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In the midnight Guddan wakes up and realises that it was only a dream of hers she mentally smacks herself for seeing these kind of dreams she smiles on seeing her hubby's sleeping face and she sleeps again by keeping her head on his chest 

In the morning Guddan went in the area where she found that burnt piece of cloth she saw a button there and she told AJ about it after coming back from there 

AJ:-Guddan vo kapde vaha pade hai tum unhe fold karo aur dekho yeh button kiski shirt se missing hai 

Guddan:-haa Jindal Saab acha idea hai hum abhi check karte hai 

Guddan was folding the clothes and after some time she found that the button is missing from parv's shirt she told AJ about it and they understood whole game plan of parv 

AJ:-iska mtlb Parv ne yeh sab Guddan ko fasane ke liye Kara aur jab Guddan nhi fansi toh Angad ko fasane ki koshish Kari kyuki vo Janta hai uske aur Revati ke beech Guddan aur Angad sabse bada kaanta hai 

Guddan:-aur vo burkha bhi usne jaan bujhkar angad ji ke room me rakha hoga 

AJ:-haa Guddan aur ab hume aage kya karna hai tum jaanti ho aur ab filhaal yeh sab chodo aur breakfast Karo mai janta hu tumne breakfast nahi Kara hai 

AJ holds her hand and made her sit on the chair and he feeds her favourite samosa's and poha she got overwhelmed with his gestures and hugs him he too smiles by wrapping his arms around her and kissed on her forehead

Guddan:-Jindal saab hume Angad ji aur Revati ko batana hoga sab aur Siddhi ji Hume uska gunaah qubool karvane me help karengi aur parivar walo ko nahi batayenge abhi ek baar uske gunah ke  saboot mil jaye aur vo arrest ho jaye tab hi batayenge 

AJ:-haa tum theek keh rahi ho Guddan 

Just then AJ feels sharp pain in his head which made Guddan worried 

Guddan:-Jindal saab aap theek hai na 

AJ:-haa bass vo sar me dard ho raha hai thoda sa 

Guddan:-aap rukiye hum aapke liye badam ka tel laate hai usse aapki malish karenge aur sar dard gayab ho jayega 

Guddan brings Almond oil she removes AJ's specs and massaged his head which made him relaxed after that he made Guddan sit beside him and he too massaged her head which made her relaxed too after that they called Angad and Revati and asked them to meet in the restaurant as they have to discuss something 

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Posted: 2 months ago

She does not need to feel embarrassed of having thoughts about her husband, not matter how they are. She has every right to do that.

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Posted: 2 months ago

They have enough evidence to support who the culprit is. Now they need to figure out the master plan.

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They have an action plan. They need to move carefully and execute it. Angad and revati can help too.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Why is AJ getting these headaches? Is everything normal or something is going on with that?

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