Geet ff:LOVE OF MY LIFE pg:83 LASt part up - Page 32

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Posted: 9 years ago
amazzing update...
sameera n her father r so dead...loved the update...
Posted: 9 years ago
Its an amazing FF...loved the bonding everyone share.

characterization is so very beautiful...

Loved chirpy and bubbly Geet..glad she is back to herself

all those childhood moments were cute

Sam has gone really insane..god she needs a good dose, which she gonna get real soon

The truth is finally out of that mystery was all so harsh, me wondering how Maan gonna cope with this blast..he just had got peace with his love's smile and happiness, but now this letter might have shattered him..but I guess he is going to be strong for his family

Waiting to see him in action and hoping Geet confessing soon and yash's comeback

do update the next soon
Posted: 9 years ago

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Part 16
Maan was not sure what to feel.His face was showing different emotions.Sad,guilty,anger,..Sad for loosing his precious parents ,guilty for not being able to save Rano and mohinder and anger towards Malhotra's for aking away his parents...

He was raged.He just thought only Sameera would be rotting in hell for her deed but it seems that Mr.Malhotra also should be punished.He was planning to make their life hell.He need to be cool and composed so that he could give them a big blow.

The next moment he knew what he should do.He called Adi and said.Adi "I need a information about a person and it should be highly confidential.No one should know about this."

"Ji boss say me who is that?"

"Anand Malhotra."

Adi was shaken was a under statement.He knew that Maan was raged with the attitude of Sam but why abt Anand malhotra.Anyways he knew that once someone gets into bad book of Maan then they would be suffering a lot.Now all that he needs to do is find info about Anand.

"Ji sir.You will get it by noon."

"Adi once again this is higly confidential and I need all his details.Strength,weakness,family..Everything."

Adi shivered due to the rageness that is visible in Maan's voice.

"Yes sir."

Their call was interrupted when he heard a voice outside his room.Maan turned to see who it was and his face showed excitement to see Geetu there.

He dono how to react after yesterday's issue and morning letter but the thing all he knows now is that he is the only one left for the soul who is standing there and all he needs is to make her happy and comfortable.He also have to make sure that she is safe.And he knew what he needs to do for that.he was awaiting to execute his plan at right time.

"Hi Geetu .Good morning.Why are you standing there?"

Geet was so shy after thinking all that that has happened yesterday night.How lovingly he caressed her hair.How lovingly he called her shone,baby and all those sweet words.Howhe made her sit in his laps?How he made her lie on him? These thoughts were enough to make her blush to deep roots of red.

Maan was amused to see her deep in thoughts and blushing to deep shade of red.She couldnot fathom her reactions.He tried to bring her out of thoughts so he went near her and shook her by her shoulders.


She came out of her thoughts and said in a go "Wo MAan Daadi calling you to have your break fast.Come soon."

She hurriedly ran down and now he understood that she is so shy to face him.He felt happy to see this side of her.Why not after al those happened for past two months she is responding him now.That thought is enough for him to break into a wide grin.
He brushed his hair and made his way to bathroom to get ready.
When he came down for breakfast he saw Dadi waiting for him.He was restless seeing Geet not there.Dadi sensing his restlessness said "Maan Geet has gone to get Annie from her room."

"Ok Dadi " he smiled sheepishly.

"Dadi I need to ask u something."

"Bolo beta"

"I want Geetu to be safe so I thought her to get her with me to KC.If she works there for sometime she will even learn to handle Handa Industries.What say Dadi?"

"Dadi thought for sometime and said "I find it ok beta.But you know Geet should accept this."

Maan gave her a hug and said "I know to make her say ok Dadi u don't get bothered about that."

That was the time Geet and Annie entered the dinning hall.
Geet ws still n shy shy mood so she dared not to look in maan's eyes whereas Maan had different idea.

As soon as they sat Annie messaged Maan something and eyed him to check for his mob..He found weird seeing annie message in his mobile.

As soon as he read the message "Yash on the way to Km" he gave a wide grin and replied "Sach mei???"

"Sach Bro but don't spoil the surprise for Geetu by grinning foolishly"
"Ok" he replied and gave her a pout..

Dadi who was busy saying Nakul about noon's menu didn't look this whereas Geet was watching this..

"Annie why are you eyeing your bro and he is grinning like a maniac.What is going on behind me?"

 Geet on keeping her hands in her waist questioned them..Annie and Maan being caught dono what to respond but Annie managed it..
"ooo ooo Y my would be bhabhi should not I eye my bro?Dont worry he is all yours" Annie saying this winked at Maan.

