Hamlet's Revised Fanfic Collection Index

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Hamlet's Revised Fanfic Collection Index

Dear readers I have beenwriting fanfictions, SS, OS. The first FF was about a show Laagi thujse lagan,that  aired back in 2010 . Was a silentreaders then. But logged in 2011 and wrote my very first FF, that spread overthree threads. That was followed by a few SS related to the same show. Well ,since then have, dipped into  episodesanalysis of  a variety of serials  related to  my favourite televisionactors.  I have revised my originalthread as the old one is locked due to long term inactivity on it. Do peep inwho knows you might have read my , impressions, takes ,stances and thoughts onthe following shows: Ishq ka rang safed; Is pyar ko kya nam doon 3;  Jana na dil se dor;  Tu Sooraj main saanjh piyaji; Ek tha deewana; andmost recently Bepannah. The idea of compiling this revised version is predominantlyto keep all my old , till date writings in one organized place. I sincerely hope the hyper links work.  Would love to hear from all who glance throughmy  index.  revised 18.12.18

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many thanks to my friend daya Iridescence for making my links.. daya you are hammie's vital link to good impressions.. love you loads captain my captain...

SS: Dutta:A Trilogy

Out of my hands


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Dutta,a trilogy

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Follow the Heart


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Blue Blood

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                             Mishal Raheja

                                 as Dutta

                            Follow the Heart 

                                 Part 11

Well, the lion! not her lover had spoken. Naku parted fromhim and both walked slowly side by side in total silence towards the red frontdoor. But Dutta paused abruptly and moved Naku to one side whilst he openedwide both the doors. Directly outside the house he was confronted by a semicircleof his people, who rallied stubbornly behind the arrogant Nana, musket held inhand . Haughtily swelled with power he stood in his  open jeep and stared down at Dutta's lonefigure in the door way. There was pin drop silence as nonchalantly, Dutta's eyesrevolved around the rear arc  of hispeople. He discerned fear etched on their faces and Dutta's  heart squeezed with empathy for them. He knewhe had carried out the right decision. Finally from his people , he shifted hisdeep set eyes and fixed them on Nana's face.. then titled his head  sideways ..till  Naku slowly emerged from the side of the doorand stood beside him. Dutta's brothers along with the villagers  breathed a sigh of relief! Dutta raised up his frigid eyes to the elevated Nana ,and then pointed his palm sideways at Naku..

"ye le Nana! sambhal apna ghar ke izzat ko.. aur haanyaad rehe ke Dutta, shri Ram Patel  kebeta hai!  dosre ke ghar ke izzat ka maanrekhta hai! jabhi to  Nakusha  thujhe lauta raha hoon! sun le!  is par ek kharish bhi ayee tu balag  beti  kazabbardasti lagan  kerwane ke jurm meinundar kera de ga thujhe! threatened Dutta with his finger in Nana's face! Nana pointed his gun at Dutta and suddenly he jerked as a fire was shot!

"abeee Nana! haat! beti mil gaya haina? ab phoot edhur se! nehin tu dossere gole terebhejay mein uttar doon ga! yelled  Bajidangerously as he cocked his gun! Kulte aimed his pistol at  Baji  who laughed and said to him

"aur Nana  le keja apna us phattu ko bhi! the villagers whistled and joined their palms overtheir heads and chanted Dutta Bhau! Dutta Bhau! gaon waloon ke aan! shaan! Dutta Bhau! and  Baji yelled

"chalo rehe toot paro in salloon par! jao! gaon ke haadse nikalo  ke aao in haramkhorronko!  Hurriedly Naku was bundledinto  Nana's jeep as Dutta stood andwatched stiffly.. she looked back at him with tears in her eyes as she wasdriven away. But Dutta distanced himself from her with his frigid fixed face. Hisjaw twitched though, and his clenched fists by his sides dug his nails into hispink palms. within seconds he was surrounded by his people who chantedrepeatedly Dutta Bhau! one old woman cut through the crowd and reached out forhis stubble face and said in a  brokenold voice

"main jano hoon Dutta! tune apna pyar hum pe qurban kar diya hai.. meri prathana hai ketuhje  tera pyar wapis mil jaye! Duttalooked into the old woman's eyes and requested

" mausi parathna karo woh zalim aadmi  Naku pe koi zalim ne kare... and he came awayfrom the woman's  embrace..

