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Chapter 21 - Scroll Down
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Chapter 21

Taani stepped inside the cozy, luxurious bedroom in his mansion in shimla. It was a huge mansion with little traditional touch, it was the place Rey's grandfather bought for his wife and It was very special to Rey, this place has his grandparents memories and his childhood memories as well. They used to live here before his parents moved to london and he shifted to mumbai to study.

 Rey kept their luggage in a corner and turned to her, who was busy in admiring the bedroom.

"Liked it?" He asked, he moved behind her and wrapped her arms around her. Taani hummed in response, she leaned on him, relaxed in his arms. He had this special affect on her, his arms were her personal heaven.

"Want me to make some coffee?" He asked her, nuzzling his face in crook of her neck.

"I want hot chocolate." Taani replied back cutely, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Then i will make hot chocolate for us." He kissed her cheek, as he answered her.

Rey left the room where as taani got freshen up and got herself comfortable in cozy blanket on the bed, it was getting cold outside and inside as well.

After some time, Rey entered the room with two mugs in his hands. He walked over the bed and placed the mugs on the side table.

"Your hot chocolate, ma'am." He slide inside the covers beside her and handed a mug to her.

Rey wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into warmth of his arms. Taani smiled and snuggle in his arms, she loves the feel of being in his arms.

They had their drinks in comfortable silence.


"Taani, what should we do now?" Rey asked her, stroking her hair lovingly. They both were laying on the bed in each each others arms.

"Nothing. I don't wanna do anything. Its so cold out there." Taani pouted, as she answered causing him to chuckle at her never ending cuteness. Rey look at her, she was smiling at him softly. Their faces were inches apart, a tingling sensation ran through her spine as she realized how closed they were.

It was new feeling all together, something she forgot about. She was again experiencing those tingles, butterflies in her stomach and a foreign desire to be close to him, rose in her heart.

Without her acknowledge, she inched close to him. Her breathing was irregular and heart was pounding against her ribcage.

Rey was in dilemma. He feared the sudden intimacy will scare her off, which he doesn't want. He didn't wanted to do anything that would make her shun him out once again.

He felt a shiver ran through him as her lips brushed against her slightly while her hold around him tighten. Every negative thought and insecurity flew out of his head, he knew she wanted it. He wanted it.

Rey cupped her face in his palm and captured her lips in a tenderly soft kiss. A feel of contentment seeped through her as he claimed her soul once again with his lovable touch, she felt herself more connected to him than before. Their souls were connected with a string which is getting stronger with the passing time.

He held her in his arms like a glass doll that she was. Having her in his embrace, was the best thing.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. They had their eyes closed, enjoying the serene silence that had engulfed them.

"Are you alright, jaan?" Rey lifted his head and cupped her cheek in his large palm as he asked her softly.

Her eyes fluttered open and she look at him before she nodded her head positively in response, a small smile was touching her cheeks.

"Its time for dinner, I will do and prepare it." Rey said to her, since he had given leave to all the servants so that, he & taani could get privacy.

"I will cook today." Taani told him, surprising him.

"Its alright, jaan. I will." Rey assured her.

"I know how to cook." Taani reminded him.

"That i know, but you don't have to cook." Rey said to her since he doesn't want her to work and get tired.

"No. I will cook and thats final." Taani answered back in bossy tone that reminded him of the old taani, who used to boss around him for AGS work in college.

"You can be my helper, if you want." Taani added further, which made him smile and he nodded his head in response. He was happy with the way she is progressing and coming back to life again.


Thread 3!!

Thank you so much guys!

And don't forget to leave your feedback on ch 21 :)
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Congratulations on the third thread :)
The update was beautiful :)
Lovely :)
Update soon :)
Thanks for the PM :)
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Awesome update 
Loved it
Eager to read more 
Update next part soon
Congrats for new thread 

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finally taani is recovering congrass for new thread
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Very soft and touchy  update
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Awsm update aww taani impoverment
Much better nice soft update next update soon...
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