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Posted: 8 years ago
I always enjoy reading your posts.
Posted: 8 years ago
Wow... U hit bulls eye as always... What I strongly feel is that Humaira, more than being Razia's daughter is Zoe's sister... Coz they seem to share the softer genes of Gaffur... That Gaffur who once was a lover of Zainab and had a good heart... Both Zoe and Humaira have the same kindness quotient, same devotion to their respectives from that unique set of brothers, that they can go to any extent to make them smile... And the brothers... Allah bachaye, ab jab Asad Zoya ke liye dheere dheere pighal rahe hein to humaira ke liye Ayaan Asad ho rahe hein..but I really liked Nikhat telling about Humaira's feelings to Ayaan.. Let's see where this particular track leads to :)
Posted: 8 years ago
Beautiful description. .. zoya and Humaira are both pure at heart and ya they both share many traits such as not keeping grudges against anyone and the both of them are great daughters... i hope they meet soon and by the way if cvs get zoya married to ayaan (even if it is a temporary thing) it does not matter it will destroy not only the purity of two brothers relation but also two sisters... i want zoya to have the same beautiful relation with Humaira as the khan brothers share... i truly hope the ayaan zoya track is erased from cvs minds forever.
Posted: 8 years ago
I love your post and will miss you till monday. I don get much time now a days to be online but whenever I do first I look for your posts in here Big smile
Posted: 8 years ago
Very nice post.. Will miss your posts for rest of week...
Posted: 8 years ago
Very nice post Vicly. can't comment more than this as I'm bogged down with work. But will surely miss your posts. Your posts are the first thing I look forward to after the episode airs.

Do you have an index of all your previous posts? I started watching QH on and off but caught up with all the epis in the past week so would love to read your posts now that I've watched all them.

Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by VictoriaHot

Originally posted by delena90

Originally posted by VictoriaHot

There are two things that I have always admired about Zoe and Humeira , even though they both are very different sisters. Zoe is a  fiery beauty, independent , strong and she reminds you of storms and thunder. Humzie is a fragile beauty, feminine, sensitive and she reminds you of the spring breeze. But a few things are common in both the sisters. Honour, dignity, pride parallel to unsaid incomplete love and a father to whom they both are attached but will bring them misery, disgrace and emotional wars. 

Zoe doesn't know that her father's discovery will change her life for the worse. Yet she is looking for him like a firefly looks for light. Zoe has no understanding or realization that she loves Asad. Yet she burns in an unexplained heartbreak when he pains her or when Nirnaa tries to stir up some foam. Zoe is in search for her father's love and she awaits her own heartbeat to take her to Asad, or maybe just bring him to her. She awaits the love of two men - her father and Asad. But neither comes to her. Gaffur , because she cannot reach him. Asad, because she doesn't want to reach him. 

Humzie is Gaffur's little princess. The grand heiress , the ideal daughter, the ideal lady and apple of everyone's eye. Yet, her heart longs for the love of a man whose emotional barometer is like a lost robot with a short circuit. She is his childhood friend , his confidante , his prank partner , his agony aunt , his reality check. Just like Asad is to Zoe. She, who has everything in life, awaits a love that she fears deep inside is never going to come to her. Yet, she smiles, laughs , giggles and those big fragile eyes shine with some kind of a soul-light.So much so, that you actually hope that the writers will get up and say someday that this flawless Humeira is not Gaffur's and Razia's DNA. 

Two sisters- bound by destiny to one man - their father- and bound by heart to two dense men. 

Zoya Farooqui and Humeira Siddiqui await their fairylights. But are Gaffur, Asad and Ayaan going to deliver them? Or are Zoe and Humzie always going to be these beautiful broken women who only have the promise of tomorrow but no tomorrow? Gul, these two ladies deserve what they dream.

P.S- Salwaar Kameez was on a roll today. This is how a good actress changes the entire dynamics  of a character. I loved her animated expressions while answering Zoe's Asad questionnaire and giving Razia the scare of her life. 

Please note that this is my last post for the week. I am not making any post till next Monday due to some commitments. Embarrassed

Well said Vic. I am really loving the parallel the writers are bringing out between AsYa and HumYaan. Humeira and Zoe aren't so different after all. Both are the product of circumstances and that I mean Zoe, though she has no clue of her past, was brought up by a loving couple in a modern city which encouraged her to think for herself, get an education and a job. She is fearless and stands up for whats right. Humeira on the other hand was brought up in a joint family with strict ideas of how a woman should behave. She had the love of both her parents (still can't believe the devils produced a sweetheart like her) and a large extended family. Yet she too is brave in her own way. She has a thirst to try out new things (eg. fashion show) and she too stands up for what is right (eg. not trapping Ayaan). Despite the difference in upbringing some how, at the very core, these two sisters without even knowing each other are so similar.

The highlight of the episode for me was Ayaan finally having some sense knocked into him. I am glad he knows that Humeira does indeed love him. He isn't completely indifferent to her either and he can't be that oblivious. He is either in denial or just doesn't want to see it.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with new Tanveer. Not the greatest casting especially when she's in scenes with Alka and SJ. Honestly i thought SJ acted circles around Amrapali today. Maybe she'll improve...who know LOL

Thanks sweetie.Big smile...Yes, Zoe and Humzie are more or less similar - the only difference being that while one is concave, the other one is convex. I will like to see how they accept each-other. Especially the part where Humzie will have to accept Zoe as her sister. 

Are you sure any sense has gone into Ayaan ? Nikhat spoke sense but i am not sure how Ayaan is going to take it. Lets see how he deals with Humzie now. He has feelings for her but he has to sort himself out first to be able to see that, 

You didn't like Amrapali as Tanveer? Koi naa. Makes it easier to hate BCA.LOL

Yes, Gaffur's revelation should  come after Zoe is , somehow, married to Asad. That will take the drama to another level. But who knows what Gul and Mrinal are gonna do.

Lol...no it's not like that i just find her kinna OTT. Nisha had no expression n this one has entirely too much. I did enjoy her conversation with Razia though. Those two are playing a chess game that they will both eventually lose.
Posted: 8 years ago
OMG! I too was wondering about Humeira being Razia's daughter and expressed the same in bheegi's post!!!

Seriously how can Gafur and Razia have a daughter like Humeira?? Beats me. At least in case of Zoya, we can say her mother might be the honest, sincere kind. Smile

Anyways, lovely post, as usual, Victoria.

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