 Baji yelled at thevillagers that they disperse and ushered Dutta and his astounded brothers intotheir house..  amid on going  loud chants of Dutta Bhau! that stillpersisted. Kamde the mukhayia. Felt pangs of insecurity already.. as he moved andunlatched the doors of where the women hid. Once normalcy occurred, Bajigrabbed Dutta by the arm  and  told his family  Dutta needed a break.  Daksha saddened by Dutta's quiet withdrawl..his distanced  silence, told  Baji it was much needed and  approved their time alone with each from thehome front.


 Head hung low , onearm folded behind his back, Dutta deep in thought placed one foot before theother and strolled with  Baji by hisside. He stared at the mud caked narrow path that led both of them to hisfavourite mound  his tilla.. once havingscaled the  height he  flopped down under the banyan tree and juststared ahead into nothingness. Baji too flopped before his friend cross leggedand only had to read the silence between them to interpret his friends mood..mind you it was understandable, Bhau would feel down.. Baji mused.

" Baji .. we can't say that life is unpredictable.. itwas coming wasn't it ye sara drama?.. so won't make a noise.. maagar kuch tughum kar sakta hoon main  Baji... haina? b  Baji swallowed the lump in his throat andinstead thought best stay quiet.. as  he'll blow his top.. as sentimentality  was likely to hurt Dutta even more   

"waise Bhau tumhari logic apen ko  tu samhaj nehin aati? if you had to let  Naku go ..what was the point of bringing herto PN? Dutta tilted his head irritated and glared at Baji..

"oyeee! mere reasoning tune sune nehin  logon ke samna? abhi mujhe se rewind modemein batien karna pasand nehin." Baji nodded and replied..

"woh ,Bhau I must have missed your herogiri waledialogues.  waise mere entry kaise lagituhje? Dutta rolled his eyes, but his mouth fell once again as he rejectedBaji's humour.. as he suffered after effects of naku's departure..

" Baji main sooctha hai.. there are times when as humanswe are aware of repercussions of certain issues.. pun phir bhi jaan booj  ke we go ahead and do it! asisa kyun kertehain hum?  Baji respected his  expression ,and replied spontaneously

"is liye Bhau .. because as humans we love to takechances"  Dutta looked at his friendwith a disheartened expression..

" humm..  mainerisk le.. took a chance.. always attracts this... what if??  Baji muhje mahsoos hota hai main badal rahahoon.. phele , I couldn't care a toss what happened around me.. life was onebig occurrence  of easy going,  natural system of breathing in and out.. butsince I met  Naku.. life tabdeel  ho rehe hai yaar.. kabhi I make sanedecisions ,kabhi insane..ab dekh na.. insanely  I eloped with Naku ! and sanely reversed the incident.. kya ho raha hai mujhe?  Baji challenged him

"are you telling me you regret the elopement side of thedecision? Dutta suddenly girded up his true sentiments and growled all workedup

"nehin! ju kiya teekh kiya maine  Baji! pyar kerta hai main  Naku se.. pun somehow  my people came before me.. or shall I sayreason prevailed..  and so told her toreturn..Baji ,I feel in doing so, mera pyar Naku ke liye has gone up a notch.. pun yaar.. dard bhi hota hai dilmein! he confessed with watery eyes that he blinked to contain his tears..Baji's mouth quivered at Dutta's words and he reacted

" tu Bhau! thujhe use phir se us kaminey Nana  ke qaid se choorna ho ga!  surely you agree with me  Bhau ?

