Geet ff:LOVE OF MY LIFE pg:83 LASt part up - Page 30

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Posted: 9 years ago
nd plz don't say ur work as crap
u r a awesome writer
i love ur creativity in ur writing
Happy Women's Day Comment
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by lovesia

nd plz don't say ur work as crap
u r a awesome writer
i love ur creativity in ur writing
Happy Women's Day Comment

Thank uBig smileBig smile
OOPS sorry dear..Cry
Anyways thanks for such a "big complement"Star
Posted: 9 years ago
happy women's day to u...
ur stories r beautiful...don't call them **crap**
n u r a awesome writer..

Posted: 9 years ago
Banner by lovesia:
Thanks a lot dear am loving itHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

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Annie and Daadi also joined them in bed.

They both apologized her in return they got a angry glare for apologizing.

Geet got promise from them to asking to forget the entire two months from their life.

Daadi kissed geet in her forehead and retired to her room

Drashti Dhami with Anju Mahendroo

Annie was teasing Maan and Geet and eventually all three slept in the same room cuddled towards each other.

The morning sun rays peeked into Geet's room to see the beautiful sight.

The three people who grew up together were curled up in one another arm..Maan was in the left side Geet in the middle and Annie in the right side of the bed.

All their faces had a relived and peaceful expression.The rays of sun disturbed Maan's most peaceful sleep ever and he woke up.
The first thing he saw in the morning would be enough to drive his whole day.He was greeted by the face of sleeping Geetu whose lips are adorned with the beautiful smile.

He bend towards her and tucked the curls which was disturbing her and brushed his lips slightly in her forehead.

Next to her his small sissy was having a great sleep.He felt content seeing his two precious dolls sleeping peacefully.Without an heart to disturb these two angels he made his way out.On the way to his room he was greeted by Daddi.

"Good morning Beta."

"Good morning Daddi"

"Am so happy that our Geet is back.But you know she is so confused about her feelings Maan.The only thing she needed now is assurance and security that we are there for her.Nothing matters more."

"Yes daddi you are correct.But still I wonder how that sameera was so authoritative and confidence yesterday in saying that am gonna be her husband.I feel lik something in a puzzle is missing."

He was boiling in fury thinking about the way Sameera played with Geetu's emotions.But all that he needs to do now is maintain his composure and plan everything accordingly.He don't want everyone in his house to be worried.He will make sure Sameera will rot in hell for the deed she has done.

Daadi lowewred her head slightly furrowing her brows in confusion."I too have that doubt Maan.With what Geet said yesterday I feel something is yet to be relived otherwise how could she be so confident in humiliating Geet when she knows how much we will care for her.And there is also something that is hinting me that Rano and Mohinder wanted to say something to us."

"Ya Daadi your ryt.Geetu was sent to Km by mumma and papa on the pretext that they wanted to say something to all of us.It would not be less importance sensing the time .It was Night when the accident has happened.If it was of less importance Pappa would have said us in the next morning."

"Par Maan we cannot make anything out now since they are no more.I hope that they could have left us with something."

That's when it striked Maan.

"The letter" he said absent mindedly.

"What letter Maan?"Dadi was confused

He felt its not right time to say Daadi or anyone unless he read it himself  and found whats in it.Because everyone had gone through a tough time.

"Kuch nahi Daadi.Am getting late for exercise Let me go.Wake Annie and Geet after an hour."

With saying it he rushed to his room.Locking the door to ensure that no one will disturb him he started searching the letter.

The second he took the letter out of his cup board he felt his heart going heavy.He knew something ,Some unknown truth is going to be in spotlight before him.He clutched it harder and sat in his bed leaning on the bed post and opened it with the heavy heart.Seeing the way the letter has addressed he felt a ter escape his eyes.Geet's silence,handling two business made him not to grieve for the loss of two most imporatnat persons in life.

Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan

Reading their words he felt as if they both are sitting by his side as older days.

To My dear son,
                     Chottu by the time you read this letter me and your mumma would be no more.Or else in any case am alive I would have said you the reason for this letter.Calm down beta Wipe off your tears ..You know how much Rano hate to see you in tears.You are my sher.You are THE MAAN SINGH KHURANNA.I made you as MSK for nothing.You should be the" king of business world".

 You must be the one who will be running both Handa and Khurana industry by this time.I wish me,Rano and your parents could have been alive to see you in this avatar.But God has planned something else for us.

Though  Geet is our daughter the first preference will always be you in our life because you were the one who called us Mumma and Pappa in your baby language .So we always have considered you as our son.That was the Main reason we wished  you to take up Handa Industry. If Sanjay had been there he would been  proud.

