her, he is still her tauji. She couldn't recognize him, nor she tried to. The memories she had with her family and loved ones before, were far away from her reach. Her pain of losing her child had blocked her mind to think about anything else than the painful moments when she lost her child and how vishesh beat her to death. Her memory was stuck there.

Rishi's heart broke when his daughter flinched away as he approached her.

"Taani! Beta, it's me, your tauji." Rishi whispered softly. Taani hide her face in crook of Rey's neck, Rey placed the food plate aside and wrapped his arm around her. 

"She is comfortable around him, but whenever someone else come close to her, she would flinch away. She easily get scared-" Ranvijay told him in low tone, Rishi was looking at his daughter who had hided herself in arms of Rey. He was feeling angry, on vishesh for doing this to her and on himself, for trusting a wrong guy. He thought vishesh was perfect for her daughter, he was her best friend after all, but he was wrong. And he regret leaving her alone in jodhpur.

"Uncle, can she stay with me?" Rey asked him, holding her securely in his arms. Rishi look at him, he could understand why his daughter was trusting him when she couldn't even recognize others. Her heart was connected to his. Her heart still trust him.

Rishi nodded positively, knowing only he can bring his daughter back to life. There was undying love in Rey's eyes for taani, which was hard to ignore for anyone.

"I hope, I'll get my daughter back soon-" Rishi whispered, his eyes were moist seeing the painful condition his daughter was in, and its all due to vishesh's obsession for her.

"You will, uncle. She is recovering, but it will take time. But can i ask you for something?" 

"Off-course, Rey, say-" 

"Please don't tell swayum or anyone about her yet. Its a request." Rey said to him, Rishi nodded in response, understanding there must be a valid reason behind this.

"Taani-" Rey called out for her softly. Stroking her hair lovingly, taani tighten her grip around him, he again called out for him and this time, she lifted her face.

"He won't hurt you, he is you tauji." Rey assured her, taani lifted her eye lashes and stare at rishi, Rishi held his breath, it was really heart breaking to see daughter getting scared of him. Rishi controlled his emotions, and smiled warmly at his daughter who was staring at him, examining him curiously.

She was stealing glances at him, like an innocent child. Then she gave a small smile to him, finally recognizing him after a lot of thinking, but still, fear in heart didn't allow her to go near him.

"Its enough for today, i guess. Lets not trouble her more. I'll come tomorrow to meet her. Take care of her." Rishi said once he sense, she needs little time to get comfortable with him again, Rey smiled at him, assuring him that he will take care of taani.

Ranvijay & Rishi walked out of the room, leaving them alone in room.

"Are you okay?" Rey asked her, taani look at him then nodded slightly. Which made him smile widely, after her dinner he made her have her medicines. After some time, taani slept due to the medicines affect while Rey sat there on the bed and studied for exams.


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Sweet chapter
Update soon
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How are u now?

Missed ur updates

Loved it 
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Congratulations for second thread
Update was superb
Finally Mr shikhawat knows about Taani 
And he has no problem in her staying with Rey 
As he trust him very happy for that
Not that Rey would ever let him take his Taani from him
He is very possessive about her
Waiting to read more 
Update it asap
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Super update
Loved the way ranvijay handle the situation and told rishi every thing
Taani couldn't remember her tauji
Hope rey will bring back real taani soon
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