" hummm  Baji..mera kam edhura hai abhi ! replied Dutta with his finger pointed up as hecontinued, "pun, first things first Baji.. there are issues that are niggling my mind.. like  how did Nana come to find out about  Naku's exact where abouts??  baffling...? he pointed out..  Baji too was forced to consider the question

"haan Bhau.. kisi ne tu apna mau khola hoga! pun tuchinta maat kar! main hoona.. tera guards ke tu main aise dhuliya kare ga! kesare umar pani ke nazeed nehin jayean ge!  he said all animated negatively! Dutta raisedhis palm and checked him..

" unhe rehene de..woh tu ghar ke baher hote hain! howwill they know what goes on? dekh, abhi rest this case for now.. and let'sreturn to our homes.. aaj bahut ho chukka hai.. need to gather both  my body and my brain.. dono hi phased outhain.. mujhe aram kerna hai! and Dutta pressed his palms on the ground and  hauled himself up..almost lifelessly ,  Baji watched his slumped back as he stompeddown the tilla ,and called out!

"Dutta! give rescuing Naku from Nana's fortress! a thought! you owe it to her! Dutta slowedhis descent and only turned his head over his shoulder  and roared

"muhje maat bata ! what to do! and what not to! mainkare ga woh ju mera dil bola ga!.. and he turned his head the way he walked ..Baji, sick with worry mumbled to himself..

"kab Bhau? kab? .. but Dutta's figure progresseddownwards , till he reached ground level.. Baji too followed and then veered towards the direction of his ownhouse. Now it was his turn to off load and he did to Aye Sahib.. she wept ingrief but still commented stoically.. 

" the manchala Dutta has suddenly grown up  Baji! apne faisale khud kerne laga hai.. ju kadam usne uthiya hai..  Naku ko izzat se wapis bhej kar  Dutta ke liye mere dil mein aur izzat bhar  gaye hai...ek mukhiya ke faisla  diya usne"  said Aye Sahib with great conviction.  Baji nodded.. but decided to say minimalistic..as he himself was unsure , about what went about in Dutta's brain?


It was not despair but utmost trust in her Saab that made Nakuonce again confined to the space of her room. It was no surprise that it wasso. However she noted that Nana's expected violent reaction towards her  was certainly curtailed by  her Saab's public warning to Nana, againstany harm coming to her!  Naku's heart surgedwith profound love for Dutta.. he sure eluded her.. where he appeared utterlybesotted by her.. he also had the raw potency to resist her  pleas that would have weakened his stance of putting their peoples life atrisk. Yet again Naku's trust in her Saab became sturdier.. Saab  mera saath kabhi  nehin chorien ge..  bas tu intezaar kar  unke wapsi ka.. she  mused, as her fingers felt her beating heart.Be compliant and lye low in Nana's house was the policy her Saab had suggestedto her before. That was what she planned to do. She had to ensure she kept bothher body and soul placid and continued to hope for the moment when Dutta returnsand sets her free again!  Naku gave asmall derisive laugh as she neared her window and looked across towards thedistant twinkling lights of the village mud houses. They all looked the same..she sighed , this uncle of hers divided the two villages.. so divided hecould  impose  his reign of terror upon the peoples of PatilVadi.. Saab  has to end Nana ka  dashat gardi ka  gunda raj!  she mused with conviction and  her cheeks turnedrosy with fervour. Naku smiled bashfully , how odd it was that her Saab'sunpredictable spirit  had  now rubbed off her too.. she bowed her headand with her palm  Naku  smoothed the clothes that Daksha had given toher.. their splendour was more than the finest garments of the world.. becausethey were given by Saab's household.. with love..free from ulterior motive.Suddenly  Naku clutched the chunni andconsidered ..how did Nana find out , that she was at Patil Nivas ?  how?? And her eyes flew open as she realizedthe identity of the informers !  hisvahini's who sneaked into the house in the early hours of the morning. she hadto raise Dutta's awareness  But her eyesfilled with tears as she realized the hurt that will be caused to Dutta when hefinds out about the truth.. as especially, how much he loved his family. Shewanted to shield him from anguish, if she can help it.. 