You may be confused why am saying this all but this is the only way left for me to say you how much WE lOVE YOU and what we expect from you.Am sorry Maan for keeping you and Maaji In darkness about a truth which you must have known 2 years before.

But I would prefer to tell you alone .Not in anycase your are going to reveal this truth in front of anyone.This is a unspoken promise beta.

Sanjay and Sonia death was not an accident and neither ours..Confused huh?How could I write this even before am dead.Because I know that am having only days left to see my buddy and my sister.As far as we had known that Sanjay and Sonia  died in a car accident but it was not as it seems to be.

It was a planed murder.I had came to know this when you joined the business.I was broken knowing the truth thought of getting punishment for the criminal nut stopped by Rano who feared her babies security so I just left it.But when I came to know the real motive of the criminal I had known only days left for me.
As a big selfish I arranged for yours and Geet's engagement.Because I wish to see the last wish of my buddy come true.Ya Maan it was indeed your parent wish to get yu both married.

Sanjay and Sonia was returning after their business meet from Shimla when the truck hit them as par the plan of Mr.Anand Malhotra.Dont go berserk Maan act wise.Read the letter fully.

As Handa and Khuran's were hand to hand in every proj the Shimla proj was also bagged buy us.It was then true colous of malhotra was known.Sanjay called me that night and said me that Malhotra was asking him to join him in his business and leave me.As Sanjay has gone furious with his words hit him in public.

Due to the insult Anand planned this accident.I came to know about this when you joined businees and bagged your first deal successfully.He made an appearance before me and shouted at me for spoiling his dreams of joining khurans and blurted out instantly about sanjay's death in his drugged sense.

From that day Anand was doing all nasty trick to go hand in hand venture with Khurana .Even I thought of giving him a chance and that's when I found out that all he wanted is revenge from Khurana's as Sanjay had hit him in public so I was keenly watching his moves using detectives.Not to anger him more I made you accept his projct of constructing a mall.I had a doubt that he has bigger plans involving you in this proj with his daughter Sameera.

There came a day when none of his nasty tricks worked and my doubt came true. He appeared before me again asking me to get away from you so that he could make Sameera as khurana Bahu.But I could not accept knowing ur parents last wish.This angered Malhotra more and he vowed that he would kill us and make geet orphan so that sameera could marry you.Though I felt that he is angered and blurting out his words I felt to leave you this letter so that you will know the truth of your loved one's death.

The meeting with Malhotra made me to plan an engagement for you both on the next day itself.But my silly daughter needed her Yash bro  to be with her not knowing that we will not be with her to see her engagement.But we brushed it off bcoz all we needed is our princess happiness.

Now Maan don't take me wrong for letting you know the truth if I have time to live I will make an appearance before you and explain everything in detail. All I need is  to avenge revenge on Malhotra for the deed he has done.

Don't let your emotions control your mind.Sit back ,think wise and make a move.That is the trick of a successful business man.Now I have said the truth my soul would rest in peace.We all would be watching you.We don't need your hands to get dirty nor I would say forgive ur enemies.Bcos I made a grave mistake by letting him around us and paid it off by my death.

Maan I know you hate this but you are my son and rightfully you have the rights .So I transferred major share of Handa industries in your name and made Geet and Annie as other share holders.Contact our legal advisor he would give you the documents regarding this.

Ps:Don't wonder chottu since I didn't say anything personally in this letter about my angel .I know she will be in the safer hands.She is yet a child maan.the only things she knows is to fight with you that doesn't mean she hates you but its her way of expressing her love.

She is a confused soul.She dono to decide anything for herself.The one thing she was clear about is that "YOU'R HER LOVE".Do give her time if she does any mistake.Don't let her to keep her mouth shut bcos Silent Geet is the one we need to be worried about.She will keep quiet only when she is not comfortable to let her feelings flow.I know she needs you in her every step.She would grieve for our death only she has you by her side.The only person she will open up is u..

I should never say this to u.But am her father after all  so please take care of my dear angel Maan.Dont make her feel that she is all alone in this world..


With all our heart we wish you a great life my dear
Mohinder and Rano.

                   Geet in KCShocked Maan in actionStar

NOTE:Do leave your comments and likes.Sry for grammar and spelling errors..For pm buddy me.People who asked for Pm do comment if not am not pm-ing you from next update..Sorry if am being rude Cry but lack of comments force me to do this..Shocked
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Posted: 9 years ago
love the update finally truth is out
mohinder rano nd sanjay nd sonia death was planned
malhotara wanted to do bussiness with khurana so he used this tricks
nd wanted to make sam as khurana bahu
but he forgot that maan love geet
nd now when he comes to know true color of malhotara
then they r died 
be ready to face hell 
bcoz Maan won't leave them for snatching his loved one
nd most important his mishty's smile

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