Maan who was in full happy and teasing mood started with saying "Geetu u r so bad..See Annie is my issy..Dont be jealous n her.'

Geet was so sharam se pani pani..She just came towards Dadi hugged her  and said "Dekhona Dadi these devils teasing me..Ask them what they were doing without my knowledge.."

"Ha there goes my school kid..Dadi see he stole my pencil.Dadi see she stole my pen such way now she starts complaining dadi see these devils."

With that said Maan and Annie hi-fi ed each other.Dadi was suppressing her laugh and said "Why do you tease my poti?this is so bad..You should also join me when u tease her..Samje tum dono?"
Geet was happy hearing Dadi scolding her and after hearing the last sentence she pouted and said "See now no one supports me.." Saying this she gone to the corner of the room when some fellow with mask came before her and screamed'.


Geet was first scared by the sudden intruder but then composed and pulled his ear with one hand and took of the mask from other..
"How dare you ?Haan bolo..You are trying to scare me uh?Dare you!!Ok now say me why did you come here before your success.."

"So mean Gudia..Your bro is standing before you and you dnt even bother to greet him instead pulling my ears.."

"Arrey Yash beta..Tu aagayi??How are you?" Dadi asked him..

"Am fined Dadi..Now if my gudia leaves me I can come n get blessings from you.."

Geet left his ears k blessings from Dadi,hugged Maan and winked at annie without anyone notice.Then he turned up to see Geet but she was not there..

Everyone was searching her but she was not there.When they made their way to living room they saw sitting with a angry face and started her complaining session with Babaji..

"Have you seen that babaji after he comes no one seemed to have noticed me.I think that two debils already know that my Bhai is comng that's why dey were grinning like mad fools..And what has come with my duffer bro he too forgot me..Chalo am not going to talk with any one..let them enjoy there without me"

"Ho meri maa is angry on her bro?See meri Gudia ki Babaji..How much gussa my gudia is with me?Whta shal I do I thought of giving her a surprise so I did not say her..And moreover I came straight from Air port to greet my gudia after my first successful business venture and she is not even ready to talk with me." Yash complained as the sameway her sissy made a complaint to babaji..

"Sach mei Yash bhai.You came straight from airport..Congrats made my dream come true..Now u are also likea big businessman..I love you bhai..with that she hugged him.You know I missed you a loot..You didn't even called me once."

Yash felt guilty to hear its not that he not wanted to talk with her but he felt really bad hearing her condition that made him stop from speaking to her..

"Am Sorry Gudia.." hearing his choked words she felt bad..

Maan ,Annie and Daadi were witnessing all this..Maan wanted to ease the situation he doesnot want Geetu to undergo the stress again..
"Eylooo you both Nautakini's stop your drama.."

Geet gave him a glare and said "Ho see who says that ..Your a nautakini and your sissy is a big nautakini..You two don't speak..Ypu didn't say me that my Bhai is coming"

"Geet am sorry na." Annie surrendered suddenly not wanting to get into bad side of Geet..

"Its ok Annie..I know your taking up your bhai has role model.I say u its too bad.." Geet cutely glared at Maan and said it..

Maan now glared at Geetu for making such a sarcastic comment on him and Annie for taking up Geetu side quickly...

Before they both start up a cat fight Daddi said "Now you all nautakini's a old lady is starving here come lets have breakfast.."
All smiled hearing Dadi's comment and went to Dinning hall for the breakfast..

Precap:Me thinking what to give u all..????
See next post and give me suggestionWink

NOTE:Do leave your likes and comments..Criticsms in any form is welcome.Sry fr grammar and spelling mistakes.For pm buddy me..Big smile

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Posted: 9 years ago
Me thinking what to give u all  for next chap..????
1.Holi spl
2.Geet in Kc
3.Maan  in action.

DO SUGGEST ME something from above!!! Am confused...Ouch

Edited by Rami92 - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
i m confused with second nd third option

Posted: 9 years ago
awesome update
love shy shy geet
wow yash is back
Posted: 9 years ago
hahahaha..Tongue..was all th way like thzzz,,,,lovely lovely update ..
cute bubbly nd naughty geetuuu is backkk
waiting fr geetuuusss more babaji's complaints :-PPP
nd maans smart revenge..waiting..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Posted: 9 years ago
ahhh bit confused..bcz need all three...lolz..WinkWinkWink
lets be sum fun fr sum tym ...go with holi spcl
sumore maneet with sumore geetu cutenessApprove

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