Dutta  hoped that by nowall were tucked away in bed. He just didn't have the mental or physicalcapacity  to discuss matters further. Tohis relief no one was about and so Dutta turned his feet towards his room. Butstopped short in the mud courtyard, as sadly he stared at his babba's roombathed in pitch darkness. His  compressedlips dropped to one side of his chin and his eyes welled up. Looked like thelight in his life once again had been snuffed out. Naku aur babba dono ja chukethein  appan ke zindagi se..ek hi palmein,he mused bitterly. He turned his gaze away from the room which  a few hours ago ,held  Naku in it's space.. only for a few hours .But his heart bled.. as he mused.. pun woh chend ghante bhi meri zindagi ke sabse hasien  pal thien!   Naku! he whispered her name under cover ofdarkness, folded his arms across his chest and sighed ,yet still remindedhimself that he may be hard pressed from all sides but not yet broken! him Dutta! may appear confused ,but he  wasn't  in utter disarray and  despair.. slowly and soundlessly he strode tohis room.

Sounds of sibilant whispers caught his attention and hestopped in his tracks...  may be Nana hadsent some jokers to disturb the peace of our household, he mused, as he turnedhis head around in the darkness..

Female laughter and shhing! Suspiciously Dutta reversedbackwards from the veranda further centre  into the shadowy mud court  and looked upwards to the  terrace of the house. None was visible. Butthe whispers and muffled speech continued. Silently he made way to the stairsat the side of the courtyard that led to the terrace.. crouched he climbed upslowly. He bit his lower lip angrily and felt like an eavesdropper in his ownhouse! but he had to continue to  hear whatwas being said and by whom? Due to his height he didn't have to go all the  way up. He stopped at a strategic position andnot entirely surprised he noted .. voices belonged to Abha and   Bela who sat on the floor  staring at wads of cash! flabbergasted henearly lost his balance! But held on to the slanted bannister wall that heldthe stairs together.. he gulped and disciplined his rage and strained hisears.. he had to hear what they mumbled...

"bas ab tum paise ko takna band karo  Bela Tai ! aur ye batao kab jana hai jewellerke pas? meri haat inteezar main hain  kabsajien ke sone ke kare aur churrian! meri haaton mein! and Bela  glared at Abha..

"aise koi harkaat maat kerna  Bela ,jis se Dutta aur us ke bhaiyoon ko  shak par jayi ke .. Nana ke khabri hum donothein!

Dutta had heard enough , he fumed ; clenched his fists;  twitched his jaw  so hard that his  complete body ached with anger  initially.. then as he descended the stairssilently, his rage  transformed into  excruciating pain.. his tears prevented himfrom seeing where he headed. Finally he  gasped for breath and scrammed to his room.. barged in! closed his doorand  crashed on the edge of hisbed..hayeee! maa!  the cry escapedinvoluntarily  from his lips.. and heclutched his chest from the left side.. he felt the knife of betrayal slashedhis heart.. penetrating deeper and deeper till he broke down undercover of histwo palms! His broad shoulders shook as he struggled to breath. How long hecried for ,he didn't know ,but gradually he sensed that the impact of thetempest passed. Listlessly he removed his wet palms away from his face, sniffed and stared into space. All theabrasive remarks and attitudes he suffered at the hands of his  vahinis lashed  back at him. Those two were never hisfavourites ,but then babaa treated  allhis bahu's with respect and affection.. and similar behaviour was expected out ofDutta as well. Now he bit his tongue! How hard it would be for him to keep hismouth shut!  as his instinct prodded himto report them to his brothers without losing time !  The  heated surge of emotions  hauled him up on his feet and he walkedslowly towards his  door. Nervously, hefelt the mundri in his ear given to him by his father.. it had come undone. So heturned around and walked to the small face mirror  nailed to his wall..his cold eyes stared backat him his reflection.. with his pincer grip he snapped the undone mundri inplace.. behind him stood babba..   

