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After some days bua ji leaves after accepting Guddan's friend ship thinking and after that AJ Guddan got a clue about that person and it was a button and a burnt peace of cloth 

Guddan:-yeh dekhiye jindal Saab yeh tag bacha hua hai isme ab hum yeh tailor ke paas jakar puchenge ki yeh tag kiska hai

AJ:-smart thinking Guddan good

AJ said this making Guddan smile after that they took their blanket and leaves

Guddan(in her mind):-hum Jindal Saab ko apne dil ki baat bata kar rahenge lekin tab jab durga Bahu ka doshi pakda jaye 

AJ:-kya soch rahi ho Guddan

Guddan:-kuch nahi bass aise hi Revati ke baare me soch rahe the ki uski padhai ache se ho jaye 

aur uska sapna bhi 

AJ:-aisa hi hoga ab chalo so jao bohot der ho gyi hai 

Next Day they both went to the tailor and got to know that it's someone from the jindal family itself which made them shocked Guddan made a plan to send Jindal family outside so that they can catch the culprit 

In the evening,Guddan was standing in the room and AJ came out of washroom after having bath he went towards Guddan and back Hugged her which made Guddan relaxed but she also felt goosebumps

AJ(whispers):-aaj kuch zyada hi sunder lag rahi ho tum Guddan 

Guddan blushed hard on listening this but she tried hard to hide it 

Guddan:-Jindal saab chodiye na bhot kaam hai niche 

AJ:-mera jee nahi kar raha tumhe chodne kaa Guddan 

AJ starts moving close to Guddan which lead to touch her back with the wall he buried his face in crook of her neck and starts caressing her neck his nose and started leaving butterfly kisses around her neck Guddan couldn't help but she grabbed his head begging him not to stop she unbuttoned his shirt and throws it on the other side her hands started roaming around his bare back just then AJ stopped and he kissed Guddan on her lips she too reciprocated the kiss by entangling her fingers in his hairs after 5 mins they part due to lack of oxygen they realised that what they have done Guddan blushed hard and tried to run but he grabbed her waist and pulled her dangerously close to him 

AJ:-kaha chali Mrs. Guddan Akshat Jindal abhi toh bohot romance baaki hai Guddan aaj mai humare rishtey ko aage badhana chahta hun tumhe apni patni hone ka darja dena chahta hu sahi mayeno me 

Guddan:-Hum taiyar hai Jindal Saab hum bhi yeh chahte lekin 

Saying this Guddan blushed more at this he started leaving butterfly kisses on all over her face after that he removed the pin from her saree which lead her pallu to fall down on the floor he removed her saree leaving her in inner skirt and blouse not able to control anymore Guddan connects her lips again with his lips and they shared a passionate kiss after that he lifts her in his arms and opens the cords and hooks of her blouse Guddan switched off the lights he intertwined his hands with hers and they both consummate their marriage 

Next Day, Guddan was sleeping on her hubby's chest she opened her eyes and blushed remembering yesterday's moments she wrapped the blanket around her and went inside the washroom and came out after wearing a blue saree with silver border she found two pair of hands around her waist she smiled as she knows it is none other than her Jindal Saab

AJ:-Good morning Mrs Guddan Akshat Jindal

Guddan:-Good morning

AJ:-tumhe yaad h na Guddan aaj hume sab kuch execute Krna hai

Guddan:-haa Jindal Saab yaad hai 

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Posted: 3 months ago

They took the next step in their relationship. She still has to prove herself innocent for others, but at least he has faith in her.

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It was an inside job. How will they catch the person? What are they planning?

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Posted: 3 months ago

They did this so that anyone cannot suspect them