Zoe & Humzie: Women of love and disgrace.

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Posted: 9 years ago

There are two things that I have always admired about Zoe and Humeira , even though they both are very different sisters. Zoe is a  fiery beauty, independent , strong and she reminds you of storms and thunder. Humzie is a fragile beauty, feminine, sensitive and she reminds you of the spring breeze. But a few things are common in both the sisters. Honour, dignity, pride parallel to unsaid incomplete love and a father to whom they both are attached but will bring them misery, disgrace and emotional wars. 

Zoe doesn't know that her father's discovery will change her life for the worse. Yet she is looking for him like a firefly looks for light. Zoe has no understanding or realization that she loves Asad. Yet she burns in an unexplained heartbreak when he pains her or when Nirnaa tries to stir up some foam. Zoe is in search for her father's love and she awaits her own heartbeat to take her to Asad, or maybe just bring him to her. She awaits the love of two men - her father and Asad. But neither comes to her. Gaffur , because she cannot reach him. Asad, because she doesn't want to reach him. 

Humzie is Gaffur's little princess. The grand heiress , the ideal daughter, the ideal lady and apple of everyone's eye. Yet, her heart longs for the love of a man whose emotional barometer is like a lost robot with a short circuit. She is his childhood friend , his confidante , his prank partner , his agony aunt , his reality check. Just like Asad is to Zoe. She, who has everything in life, awaits a love that she fears deep inside is never going to come to her. Yet, she smiles, laughs , giggles and those big fragile eyes shine with some kind of a soul-light.So much so, that you actually hope that the writers will get up and say someday that this flawless Humeira is not Gaffur's and Razia's DNA. 

Two sisters- bound by destiny to one man - their father- and bound by heart to two dense men. 

Zoya Farooqui and Humeira Siddiqui await their fairylights. But are Gaffur, Asad and Ayaan going to deliver them? Or are Zoe and Humzie always going to be these beautiful broken women who only have the promise of tomorrow but no tomorrow? Gul, these two ladies deserve what they dream.

P.S- Salwaar Kameez was on a roll today. This is how a good actress changes the entire dynamics  of a character. I loved her animated expressions while answering Zoe's Asad questionnaire and giving Razia the scare of her life. 

Please note that this is my last post for the week. I am not making any post till next Monday due to some commitments. Embarrassed
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Posted: 9 years ago
un res
Amazing Post!
I liked how you described Humeira and Zoya's portrayal. I think Ayaan is totally clueless, compared to Asad; especially when it comes to realizing feelings. And I just love Nikhat for telling Ayaan the obvious! Wonder what Ayaan is gonna do next...? And Gaffur is really lucky for having 2 Amazing daughters; which he doesn't deserve. And comming to the new Tanveer, she definitely portrays a negative character. But I find it hard to how Razia is gonna trust her. Today's epi was nice; but I missed Asad.  
Will miss your posts, as well! 
~Sophie :) 

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Posted: 9 years ago

I must tell u 1 thing Vicky...Have u ever tried to book a e-ticket thru IRCTC?????? n that too when d booking opens 120 days in advance...how ppl bcum so active @ 8AM sharp and book it and feels happy when der tkt is booked...I must say its d same way here tht as soon as dey see ur post /  await for ur post n book (res) der slot...me one among dem to res d 1st page...(oops sorry for such a wierd comparison and out of d topic...don give me dat eekkk [email protected]!!!! jus random thot...Wink)

Now coming to ur post n todays epi...Gul s v lucky or too good in her star cast...I jus loved Nikhat , Humeira and d new BCA of course...Nikhat being d no 1 though...D way she delivered her dialogues were sooo crisp...so as our new BCA...U said it rite...we'll happily hate BCA even more now..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am really happy d way CVs r shaping this story up and Ayaan to know abt Hum's LOVE so soon n dat too frm Nikhat was not at all expected!!!! Bouncer daala CVs ne...Clap...Hats off to dem...They are takg d story in a straight way so far...so diff frm other soaps...i dono abt d future but having my hopes high frm dem!!!!! Dono if dey ll top d charts...but dis story ll alws remain in our hearts forever...

Zoe baby s so adorable...d way she s confused reg Asad miya nowadays...she takg up d topic of wat Dilshad told reg Asad-Tanveer's childhood n der so called closeness n also d marriage topic clearly showed Zoe's LOVE to her Jahapanah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor gal...hope Asad @least hints her dis time as to wat he feels for her...

Loved todays epi though no ASAD..its fine...but d way BCA double crossed Vamp was Clap..Gud nite n sweeto dreams to u dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago


yayayay on page 1 

Back to the Epi

Beauty of QH 

Everyone is in a WEB. Interconnected with each other. 

Humera wants Ayaan, who happens to be Asad's Brother, whom Zoya loves who happens to be Humera's sister. A complete circle. 

A thing which was very positive in today's show was, Ayaan and Humera. Ayaan gets to know about Humera's feelings. Thats for sure its AyRa happening now. It also symbolizes, AsYa. How, cause of the interconnected web. While Tu Jahan was happening it was Ayaan savinf Humera from those Gundas too. Same lies for the Mangalpur if i amnt wrong. 

Nikhat should have been the Elder sister serious. LOL 

And I loved Tanveer. UFFAA! I loved her soo much! She is just too awesome. Clap Clap

And Vicky Maam, did you miss Asad tonight? I swear i dint. It was soo good. Embarrassed LOL 

p.s. : April Fool in QH isshtyle ROFL NO CAKE SCENE LOL LOL ROFL Le beta aur mana April fool ROFL 

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Posted: 9 years ago
Wonderful post victoria Smile Good episode today , liking the new tanveer athe hi razia ko Dara diya LOL
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by sam.

Wonderful post victoria Smile Good episode today , liking the new tanveer athe hi razia ko Dara diya LOL

Thanks Sammy. Amrapali is an ace at negatives and i love her oscillation of expressions between innocence and devilry. Tanveer finally seemed like a negative parallel lead today.LOL
Posted: 9 years ago
Vicky, loved this one..
You wrote it so beautifully, cant believe a guy like Gaffur can be lucky twiceConfused. They both are golder hearted girls and I hope they achieve their dream..
And you called Ayaan dense?Shocked LOL he is a very shallow, mouse without PCLOLLOL.. Sorry couldnt help..
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