"kya kerne ja raha hai Dutta? jano main thujhe dukh hoiye jan ke , Bela and Abha ne Nana ko Naku ke bare mein batyaa.. paisa ke liye.. ye unka maqassad tha. punmere beta, apne Bhau ko in dono ka bata ka thujhe kya mile ga? " Duttaspoke to his reflection..

"mujhe in dono ka asile chera sab ko dekhna hai ! kepaise ke liye ye kis haad tak gher sakte hain! he retorted.. but his fatherfurther enlightened him

"Dutta.. saach jane ke baad .. is  pariwar mein phoot par jaye ge.. rishton meindoori ho jaye gi..aur aisa dekh ke mujhe dukh hoga,  Dutta.. mujhe garam jhosh, nikhato Duttanehin dekhna! mujhe woh Dutta  jis neapna gaon ke logon ke liye..  Naku kouske ghar waloon ko wapis de diya  dekhnahai! Dutta jis mein apne pariwar  ko  ek rekhne ka jazzba ho.. woh Dutta dekhnahai.. he heard his babba's  words andshuddered, as he realized, that his father  had advised him. sadly but  somewhat resolute Dutta .. he mumbled

"babba sahi bola..pariwar bhikar jaye ga.. aur?.. meranehin babaa soochta ke Dutta bhikar gaye hai ye jaan ke..is ke ghar meindhokebaz log rehete hai! his spirit raged inside .So  restless he walked towards his father'sunoccupied room.. funny but it was open. Why wouldn't it be?  it's most recent inhabitant had gone!  Still an aggrieved Dutta entered the room inthe hope of being enveloped by the memorable presence of his love  Naku. Vacantly , he looked around and thenwith his slender fingers, felt the wound he had gained  in those romantic moments in thewoodlands  that the plantation  opened up to. In a trance he sat on hisfather's bed and then felt the covers where she had sat.. with her back to thewindow. Tired and deep in thought, slowly he fell back and then pulled  hislong legs on the bed and straightened them. He folded his arm and rested his head on it and closed his eyes as hecrossed his other  arm on hischest..  yes he sees Naku stood overhim.. and he reached for her hand and sat her down beside him.. his eyesstayed  shut and a tear rolled down fromthe outer side of his eye..  Naku  caught it on her finger tip

"Saab main jano hoon aap udhas ho.. aap ne yaad kiya..tu  Naku ne aana hi tha aap ke pas.. shesnivelled..  ye judai nehin hai..  aap yaad na  bhi karo, Naku har waqat aap ke pas he rethehai.. hamara ristha rooh ka saath hai.. Dutta mumbled with his eyes closed..

"pata tha mujhe tu bhi bechain hai mere liye.. jaisemain hoon  Naku.. pun Dutta ko tera pyarne sudhar diya hai.. rishtoon ko peechanta tu tha phele..  magaar pariwar ko jhor kar rekhna .. tere sesekha hai.. apne eleva ab dosseroon ka bhi soochta hoon..pun  Naku ,ju zakhem apne dete hain.. us kobardasht kerne mein abhi bhi kamzoor hoon..kaisa sehte hai tu apne tau kesatam?? mujhe bhi baata.. for my pain is killing me..nakuuu! bura ghao diya haighar ke bahu nein.. muhje!

"Saab ghar ke shanti ka soochu!  baki Bappa pe chor du..who knows what  Bappa has in store for you? restless Dutta reached out for hand, but hispalm only  felt empty space! he sat up!  opened his eyes and looked stunned intonothingness.. he sighed and groaned.. nakuuu!..  Naku.. tera Saab bhaut ekela mahsoos kar rahahai..  slowly he fell backwards againfatigued,  upon babba's bed and rolledonto his right side..

"main aapke pas he hoon Saab ..sau jao... Dutta heard hervoice.. then it was  no more.. realitywas left behind temporarily..


Next day dawned, Dutta did what was required, joined his family in the courtyard for breakfast.His brothers and three vahinis looked across at his tall frame as he came andsat on the vacant flat stool next to Shinde . Fingers broke morsels and dippedin desi ghee as the family ate silently. It was  noticeable ,Dutta only sipped lassi and Dakshaurged..

