Geet ff:LOVE OF MY LIFE pg:83 LASt part up - Page 34

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Posted: 9 years ago

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Part 17

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Before they both start up a cat fight Daddi said "Now you all nautakini's a old lady is starving here come lets have breakfast.."

All smiled hearing Dadi's comment and went to Dinning hall for the breakfast..

When they stated eating Maan was finding a way to drag Geet to office.Once she starts fighting it will become easy for him to make her come to office..

"Well Daadi how can someone keep sitting in home all time?" he started.

Dadi could get what he was hinting at..So she said "I really dono maan atleats am going to some orphanages but these two lazy bones " she gave a disgusting look to Annie and Geet.

Before Geet could start Annie erupted.."bhai and Dadi hold ur toungue how could you make such a cheap tlak?'

"Well Annie its true na "Maan said glarng at her and eyeing geet,

Geet and Yash was looking what is going on here?

Annie could not get what maan was saying but she understood that something is related with Geet.Dadi stamped her foot under table..Now she very well knows that she has to side up with his Bhai..

"You both dono that I have been hred already by a company and am the secretary of the Gm over there."

Annie somehow managed the situation now Geet and yash was shocked."What is this Annie?you didn't say me? Which company?You could have said me na?"Geet asked looking at her ..

Wherever they go they will go together but now what Annie is upto..Maan was confused as what to say for the company.

"Wo Geet company company ka naam Haan its Yash company only.."

"Mera company?"

 Yash was shicked when he felt Maan pinching him in his thigs so no other way he said "Haan gudia mera company only and that too my Secretary..Nice nah?' he asked totaaly confused..

"Par Annie you are so bad now what will id o all alone in home? Geet asked making faces..

"that's what I was saying..Sit all alone eat sleep and be a tiny mini eleophant.."

Ha ha Maan great work she is fuming he patted himself mentally..

"Mein hoon tiny mini elephant???You only a giraffe..Have you seen yourself in mirror?No how could you see only  half could be seen bcos your that much lamba wala aadmi hai" she said holding her chin high..

"Dekho Dadi what am saying and what your pti argues?She is not ready to face the world and come out for a job"

"Who said so?Yash bhai from tomorrow on am cming to your company and am helping you with it.."

Yash was super duper happy..His gudia with him..He jubilantly said "Super Gudia..Thats a nice idea you know..We could spend more time with each other " Yash was going on and on ..

Maan was frustrated with this poor guy spoiling all his sweet plans of spending time with his misty..

He poked Yash with a fork hard on his thigs..

"Ahhh" yash screamed..Annie and geetlooked at him concerned..

"Bhai?What happened?"

"Chilli Geet you eat..Your only fit to work in your bhai company without doing any work and spending time leisurely.."

"Who said so ?Even I can work hard"

"Chalenging MSK?"

"Of course'

"Then come to KC ..Actually there  is a vacancy for the post of secretarty for me today is the interview."

"Par Maan" she hesitated

"I know geet you cant work under me.." he was provoking her..

"Dadi am attending interview in say this to your pote..Am going and getting ready..GEET HANDA never backs out from her challenge"

As soon as she gone from ther Maan and Dadi hi-fi ed each other since the plan has worked out..

"Oh so this is the plan of you two..See becos of your paln am struck up with the devil sister of yours."

Maan and Annie glared at Yash..And he realized what he has blurted out..

He gave a sheepish grin..

"Well anyways now I could be little cool since geet is with me
..Yash do you know that b****.."

"Maan cool Annie was in conact with me..She said me everything..We will look after everything" Yash assured him..

Maan gave a quizzical look at Yash.Well he was not I contact with him but his siter..he brushed it off and sent Annie and Dadi to Geet in the pretext of helping her and took Yash to his room and gave the letter of Mohinder's..

When Yash read everything he was motionless.Maan shook him up..Yash placed a consoling arm over Maan's and said "Now what?Am with you?"

"Here is the first step" Maan showed the documents in which Sameera has signed..

Yash grinned wide;ly and hugged Maans aying "Buddy your such a genios.."

"Ya I know Yash..But all I ned now is some emotional support and the two person I could believe is you and Adi..I don't want anyone to know..Adi is collecting MAlhotra's detail..Today night we will meet at XYZ junction and I'll say you the entire detail.."

"Ok buddy.."

"Take care of Anie when she works for you.."

'Sure Maan you don't have to say me"

When they came down Geet was ready for Maa..

Yash went to his home since he came straight from Abroad..Maan made a call to Adi saying about Geet's arrival to KC..

Then Geet started from KM with Maan in his car..When the car entered KC premises he warned Geet

"Geetu no one should know you are a handa here and be professional..Adi will take care of your certificates so you don't need to bother about it and enter KC after few minutes of my entry"

Already Geet was seething in Anger since he teased her saying she was lazy,tiny miny elephant and now I should act professional..Dusht Dhanav..Babji help me with this interview I need to crack this..Then I'll make his life hell for teasing me..

Gaining no response from Geet and her look towards Sky maan understood that she is in cribbing session with her abaji so he went to KC..


Precap1:"Good morning Sir ..Am Geet your personal Assisant" he looked upfrom his file to see her giving a smirk..Adi was startled to see Geet calling Maan sir..


"Sir am Geet not Geetu..Act professional.."

Precap 2: You have done a great mistake my dear by drenching me in colours so let me do the same to you..

Wherever I have got colour in by body am gonna smudge those places with colour in your body too..

Geet look startled well there is not a place left out where he doesn't have colour..

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Posted: 9 years ago
awww me 1st
let me do some balle balle
oyee balle balle shava shava Dancing
haha awsumm update n hilarious too
tiny miny elephant and dat giraffee jus cracked me up ROFLEdited by ramyayuppy - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago

maan n daadimaa act was amazing so that geet can join KC

yash got to know about the letter 

maan warns geet not to mention her surname 

precap is going to be a blast as holi is nearing

thanks for pm 
Posted: 9 years ago
superb update
geet is going to be in KC
thanx for the pm dear
cont soon
Posted: 9 years ago
it was awesome 
love family time
love maan nd dadi 
nd they both made yash nd annie to join their plan 
oops poor yash maan pata nahi kis kis cheez se usse maar raha tha
so maan challenged geet that she can't work as professional 
so geet is going to show him what GEET HANDA is
now yash too got to know about the letter
nd to show the place of malhotara where they belong maan made a plan nd he only trust yash nd aadi
maaneet in office wow
maan warning geet to not to mention her name

precap 1
oo geet to maan se zyada professionally behave kar rahi hai

precap 2
whoa now geet is gone
maan won't leave her
Posted: 9 years ago
wonderful update...
Precap is ausom...
continue soon...
Posted: 9 years ago
sema blackmail in making geet joining kc.was laughing all th way..Smile..nd waiting fr more maneets moment in KC 
nd also fr holy part...
Posted: 9 years ago
nice update
sab ne blackmail kar k geet ko office join larwa dia...
loved it...
like is not working..

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