"kha lo ,Dutta Bhau.. aap ke liye paratha aur dehi hai..and she pushed his thalli closer to him.. Dutta smiled nervously and broke asingle morsel politely ,dipped it in yogurt and popped it in his mouth. He feltthe side of his stubble at the end of his top lip. Whilst he chewed, Kamdecreased his brow and remarked

"kuch samhej mein nehin aya? ke ,Nana ko kaise patachala ke  Naku Patil navas  mein hai ?. Dutta bit the inner wall of hismouth so hard, that he  tasted blood inhis mouth. No one spoke.. least of all Dutta.. but the guilty did speak

" jis ne bhi aisa kya bahut bura kiya! dekho na beecharilardki  phir se apna mahal mein qaid hogaye hai..   Bappa ke bheed  Bappa he jana?  beechari lardki ! use ke khobssarti bhi use nabacha saki.. sab kismet ka khel hai.. carped Bela. Dutta let her words bounce over his chest.. he knew what  Naku was.. what their destiny was together..he didn't need to cast pearls before swine! But Kamde did  put his wife in her place

"jab bhi bole ge tu ,bikwas he kare ge tu  Bela! main tu ye jano ke jis ne bhi khabiri ka kam kiya hai?   koi neech, bhokenaange khandan ka insaan hoga! ju dosere ke khushi bardasht nehi karsakta!  pun aise mein tum sab hoshiyarrehena! lagata hai koi dushman hai hamara ju hamien dekhai nehin deraha.." Dutta's brow gathered beads of sweat, in supressed rage.. but hisdefiant expression gave things away. His imposed  silence irked an already insecure Kamde ..

"eyeee! kuch bolta kyun nehi tu Dutta??kal ke logon kenarre Dutta Bhau ! Dutta  Bhau!  sar ko char gaye hain kya?? waise ye ju kalhoya sab teri wajah se hoya tha!..phele use lardki ko edhur le kar aya! phirdarr ke mara us neech Nana ke age hatiyar dal diye tu ne! Dutta! janta hai tunehamra sab ka mau kala kar diya! khas kar mera, main ab mukiya hoon Patil Vadika!   accused Kamde  furious! as he stood up and pointed his finger at the sitting Dutta.

  "sunte ho ji..mujhe tu aisa laga  ke Dutta ne ye sab isliye kiya.. take apne chebhi  goan waloonke samna onche kar raha tha.. mere mano mukhiya bune  ke khawab dekh reha hai!  ye aaap ka ladala!  stirred Bela!  all were stunned by her words most of allKamde .. who clearly now seemed to agree with his wife's views.. what if Duttareally ousted his  post??what of himthen??as the eldest Bhau..

" aagar tu ye sooch raha hai Dutta  tu tera ye khawab.. khawab he rehe ga!Kamde  yelled at Dutta who snapped!

"bas! bhaut bol chuke aap sab aur bahut sun chukkamain!!! maine kyun kiya aisa? aap samjhe nehin sake! mere hasha ke zameen,,mujhe de do aur  Bappa kasam dobbara apneshakal nehin dekhiye ga ye Dutta! and he revolved around, scooped up  Kajri in his arms and walked out of his homewith  his lamb and the clothes on hisback!

Kamde panicked and leapt forward to stop his brother..but  Bela pulled back her husband by hisarm..

"hosh ke baat karo ji! jana do ise.. ankien dekhe thiuske aap ne!  mukhiya bune ka  haq aap se chien le ga woh Dutta!


Dutta ! areee Dutta! rok ! Baji caught up with his beloved friend.. Dutta's face spoke volumes, heseemed lumbered with more emotional baggage.. Dutta's feet turned towards thetilla,  his  point of seclusion.  Dutta flared his nostrils and  informed Baji.. in a decisive tone

" ghar chor aya hai main   Baji.. before you startabout the whys? let me tell you it was a painful procedure.. but had to bedone..  Baji much perplexed questioned

"then why did you do it Bhau? it's your home ..nobodyasked you to leave, I thought that things were better now .." Dutta raisedhis palm and answered

"Baji I needed a plausible excuse to stage an exit.. soI asked for my share! and besides the time was ripe too.. people's chants forme  yesterday .. gave Kamde  Bhau the impression that muhje  head man bane ka shaq hai!   he stopped and gave a mocking laugh.."hard to believe aisa bikwas idea .. but have to say Kamde   Bhau ka idea nehin tha.. uske patni ki buniye hoi baat thi.. but  Baji I sensed a bitterness in Kamde Bhau'stone, regarding my popularity before the people"  and his voice faltered as he bit his  bottom lip ..most upset. Baji leaned forwardand felt his Bhau's arm and  consoled..

"dil pe maat le Bhau.. aisa hota hai pariwar mein! Duttadoubled his chin and replied

" pata hai mujhe Baji.. that's why I left home.. main na hoon ga tu sab kush reheinge..  didn't want more unpleasantness.."he pulled   a few blades of grass,pensively and  announced..

"waise  Baji Ifound out who snitched  Naku up ! ghar kaaadmi tha.." and in a broken voice he revealed the names of theculprits.  Baji's nostrils flared and histemper too rose.. but he toned down ,so as not to show disrespect to members ofDutta's immediate family..  but insteadblurbed

" is that why youdecided.. yet again that you would leave your home Bhau? .ajeeb hai tum dost..aisa bhi koi kerta hai..apne hi  gharchor ke chala jaye? Dutta pulled his mouth sideways and palmed his stubblecheek

"dekh  Baji dardtu hoya.. yes it was painful, but I needed a plausible reason, a  situation where by I  could leave home  and keep my family together.. too.. so I  left, Baji .. and now undisturbed I  can plan how to  rescue Naku..."he added in the end. Baji's eyes perked up and he gave his Bhau a dimpled smile. .and slammed his palms together ,with great gusto!

"yeh hoi na sher wali baat Bhau! muhje tu chinta honelage thi ke tune  Naku ka khayal chordiya hai..!

" nehin..  Baji..I may seem like a fire breathing dragon, a roaring lion, a stubborn donkey! butI have within me a man  who of late hasbegun to have bouts of  quiet worldlywisedom..tu khe saakta  hai, Dutta hasbecome street wise!  Naku ko ghar bhejdiya hai maine.. pun apne zindagi se nehin nikala use Dutta na! vaada kiya haiuske saath.. pura kare ga! dhoke baaz nehin hoon main!  samjha Baji..? clarified Dutta ..  Bajigot interested and commented..

" I know Bhau you hate cheats, liars and fakes ! but thetruth is tere  irdhe  girde sab jhoot  hai!! Devas shapaat ! Bhau bahut ho gaya teresaath  dhoka!  ab tu bata mere liye kya kam hai? main karega  Bhau! tere liye  ye Baji jaan  bhi de dein ga! Dutta lookedacross at him and replied in a dead pan manner

"tere jaan itne sassti nehin  Baji ju main aise he kisi ko lene doon... yourjob is to keep mumb at my disappearance .. pata tu chaal jaye ga mere gharwaloon  ko ke I have vanished.. bas tu yekar  Baji.. when they ask you about me..you tell  them you don't know ! meanwhilemain edhur tille pe hi rehe ga.." he said in  firmed resignation .Baji brushed the ideaaside with his hand.. he would deal with it later ,but for now he wanted toknow  how Dutta would liberate  Naku yet again? Dutta told him.. and  Baji dismissed it as madness on Dutta's part!

"dekh Bhau jhatka dena tu thujhe se koi seekhe.. Bhautere jaan ko khetra ho sakta  hai! yehraho gaya hai tu? Dutta looked at his friend and replied

"ab pyar kiya hai tu jaan tu haatli pe rekhne hogi! bas   Baji,tu apna mau bund rekhna! don't you  tellanyone know where I am? or what I am about to do.. samjha?  Baji pressed both his palms  on his mouth and nodded  his  head vigorously for his Bhau's assurance ..but he revisited the issue of Dutta's accommodation..

" chaal ab Dutta.. yaad rekh, Patil Nivas ke elwa meraghar .. tera bhi hai, I am not leaving   you here all by yourself ! Dutta blew a fuse

"tu yehra hai  Baji! I have disappeared!  ifpeople spot me at your place.. my plan regarding  Naku will be jeopardized! so no I shan't beresiding tere ghar pe..  Baji pulled aface.. but Dutta carried on.. aur sun Roops ko bol, to tell  Naku I want to see her .. "


For  Naku the bestpossible way forward was to lie low and keep her head buried under the sand. Inlow times , she would simply recall her Saab's words of offering her salvageyet again in the near future. trust, faith, bahroosa .. had to feature  strongly in their love. For in the absence ofher Saab.. his promise and her belief in it suffices..  Naku mulled over .. where Dutta had put thelives of innocent villagers in the forefront.. Naku.. now keeps the diva of herlove burning with the oil of blind faith in her beloved Saab.  But alongside she was saddened too, at thethought of  the undefined wait involvedin the process of being with her Saab again. For now, she felt blessed by Dutta'slove.. and also for being granted a breather.. Nana was out of her face!painstakingly Naku had avoided Nana ..but much to her relief he too was outcollecting monies from  various smalltime land owners.. his ploy was monies or part of their crops as  it washarvest time! so in short,  Naku despitethe trauma of being packed back to Nana's  haveli..lived with  a degree of calm..

On Baji's behest, prompted by Dutta's demand, Roops came tovisit  Naku.  Nana being away made it possible without muchdifficulty.  Roops  was bearer of fantastic news! it was  totally unexpected for  Naku!too good to  believe that Dutta , had called for her. Nakuwondered the need for his summon??? was he going to elope with her again?  The thought excited her and she  slipped her toes in her sequined and threadembroidered mojaris and as soon as nightfall came..  Babi gave her a black ghgara choli speckledwith lead silver sequins.. that would provide her darling girl   Naku,the much needed protective camouflage in the area outside Nana's house...

From the heights of the tilla , Dutta's  eyes finally latched on to the  the hooded figure of his love  as she approached  hurriedly.. to be continued in thread 2 ofDutta's Trilogy.. 24.4.15

End of thread 1.. Followthe heart to continues on thread 2..


Dear readers, it'swelcome to the new thread .. many congrats to each one of you. hammie couldn'thave made this journey without your wonderful participation. Thanks very muchfor your interesting comments.. they are my, reading for pleasure activity.Your comments as always, never fail to inspire me to incorporate your valuablepreferences .. come travel with me on this thread too.. much love hammie...

n.b twinks thanks for the grand ending of thread 1.. 

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awww new sweet  SS classroom for us.DancingDancing...Heartiest Congratulations Sweetest lion...PartyParty...awww Its Party time...PartyPartyParty...thanks soo much for your new sweeet thread Hammieee lion.DancingPartyHug...More space & Its time to do lots of naughtyWink...baby will be backDancingHug

*Twinky baby Reserved*

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hi hammiee
another achievement u just keep breaking record ...forum is a place to visit coz talented writers like u ..keep conquering Clapu will always find us cheering u ...big hug SmileSmile
as for ud
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amazinggg hammiee
for new thread
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Awe new thread hammie...congrats dear...

Beautiful update...

Ah dutta know who cheated him...sad that his bro also speaking rude and against him...

Poor naku back to haveli...

Thnx for pm hammie...
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Dearest Hamlet,

hearty congratulations for the new thread!!!! MAY YOU HAVE MANY MANY MANY MORE. (Because we're all greedy like that!)

Loving the story so far...nope I have not forgotten, I shall comment on the parts soon. I just don't have the means yet, and a phone just doesn't cut it lol. (Yup borrowing my brothers rights now as we speak,)

Will be back :)
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